Soil (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

He Who Digs a Well

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Remove the supports first, then you can eat your salami sandwich.
- Relax.
- You won't starve to death, Ahmed.
The soccer player's funeral was a dream start for us.
It earned us thousands of euros and the trust of my sister as well.
And thanks to the media coverage, the idea spread faster than COVID.
If a flu epidemic breaks out in China, they build a hospital in a couple of days.
But Molenbeek isn't China.
And if customers keep turning up at this rate, we're gonna have a line forming all the way down the street.
Of course, that was a nice problem to have.
Now I'd only be screwed if Nadia found out we buried El Fassi in the soil Mario dug out for his swimming pool.
She would never forgive me for that.
And she'd be right.
But I had a plan to correct that as soon as possible.
No one could ever find out what happened.
Not Nadia, or anyone else.
Because scamming your own brothers isn't exactly smiled upon in our community.
I might as well move to Alaska and crawl into an igloo.
Then, I could spend the rest of my life in the freezing tundra, ruing the day I made such a terrible mistake.
But it hadn't come to that yet.
- And honestly - Okay, guys, thanks.
would you be able to tell the difference between Moroccan and Belgian soil? El Fassi couldn't, that's for sure.
Yo, I'm home.
You're famous.
You're in all the headlines.
Is that right? That's news to me.
This is where my friend lives.
Ciudad Perdida.
Super cool.
And then you board a cruise boat from there, and go straight up to Miami.
You ever been there? What do you think? The only places my parents took me to are Tangiers and Walibi.
Oh, you poor thing, you.
So that's all, that world tour of yours? It's really only drinking coffee at your friend's house? Seriously? A cup of coffee in South America, a cup of coffee in North America.
- The dream.
- So, when are you gonna leave? You're looking forward to that? Getting rid of me? Duh.
Finally no long hair clogging up the shower drain.
Among many things.
Well, I'll think of you, lying on the beach there, on that beautiful, white sand.
An end to lipstick on my glasses.
Cradling a cocktail in my hand.
- An end to the island of Aïki Noodles.
- With a good-looking dude next to me.
With a six-pack, really intelligent.
All sunburned.
Honestly? Moroccan? Uh-uh, Colombian.
Ooh, Mr.
Oh, a chica bonita.
Cómo estás? Yo soy Pedro.
Huh? Tengo RACHID RAHALI MANAGING DIRECTOR "Invisible wounds are the ones that cause the most pain.
" - I take it, you made that up? - Actually, I spent the whole day on that.
My compliments.
Say, honey, can you empty the garage tomorrow? - We've got some more clients coming.
- What'd you say? - Smile's gonna store bodies in the garage? - No.
You'll get three refrigeration tables at Azziz's place to accommodate those people.
I'm supposed to go fetch those tables for Smile's business? You know Azziz, and you know the model that we require.
Uh, no.
We're going out in the morning with Brahim to get some networking started.
I'll tell Smile to go.
You just empty the garage, and you can network to your heart's desire.
You are a slave driver, you know that? - Hmm? - You picked the slave driver yourself, so But, uh I'm gonna have to save up some energy, though.
For what? Huh? Baby-making.
Rachid, I thought we talked about this.
Darling, I've been waiting so long.
I told you, sweetie, I just stopped taking the pill.
It's gonna take a while.
Oh, yeah? Marwan's wife forgot to take the pill one day and got pregnant.
I'm not his wife, and you're definitely not Marwan.
What does that mean? - Shit.
- Sorry.
- Smile, I don't know I think - Sorry.
No, no, it's all right.
No, no, no, don't be sorry.
Uh It's okay.
It It's okay.
JB? Oh, fucking Mario.
Do you have a minute? - I'd like a word with you.
- Yeah, wait outside in the future.
I heard a noise.
Listen, I'm not trying to This isn't easy for me, but No reason to panic, okay? Vanessa saw what you did with that soil.
What? Hey, nobody said to take it.
You took it without permission.
What's wrong with you? You just just act all happy-go-lucky.
It's all just some kind of game to you, right? She could see you're making money off of it.
So So, naturally, she's, uh, asking for compensation for, uh, 25,000 euros.
Look, my wife has a really good head for business.
Nobody can deny it.
And let me tell you, I think she's right.
She sees it's an opportunity.
She can see that.
I wouldn't see it, but she sees it.
There's plenty of soil left, so this is really a win-win.
I'm sure you see that.
Mario, I removed a little soil from next to your pool.
I know.
I know.
But, uh, nevertheless, what Vanessa is saying is true as well.
I mean, you know, if everyone knew that it wasn't really Moroccan soil, and it came from my pool, well Well, you don't want that.
For that knowledge to get around, I mean.
- Are you trying to blackmail me, Mario? - Um, no, I'm not that kind of person.
I got caught in the middle here, man.
What are my choices? Mario, I don't have a fuckin' cent to my name.
Isn't that obvious, huh? That's why this dump is all I can afford.
Yeah, well, uh, Vanessa predicted that you would say that.
Hello? Here's the brochure she provided.
It has all sorts of equipment, and when you add it all up, it comes to about 25,000 euros.
So that's an alternative, uh, form of compensation.
Ten exer-cycles? - Yeah, for tomorrow.
- What? The best would be if you could, uh, get them tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Kiss my asshole.
Go tell that to Vanessa.
Tell Vanessa that? I wouldn't dare try that.
All right, man, it's time for you to go.
Listen, Ismael, think it over, because it's a very awkward position I'm in here.
Beat it.
- Uh, listen - Beat it! - I I only want to be helpful.
- Get out of here! Fuck.
You really took the soil from his pool? Honestly, Smile, that is not okay.
Don't you think I know that? What was I supposed to Lies and deceit have a sell-by date just like a jar of yogurt.
That's a quote from Nejma Amrani-Boulasmoum.
- That's right.
My mother said it.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
She told us a thousand times.
Once that sell-by date was passed, the jar will start to swell up.
And after a while, it'll blow up in your face.
I planned on keeping my face clean.
Hi, kids.
Daddy's home.
Hello, broseph.
The truck is coming.
Seriously, start calling me the fixer 'cause that's what I am.
Sure, I did incur some unexpected expenses, but I'll charge them to the business.
What's wrong? Did someone die or what? Sit down, bro.
Come on, sit down.
We're deep in the shit now.
Look, uh Vanessa saw me take the soil from the pool for El Fassi's funeral.
Oh, bullshit.
She wants 25,000 grand by tomorrow.
In fitness equipment.
Twenty-five grand? Holy shit.
Bro, if she shoots her mouth off, that's it.
We're finished if even one person listens to that.
Or if Nadia finds out, or Rachid, or my fucking father.
All because of fucking Vanessa.
I knew it from the start, that bitch is wack.
Hey, bro, you know, back in the day, she sold French fries.
Fried potatoes.
She got fed up with it.
Know what she did? She hired someone to torch it so she could collect the insurance.
Ah, when I say crazy, I mean crazy like a coconut.
Yeah, fuck, JB, I know all that.
If you hadn't been late for once in your life, we could've switched the soil.
She wouldn't have a leg to stand on.
Now look at the crap we're in.
- Take it easy, dude.
- Take what easy? A truck'll be here within 24 hours, filled to the brim with Moroccan soil.
All right? Problem over.
Yeah, and then we still got this crazy bitch to deal with.
- Hey, man, go get a knife.
- Knife? What do you mean? Hey, that fitness equipment, do you have to buy it all at the Deurne mall? - What? - Huh? JB, don't you know someone at the Vilvoorde megastore? - What's his name again? - You're talking about Vincent? - Right? - Are you crazy? Don't listen to my sister.
- Maybe he's got an idea? - Really? What idea? You're talking about the Albanian mafia? No, like, lending you the stuff, you know? Right.
What? What else can you do? Now? Nothing.
I'm just trying to be helpful here, okay? Oh, hey.
What is that? A thingy.
Exotic fruit from Morocco.
For if you ever leave.
Hi, you're reached the voicemail for Nadia with Insurance Omar.
There you are, Imam.
Hello, Rozanne, Marilou.
What brings you here? We've come to see El Fassi's grave.
We heard it's beautiful.
Yeah, he was held in high esteem by the community.
Ah, yes, very high esteem.
And so, speaking of the community Only last week, there was a mouse in our garage.
So I said to Marilou, "We'll have to use a little arsenic.
" But, you know, Marilou didn't like that idea.
"Oh, no, we can't do that to a cute little animal.
" Yes, I told Rozanne not to do such a thing.
And you know what? - This week, we called the exterminator.
- Yeah.
Hundreds of mice everywhere.
A real plague.
And? What we're trying to say is that, I mean, if Moroccans all decided to have funerals here, we will be out of business.
Well, people tend to decide for themselves No, no, no, that's where you're mistaken.
Sheep always follow where shepherds lead.
And over our 30-year relationship, the shepherd has led them to Brussels Airport Mortuary.
That's so well put, my dear Rozanne.
I am the shepherd of my flock, and I know where to lead them.
We might make it worth your while.
Okay, um, we have some good contacts at Royal Air Maroc.
- Mm-hmm.
- Let me talk.
So, perhaps, if you ever need to sort of get away from it all with your wife, have a little couple time You know, I am in a relationship.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's with Allah.
And I'm quite happy with it.
There is no power greater than Allah.
Remember that.
I shouldn't have talked about the mice.
He just didn't understand.
Come on.
- Nadia, can I ask you something? - Yeah, one sec.
Know where Azziz is? The wholesaler in Anderlecht? Yeah.
You need to go get refrigeration tables.
Pick-up at MT Cooling.
Pay for it in cash, 15,000 euros.
Everything we took in last week.
Just pull around the back when you get there.
Smile? We're doing well.
It's produced in Marrakech.
Bottled, and from there, it all gets shipped down to Rotterdam.
And from there, all over Europe.
Well, my congratulations.
You make it look nicer every time I see it.
You're very lucky.
Be proud of your son.
Well, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, but it is now, right, Jamal? Allah shows the way.
You have two children who are doing well too.
At least, he says he does.
Though I haven't met them yet.
Uh, well, anyway, I'm gonna go get some decent coffee.
Be right back.
You want anything? No, thanks.
I'm good.
You didn't How beautiful - Yeah? - They're magnificent.
I'll reimburse you as soon as I can.
Oh, no need.
Allah bless you.
If we had a client like that, it would be easier for us too.
An artist, a soccer player, a minister That always pays off in this game.
Anything else you need, Rachid? Put those sacks outside, and you're done.
You got some music playing? No.
Oh, wow.
Classical Arabic lessons.
Isn't that a little hard for you? The first word that the Prophet, peace be with Him, ever heard in his life was "Iqra.
" "Learn.
" Iqra.
So I learn, Rachid.
I learn.
Well, first, learn to put those sacks outside.
" Right.
Well? Is that all, Sergeant? Can we go now? Where are you going? Not the post office if I'm handing out business cards.
Look, just move that kiln over there, and we'll be all right.
Sure dictator.
That's true, Azziz, but can we pay it off over time? So, give me just two tables, then.
My father's been a loyal client of yours for years.
We've bought nearly all our equipment from you.
Azziz, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't an emergency.
Yeah, Azziz, I'm on my way.
See ya later.
Didn't you leave already? - We need those tables ASAP.
- Yeah, I'm just about to leave.
When? Now, actually.
- What are you doing here? - We've come to talk to your sister.
- Why? - I gave you fair warning.
Vanessa, I mean it, get out of here right now.
- Come on, let's go.
Let's let the man - No way.
I won't let this chump think he can pull a fast one on me.
Vanessa, listen, I'm not playing.
Now get lost.
Either you give us the cash or the exer-cycles.
If not, I have a chat with your sister.
Ah, there she is.
Wait, wait, wait.
We're good.
You'll get what you want.
The fitness equipment or the money.
It's your choice.
You have until tonight.
Sorry, man.
- Mario, come.
- Yeah.
- I gotta say, you did a great job.
- Oh, shut your face.
- Yeah, JB.
- Yoski, broski.
- That fitness store in Vilvoorde? - Yeah? - You know where it's at? - In Vilvoorde, you idiot.
Where are we going now? We're going to the one place our customers always come together.
The market.
No, the mosque.
Oh, yeah.
Uh, just what Nadia's been saying all along.
Hey, Brahim, you're catching on.
- Hmm.
- All right.
- Rachid, brother.
- Hmm? I don't want to pressure you, but I'm really gonna need to have that contract.
- Have you thought it over yet? Have you - Ah, there's Fouad.
Watch and learn.
- Yeah, that's what I said.
- Salaam alaikum.
Salaam alaikum.
How are you? - Praise Allah.
- Hello, man.
How is your grandfather? - Not so good, actually.
- Huh.
The doctors say he hasn't got much longer.
- Allah be with him.
- Yes, brother, amen to that.
Actually, Omar retired, I'm running the business now.
Allah's curse be upon you! Have you no shame? My grandfather hasn't passed.
If he passed, he'd be buried in Morocco.
Of course, we still do repatriations, you know.
I heard otherwise.
If Omar turned things over to you, it's the stupidest thing he ever did in his life.
- Hey, what's up? - Get the fuck out of here.
- Fouad - Fuck off, already.
If the old man drops dead tomorrow, he'll come back knocking on our door.
- Jackass.
- Hmm.
REFRIGERATING TABLES NOT POSSIBLE TODAY Yo, we almost there, you think? Don't you know the way? What do I look like to you, uh, Google Map? Oof.
Whoa, check out that ride, man.
That's Vincent's.
Don't touch it if you wanna keep your fingers.
- Rachid? - Yeah? - The contract? - Uh-huh.
It's just a formality.
- Just if you have - Sorry.
- Hello, Nadia.
- Rachid, where are you? - At the mosque.
- Could you bring two air conditioners? - Air conditioners? - We need to keep these bodies cold.
Why does it have to be me? Why can't Smile do that? Well, Rachid, I need to know.
Can you or not? Yeah, sure, whatever.
Rachid to the rescue.
Thank you.
Oh, wait, sorry.
I can't talk now.
Gotta go.
- Ah, hello.
- Salaam alaikum.
Yes, right.
Salaam alaikum, Rachid.
- How are you? - Alaikum salaam.
- Salaam alaikum, Brahim.
- I hope you're well.
- I've taken over for Omar.
- Oh? But I'm not very well known.
You have the respect of the community.
If someone dies, perhaps you'll think of me.
I think you presided at El Fassi's funeral? It went quite well, thanks be to Allah.
How could you approve of that? We're Muslims, aren't we? We're Muslims, of course.
- Aren't you a Muslim? - Uh-huh.
What did the Prophet proclaim? - Allah be praised.
- Praise be to the Prophet.
The Prophet tells us we must bury our dead where they die.
Salaam alaikum.
How are you? What will we do if we're banished from here? Do we exhume our people and pack them in suitcases? Or the only other choice is to burn them.
That's how it'll be.
Uh Say hello to Nadia for me.
Salaam alaikum.
There's something you should know about him.
The guy's head is full of garbage.
Alizée said we could talk to Vincent, didn't she? And why do you think my sister didn't come to do the talking? Here he is! Hey, Vincent.
How are ya? This is my business partner, Smile.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
Take a seat.
You good? Your pops all right? You know, my father and his father were really tight.
Huh? I have some sad news.
My father is dead.
Vincent, I I know Nothing.
My father isn't dead at all, you fucking jackass.
Enough catching up.
What can I do for ya? Uh, yeah.
We're in some serious shit.
Who isn't? Yeah.
My friend's being blackmailed.
Oh, yeah? But we know how to get out of it.
We just need some, uh some Well, a few exer-cycles.
So we thought, like, maybe we could use, like, some of yours, like Just borrow if you could, uh, lend it.
Lend it? Listen, I'm not running a lending service here, JB.
I sell things that are in their box.
And once it's out of the box, I wouldn't wipe my ass with it.
Well, that really shouldn't be an issue.
We could leave them in the boxes.
So you're getting blackmailed? Listen.
I might have another idea.
And it would be a win-win for all concerned.
You're not gonna buy it from me.
And I'm not gonna lend it.
You must steal it.
- What? - Sorry? Mm.
Listen, I'm a businessman, huh? You guys steal the exer-cycles.
I report it stolen, collect on the insurance.
Then I get it back from you later on.
And we get a percentage.
All right.
- I don't know, man.
- Why? This is great.
It's win-win for everyone.
Get those bikes to Vanessa.
Well, for a while.
And Vincent gets the insurance.
We get a delay.
We get the time so we can fix this thing with El Fassi.
Plus, we're gonna get our cut.
I'm not sure.
Let me think about it.
Ah, listen to you! - It's a robbery, bro.
- Not for real! - What about if we get arrested? - No one is gonna be arrested.
We march right up there, just do our shopping, and it's, "See you later.
" Hey, trust me, that guy Vincent knows what to do.
- Okay.
- Yes! But Mario's coming with.
If anything goes sideways, I wanna have a really good cover.
Feel me? Damn, you're a total genius, bro.
Win-win! - Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
Sorry if this is about the next two days.
I'm afraid we can't help you.
The earliest will be in three days.
So things are busy? Praise Allah.
And that's why I'm here.
This is for you.
The Diwan Awards? Yes.
Salaam alaikum.
Salaam alaikum.
Peace be with you.
Salaam alaikum.
In the name of Allah.
Can I talk to you? Salaam alaikum.
- Brahim.
- Salaam alaikum.
Where'd you meet that guy? I see him at the mosque.
He spent a lot of time in prison.
Avoid him at all costs.
He's paid his debt to society.
Now he has his life back on track.
What track? Rachid, the Islamic Brahim, once a criminal, always a criminal, okay? Rachid, uh - Your cards.
- Not now.
We're not gonna get pushy, okay? The shit with Ismael has already damaged my reputation.
Please, keep it confidential.
Congratulations again, and say hi to your brother.
- Bye.
- So long.
I'm so glad you're here.
Those men have gone too long without cooling.
- That's the last time I'm helping Smile.
- What's going on? Wherever I go, I'm a laughingstock.
I'm not down with that.
Oh, please, people are jealous of you.
- That's all.
- Jealous? Do you have any idea the shit you got me into? - I'm gonna have to think this over.
- Rachid! Wow! Nadia? Brahim, can you turn the air conditioners on? Yeah.
Uh, Nadia? Sorry, I, uh I don't want to be pushy, but have you thought about my contract? We're thinking about it, Brahim, but now is not the time.
Yeah, it seems like they've ordered the equipment already.
Mm? I told you they'd give in, right? Yeah.
What? Mm.
Yeah, kissy, kissy.
Love you.
Love you That was Vanessa.
I'm, uh Listen, I'm not coming in.
I've already given you guys enough help.
Do you want to get those exercise bikes or not? Hmm? Oh, fuck.
- Seriously, how did we get to this point? - It's because of your wife.
Yeah, I can see why you're saying that, but, you know, Vanessa's workin' through some issues.
- Ah, issues? Yeah - Yeah.
Listen, when you've been with someone 20 years, things happen.
Yeah, well, everyone's got issues, Mario.
That's so true.
Everyone does.
Like Like when I came home last night, and, uh, I, uh I didn't even say anything.
I didn't.
But Vanessa gets so physical so quick.
It's like I mean, it's such a strong kind of love we got that it just comes with pain, I guess.
Wanna know how it all started? - Twenty years ago - Mario.
Yeah? We're not interested.
Huh There he is.
Mm! Yep! - Hey, are you just gonna stand there? - Listen, I'm only the driver, okay? I'm not into the habit of breaking into places.
- Yeah, like we are? - Get up here, come on.
Oh This is the last favor I do you guys.
Come on.
Let's go, fatso.
Get up.
- So how do we find it? - Follow us.
Let's go.
May Allah bless you, son, and protect you on your journey.
Omar, take care of my mother, all right? Of course.
You can count on me.
- Appreciate it.
- Good-bye.
See ya.
Hmm? What's this? - If you haven't changed your mind? - Uh, no, no, no, no, no, just, uh A little weird doing it here.
How lovely.
Three, two, one, go.
- Go put the forklift back.
- Yeah, all right.
Lookie here, this could come in handy.
Animals! Start the engine.
Start the engine! Go, go, go, go! Throw the ball! - What ball? - What ball do you think? - Throw it! Hurry! - Throw the ball! Drive! Drive! Go, go, go! - The salad? - No.
No tomato.
No tomatoes.
At first I thought it was me, I said to myself, "Rachid, you don't see the vision.
" Just let Smile do his thing, it'll all fall into place.
And it's going great so far.
We have more clients than we ever had.
Yeah, for Smile.
But we have practically no repatriation business.
It's not that people die more because we bury them here.
Look at all this positive feedback we're getting.
Why aren't you listening to me, Nadia? I take shit for this everywhere I go.
- Drinks? - Yeah, two whiskeys, please.
Ugh, is this a joke? Whoa, whoa, I'm joking.
Two iced teas, okay? - What is this? - Go on, open it.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
Uh Uh Uh, but Ah, it's a phony mock-up.
Baby, it's not.
Do you know what that could mean for us? A nomination at the Diwan Awards.
When Dad hears this, he's gonna flip out.
- Does Smile know? - No, I'll tell him tomorrow.
He'll be so proud of himself, that jackass.
Why can't you just be glad? This is your dream come true.
Our business was nominated.
It's good for everybody.
All three of us, Smile and us.
Insurance Omar does repatriations.
And Smile does funerals, okay? Why can't we do them both? A repatriation desk, and another for funerals.
Oh, yeah? And which desk will you sit at, huh? Hey, can we just stop talking about work and have a little fun tonight.
We could go see a movie.
Just go with your brother instead.
I'm not feeling romantic.
You don't know what romantic is.
Uh, uh-oh.
- Women are complicated, huh? - She's my wife.
I don't need your opinion.
- No need to be a jerk about it, all right? - She left.
Why'd you bring this? Hey, you asked me for two, so I brought you two.
Next time, you can get them yourself.
Douchebag over there.
- Yeah? - A chicken roll, please.
- Do you want sauce? - Yeah, I guess so.
Then why don't you say it.
One, two, three, four.
Pump it up! Pump it up! Pump it up! More! One, two, three, four.
Pump it up! Pump it up! Pump it up! - Stop.
Stop, stop.
- What? What? Wait till you see.
 Wait till you see! - No, come on, Mario.
- No, it's a surprise.
You're gonna love this, believe me.
- Here, put this on.
- Hey, I'm on the rag.
- It doesn't matter.
- I'm not in the mood, okay? Come on, here.
Pookie bear, look at me.
I know you're gonna be glad.
Come here.
Come here! Come here.
One, two, and three.
Oh my God.
 Oh my God.
 Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Jesus, my bikes! Oh my God.
Oh my God.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine Yes, yes, yes! Oh, darling, I love you.
Yes You should have seen Mario in that warehouse.
Never seen a fat guy run so fast.
Bro, you know what he reminded me of? One of those Fat Joe videos, with his tits going up and down.
- I gotta get groceries.
You want anything? - Nah, I'm good, thanks.
- You? - No, thanks though.
Couple of regular gangsters.
It's scary.
Smile, um - About yesterday, I - That was a mistake.
Oh, yeah.
Wasn't it? Yeah, totally.
You're the sister of my best friend.
It could never work anyway, you know? Uh, your brother would have my head.
- Yeah.
- Uh - Perfect.
- Smile.
Oh-ie-oh! Oh-ie-oh! Vincent is at the door.
- Now? - Yeah.
You fuckin' kidding me? - Hey, guys.
How are ya? - Shh! Vincent, the owners are still here.
- Well? How'd it go? - You could've warned us, you know? The security guard had a fuckin' wolf! - Come on, it had to be realistic, right? - Ah! - There's only eight.
- Yeah.
Shh! It's all right.
There are two downstairs Tiger! - I'll take those later, all right? - Not what we agreed.
- You're too early.
That's not what we - Shh! - He think he can talk to me like that? - Please, he's nervous.
Let's step outside.
What are you doing? All right.
We'll be going.
- Yo! And our percentage? - Percentage? You just be glad that I don't send you a bill for the equipment that's still inside.
Oh, you think I'm joking around, Vincent.
I really need that money Take it easy.
Hey, bro, why don't you fuck off, asshole? And one day, I'll be a real boy.
How 'bout you watch it, okay? The security cameras I have captured your ugly mug and your idiot friend.
Fuck you, pal.
Albanian dick! Whoa! What the Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here? What's this all about, my man? Whoa.
Whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
Whoa! Don't hit me.
Don't hit me.
 Don't hit me.
Don't hit me.
And to all a good night.
Thank you.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Looking nice.
- Ah! - Tried to pull a fast one on me? Huh? You pullin' a fast one? Look Look, Vanessa, I got no money, okay? - What could I do? - Do I look stupid? What, do you think I'm blind? Con man You just buried a filthy rich soccer player.
Bring my money in the next hour.
Or you're in tomorrow's headlines.
I got 15,000, okay? But it's all I can give you.
That's all the cash I have saved up.
Still 10,000 away but it's a beginning.
You know where I live, right? Try not to keep me waiting.
I have to do everything myself.
What now, broski? That day I realized that success also has its downside that money attracts parasites.
And that lesson cost me 15,000 euros.
You know, when I was ten years old, Nadia gave me some money to go to the bakery.
On the way, I ran into my so-called friend who convinced me to put the money into the cash register of the candy store next door.
I had to come home without any bread.
But with an innocent smile and a good excuse, I got away with it.
But now, I couldn't really say that 15,000 euros just fell through a hole in my pocket.
I had to make sure those refrigerated tables got to Insurance Omar by the following morning, before Nadia started asking questions.
But you don't find 15,000 euros laying around on the street.
I could think of only one solution.
My mom's jewelry.
The only treasure my family possessed.
You know, if my mother was still here, she would have given it to me herself.
Hey, relax.
I had four weeks to pay that pawn broker off and then put the jewelry back where it belongs.
Besides, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, am I right?
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