Soil (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Palace Street

1 A NETFLIX SERIES - [sounds reversing.]
- [melancholy hip-hop music playing.]
Momo, are you eating pastries again? You're a diabetic.
That's the last pastry you'll be eating.
[rapid guitar strumming and drumbeat.]
[mellow music plays.]
- [Ismael.]
It was finally here.
- [barks.]
We had been looking forward to it for so long.
Our precious, sacred, pure, unsullied Moroccan soil.
The solution to all our problems.
- Hey! - [barking.]
The key to our success had been dropped off neatly at our doorstep.
- [dog barks.]
- No more messing around.
From now on, my clients would get what they were entitled to.
By the time my father returned from Mecca, I would have earned enough money to buy back my mom's jewelry.
And he would never catch on that it wasn't at home where it belonged.
We had more bodies delivered to us in the last few days than he had in his entire career.
Our cold room was fully stacked.
And you can't keep a corpse at your neighbor's place, right? There is her home.
Unless your neighbor lives in an old butcher shop.
There is her home.
Yeah, I know.
My own home.
But all of this was only temporary.
My own home.
- This is my home.
- Brahim.
- There is my home.
- Brahim.
There is my home.
- Welcome to my home.
- Hey, brother.
- [screams.]
- [grunts.]
- Oh.
- Are you insane, bro? [laughs.]
Well, hey.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, I didn't hear you.
I didn't hear ya.
You okay? - Yeah, man.
Are you? - Yeah, great, great.
Nadia told me that all of this has to shine, scrub every last nook and cranny.
Here, take some bleach.
Oh, come on, I thought she said, "Make it look presentable.
" Dead animals have been lying around.
- What's wrong with you? - Okay, okay.
Rachid was caught up in his own head trip, as usual.
Why does Insurance Omar deserve a Diwan Award? Simple.
Because over the last 30 years, we have given 3,750 - Oh! - [tires skid.]
Are you crazy? Hey! Where did you get your license? Get the hell out of here, you moron! Come on, pal, you almost killed me! This fucking video.
A renewed Omar had arrived.
We urgently needed to find a definitive solution to our lack of space.
Essentially, the new booming Insurance Omar needed visionary leadership.
Well? What do you think? And I was the one to step up and handle it.
Add a wall there and one there, that's four mourning rooms.
And there's room in the back.
Eight rooms altogether.
Yeah, but the decor is so What? - Unique.
- JB and I can fix that.
Don't worry about it.
- [man.]
All good? - Yes, thanks.
- You saw it? - We did, thanks.
So like I said, a lot has changed around here, you know? I'm not saying it's bad, but things have changed.
Newsstands are adult shops now, the butchers are halal and And the dead are Muslims.
- Is it possible to rent? - Rent? No, no, no, I've gotta sell it.
I plan on enjoying my retirement before I meet my clients for good.
[both chuckle.]
I'm sure.
It's too bad, but I understand why.
A project developer offered me 300,000 euros, but I'd prefer to sell it to you folks.
That way, it stays a funeral parlor.
- I'll give you some time to think it over.
- Okay.
I'll be in touch soon.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Thank you.
Three hundred thousand euros for all that, everything's included.
- We won't find that anywhere else.
- And how are we gonna get a loan? We have no capital and no collateral between us.
Put up Dad's house? [Rachid.]
Brahim? [intriguing music plays.]
Brahim? [camera clicks.]
[camera clicks.]
[camera clicks.]
[line ringing.]
- [Omar.]
Nadia, uh, you okay? - Of course I am, Dad.
Salaam alaikum.
I'm sorry to disturb you, but I had a question.
What is it, honey? Uh, the business is doing fine, everything's great on that end, but we're almost out of space.
What?! There's plenty of space.
Clean out the garage.
Some places are up on the market, but we feel like the timing is kinda right to move out.
"We"? This isn't "we," is it? This is Smile's nonsense.
No, I've taken a look at the building myself.
I'll send you some pictures.
The way it stands, we have to move quickly, but we can't afford it, and we thought you'd help.
Sweetheart, we've been successful for 30 years.
Now, why would that change now? Don't let Smile push you around.
Dad, listen, the business belongs to us.
It's our responsibility, all right? We'll handle getting the new space.
- We don't need your help or your money.
- Smile.
Smile [Omar.]
Hello? - Hello? - Hello.
- Why didn't you tell me he was with you? - [sighs.]
Dad, please.
Don't let him push you around.
If he doesn't do what you say, get rid of him.
Look, how 'bout we drop it, okay? Get back to relaxing or something.
[siren wailing in distance.]
You're okay with this? Your brother has clients with the cold cuts.
Don't be so dramatic.
It's just for now.
It's not like we can put them outside.
Oh, we could make sausages out of them.
And we'll have more space, right? We looked at a funeral parlor.
Without me? If we bought it, we could do the expansion right.
What about a different kind of expansion? What's that mean? Make this expand.
That's what you're thinking? Yeah.
You have the middle finger switched with the index finger.
Who says the middle finger can't point, huh? Hmm? Am I right? BUSINESS PLAN INSURANCE OMAR [Alizée.]
All right.
[mellow music playing.]
Because it's you, I'll only charge 100.
Hey, your business plan hasn't been approved yet.
- Just relax.
- This plan looks really great.
You could probably buy the royal palace with this.
We should put you to work.
Now that we're expanding, I could use some new employees.
You couldn't afford it.
Hey, I'm serious.
I can't.
I hit the road next week.
Your button's wrong.
Where? Hold on.
I'll do it.
So have you started planning your trip yet? Yeah.
I've been preparing myself mentally for the big journey, but you keep distracting me with all this, so Yeah.
What? What? - What, what? - What - Uh - [laughs.]
- Well, what? - The way you're looking.
- What way? I What are you - [JB.]
They only had pickle flavor, so What's this? What's going on here? [Alizée.]
Smile, is the business plan finished yet? Ugh! Unbelievable.
Brahim, don't do that alone.
- It's okay, really.
- Brahim.
- You're not keeping that in the garage.
- [Brahim.]
Where else? [Rachid.]
Nadia, tell Smile he has to come clean up his own shit.
- What the hell?! - [tires squealing.]
It's genius.
I read about it in the paper, but after last time, I was afraid you wouldn't come back.
After what? Remember, the pizza scissors.
Sorry, pizza scissors? [inhales sharply.]
Ah, that wasn't you who, uh - [Ismael inhales deeply.]
- Uh So I guess all us Moroccans must look alike? I didn't say that.
Um [chuckles.]
Excuse me.
Hey, I'm just playin', Geert.
[sighs in relief.]
All right.
Um - Samuel, what, um - Ismael.
Could you describe to me in some detail specifically what you would like? Uh, well, we found a new location for our funeral parlor, and that will require approval from you for the loan.
Hopefully, we can have that by the end of this week, 300,000 euros.
Three hundred thousand euros? Yep.
And, uh, is there any capital you have to contribute? [inhales deeply.]
My father will, uh, use his home as collateral.
[mysterious music plays.]
That works.
[breathes deeply.]
I just need to make sure that your business plan is realistic.
How 'bout we don't count this week and start with a clean slate? Yes? Let's assume you get three clients a week.
Does that sound about right to you? For sure.
I could always kill myself.
- Mm, that shouldn't be, uh - Dude, Geert, I'm playin'.
- [chuckles.]
- Okay.
Let's talk about your father's house.
And it's worth 300,000, right? Absolutely.
I really don't know.
It could be double.
Okay, good.
Here are the documents for your father to sign, and then on Friday after you've buried three clients, I'll need proof of burial.
- All right.
- And don't kill them yourself.
- Ha! Thanks, Mr.
- Just a moment, Mr.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- We need to set one more appointment.
- We have one Friday, don't we? We need to assess the value of your father's house, okay? Of course, yeah.
Uh, yeah, I have a meeting I have to get to, but I'll give you a call to set it up, okay? [Geert.]
Yeah, but Yo, chicken nugget.
Is that all cash? He's not gonna give us anything yet, bro.
Ah My dad's house needs to be assessed before that.
That shanty? Are you serious? [both chuckle.]
That's what it is.
Hey, bro, you should put the hearse in the garage 'cause that's gonna double the assessment.
- Does it have a garage? - Nah.
Oy, yo, then you are fucked for sure, man.
Don't you think I know that? [Rozanne.]
Ooh, that looks delicious, sis.
- [Marilou.]
You don't want some, Rachid? - No, thank you.
I'm avoiding sugar.
[women chuckle.]
We wanted to retire at 70 and leave this all behind.
Live out our years in Spain.
Get a piece of land the size of an airport there.
Living la vida loca.
Ladies, if you think I'll take over your business, I have to disappoint.
Oh, no, that's not what we mean.
We always considered you as Omar's most worthy successor, one who thought we deserved to retire.
But we do feel disappointed lately, Rachid.
Disappointed? Rachid.
Our industry is like a tart.
And every client is like a slice.
But Ismael is eating them all up.
The more he eats the pieces, the fewer there are for you.
And for us.
Look, what my sister is trying to say is that while we're starting to go hungry, your brother, Smile, is getting fat.
You see what we're saying? [Rozanne inhales deeply.]
You know, Rachid, maybe you should go visit that mourning family who were so charmed by your smooth-talking brother-in-law.
And make sure they've Well, you could see if this decision that they have made was right.
What if your price came down? We can lower ours.
Like a A special discount.
What do you think? We'll each do 15%.
Sorry, I'll have to think it over.
You have five seconds.
Five, four, three, two, one.
That's that.
That's settled, then.
Come on, just have a piece.
What's up, Molenbeek? [chuckles.]
Hey, bro, I have the dopest idea.
- Is your dad's neighbor still alive? - Why? What if we go in with sledge hammers, break down the walls and make it one big palace? - No.
- Or the mirrors from the fitness center.
We hang those bad boys up, it'll double the size.
Optical illusion! It'll look like a villa! No.
All right, we have one more option.
Mario can dig a swimming pool in the yard.
- No.
- [mockingly.]
Come on, Mr.
No No No! Dude, we need to do something to make that shack worth more.
Damn! Is your father's house for sale? Uh We're gonna buy a funeral parlor and, um for collateral, we're using my father's house.
Ah, praise Allah.
Thank you, Father.
Yeah, but, uh I messed up, told the bank his house is worth 300,000 euros.
Ismael That's just between us.
We can't keep using your butcher's shop, you know? The parasite is here.
You're still not done? If this isn't gone by tonight, I'm throwing this shit out.
Brahim, with me.
[Brahim grunts.]
[dishes clattering softly in other room.]
Thank you so much.
What I was saying was Don't get me wrong, but for Allah, there's no Belgian or Moroccan soil.
There is one Earth.
Wait, are you trying to say that we're not good Muslims, then? - Because, I mean, that's really - No.
The family chose.
We're not going to change our minds now.
Um, this discount is extraordinary.
There is no discount that can bring Momo back to life.
No, no, no, no.
Of course not.
- [sighs.]
- [whimsical music plays.]
But where does Momo really want to lie? With the quality and care of Insurance Omar or here with the cold cuts? [sobs softly.]
- Sorry.
- No, it's fine.
Hey, Super Mario.
We brought back the keys to your van.
God damn it, how many times do I have to tell you? Stay away from my van.
And, hey, you better get those 10,000 euros to Vanessa ASAP, man.
El Fassi's grave has been switched out with Moroccan soil, bro.
- What? - Yeah, man.
Your psycho chick can't touch us anymore.
- How did you do that? - Now you can help us out.
Let's go.
Come on, Tits McGee.
We have a surprise for you.
A surprise, huh? You gonna pay the rent for once? Here, check it out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
You're not leaving that outside my door? This is a parking lot.
It's for cars, not your soil.
You're not getting it through your thick head, Mario.
This isn't merely soil.
It's holy soil from Morocco.
Praise be to Allah.
Listen, that that may be true, but, uh, don't keep it outside of my fitness center.
Oh, no, Mario, we'll do it together.
- Come on.
- There you go, Mario.
Go on, work.
- [Mario.]
What? - Hurry.
Vanessa will see you.
Move! Hey, just leave Vanessa out of this, okay? Bend at your knees, Tits.
- [Mario.]
Son of a - [both strain.]
- You've made the right choice.
I promise.
- Inshallah.
At least now we can bury him with some dignity.
We'll meet at 8:00 a.
m tomorrow at the airport.
- Thank you.
- Salaam alaikum.
[woman breathes deeply.]
The tide is turning, brother.
Know what, Brahim? When a crocodile buys pants, it means he knows where his tail goes.
Hmm? Well, I am that crocodile.
Praise be to Allah.
Crocodile? What's he doing here? Uh, the the family is repatriating.
Rachid met with her, but I just thought I didn't know.
- Why? - [suspenseful music plays.]
That fucking scumbag.
- Where is he? - [Brahim.]
Smile - Where is he, Brahim? - Smile, don't stress about it.
You have plenty of work.
This week I have to show proof that I buried three clients or the fucking loan disappears.
You all set with your dad's place? [Ismael.]
- No? - I just said no, man.
And the banker, he knows your father? No.
And does he know your father's house? [Rachid on recording.]
Salaam alaikum.
You've reached the No, why? [exhales.]
Well, well.
If you help me handle this, man, I swear I'll write up that contract, you're fully employed.
Yeah? [music continues.]
[doorbell rings.]
- [Brahim.]
Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
- I was here before with Rachid.
- Yeah, uh I think I left my earbuds here.
- Your ear what? - For my phone.
Ah! Yeah, feel free to come inside and look.
[music continues.]
When's the flight? They leave for Morocco tomorrow morning to attend the funeral.
Okay, sounds good.
I'll get the banker to be here tomorrow.
- What up? - Hey, brother.
Hey, so you're sure your dad's not back from Mecca, right? That'd be funny if he never left.
Could you imagine he's just in there, poppin' bottles, just smokin'.
- Don't be paranoid.
I watched him leave.
- Hurry up.
And, uh, the house we're staging's nearby? - Yeah, it's a client of Rachid's.
- Where is it? [grunts.]
Around the corner.
Tomorrow they leave for Morocco.
Around the corner? On a different street? The banker's gonna notice that, dumbass.
Hey, we know it's a different street.
He doesn't.
What, man? Brahim's a creative guy, man.
- He's gonna fix it for us.
- No, no, no, no.
You guys are gonna fix it.
Come on, inside, dumbass.
Creative? What's that mean, creative? [music continues.]
Now, only take things that remind you of Omar, picture frames, mail, the more personal the better.
Is this personal enough? [chuckles.]
Uh, that's not his, man.
He's keepin' it for a friend.
Friend? No way, fool.
Omar's playin' with his sausage.
To vintage shit.
Grab the bag.
Let's go.
[music continues.]
[tense music plays.]
[gentle music plays.]
Smile, we gotta bounce, dude.
Okay, tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.
, the family leaves for the airport.
The banker arrives at 9:00.
And that means we have exactly one hour to make the apartment look like it's your dad's.
Tonight, you'll have a contract.
Thank you, Brahim.
Thank you, Smile.
[music fades.]
Hey, Omar, make sure you call that friend of yours, the caterer guy.
Or we just have guests bring their own food.
Good idea? Look, you just had surgery.
Let me handle it.
I know what I'm doing.
Thank you.
I'll get these in the mail.
No, no, let Jamal do it.
- Yeah, I can do it.
No problem.
- It's okay.
I'll do it later.
- Omar? - I can do it.
- No! Let go, I said.
- Really! I can do it.
- Omar! - Let me do it! - Oh my God, what is going on? - Oh shit.
Allah forgive me.
What's the matter with you? - Why did you do that? - [Omar.]
I said I'd handle it.
I need to take a walk.
I've just been cooped up in that hospital all day.
[Jamal groans.]
You two [chuckling.]
Ah [chuckles.]
Brahim, uh, look that over and bring it back tomorrow.
This could've waited, Nadia.
It was Smile who made it happen.
And, I'm sorry we took so long.
You know how hectic it's been.
It'll be easier with the new funeral parlor.
It's very big of your father to do that.
Did Smile tell you that? [Brahim.]
My father said he's not putting up his home for collateral, so - Yeah, I Oh.
- Whoops.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
- I got it.
- [papers rustle.]
[rapping on window.]
What's this? - Right, uh, salaam alaikum.
- Yeah.
Uh, Brahim, your contract.
- [chuckling.]
Oh, right.
- Salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
Oh, fo sho, bro.
No doubt.
Goal of the century, Ronaldo with that kick.
Done! Yeah, he's the GOAT, man, for sure.
- Right? He's the sickest, man.
- [siren wailing in distance.]
Oh, hey, how come Alizée wrote you that business plan? Well, uh 'Cause she had time.
I don't know.
You guys aren't doin' it? What the fuck What the fuck's your problem, broski? Why you gotta say that? I don't know, dude, I've seen you, all flirty and [man.]
Hey, hey, hey.
What the heck are you two doing up there? - [JB.]
Huh? - What are you doing? What's all that? Google Maps.
You know Google Maps? - Google Maps.
- [JB.]
Yeah, we're Google Maps.
We've got a new project going, so, hey, hey, tomorrow, have your kid go to our website.
and you can enter to win a new phone.
- A smartphone? - Yeah.
Good luck.
How fantastic.
What a weirdo, am I right? Yeah, bro, for sure.
[car honking horn.]
[tires screech.]
[hip hop music playing over car stereo.]
[breathes deeply.]
- Can you come inside for a moment? - Brahim, we gotta go, man.
Smile, just come in first, please.
Okay? [Ismael sighs.]
I'm afraid I won't be going.
Why not? [Brahim.]
You conning the bank I get that.
But conning your father? That's not my thing.
- Who says my father's getting conned? - Your sister.
[tense sting.]
Tell her I won't sign it.
Come on, Brahim, it's not like we're committing murder.
Smile, I I can't.
Okay? [tense music plays.]
How the fuck did you get that? Well, it's nothing that I'm proud of.
[Ismael breathes deeply.]
Look, if I don't get this funeral parlor, I won't have anything I can be proud of, Brahim.
I lied to my family, Smile.
I lied to all of them, everyone I cared about.
That thing may come off in a few weeks, but I'll never regain their respect.
[pats arm.]
You should think about that.
[breathes deeply.]
Does Rachid know? No.
[slaps paper down.]
[suspenseful drumbeat plays.]
[sighs deeply.]
[doorbell rings.]
[suspenseful music continues.]
Yo, what do we do with her? - Get out of here, man.
- Ah.
- Bro, that's for the car.
- Cool.
[JB strains.]
Let's bounce.
[music continues.]
[car horn honks.]
Got a little lost.
I thought I knew where I was headed, but Yeah, it's all right.
GPS is always weird around here.
I don't understand how these car manufacturers can't get navigation right.
I mean, honestly, you're right here on this street, and it keeps saying to turn around, turn around.
It's okay, Geert.
Shall we? Oh, I only have ten minutes, okay? I promise you we won't be too long, Sammy.
Nadia, the service starts in an hour.
Yeah, I know, but they asked for a different driver.
And where's Ismael? Where is he? - Smile was tied up.
- They're his clients.
But, Nadia, that's what I've been trying to tell you.
They don't want me to.
- Leave the car there.
- They don't want me.
- Hey.
Give me the phone.
- I can No, wait.
- Okay? - Sir, just a minute, please.
- Give me the phone.
- He's here.
- Hello? - Just give it.
- What's happening? - Wait, okay? - I'll put him on.
- Give it to me.
- Hello.
We are Muslims, but you knew that.
- Yes, I did.
Now, listen to me right now.
- We want a Muslim.
- Sir, if I could explain.
- Are you a Muslim? - Yes.
- Our driver should be a Muslim.
- I'm a Muslim.
- Yeah? I'm trying, but Okay, good.
- I'll call Smile and send him.
- Okay, we good? - Okay, sure.
Okay, fine.
Okay, sir.
They're, uh, on the way, okay? Yes, a real Muslim.
I am a real Muslim! Huh? [ominous music plays.]
- All right.
Geez, man.
- I'm All good.
What was that all about? [inhales.]
It's just [pants.]
I've always found them fascinating, funeral directors.
I couldn't do it.
I'd just start to giggle.
Well, it's usually pretty sad, Geert.
Yeah, but I would just think about how serious the situation was, and then the stress from that would get me laughing.
If it's okay, I'd like to use the restroom, please.
- You have to go? - Yeah.
[tense music plays.]
I'll show you the restroom.
I went, of course, before I left, but the car ride with that dang GPS was so stressful.
That traffic in Brussels with the cyclists squeezing in everywhere, you turn - There you go.
- Thank you.
Uh You haven't been here in a while, I take it.
Sorry, I meant to grab - Toilet paper.
It's just there.
- Oh.
- Toilet brush on the right.
- That won't be necessary.
- [breathes deeply.]
- [cell phone rings.]
Yeah, Nadia? - You left Brahim alone with a client? - Yeah.
- He needs your help.
Get over there now.
- I'm in the middle of something.
[toilet flushes.]
Can you call me back in, like, ten minutes? [Nadia.]
You told me that you could handle this right away.
Sorry, I gotta go, okay? Yeah, bye.
Whoa! [stomps foot.]
[mail rustling.]
Oh, it's for my dad.
Okay, Geert, I really have to get going now, so Voila! Oh, yeah, great.
These are the documents your father signed.
- Excellent.
- Yeah.
Uh, does your father not have a phone number? [tense sting.]
Uh [grunts softly.]
Ah, and is that Mrs.
Boulasmoum? It Yeah Yeah.
She's a lovely woman.
Are your folks still married or Uh, my mother's dead.
- [tense sting.]
- [continues chuckling.]
Uh, I'm sorry.
That's what I meant before.
Okay, I will call him soon before the end of the week.
You can tell him to expect a call then.
- All the best.
- Thanks.
You too.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[suspenseful music plays.]
- Hello? - Hello, Karim? Yeah, what's up? Dude, if a bank in Belgium calls you, your name is Omar, okay? - Like your father? - Yes, like my father.
[Karim chuckles.]
- I'll explain everything later.
All right? - Sure, man.
Okay, thanks.
[vehicle approaching quickly.]
Hey, Rachid.
- This guy's impossible.
- Give me the keys, Brahim.
I can drive.
It's for a funeral.
No, no.
Just call my wife.
She'll come get you.
You two are such good friends.
Rachid, wait up.
Can you convince him I'm a Muslim, please? Oh, yeah, I'm sure he'll be convinced.
Hmm? Salaam alaikum.
I'm so sorry about that.
It's my fault.
Bro, it had to have been you with the mail, right? There's no way that postman is as dense as that banker.
Just tell me, man.
Broski, for the last time, it wasn't.
- Oh, you must really think I'm an idiot.
- Uh, yeah.
[hip hop music playing over stereo.]
Hey, Alizée, listen.
I was at Momo's.
The mailman left the stuff, and you know what it said? My father's name.
What's that about? Yeah, um It's almost like someone helped.
[chuckles softly.]
Well, wasn't it more of a thrill that way, Smile? [chuckles softly.]
[music continues.]
- Hey, Nadia.
- Brahim, hi.
Uh, I wanted to have a word.
Sorry, that never should have happened.
- In the future - There's no future.
Over one incident? Yes, and, um I have a feeling that Rachid doesn't enjoy working with me.
Honestly, I feel like Rachid doesn't like working with me either.
Trust me, it's just Rachid.
I need to tell you something about me.
Brahim, with all the new clients, we really need you here for this to work.
Just sign the contract.
[suspenseful music plays.]
[footsteps departing.]
Here, Alizée.
I found a flight.
Check it out.
Tuesday night, direct from Zaventem, 530.
- 530 euros is too much.
- It's not too much.
It's half a grand.
- Talk to Mom.
- Yeah, right.
Anyway, yesterday your friend told me I should wait a month and the tickets will be way cheaper.
Yeah, and they'll be free in 20 years.
You're such a tight-ass.
I bet you'll never go.
Come on, we gotta go.
I'm comin'.
[door opens.]
You're allowed to say you don't want to go anymore.
I do want to go.
I've waited for ten years.
[breathes deeply.]
I just don't know if I wanna travel alone.
Then bring someone with you.
Just find someone who'll leave for a year? I would go.
Seriously? Nah, just playin'.
Yo! - What's this? Come on.
You two - Chill, dude.
I'm comin'.
Let's go.
[door opens.]
- [sighs.]
Those two - [door closes.]
Just fill out this form and sign here at the bottom.
You're making the right decision.
- One second.
- [Ismael.]
Rachid! - Hey, man.
- [Rachid.]
One sec.
[suspenseful music plays.]
What are you doing with my client? He's not your client anymore.
[Ismael scoffs.]
I can't help it if they changed their minds.
What? They're important.
- You're backin' me into a corner.
- Uh, Rachid.
- We have to leave or we'll miss the plane.
- Be right there.
You win some, you lose some.
Hey, Rachid, get bent.
- [Rachid.]
Everything's set up.
- Douche stole one of the three clients.
Hey, hey, wait a sec.
[intriguing music plays.]
He screwed us, let's screw him.
Ben Salah Ait Haddou, Amhali Aisha, and El Amrani Fatima.
- Your three clients for this week? - Yep.
[Geert breathes deeply.]
[cell phone ringing.]
You wanna take that? Um - When will we know everything's in order? - A week.
And there's a holiday we're closed for soon.
So, it's about two weeks.
Okay, no problem.
Soon as I hear from head office, - I'll be in touch.
- [phone ringing.]
But you can assume it's all settled.
Well, thank you.
As long as there are no secrets you're keeping from us.
[both chuckle humorlessly.]
[cell phone rings.]
- [ringing stops.]
- [sighs.]
I don't understand.
Relax, Rachid.
It's no big deal.
Hold one second, please.
Come on, let's work out what it'll cost you.
Having to change the tickets for the coffin, the family, moving the funeral.
Our reputation and yours is fucked now.
- That there is four zeros.
- Whoa, four zeros? I'm not Jeff Bezos.
I know I put those documents in that hearse.
Ever since Omar stepped away from the business, it's been one big problem with you guys.
I'm the professional.
This was Ismael.
Rachid, it doesn't really matter who did it.
They should be on that plane in an hour and a half.
Oh no! [suspenseful music plays.]
Come on, where are you? [groans.]
Well? You find it? I know you did this, you little shit.
Nah, you put them in the hearse, right? You forget? I'll look again, okay? Rachid.
You win some, you lose some.
Just you wait, fuckhead! [birds chirping.]
[music continues.]
I found them under the passenger seat in the hearse.
Hey, hold up.
What's with that, Smile? With what? You better cut the shit.
What was that? - It was for the greater good.
- Yeah.
Fuck you, Smile.
She seems pissed.
Okay, chicken nugs.
Like Rachid said, you win some, you lose some, eh? [woman.]
Oh my God.
I didn't mind seeing my brother-in-law lose this time.
[all arguing.]
If you fall into your own trap, you better make sure you're on time for the funeral.
These kinds of things happen.
Rachid just refused to see that repatriations were about to be as profitable as selling time machines at a tech expo.
But it wasn't my job to tell him.
He wouldn't listen to me anyway.
There was only one person who he really trusted.
Rachid? [suspenseful music playing.]
[packaging crinkling.]
[music fades.]
Is this yours? Nothing? [sighs.]
- Were you gonna tell me soon, or - Yes, of course I was gonna tell you.
[pill clinks.]
- Use this.
- Rachid [plate clatters.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
- [intriguing music plays.]
- [line ringing.]
- [Karim.]
Hello? - Hello, there.
- This is Geert Wellens, Excelsior Bank.
- Yeah? Hello? Hello? - Geert Wellens - I'm not available.
Okay, leave me a message, and I'll get back to you.
[doorbell rings.]
[music continues.]
Can I give you that? Cool, you're the best.
- Uh, just a sec.
- Yeah? This is the incorrect address.
Whoa! Are you sure? That's the number, right there.
Yes, but Vanderlindenstraat is around the corner.
- Oh? Dammit.
Again? Man, every day.
- Yeah, the GPS is useless around here.
You're tellin' me! Hmm! [doorbell rings.]
[dramatic music plays.]

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