Soil (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Concession F24

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Hello? Leave me alone.
I know what you're gonna say, open a savings account.
At least it'll be secure.
That's all? That's all he's got? Yeah, right, the banks are a house of cards.
I mean, can you guarantee the banks won't go under? My mattress is never gonna go under.
You are more stingy than Dad is.
One of these days it'll blow up in your face.
- Wah, wah, wah.
- Yeah, right.
Big-ass Latinas, bro.
Jennifer Lopez, 50 and I wanna licky.
Are you crazy? Kim Kardashian, bro.
Not Kim Kardashian.
There's more plastic in Kim Kardashian's lips than fish in the ocean.
Uh, Geert? Yes, this is Ismael Boulasmoum calling.
How long do you think it's gonna be until we know for sure about the loan? There's no need to worry, Samuel.
In fact, I'm on it right now.
Today or tomorrow at the latest, you can expect news, okay? Okay.
Sorry to disturb you.
Talk to you soon.
Well? - He says by tomorrow we get the loan.
- Pssh! Bro, do you realize? This is the last day we don't have 300 big ones.
Three hundred large, bro.
That is real money, right there.
Can't nobody stop this thing.
I'm psyched! Hey, wait a second.
- Hey, did you hear that? - What? - Money.
Bro, money.
- Hey, brother, money.
Finally, all the puzzle pieces were starting to fit together.
Insurance Omar 2.
0 was nearly a reality.
Because Nadia got a message about Nourdine, an old friend of my father's, who had been killed in a gas explosion.
As a result, the padre was gonna come home early.
Bad timing.
As long as a puzzle is unfinished, then it's the missing pieces that you notice most, especially with my father.
But luckily I knew I could count on Nadia 100%.
She would make his homecoming go as smooth as silk.
And you know what, the stars aligned in my favor.
Nourdine's family wanted to bury him here in Moroccan soil.
All I had to do was make sure that my dad's old buddy got the perfect funeral.
Then my puzzle would fit together nicely, instead of plopping into the water.
Good evening, Mr.
How did you two get in here? Through the front door, like you.
You should have no trouble finding the exit.
Uh, Insurance Omar.
Ring a bell? Yeah, of course.
These guys think it's okay burying Moroccans over here but using soil they bring in from Morocco.
Yeah, and so? And so? That is the That is That is a What was the word, again? Disruptive.
It distorts the market.
Listen, what Moroccans may do with with their earth and with their dead is their affair.
I have a very good relationship with that community.
And I intend to keep it that way, okay? Now, ladies, have a nice evening.
I'd like to continue with my swim now.
Wait a second.
I'm afraid that you misunderstand me.
Look at the water there.
- See how tranquil it is? Beautiful.
- Yeah.
But if just one person jumps in, that calm disappears.
What Rozanne is trying to say, is that we would be really disappointed if you didn't take a clear position on this point.
And your brother would be disappointed if he were to find out that, uh, sometimes after closing hours, you come here for a swim with his wife.
How on Earth did you get this? This could make the front pages.
We're good.
Uh I'll see what I can do.
I can't promise you anything.
We don't want your bullshit.
We want action.
Come on, Idriss.
Let's let him get back to his swim.
- He's expecting someone.
- Hey! Let's go.
Okay Hey.
Rachid, can we please go back to how things were? Okay, if I have to say it again, I'll say it.
I really am sorry I lied.
I'm glad that you're here.
I'm here for your father, not for you.
Insurance Omar.
Yes, how can I help you? Yeah, we have seven concessions for Insurance Omar.
Uh Yes, Mr Boul Boulmansou.
Uh, uh, in your case, for the moment, council cannot grant any concessions.
- What was that? - Sorry? Yeah, some complaints apparently have been lodged about your graves.
But you should receive a letter of explanation within a week.
Excuse me, I don't follow your meaning.
What kind of complaints? Well Uh, that's all I can say for right now.
You'll get more of an explanation from the letter.
Oy-yo! Excuse me.
Morning, Marc.
- Are my concessions ready? - Hmm! - Yes, sir, of course.
- Sorry, I have a funeral to get to.
I'm in a hurry.
Yo! - Thanks, Marc.
Have a good day.
- Sure.
No problem.
Anyway He can get them, but we can't? Hey, we have people we're supposed to bury tomorrow.
Yeah, uh Sorry.
It's just, uh It's problematic, yeah? Oy Problematic? Wanna know what's problematic? My clients dragging you away from that desk because - they can't bury their relatives.
- Stamp! Hey, whoa, just take it easy, gentlemen.
This is a city agency, not - What? - some kind of - Kind of what? Come on, tell me.
- Wait a minute.
Not some kind of what? He's starting to drive me crazy.
Please, may I just ask you to be, uh to to behave in a manner suited - to civilized people.
Uh - Don't talk down to me.
Tomorrow, our clients will be in the ground, buried with or without your concessions.
Tabon yemek.
What did you say to me? Tabon yemek.
The expression is polite Moroccan for "We'll be seeing a lot of each other soon.
" Yeah, not likely, but thanks.
We can't wait a week.
Those funerals are scheduled for tomorrow.
No one will dig any holes for us without those concessions.
Yeah, but I told the guy that.
Listen, maybe you can drop by today.
People at City Hall know you.
Oh, Smile, you didn't make a scene there, did you? No, of course not.
I just think you'll handle it better.
Okay, fine.
I'll go down there and sort it out.
Okay, salaam.
- Well? - My sister will make it work.
Are you sure? Maybe you should talk to your father first.
He'll be home soon.
Shut up, man.
Yeah? Excuse me, sir.
Uh, do you have an appointment? No, but I need to speak to you.
It's urgent.
Go to reception and make an appointment, please.
I can't give preferential treatment.
No one was at reception.
Look, just five minutes? Please, ma'am, leave my office.
Or do I have to call security? Mm-hmm.
No need.
That's okay.
Yo, leave a message.
Yeah, Smile, I'm on my way to get Dad.
Will you stop by the office, please, and see if JB is around? Okay? All right, take care.
Salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
How can I help you? My mother is no longer with us.
- Allah rest her soul.
- Amen.
Sit down.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
- I'm so happy to see you.
- Is everything all right? - My condolences for Nourdine.
- Thank you.
Uh, hold on, I'll get that.
I got it! Your trip went well, I take it? Fine, praise be to Allah.
The plane hurts my ears a little.
Oh, well Omar, I did my best to honor the wishes of Nourdine's family, but I gotta say, I'm confused.
They're gonna bury him here? He brought his children up as non-believers.
I think we can be grateful - they don't wanna put him in an oven.
- Huh.
- We have seven new clients this week.
- Is that right? - Seven, Uncle Omar.
- Seven, well Praise Allah.
When a lion gets older, he loses all his teeth but still You slimeball.
Slimeball? I did you a favor.
I never mentioned Smile's butcher shop.
It's always the best of us who leave first.
Hey, hey, hey, come here.
Who's that? Oh, he works for us.
He doesn't look like any Brahim I ever met.
- He's Muslim.
- Muslim? More like a Muslim copycat.
Stop it.
Come on, Dad, he's Muslim.
Maybe so, but that kind of Muslim is dangerous.
What exactly is that supposed to mean? Well, I just hope he doesn't drive us all mad with that sharia crap.
Salaam alaikum.
Can I talk to you for a sec? One moment.
- What exactly are you doing? - There was no one else here.
Why don't you go and help Omar with his bags? Sure.
Salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
Uh I see you're here about, uh, repatriation? Uh, no, we'd like to bury her here.
- Really? - Yeah.
Yeah, really.
Okay, no problem.
Yes, ma'am, we'll arrange it.
Here, be my guest.
Salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
You've preserved his body well.
At school, we spent time together.
Nourdine was the smartest boy in our class.
But, oh, he was also the cheapest.
A miser he was.
You see, Nourdine? You worked hard for your money, but you can't take it with you.
Today, my friend, you're in good hands with my children.
Allah rest your soul.
Salaam, Dad.
Alaikum salaam.
Uh, rest his soul.
Rest his soul.
Uh, I've got some other things I have to do right now, so Where are the others? I thought you said there were seven clients? There are some who are still home at their family's.
The others are being stored at the mortuary.
But we're obviously short on space.
Tomorrow I'll go see Mustafa.
He has refrigerators.
If he's in a good mood, he should give us a good price.
- All right.
- Bye.
Nadia, tell me, how'd it go with the mayor? Sorry, but we have to cancel all our funerals.
You need to contact the families.
Oh, fuck.
All right, all the clients, but not Nourdine, Nadia.
Dad would murder us if we couldn't deliver on that.
It's Rozanne and Marilou, they have the mayor in their pocket.
The mayor? Hey, Na Nadia.
We're just gonna have to tell Dad about it tonight.
Rachid, when will I finally have a grandson? Uh, soon.
We're trying, but there isn't a lot of time with managing the business and everything that's involved.
But you don't have any physical problems? Problems? Your sperm is hunky-dory? Did you go have it checked? I know a very good doctor, if you want.
No, thanks, Omar, I don't need to be checked by a doctor.
There's nothing wrong whatsoever with my sperm.
Hey, Rachid.
Are they reopening the butcher's? Uh Omar, listen, I got us nominated for the Diwan Awards.
Insurance Omar at the Diwan Awards.
- That's free nationwide advertising.
- Uh-huh.
The publicity we'll get And can you imagine if we win? Listen, here, you just make sure your sperm is a winner first, okay? Got it? Nadia, this is it.
I've got the answer right here.
Amrabat? We buried him last week.
I know.
We can use the concession again if we just swap the names out.
Listen, if Yassine doesn't mind lying about three feet deeper down, then Nourdine can get buried on top.
You follow me? What about the gravestones? They can't be one on top of the other.
Use your brain for once.
Do we have a map of the cemetery? What the fuck? Molenbeek Police.
May I see some ID? Stop playin'.
What're you doing? Hey, Rachid.
We, uh We're working.
Working? Yeah, we're taking a few things down to the cemetery.
- Now? - We got so much to do in the morning, so Mosque, family Oh, gotta brush our teeth, eat some eggs, joint, get some clothes on.
Gotta think ahead, Rachid.
Everything's gotta be perfect now that my dad's back.
I'm coming with.
Huh? That's not necessary.
Your father asked me to make sure the funeral comes off without a hitch.
So, uh, I'll come along.
Okay, sounds good.
Anyone want a Red Bull from the fridge? How can you let him go into our freezer? - Rachid.
- I mean Hey, our refrigerator isn't a grocery store.
Whoa, easy, hermano.
It's just my bottle of vodka.
Are you out of your mind? - It's a sin to put vodka with the dead.
- Enjoy! - Bye.
- Oughta cool him off.
And don't drink my Red Bulls! Smile.
The door's locked.
Hello? Smile? Smile! Hello? Smile! - Rachid.
- Nadia! Nadia! - Hold on, hold on, I'm coming.
- Help! - Where are those fucking losers? - Who? Your brother and his friend locked me up inside that.
Darling, are you sure you didn't lock yourself in by accident? What? Do I look like a complete idiot, or what? Did you take that sheet off of that body? Ugh.
Hey, broski, being in the graveyard at night scares me shitless.
Come on.
Dude, I found it! Hey! What are you doing? I'm digging a grave.
We can't dig up these graves, guy.
Ah Look, it's simple.
We just remove those joints, and we move that one up a little bit Then we'll have room for Nourdine.
Let's go.
Brother Yassine, brother Hakim, I don't wanna worry you, but someone's gonna lie between you.
I called, but he isn't answering.
- Later! - Ugh.
You know why they left without you? Because you always act so nice to them.
Uh, now it's my fault, is that it? Let it go.
Just come to bed.
I can't sleep.
I drank, like, three Red Bulls.
Yo, leave a message.
I'm gonna get you, little poodle head.
- What? - What? What did you say? Nothing.
JB? - Whoo! - Ah! Fuck.
You fucking asshole.
What's wrong with you? Relax.
Now, come on, let's split.
Hang on a sec.
- I gotta dig about a foot and a half.
- A foot and a half? - Yeah, empty the wheelbarrow.
- Okay, here.
I want a raise.
- You got that? - Hey, six years of art school.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Praise Allah.
Salaam alaikum and peace be with you.
Salaam alaikum.
Salaam alaikum.
And now in the name of Allah.
- Omar, where is your son? - Relax, take it easy.
This is a funeral, Omar.
Come on, please.
I know.
It'll be fine.
Don't get all worked up.
Brahim, come here.
I'm just asking you a simple question.
Where is your son, already? Everyone is here.
This is not supposed to be happening.
Got something you wanna tell me? Hmm? Really? Something you wanna tell me? When we're done here, you're gonna go back to the office and pack your shit.
- Rachid - No, no, no, no.
I want you to disappear.
Understand? Hey, Dad.
What do you think? You're ten minutes late.
You kept everyone waiting.
Shame on you.
That's a Mercedes.
Not simple to find that.
It's top of the line.
Everything is a joke to you.
I'll deal with you later.
Uh, is is that a funeral happening there? No, it's a wedding.
Yeah, right.
Always joking.
There's nothing in the books be besides the one at 11:00, right? What can I tell you? You're the one who looked in the book, so You have access to it too, all right? - You can look or not, but I'm tellin' ya.
- Yeah, right.
All right, let's go take a look.
Completely incompetent.
Can't even check a schedule.
Something is not right, I tell ya.
- Whoa.
Roll the window down.
- Hey, hang on.
Where you goin'? - Yeah? - What are you doing here, sir? Uh, see for yourself.
- Yeah - Yeah, right, but we never dug any grave for you 'cause you didn't put the order in.
- I'm sure it's just an oversight.
- You think? No, no.
Mistakes here are very rare.
So, either we receive an order to dig a hole and we dig one, or we receive no order and we dig no hole.
- We're not out here digging for fun.
- Why would we dig in the first place and have no order? I have a concession for 9D.
It's right there.
9D? Let me see.
- 9D? - Over there.
Uh, I didn't I didn't do I thought we - See something in the book? - I have no clue what he's talking about.
I'm sorry, sir, but, you know, I've worked here 25 years, I've never seen a hole get dug on its own.
- Either this guy or me digs holes.
- Sorry, it's right there.
Well, yeah, I know how to read, sir.
Huh What the - So you dug that? - No.
Don't you think I'd remember that? Yeah, like that time I got you cigarettes and you forgot to pay? I never dug that hole.
Excuse us.
Take your conversation elsewhere, please.
- Sorry.
- Our condolences.
- Do you think he No, it can't be.
- Excuse me.
I don't get it.
Listen - Get off my case, man.
You're paranoid.
- Yeah, I believed you.
Yeah, you got a screw loose up there.
Uh Uh, no, carry him headfirst.
Looks a little tight, doesn't it? - It'll be fine.
- Uh-huh.
Thank you so much.
I'm going to miss him.
Excuse me.
- Yes? - Yeah, sorry.
- Uh, hello.
- Hi.
I, uh I I can't find my grandmother, Cécile Witthouck.
And where is she? Well, um, I know that on her right there's, uh, an André, and on her left there's a Bernadette.
My dear, here we have a whole lot of Andrés and even more Bernadettes.
- Yeah.
- In any case, this area is Muslim.
- Ah, oh, okay.
- Was she a a, uh, Muslim? - Uh, no, no, she wasn't.
- No? And, uh, what year did she pass away? Um, 2002.
Ah, 2002.
Two's on the other side.
- Oh, okay.
- You don't come here very often, do you? - No.
It's, uh It's back there? - Okay.
Here, I'll show you the way.
- Thanks.
- No, don't mention it.
You should come more often.
- I'm sure she'd like that.
For sure.
- Yeah, I know.
Oh, shit! - Uh - What the - What are we doing? - Greetings.
Uh, mm, I'm looking for, uh, my grandmother.
Your grandmother? - Yes, sir.
- Yeah, well In my office, you're not gonna find grandmothers.
Oh, no, of course.
I mean, uh, the grave.
This area's off-limits to visitors.
Oh, shoot! GRAVE CONCESSION AGREEMEN How can this be? This just isn't possible.
- In my life, I've never seen - My pleasure.
This happens all the time.
I hope you find her.
- Did you find your grandma? - No.
No, I think this is the wrong cemetery.
I'll have to check.
- Well, yes, that's probably it.
- Yeah.
- What can you do? Thanks.
- Yes.
No problem.
- Bye-bye.
- Goodbye.
Uh, what's up? - What was that? - Another girl looking for her grandmother.
Uh, say, what What about, uh, a little coffee before the eleven o'clock? If that's all right with you.
If you're the one buying, sure.
It was a lovely funeral and not too expensive, Omar.
That's what my brother would have wanted.
Allah rest his soul.
Thank you.
Really, there's no need to say thanks.
Well - It was an honor.
- Great job.
- It's all a part of what we do.
- Thank you.
Truly, thank you.
I need to talk to you about something important.
Can we meet up later at the office? Hmm.
Give me some! - Nice goin', bro.
Oh my God.
- I can't believe you.
Ever drive a Mercedes? No.
Hey, wait.
Whoa! Dude, I'm the one who found it.
- Broski, just get in the back.
- Back seat? Not in 150 years.
If she's driving, bro, it's kamikaze time.
Bro, come on.
Hey! I'd rather walk it.
Man You got to the graveyard just in time.
I'm not kidding.
Thank you.
Your father seemed pretty satisfied.
Honestly, I don't even know.
I didn't hear him say any compliments or anything.
Oh, yeah, that's, uh So you take after him.
- I paid you a compliment before, didn't I? - Nuh-uh.
You just said I showed up in time to the cemetery.
Ah, well? Alizée.
I appreciate it.
And I'm really happy because because you got there just in time.
But still you want me to change My mind, my hair, my style The way I walk But let me remind you one thing You might have forgotten Never change for men That's what my daddy used to say So love me the way I am Or I'll go Love me the way I am I can imagine what my father's going to say about all this.
Maybe he'll follow up on if I got my sperm tests back.
Huh? Why do you say that? Omar accused my little guys of shooting blanks.
- Did he really say that? - Yes, over and over again.
I want you to tell him that not having children is your choice, not mine.
- Nobody's putting my nuts on a scanner.
- Okay, I'll talk to him.
Oh, what is it now? Uh, hello, Souad.
How are you, darling? Hello, my love.
How was your trip? Smooth sailing and cheap, just how I like it.
How did the funeral go? Uh, very well, praise Allah.
It was a beautiful service.
Allah have mercy on him.
May he rest in peace.
How many people are RSVP'ed to our wedding invitations, darling? - Well, almost everyone's coming.
- Ah.
Yeah, almost everyone, Allah willing.
- Good.
- Yes.
Don't forget to send me those names.
Don't worry, my darling.
I'll take care of everything.
Oh! I have to go.
My kids just showed up.
They're waiting for me outside.
- Talk to you later.
- Bye-bye.
What? Where are you right now? Sorry, I, uh What? I can't get your brother out of my head.
Really? I hope not right this second? He's my best friend, eh? I know.
Should I be the one to tell him about us? Nah, nah, nah.
No matter what, he has to hear it from me.
Just tell him, and it's over.
"Hey, JB, how's everything?" "I've been messing around with your sister in the hearse.
" "Are we still friends? Huh?" Or you could just say "I really like Alizée.
" I really like Alizée.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
Who's been in my house? I don't know.
Rachid? What, Rachid? What would I be doing there? Okay, what's in there? What's in it? Look at this! - Uh, and what's I mean - I'm trying to stay calm here.
That jewelry was your mother's! I swear, I don't know anything about it.
I swear it by Allah.
And you? I swear on my life, Omar.
You've been like a father to me.
I'm not a thief.
Hmm? - Where is your brother? - He'll be here shortly.
You call him now.
All right.
You gotta believe me.
I never touched her jewels.
- Hello.
- Hey, Smile.
Where are you? I'm on my way.
Do you know where Mom's jewelry is? What? Dad says that Mom's jewelry wasn't in her drawer.
Uh Uh, well, I'm sure he just hid it somewhere safe and forgot about it.
No, someone was in his house recently.
- Who? In his house? - Smile, come right away.
Okay, cool, cool.
What is it? Have you, uh Do you have someone to travel with yet? My father's looking for the jewelry.
- Shit.
- Ah, fuck.
- Why don't you just try telling the truth? - I wanna tell the truth, Alizée, but My father already hates me, and it doesn't get better when I tell the truth.
Okay? Yeah, okay.
Look, uh I gotta get over there right now.
See you later at the apartment, okay? Mm.
I told you, handles like butter.
Yo, bro.
Check me out.
Hey! You all right? Hey, it's good to see you guys.
You know, I've just been workin'.
Yo, I'm this close to finishin'.
You gotta do what you gotta do, right? Hey, come on, I'm excited! Omar, we will get to the bottom of this.
By tonight, that jewelry will be on that table.
Or I'll eat my hands.
I talked to Smile.
He doesn't know anything either.
He's on his way.
Here are the keys to the garage.
Brahim, come here.
Did you steal that jewelry? He's the only one besides us who knows where your father's keys are.
I I have no idea what you're talking about.
Really? Hey! - Hey! - Rachid.
He's a gangster, a criminal.
- Rachid.
- I'm calling the cops.
- Hey, I'm not guilty of anything.
- Wait.
You're overreacting.
- I've no idea what this is about.
- Stop lying.
You're making a mistake! You can't prove this was Brahim.
Do you know what that jewelry means to all of us? - Omar - You cheap-ass Salafist.
Omar, I swear to you, you can cut my hands off if I had it.
Oh, oh! Hey! Wait, please! What's going on? I'm calling the cops.
This blond stole your mother's jewelry.
- Stop it, Rachid.
- What? - What is this? - I'm taking care of it.
Maybe someone broke in, all right? That ever occur to you? Oh, all right.
You're coming with me.
- Let's go.
- Rachid! Rachid, wait a second.
Brahim didn't do anything.
I took it, okay? It was me.
I needed to get the refrigeration tables for the clients, they were The money I gave you should've covered it.
Yeah, but I lost it.
Then the envelope was missing, and I couldn't tell you, Nadia.
I mean Listen, Father, I swear to you by Allah, I'll return it by tomorrow.
I pawned it, that's all.
Oh, you pawned it.
Really? It was that or the business would go under.
I swear, you know if Mom were still here, she'd have let me have that jewelry.
You know that! Leave your mother out of this.
You thief! Listen to me, I want that jewelry back by tomorrow, you hear? Brahim.
- Sorry, brother.
- Yeah.
- Mm.
- Brahim.
Smile! Did you apply for a bank loan? Using my house as collateral? Look.
It's not just that he lied to me.
He, uh, also happened to forge several signatures.
Uh, if I refer this to the authorities, they'd have a case of forgery, uh, of fraud.
And as you know, that's time in prison.
Over a couple forged signatures? Oh, Dad! I don't care if they put you in prison, but spending our family's money, that's unforgivable.
If you hadn't been such a tight-ass, we could've avoided all of this.
- You lowlife.
- No.
Watch it! - That's enough! - You're one crazy idiot! Get your hands off me.
Don't even think about it! Uh, Mr.
Boulasmoum, the bank hasn't really approved the loan.
- So if your son promises that he - Shut up right now.
You watch your mouth.
Huh? Are you out of your mind? One false signature and you tried to steal my house? - Easy.
Calm down.
- Get out.
Get out, I said! Did you hear what he said? - I was only trying to - Get out! We could look the other way.
I mean, considering the - Get out.
Get out.
- alternatives.
- All right, no need to shout.
- Con man.
Get the hell out of here and don't come back.
Look at me.
Look me in the eye.
I'm done with you.
Never come back to this office again.
ALIZÉE HOW DID IT GO? FUNERAL PARLOR FOR SALE SOLD Are you okay? Honey? Dude, I'm really in deep shit here.
Wallah It's What is it? You been seeing my sister? - What the fuck - Yo, it's a straight question.
You been seeing my sister? - Bro, I was gonna tell you - How could you? - What the fuck, huh? - JB! - I'll kill you, you fuckin' liar! - Take it easy.
- Calm down, JB.
What's wrong with you? - JB, stop it! I thought we were brothers! What the fuck, dude.
You all right? We're history.
Fuck off.
What the fuck? Let me see.
Come on.
That's What are you gonna do? I don't know.
Get my passport ready.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Alizée, give us a minute, please? Is that okay? Sure.
Fucking asshole.
- Fuck.
- Ah! Sit down, sit down.
First thing, whenever I'm here, no hugging, no kissing, no nothing.
Second thing, if you do my sister dirty, I will cut your balls off.
End of story.
Third thing, "brother-in-law," I never wanna hear that.
And fourth I'm the godfather of your first kid.
Come here, you little shit.
Come on.
- You got it, bro.
- Yeah, hey.
Oh It's okay, chicken nugget.
Come on.
Ah Look at you.
Almost forgot, all good with your father?
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