Soil (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Diwan Awards

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [mournful music plays.]
[sounds reversing.]
[dramatic hip-hop music plays.]
- Whoo! - [car horns honking.]
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
- [both.]
And til death do us part.
- [woman chuckles.]
- Whoo! - [car horns honking.]
- [thuds loudly.]
- [eerie sting.]
[rapid guitar strumming and drumbeat.]
[both chuckling.]
Ah We're gonna miss Mario's shithole.
- [chuckles.]
- Come on! Don't be silly.
- [scoffs playfully.]
- [sighs.]
All right, it's time to get up.
- [dance music playing.]
- [Alizée.]
Rise and shine.
Ah Huh.
- Everyone else is already up.
- [chuckles.]
- [Ismael.]
Should I get this one? - Yep.
[Ismael grunts.]
You know, my whole life, I never slept in a tent.
Seriously? Serious as a heart attack.
I I thought that the Berbers first invented the tent.
Oh, you're hilarious.
- These are dope glasses.
- Wow, look.
Three hundred and fifty-nine euros, a flight to Bogotá.
Is there cancellation insurance? - [both chuckle.]
- Smile! Chill, girl, chill.
There's no way I'm not going, believe me.
My sister's going back to repatriations, and that's the last time I'm stepping foot in Insurance Omar.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
We're not doing that.
- It's 41 hours.
- Oh, yeah? - That's too much.
- Yeesh.
But we called them and canceled, right? The municipality won't give us any concessions.
There's nothing we can do.
We can't get that done, at least not by tomorrow.
Yeah, not my problem.
You better figure this out.
Have a nice day.
[Nadia sighs.]
[sighs deeply.]
Salaam alaikum.
- [door closes.]
- [sighs.]
Well, that's that.
The whole family left for Tangiers.
The father and the mother are going first class together for the same price.
Thank you, Rachid.
You're so kind.
- Um - [papers rustling.]
What? - What is it? - Just a sad story with one of our clients.
But it's okay.
- [knocks on window.]
- Hmm? Oh! Sure, one sec.
Pretend you're sad, but don't actually be sad, right? See you later.
Hey, Mr.
Big Time.
What are you doing here? - [Ismael.]
El Fassi.
- It's a pleasure.
This guy is so amazing.
He went to Morocco to get soil for my brother's grave.
Hey, you're in luck.
Check out what Decathlon's doing.
A whole line in honor of Saïd.
- For me? - Absolutely.
My pleasure.
Hold on, hold on.
El Fassi.
You're a brilliant business man.
- Ah.
- Uh, we stopped that part of the business.
It was too much stress.
But, hey, I appreciate this, man.
Thank you.
You're welcome, man.
But it's too bad.
Your service was pure gold.
- I know.
But so is this woman.
- [Alizée chuckles.]
- Golden and all mine.
- Ha! That's great.
No, I get it, man.
- Allah bless you, man.
- Bye.
Uh, Rachid, I It's a bow or a necktie, Omar.
The bow tie is more elegant for the Diwan Awards.
A bow goes on top of a box of chocolates.
Well, necktie it is.
You're not trying it on? Try it on? Why? I've been the same size for over 40 years.
I think you lost some weight on that trip to Mecca.
Just try it on, please.
Thank you.
- Rachid? - Yeah? I wanna say, you really are like a son to me.
Thank you.
Listen, Rachid, you know, men, we can't be alone.
[sentimental music playing.]
Nejma has been gone for so long.
Allah bless her soul.
I can't replace her, but I'm lonely.
What I'm trying to say is [grunting softly.]
Well, I lied, the Mecca trip That wasn't the truth.
I am, uh I'm dating a Dutch lady.
Gorgeous, with style and class.
I feel alive.
Rachid, she's stolen my heart.
Understand? Rachid? [music fades.]
Rachid? Oh.
Sorry, Omar, but chocolates it will be.
- I'm not backing out of anything.
- What? I even learned Colombian already.
You know that? [chuckles.]
What? Colombian? Oh, Colombish, whatever.
Nadia? [Alizée.]
I need a minute, all right? Yeah, of course.
What's this about? A letter? It's from the clients because we called off the burials.
They're gonna be suing Insurance Omar.
100,000 euros? Are you kidding? What's up with that? It's on the back of this.
It's the cost of flying everybody to Morocco, the hotel costs, emotional damages they have because their relatives haven't been laid to rest yet.
Why don't they fuckin' sue the state? It's not our problem.
Ignore it.
But, Smile, they have a contract with us, not the state.
[Ismael sighs, chuckles dryly.]
We have to explain this to Dad.
What? Explain it to Dad? Are you demented or something? Fuck that.
He put me out on my ass.
Did you forget that? All right, but it's his business.
We can't just keep him in the dark.
No, Nadia.
I can't.
I'm done with Dad.
And I'm going on a trip abroad with Alizée.
Are you? Yes, last minute.
When we get cheap tickets, we're out.
[Nadia scoffs.]
Problem-solving by escaping.
Like father, like son.
My gosh, you're such a baby.
What does that mean? [door opens.]
I'm gonna get some bread.
There's no food in the house.
Cool? [Ismael.]
Okay, cool.
What was that? [chuckles.]
It was, uh, sister issues.
Sister issues? What's that mean? Well, your brother came up with it.
- [chuckles.]
- [laughs sarcastically.]
[mysterious music plays.]
[exhales sharply.]
[car horn honking.]
Can you come to the office later, Dad? I have to talk to you about something.
Please, Dad, I need your input.
It's something important about work.
Just come by the office, and I'll explain when you get here.
Okay, thanks.
I'll see you soon.
Can I help you? Are you Nadia? Yes.
Have we met before? I'm Souad.
Hi, Souad.
You know we can only do repatriations at the moment, right? No.
Souad from the Netherlands.
[hip-hop music playing over stereo.]
- [spits.]
- [Alizée.]
One with spicy sauce.
No, no, I'm good.
What's wrong? I'm not hungry.
Me neither, bro.
We're fucked.
What? We're missing the drama.
From five funerals a week to none.
I just feel empty, man.
We're having withdrawal.
I can't take it.
Whoa! 439 euros, last-minute.
- Pretty good price.
- So? It's for tomorrow.
That's perfect.
Yo, what's goin' on? Hey, bro, you can come.
It's not like we care.
And what, dude? Sleep in a tent on the top of you guys? Where you are is your business.
As long as your shoes sleep outside the tent.
I'm not sleeping in a tent.
I'm on that hotel shit.
And I'm stayin' four stars or better.
All right, fine.
Book 'em.
And if you guys get into an argument, Uncle JB will be there to fix it.
Buy it? Sure.
Yes! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! That's rule number one.
Hey! - [Alizée.]
- Ah! Screw it! - Get out of there, you hear me? - [chuckles.]
How do you know my dad? Has your father seriously not mentioned anything about us? No, why? [Souad sighs.]
And did you know he went out of town for a while? Yes, to Mecca.
No, sweetheart.
He never went to Mecca.
[gentle music playing.]
[Omar gasps.]
Souad? What are you doing here? If you checked your phone, you'd know, you bastard.
I was going to tell them today.
Really, Souad, I promise.
Stop the sweet-talking, you liar.
How dare you?! - [grunts.]
- I thought you loved me.
Damn you! Fuck you, Omar! - [door opens.]
- [gasps softly.]
You've been with her for long? I was waiting for the right time.
Souad! Well, you've picked the perfect time.
Souad, I was gonna tell Nadia.
I told Rachid.
I'm not sure he really understood.
Come on, you had that operation, and the doctor specifically said no stress.
- So it's my fault, then, really? - No, no, no.
Admit it, the marriage is too much for you, all right? Souad, you're my heart! I'm so in love.
I want to get married.
I honestly haven't felt this way about anyone since Nejma passed away.
You haven't felt this way? Come on! You've humiliated me, you coward.
I've been waiting for a year.
A year, Omar.
Souad! Souad! [sighs.]
When did you get this? This morning.
[breathes deeply.]
Well, it looks like they wanna settle this out of court.
Okay, what happens if we don't agree to it? Well, they could file a complaint at that point.
It could take months before it goes through, though.
Then, what does that mean for us? It means you have to go to court.
Go to court? Yes.
Or pay them what they're asking.
There's really no other choice.
If I can do anything to help, please call, all right? Okay, thanks so much.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
[door closes.]
Mm, Nadia.
- Oh, hi, Brahim.
- Hi.
How's it going? All right.
And you? [sighs.]
Ugh, sorry.
- My mind is kinda scattered.
- It's no problem.
Trust me, I know.
What have you got going? Taking my kid, here, to day care.
[both chuckle.]
Eh, it's a job.
- Yeah.
- Until something better comes along.
Yeah, I really tried to reason with Rachid.
It's okay, Nadia.
- There's not as much work now.
- It's really okay.
Now I have the time to learn classical Arabic.
That's good.
- Uh, I I have to - Yeah, me too.
Uh Salaam alaikum, Brahim.
I hope it goes well.
Alaikum salaam.
[music playing faintly over stereo.]
Excuse me.
I need a large piece of fabric.
There's carpet over there.
The fabric's underneath.
Uh, no, I mean to hang on the wall, something I can paint an ad on.
I don't sell that.
- Do you know where I could find it? - Someplace else.
Um, I won't be putting any ads up for you.
Hey, what's this, man? - It's a large piece of fabric.
- And what I needed.
You said you wanted something for the wall.
And that already has an ad on it.
And it's for an airplane.
Have you got one? You Howard Hughes? I didn't think so.
Yeah, ask Omar.
[cell phone ringing.]
Hello? [Nadia.]
Hey, Smile.
I just got back from the lawyer.
It's really not looking great for us, and I need your help.
Nadia, the business isn't my problem anymore.
And besides, I canceled my clients.
Be serious, Smile.
Come on, I can't handle all this on my own.
[exhales sharply.]
Yeah, I'm sorry.
What can I say? Okay, then, it's simple.
I'll telling Dad about this as soon as I'm off the phone, so I'd be gone by then, unless you want to help me.
Okay, cool.
I'll see what I can do before the trip.
- Just don't tell Dad and Rachid yet.
- [sighs.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[siren wailing in distance.]
[music continues.]
[music fades.]
[upbeat traditional music playing over stereo.]
So? What do you think? Great.
What? No, no, no, no.
Real sexy.
Are you gonna wear something sexy? Why? - [music stops.]
- [sighs.]
What, did you forget? Oh, I remember, the Diwan Awards, yes.
So why are your hands covered in paint? Uh, you'll find out tomorrow.
Believe me, just you wait.
- I know you want to wait a while, but - Rachid, this is not the right time.
Since your father got back from Mecca, it's never the right time.
He never even went to Mecca, after all.
He was really with a Dutch woman.
Omar? With who? Oh, man.
Yes, Souad.
We don't even know her, and you know how naive my dad is.
Well, I just hope they don't have kids.
What? Omar is a playboy.
They'll beat us to it.
Oy-yo, 100,000? I can't leave Nadia with this shit storm, broski.
I gotta come up with a plan to get those concessions back.
If I get ahold of that goddamn mayor Tabon yemek.
- Hey, can't we blackmail him? - Dude, that's nuts.
We'll trick him and take photos.
- What? - Or say he bangs sheep.
That's not blackmail, that's a lie.
Not if we get photos of it, dude.
Yeah, you're gonna bang an animal, then put his head on yours with Photoshop? Let me know how that goes.
What the fuck is wrong with you, dude? What is it? [grunts softly.]
What? - A hundred thousand euros? - Wallah.
That's the end for Insurance Omar.
Unless we can change the mayor's mind by tomorrow.
Yeah, and sheep fucking is out.
So is photos for blackmail.
- Hey, we could kidnap his kids.
- He doesn't have any kids.
Well, then, his grandkids.
How 'bout that? [Alizée.]
You can only beat politicians with politics.
Ah! That's great, we'll vote for a new one in the election in five years.
What an asshead.
No, but you have to find someone with influence.
Or else you are fucked.
Want a sip? Take it.
Yo [dramatic sting.]
- Eh? - Bro, that's it.
What? I know a guy, for 50 euros, he'll fuck a sheep.
I swear.
Hey, Nadia.
 El Fassi's number? You wouldn't happen to have it? But I've explained it to you already.
I just want a two-hour flight.
What's the issue? [man.]
Yeah, I've explained to you already that we can't fly directly over Brussels.
Oh, yeah? Since when? Since your brothers decided to fly into those towers in New York.
What, what what? My brothers? What the conservative fuck?! I hope your father, your mother, your in-laws and your wife all go to hell.
I'll find another flight.
Racist! TEXT ASS OMAR [yells.]
[melancholy music plays.]
- Souad, I would - Enough.
Now, you tell your children, or we're over.
And by tomorrow.
Understand? Last chance.
Yeah, I'll tell them tomorrow.
[Omar exhales sharply.]
[keys jingle.]
- [unlocking door.]
- [Souad sighs.]
After you.
[sighs happily.]
- This is wonderful.
- It's an original.
- Wow.
- Saïd signed it before his first match.
Some fans would kill for it.
Yes, well, I'm honored.
- Truly, I am.
- No problem.
Saïd set a shining example for the youth of Molenbeek.
- That's for sure.
- Right.
Mayor, my brother's service was amazing thanks to these two here.
- Yes, I recall.
- And we are eternally grateful.
You spoke at my brother's service, if I remember correctly.
It moved my mother.
Right? So we thought that you might find a solution.
Well, uh, don't you worry.
The things that hurt your community affect me personally.
I promise I'll do everything I can to solve this.
- Well - No, no, today.
It's a priority.
Yes, of course.
Hey, Mr.
El Fassi, uh, thanks for being here.
It's been a pleasure.
Uh, ma'am, uh And thank you so much for the jersey.
We'll find a nice place for it.
- Great.
- All right.
- Thank you, sir.
- Goodbye.
Have a great day.
What? I already said I'd see what I can do.
Um, there are four families waiting to bury their loved ones.
Boulasmoum, never make promises that you can't keep, okay? - Leave that to us politicians.
- [scoffs.]
Hey, listen.
This is a serious problem.
What is it with you guys? Huh? I have over 100 nationalities in my region, and it's always the Moroccans we have trouble with.
If you're not rioting, it's your jihadists.
And now there's even problems with the dead Moroccans.
Seriously, what is it? Is it a cultural thing or something? Is it in your DNA? I suggest that you follow my community's example.
We Tunisians leave our soil and our dead in the best possible place.
In Tunisia.
I recommend you follow suit.
Your stinking soil can stay where it belongs.
In the fucking Sahara Desert.
Could you tell that to your four clients, huh? Or should I translate it to Berber for you guys? - What? - Just a minute, Nadia.
- You know what, get out.
Go on.
- [scoffs.]
Get out of here.
Or do I have to call security? [chuckles.]
You can bring your king with you the next time you come in.
But in Molenbeek, the king of Moroccans is me.
Salaam alaikum.
- Why didn't you say something? - Shh! [Nadia gasps.]
[mayor on recording.]
It's always the Moroccans we have trouble with.
If you're not rioting [through megaphone.]
it's your jihadists.
And now there's even problems with the dead Moroccans.
Seriously, what is it? Is it a cultural thing or something? Is it in your DNA? Is he for real? I suggest that you follow my community's example.
We Tunisians leave our soil [Ismael.]
You gotta admit, outrage is a very powerful emotion.
But you have to learn how to use it to your advantage.
Now, if I say I'm gonna fix something, I mean it.
You know, some people wait for everything to be perfect, but if luck seems to be running out, well, then, you have to make your own.
[dramatic music plays.]
If you remember, JB called me the Che Guevara of our hood.
Well, maybe he was on to something.
Although after two puffs on a cigar, I get the shits.
After going public, it didn't take long for the words of the mayor of Molenbeek to fly all the way across Brussels.
Everyone heard about it.
I mean, everyone.
Even the cops, man.
It was perfect.
They had to close the cemetery as a precaution.
[dramatic music continues.]
The cops and I, we haven't really been the best of friends.
I'd say, more like bad acquaintances.
And I know what you're gonna say.
Police are human too.
You're right.
And apparently, some of them even come from Morocco.
A cop, a human, and a Moroccan, all wrapped into one.
Looks like the luck we made worked.
[indistinct chatter.]
What did you think? That'd I'd leave my sister with the 100,000-euro lawsuit hanging over her head? Nah.
I couldn't join Alizée on her trip until I gave my clients the dignified burials they deserved, in pure Moroccan soil.
Surprisingly, our imam had more respect for the mayor than for Allah.
But, thankfully, Nadia found a worthy replacement just in time.
[exciting music plays.]
[music continues.]
Thank you.
Allah bless him.
We did it, Smile.
We did.
Inshallah, when I get back, we'll celebrate, okay? Mm.
This time next year.
You can finally relax when I'm gone.
Try to enjoy it, huh? [sighs.]
I'm gonna miss you, Smile.
I am, really.
Nadia [kisses.]
- Mm.
- You know I'll miss you.
Oh no.
- What's up? - No way.
"Ass Omar.
" [chuckles.]
There's only one man who would do a thing that idiotic.
And you went and married his ass.
And I wouldn't change him.
But that? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay, kiddo.
[gentle music plays.]
- [sighs.]
- We did well today.
Smile, don't do anything crazy.
I love you, sis.
[music continues.]
You should wear this one instead.
- What do ya say? - Um Uh, okay.
It's not a funeral, it's a party.
- Yeah, I know.
- Here.
- Omar? - Hmm? You're sure? Yes, my love.
Tonight, everyone will see us together.
- You have the invitations? - They're right here.
- I mean, that part can wait if you want.
- No.
I'll see everyone tonight, and I'll do it then.
I'll find a moment.
Stop it.
They're good and you know it.
One second, love, they're here.
[breathes deeply.]
A family business is like a jungle.
- Ah, salaam alaikum.
- [Rachid and Nadia.]
 Alaikum salaam.
My dear guests, there are insects and there are predators.
Which is why I Uh Hey, so if we win, do I have to mention Smile? [sighs.]
I don't know.
It'll be okay.
You shouldn't worry, it's just a phase.
The trip will finally make a real man out of him.
What? Where's your brother? Well, he was leaving today.
He left with his future bride.
Or so he said.
Yeah, and at the moment, we don't know who's been seeing who, huh, Omar? - Yeah.
- [footsteps approaching.]
Hi, there.
- [Souad.]
- [Omar.]
[Omar chuckles nervously.]
Um Uh Uh, let's, uh I think we should go.
[clears throat.]
Um Mm-hmm.
Okay, let's go.
Really? He thinks it's okay to bring her? Sweetheart, it's fine, okay? Let's go.
Come on.
Just be glad Smile doesn't know about it.
[upbeat traditional music plays.]
[siren wailing.]
[music continues.]
[indistinct conversations.]
- Wow.
Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
- [Nadia.]
Excuse me.
- Hi, there.
Oh, hi.
Excuse me.
Hey, ma'am, excuse me.
Do you mind? Okay.
Look right there.
- Come on.
- No, thank you.
- No, it's all right, really.
- Let's take a picture.
Okay, can't force you, Omar.
Hello, there.
This guy! - Good evening.
- Good evening, sir.
[music continues faintly.]
- Thank you.
- Sweetheart, that's Mustafa.
His mother is 98 and not well.
What? I'm always on the clock.
Hey, Nadia.
Would you rather sit next to your dad? No, thank you.
Nadia, let it go.
This is my evening too.
- [music building.]
- [Omar sighs.]
[music crescendos.]
- [music stops.]
- Good evening and welcome, everyone.
[female host.]
We've got a lovely evening ahead.
Welcome to Brussels and the Diwan Awards, folks.
Yeah! Hey, what's the deal, bro? [Ismael.]
Yo! Earth to JB, grab the other side, man.
Uh, JB, maybe you should try laying on the couch.
That might get it downstairs quicker.
Oy-yo! We have more than 30,000 views.
That graveyard video.
Hey, bro.
- [grunts.]
- Hey, 30,000 views.
That means this shit is going viral, bro.
We're like We're all over the world.
Wait, you serious? Hey, you can't go now.
We have to do something.
- The tickets have been booked.
- So what, the tickets are booked? This shit's exploding.
Clients worldwide, and you're just out? Come on, bro, my father kicked me out.
- Fuck, man, I don't get you.
- What don't you get? Just come on and pick up the sofa.
Let's go.
- One, two, three.
- Okay, ready? Thank you.
And now the award for Best Entrepreneur.
This year the public selected a family-owned business from Brussels, and the sector it's in is kind of unusual.
[Rachid gasping.]
What initially started out as a small family business Omar.
was turned into something quite prosperous by the next generation.
- With over 400 employees worldwide - [Rachid.]
Huh? ladies and gentlemen, the chemical fertilizer producer Fosterre.
[exciting music plays.]
Oh, all right.
They bribed them.
That's major bullshit.
Fucking peasants.
Fucking peasant mafia.
Peasant mafia.
Oh yeah.
- When are you coming back? - [both grunt.]
I don't know yet, bro.
What? You don't know when you'll be back? Listen, the day that Alizée finds herself - Yeah? - is the day that we'll be back.
- So this is goodbye, huh? - [Mario.]
Hey! [sputters.]
What is all this stuff? - [Ismael and JB chuckle.]
- This isn't a junkyard, you guys.
Come on.
A junkyard? This is for sale.
Designer, bro.
Hey, Tits.
Fifteen thousand euros, just for you.
Do you think that's funny, huh? Do you want me to come down there? [both chuckling.]
Yeah, come on.
Bring what's-her-name with you, the Terminator.
Hey, fuck you.
Fuck you both.
Okay? [both laughing.]
- [JB.]
Hey, Marco Polo.
- Hey, babe.
- The Uber will be here in 12 minutes.
- Ah Scoot over.
JB, seriously, dude, move.
All right! I swear, this is the exact reason I don't want to travel with you two.
- I'm happy to see you off.
- [Ismael.]
Yeah, yeah.
[female host.]
And the winner for Woman of the Year is Ouarda Tahiri, known better as the singer Ticky.
- Congratulations.
- [Rachid.]
Oh! - Her? She's a pig girl.
- [people cheering.]
I should have nominated you, Nadia.
Argh! [Ticky.]
What a nice surprise.
I really wasn't expecting this.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, that's enough.
- [Ticky.]
I wanna thank my fans first.
- [Omar drinking.]
I was fine.
I don't want it.
[Ticky continues speaking indistinctly.]
- All right, that's my cue to go.
- We need to tell them.
- I don't want to do it.
- The invitations! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what is it? Omar is tired, we're leaving.
We'll get a taxi.
A taxi? Please, Souad, let's not spoil the evening.
You need to have a talk with your daughter.
And now, before we move on to our final award of the night, the presentation of this year's Jury Prize.
I would like to share a message from someone who, unfortunately, couldn't be here tonight.
I wish I didn't come either.
- [woman in video.]
This was a wild year.
- Fucking awful evening.
I really appreciate being recognized here today.
- [munching loudly.]
- It's an honor Would you calm down? Hey.
- [Rachid.]
- [Nadia.]
What? Do you have any idea what that ad cost me? - [Nadia breathes deeply.]
- Mm.
Thank you.
Now the moment you've all been waiting for, the presentation of the Jury Prize.
The jury loved this business' innovative spirit.
It's been a longtime treasure of the Moroccan community.
And now they are breathing new life into what has traditionally been a conservative sector.
[Rachid munching.]
[dramatic sting.]
[female host.]
With an idea as simple - as it is brilliant - Wow.
this company has helped us to think about our identities.
Oh my, Omar.
It's about our past, but also our future.
So, without further ado, the Diwan Award, according to the jury, goes to Insurance Omar.
- [crowd cheering.]
- See? We did it.
We won.
[upbeat music plays.]
We did it! We did it! Can you believe it? - Thank Omar.
We won! - Let's go.
- [kisses, laughs.]
Come on.
- Come on.
- [Omar.]
You go.
- Come on! We're on every TV station.
Here we go.
Thank you.
- Wow, uh - Thank you.
I'm speechless.
This is a dream come true.
But This isn't mine alone.
It's for my father-in-law, Omar.
My dear sweetheart, Nadia.
And our wild and crazy brother, Smile.
Smile, this one's for you.
Thank you.
And I want to thank someone else.
She's, sadly, no longer with us.
Oh [Nadia.]
But, uh if she were here, she would be so proud of us.
[gentle music plays.]
My dear mother.
May Allah bless her, Nejma Amrani-Boulasmoum.
Great job, honey.
[crowd cheering.]
- Thank you.
- Of course.
We did it.
Ciao, bella.
La cosa della vita.
- [chuckles.]
- Huh? That's Italian, not Spanish.
Italian, Spanish, I'll make it work.
[both chuckling.]
Got your passport? Didn't you get it? - No, I didn't.
- You had 'em.
Stop screwin' around.
- Smile, I swear, I thought - Are you lookin' for this? [sighs.]
[cell phone chimes.]
- Good evening.
- Hello.
Bro! You guys won the Diwan Award.
[feet tapping excitedly.]
That's 20,000 euros, bro.
Hey, we gotta go.
There's a thousand people waiting, bro.
Sorry, sis, ma'am.
Uh, tomorrow, there's another flight, yeah? To Bogotá? - Sure we can.
- [JB.]
Anyway, look, with twenty grand, we'll fly private, don't worry.
But Smile, if we don't leave now, we're never leaving.
Let me go get a taxi, all right? [Alizée.]
I really need to go.
My father's there and You know how hard I've fought for this.
Come on.
We'll go tomorrow.
It's one day.
One day.
I'll come later and find you.
You know what? Don't make any more promises, okay? See you in Colombia.
[cell phone chimes.]
We won the Jury Prize! Can you come here? It's thanks to you too! X I can't.
It's outside of my perimeter.
[chuckles softly.]
- [JB.]
Check it out! - [Ismael.]
What? Oh, no.
- What's up? - Okay.
- Molenbeek in the building, bro.
- Come on.
- Dude, stop it.
- Serious trouble and serious style, bro.
Thank you.
- I'm ready for this.
- Girls, party's over here.
- [chuckles.]
- Yo! Wow.
The Diwan Awards.
- [chuckles.]
- [dance music playing.]
Look who's here.
I'll leave that to you.
- Huh? - Yep.
- [Ismael.]
- [Rozanne.]
Congrats, Omar.
The big winner almost left the country.
- The ugly duckling turned into a swan.
- Alaikum salaam.
Uh, Omar, wow, back already? You didn't tell us.
Come on, let's go say hello to him.
- Oh, hello.
- Hi, there.
You're back.
Omar, how was the hajj, my friend? Uh, good.
Yeah, it was great.
- [Rozanne.]
- Thank you.
You truly deserve it.
- Oh yeah.
He does.
That's true.
- [Souad.]
- Hello! Well - [Souad.]
How are you? [Rozanne.]
Gorgeous evening.
- And you are? - Souad.
- Sou What? - [Souad.]
Ah Ah.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, this is a new development.
I'd like to speak with my son in private.
I think this, uh, family has something important to talk about.
- Marilou, let's go.
- [Marilou.]
Sure, sure.
See you later.
Thank you.
Smile, my son.
I wasn't in Mecca the last few weeks.
Souad and I have been seeing each other for a while, and [suspenseful music plays.]
What the fuck is this? [Rachid.]
Smile! We won, buddy.
Twenty grand, little brother.
We did it.
All thanks to you, man.
Over here, miss.
Here, to your future together.
Maybe you can visit Mom's grave on your honeymoon.
- Mister Hajj.
- [Rachid.]
- Smile! - [Omar.]
Smile! What's wrong? [woman.]
Three, two, one.
What's up, Molenbeek? Represent! [woman.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
[dramatic music plays.]

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