Soil (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


1 A NETFLIX SERIES Honestly, our story could have ended right there.
I could just say that our troubles were over and wrap it up in a shiny bow.
That the Boulasmoums lived happily ever after.
But the Diwan Awards left me with a sour taste in my mouth.
I couldn't get the thought out of my head that all of this happened 15 years too late for my mother.
And my father was acting like a prepubescent teen.
What was that all about? What was he thinking? That with how things stood, we'd all be one big, newly formed, happy family? With I don't know how many step brothers and step sisters? I mean, I don't hold starting over against him, but before he walked down the aisle, holding his sweetheart's train, I had to set one thing straight.
And for that, I knew I could only rely on my one true brother.
- What is this? - What? Bro, I tell you to call us a cab, and you show up in For the ride of a lifetime? We're going to the airport.
We don't need a limo.
I don't care if we're going to the supermarket.
We won the fuckin' Diwan Award, bro.
Wherever we go, from today on, we'll be travelling Cristiano Ronaldo style, I swear.
Vanessa! I must've been crazy to stay with you.
- Don't do this.
You're going to regret it.
- I'm going to regret it? I think I'm going to be just fine living on my own.
- Is it because of this quadzilla here? - You're more like a kitten.
He wouldn't have that six-pack without my fitness center, huh? Vanessa! Vanessa! Oh! Pookie-bear! I can be better! I'll change! - Hey, Mario.
You all right? - Yeah.
Hey, bro, she'll come back crawlin'.
You don't gotta worry.
You think? Not a chance! Fuck you, the two of ya.
Ah, that poor sucker.
Here we go, brothers.
Yo, it's a disco.
Hello, you've reached Alizée, I'm not here to take your call Ah, shit.
- What? - Still no answer.
Aw, chill out.
My sister will get back to you.
You know how she can get, right? She's angry, eh? What are you wearing? Check it out.
Come on, what? Africa, bro.
Broski, you're a white boy.
What the hell? Look who's talkin', lookin' like a pack of highlighters.
There we are.
So, what do you think? Have you talked about this with your partners? Not really.
Yeah, well, I mean, if it's 500,000 euros, huh, and we can't do any better Yeah, but for Smile and Nadia, this is emotional.
It's not simply letting go of a family business.
That's precisely why we came to you.
You're objective.
You know how to look at things practically.
And we think you're the only one who can persuade them.
On paper I only have a 25% stake.
You think that's enough? If you go along with us, you'll finally get the kind of respect you deserve.
- Right.
- I'm sure I can convince Nadia, but, Ismael, I just need a couple days to get him onboard.
I have to think about it.
Okay? Sound good? What do you think? Fifty-fifty.
Otherwise we'll just have to close up shop, huh, sis? There.
Everybody in the ground, and all by myself.
One, two, three.
You're a real hero.
You are.
You know what, why don't you go out for coffee? I'll take over here.
- Really? - Really.
Come here.
Go ahead.
Hey, Brahim.
What? Did they give you a day off or what? Notice anything? - No.
- Brother.
Changed your socks? - Come on, no, his ankle bracelet is off.
- Ah! My ankle monitor.
- Ankle bracelet's off? - Monitor's gone.
- Praise Allah! That's great.
- Great.
Does it feel good? Yeah, but it's throwing off my balance a little.
Oh, uh, darling, I forgot I have to drop by the imam.
- Brahim, don't work too hard today.
- Okay.
I need you to stay balanced.
Freedom! Jamal confirmed he'll be at the wedding.
- And he's bringing his girlfriend along.
- Ah, that's great.
And you? Did your kids answer yet? I'm sure they will come, inshallah.
You think? I don't see what the problem is.
Did they expect you to be single forever? Well, I mean, it's it's a sensitive subject.
Their mother is buried in Tangiers, and that makes it hard.
Well, if that's Nejma's wish, then there's nothing more to be said.
Well, what can I say? I brought them up European.
Anyway, you look handsome.
Thanks, love.
AHMADI TRANSFER 2,700 WITHDRAWAL 20,000 EUROS - Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
Rachid, you got a second? - What is it? - Did you withdrawal that? - No.
- That's 20,000 euros.
Maybe your brother? No, he wouldn't.
Wait a second.
He ran off with the money from the Diwan Awards.
I guess by now he's all the way to Colombia, dancing the salsa with his chiquita.
Honey, not a word to my dad.
Promise? No, no.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Hi.
- Salaam alaikum.
How is everybody? - Omar.
- Alaikum salaam.
- Ah.
Where is Ismael? He took off today.
Why? Uh, Souad and I would like to invite you to come over this evening.
That's very kind of you, but I can't.
Uh I realize it's sensitive.
Because my husband died three years ago.
But your father has lived alone for 15 years.
Don't you think it's time for him to get on with it? Listen, I don't think you realize what's sensitive about it.
- Enough, come on, this is no time to - Be quiet, let her speak.
Have you buried your husband in Morocco against his wishes? I didn't think so.
Nadia, you know my hands were tied.
You made a promise that day to our mother when she was on her deathbed.
Omar, you never said anything like that.
It was her parents, they insisted.
There was nothing I could do.
And my grandparents died years ago.
You've had more than enough time to honor her wish.
We're Muslims.
We respect those who've passed on.
Ah! Your wife's last wishes you don't respect.
You and your brother come to the house, and we'll discuss it.
Smile has gone.
He won't be back in time to go over to your house.
You should settle your past before you move on.
All right, I'll find a way to make it better, okay? Mm.
I told you our story wasn't quite over yet, right? Yeah, I know, I've left Alizée waiting on me for a long time, but my mother had been waiting much longer.
- Hey, hey, there, look.
- Wait, wait.
It was time for us to bring her home.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Brother, know how long I dreamed of this? Bro, you got weird-ass dreams, I swear.
Know what's in my dreams? That woman who hosted the Diwan Awards.
Ah! This isn't time for jokes now, bro.
Souad, if I had buried Nejma here, I would've lost my business.
I had my children's future to think about.
- I've had enough of your lies.
- I'm so sorry, Souad.
I'm going home now to think about our wedding again.
Just hear me out.
Please, don't do this.
You talk about this with your children, come to a resolution.
- Don't speak to me until then.
- Souad.
It's time you started using your brain.
Souad! Rachid.
Idriss just dropped this off.
What? Selling the business? No, uh No, I'm just thinking maybe we can work together on things.
- Ah.
- Brahim, one plus one is two, all right? - An offer we can't refuse, I mean it.
- Yeah.
We'll all profit from this, all right? But they have to hear it from me.
Capisce? - Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, man, I really thought we'd be collecting bones.
When we do a repatriation, the coffin is always welded shut.
- How long you been doin' this? - Even longer than you.
Yeah A little somethin' for ya.
Ah, Saïd was supposed to be here an hour ago.
Hey, man, that Saïd is dead weight.
Of course he shows up late.
He's always delivered our soil on time, hasn't he? Fucker's gonna miss the boat.
Fuck this.
Hello? Where the fuck you at? We throw all this money at you, and this is how you treat us, huh? What's the problem? We just want you to deliver a package, all right? I What drugs? What in the hell are you talkin' about? Quit messin' around.
Look, we're waiting here for you, so Hello? Hello? Hello? He hung up the phone.
That motherfucker hung up.
Call him again.
Bro, if he doesn't get here quick with a truck full of soil, I don't know how we're gonna smuggle your mother across the border.
- Straight to voice mail.
- Oy-yo.
What do we do? Oh! Let me think a second.
What about that guy Karim? - He has a van.
- I've explained it to you.
My family can never find out about this.
A limousine.
It'll fit inside.
Plus, if the cops pull us over, all we gotta say is you're related to Houdini.
We perform this act where you saw me in half or something.
You know, like Cirque du Soleil, bro.
Uh Well, all right, forget about it.
Next time we can party, go club-hoppin', whatever you want, but right now I gotta get outta here, all right? You can't say a quick hi to my mother before you go? No, I'm sorry, that's what I was sayin', I gotta get that soil back.
She'll be sad you were here and didn't Karim, I need to go right away, or I'll miss the boat.
Man, what's your freakin' hurry? - Oh, man.
- It's just a boat.
- You can always catch the next one.
- How much do you want? Here, take it all.
Take it.
- Give me the key.
- I'm rich, bitch! Yo, come on, Karim, I gotta get outta here.
Yeah, but what's the hurry? You in a rush? - Here.
- Thanks a lot, coz.
Give my regards to my aunt and tell her I'm really sorry.
Yeah, hey, don't worry about it.
As-salaam alaikum.
Where were you at? I'm tellin' ya Three guys tried to talk to me.
I don't speak Moroccan.
Come on! - I had to pretend I was deaf, man.
- You were deaf? Deaf.
Don't you leave me alone again.
Not in a cemetery, anyway.
No, my mother was with you, huh? Come on.
Hurry, hurry.
Let's go.
Now we go get the soil.
- Look at this.
Cool, right? - Yeah, cool.
And this one.
Huh? And that one.
Look at the tiling.
- I could live there.
Could you? - Yeah, when we retire.
If Allah blesses us, right? Inshallah.
- Remember Abdel? - Uh-uh.
- The guy who won two years ago.
- Yeah? Well, he decided to sell his business, and now he has a huge house in Tangiers with driveways, a swimming pool, giraffes, and even flying monkeys.
Come on.
So? - Thanks - Bye.
There's somebody who'd like to invest with us.
Oh, who is it? Uh, no, it's nobody you know.
A friend of a friend.
A friend? What are you We're talking a pile of money.
Honey, it's better to step inside when the elevator's on the way up.
But I don't wanna make any changes when things are going so well.
And, in ten years, we can buy ourselves a big house, a place where our children can play in all summer long.
Children? Of course I wanna have children together.
Do I look like DoorDash? No? Then, come get your stuff.
Uh, okay.
Hey, bro, I thought up this great idea at the cemetery.
- I swear to Allah.
- Yeah? What? Come on, think now.
Is your mother the only one whose wishes weren't respected? How many others were buried there, huh? What if we did an Insurance Omar expansion and we take them all back? Whoa! There's serious money we're talkin' there, dude.
With that I could invest in in in Real Madrid.
And get Cristiano Ronaldo back.
After him, the next step is, ah, Jessica Alba.
Ah! Bro, that's the last time I leave you alone in a cemetery.
Thank Allah for that.
Uh, excuse me, uh, we're closed.
Is he here? - Who? - Ismael.
I can't reach him anymore.
- Oh, no, sorry.
- He owes me a lot of money.
All right? Look here.
Three months' rent, about 2,000 euros.
I mean, really.
And tell him that the dirt he piled in my backyard better get moved today.
- No kidding.
- What dirt? What do you mean? I closed my business.
I'm selling the whole building.
- And where am I gonna store the soil? - Put it on your head.
What do I care? In your bathroom, your cellar, your attic, whatever.
Who's in charge here? Your brother-in-law? You? The other guy? What is it with your family? Do you think this is normal behavior? Huh? Look, I'm sorry, but that's it.
I got a lot of stuff on my plate, okay? Okay, okay, I'll make sure he gets the message, then.
It's just this fitness crowd is really a weird group of people.
I understand.
All got these big muscles and tiny hearts.
Yeah, and you have a big heart.
I can tell.
You know my problem? I'm just too good.
That's all.
Keep it positive, man.
Yeah, right.
You're right.
Okay, thanks.
Oh boy, Smile will be on the streets soon.
I know what I'd do if I were Smile.
What's that? All that cash from Rozanne and Marilou, he could probably buy his apartment.
Then he wouldn't need to rent.
Really, Brahim, brilliant idea.
Your special talent is helping geniuses like me be the greatest we can be.
Nice going, bro.
Brother! Brother.
After we get your mother buried, we can seriously pimp out that apartment.
We're Diwan Award winners, and we live like delivery guys.
Bro, first I go to Colombia.
You know that.
You've been saying that for two weeks.
You call my sister back? Nah, man.
Look I don't wanna be too pushy.
I, uh I'm gonna surprise her.
Really? Ah Listen, bro, you're gonna go all the way to Colombia, and she'll be with a guy named Pablo and doin' the salsa with Enrique.
You'll have the surprise.
- Shut up! Enough! - Oh! Ah, shit.
Un-fucking-real, dude.
- What is it? - The heat.
Oh, fuck.
Damn! Fuck! Shit.
What the What the hell? - Hey! - Okay, take it easy.
Eyes straight ahead.
Eyes straight ahead.
- Easy.
Don't look suspicious.
- Hey! Pull over! - I can't.
Take this, cunt! - What did you say? - Are you out of your goddamn mind? - I got this.
I'm tellin' you.
- Pull over! - I don't gotta take this shit! JB, pull over, please! You're gonna get us in trouble.
No Damn it.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- Hey, what Stick to the plan, they say.
Plan A wasn't exactly watertight.
But plan B had more leaks in it than Karim's van's transmission.
I knew I had made a huge mistake involving my cousin.
Yes, hello, this is Because after the police detained us, he was the first person they called.
And when Karim found out, well, that means Aunt Aisha found out, and so the game of Arab telephone began.
And that's how it goes.
First one calls the second.
The second one calls the third.
And before you know it, they've all got you pegged as a serial killer with mommy issues.
And yet, all I was doing was what my father should have done all those years ago.
- Settle down.
I'm taking care of it.
- Damn.
If I could choose who was called, I'd rather it be Nadia.
- Hello, Dad.
- At least she would understand.
Ismael's been arrested.
He came down here and did exactly what I told him not to do.
He dug up her grave.
- What? - The police arrested him.
Oh, but, Dad, I warned you about this.
- I told you he would do it.
- That's not important.
What matters Okay, don't worry.
- What was that? - Smile's been arrested in Morocco.
- He went there to dig up our mother.
- Oh-ee-oh-ee, no way, man.
Agh! That moron.
Freaking idiot! Well, Brahim, somebody has to keep an eye on Rachid.
Nadia, there's something I should tell you.
- Don't tell me you want to quit again.
- No, no, but I'm not sure if I should butt in.
Maybe it's not my business.
But that offer, you know about it? Uh, yeah, from, uh, Rachid.
- Yeah.
- It's a little vague.
Friend of a friend.
Uh The friend of a friend, it's actually - Hello.
- Welcome, sir.
- She's my daughter, we're together.
- Thank you.
Dad, I wasn't expecting you.
Nadia, safe trip.
I get it.
To move on, we must settle the past.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Which way is it? - We board over there.
We better get going, then.
Come on.
You planning on expanding our business? - Well, this is the moment.
- Yes.
You can't find anything better in all of Brussels, really.
Not for this price, anyway, and Smile will agree to it.
- And your wife? - Yeah, well, Nadia's almost convinced.
And, hey, listen.
You're not satisfied, I'll pay you back.
But don't take too long.
Six people are comin' to see the place.
My phone has not stopped ringing.
Hey, hey, yo, it's not a gym anymore.
Huh! - Uh, yeah, naturally we'll think it over.
- Hey, you! But, uh But it has to be crystal clear that all parties are present and agree to it.
Of course.
But they won't be back from Morocco until tomorrow.
Smile decided to bury his mother here all of a sudden.
I thought it was years ago he lost his mother.
Come on, Rozanne, that's not our concern.
And from what I hear, Rachid's gonna have two mother-in-laws.
Ha, ha, ha.
So you'll keep me posted? Yeah, okay.
You must be getting soft in your old age.
Ten years ago, you would've bought the whole enchilada.
Oh, really? Have you read that contract carefully? The second we get them to sign it, we make Insurance Omar disappear, turn it all back into a fitness center.
Where's my son? He's in holding.
Assuming you won't press charges, we can release him right away.
We won't.
No pressing charges.
All right.
Oh, thank you, officer.
We'll keep this between us? Yes, don't worry.
Thank you.
 Thank you.
There's a pen and paperwork for you to sign.
And about the coffin, if it's all right, I'll come by to fetch it tomorrow morning.
That coffin was really a problem for us last night.
We didn't know if it had explosives inside.
Or hashish.
It was quite the quandary.
Anyway, come on.
How embarrassing.
Everything's okay.
Aisha, I know how to handle this.
I'll work this out.
It's gonna be all right.
Let's go.
What were you thinking? You've brought shame to our whole family.
And you I never want to see your face again.
Got it? Dad, I'm going to see Aisha home.
You square this away.
All right.
Best way to teach him is a good hard slap.
Oh! "Oh, oh.
" Are you talking to me? What What is "oh, oh"? What do you want now, huh? I mean, my phone.
Ah, your phone.
- Do you mean you've lost something? - No.
- Was there something left here? - There was nothing.
- Huh? - Uh - Will you shut up? - He kept my phone.
- Did you see a phone? - I didn't see a phone anywhere.
- No phone.
- Oh.
Now, both of you get out of here before I put you back in lockup forever.
- You put that in the report? - I put everything in, sir.
Then, let's go.
What is wrong with you? Huh? Are you on drugs? Are you hallucinating or just crazy? Karim.
Why couldn't you just leave her to rest in peace? What will people call us? A family of lunatics? You know how lucky you got? Huh? You and your friend.
They might have left you in a cell until you rot.
In that hole of a police station! What's he done with his life? Where's the sweet, polite boy he used to be? Tell me! He is your son.
Where's JB? Your Belgian friend? I sent him on his way.
Do you have any idea what all of this is costing me? For you it's always about money, huh, Dad? Well, here.
Here's some money.
Take it.
And choke on it.
You should have said it.
You could have just told me what was bothering you.
All this could've been avoided.
With or without your consent, I swear I'll bury my mom in Brussels one day.
We're burying Nejma tomorrow in her grave, then we go home, all three of us.
From now on, this matter is closed to discussion.
You understand? - Take care.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Take good care of your mother.
I'm so sorry.
So long.
I'm sure we'll see you soon.
Have a safe trip.
Come on.
Here, the coffin will be on the first flight out.
- Good job.
- That's it.
What coffin is checked on the next flight? What is this? Ah, for your mom.
MOROCCAN FUNERAL COMPANY These coffins are being shipped to Brussels.
And the other ones there are going to Tangiers.
That's right.
- Here you go.
- Thank you very much.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Alaikum salaam.
Did you sleep well? Yeah, all right, but, uh, it was not the Hilton.
Your plane ticket and all the documents for the coffin.
I'll see you at the airport.
- All right.
- Get going.
Karim'll be here any minute.
I'm on it, Omar.
Hey, yo, my brother, let's do it.
One, two, three.
You did all that behind my back, or what? Well, yeah, bro.
How am I gonna tell you? I got no phone.
Dad thought it best to keep you out of this.
But how in the hell did he work this? Huh? - Dad - No, hey, let him have a minute.
- Why? - Souad went back to the Netherlands.
That's what I told you.
Those two, like two peas in a pod.
- Who? - You putz! You and your father, of course.
Oh, give me a break, you idiot.
Hello? Hey.
It's me.
I was starting to think you got kidnapped by the cartels.
No, no, I Yeah.
My phone plan is up.
Nah, no, that's okay.
Uh I'm just happy to hear your voice.
How's it goin'? Uh, it's, uh It's just fantastic, Smile.
I, uh I met this Swedish person, and we're sort of backpacking together.
It's It's so exquisite.
Girl Swede or boy Swede? Girl swede.
How 'bout you? Good.
Good, uh We brought our mother back.
- What? - Yeah.
And we're burying her tomorrow, so Wow, Smile.
- That is such good news.
- Yeah, it really is.
How did you manage it? Uh, yeah, long story.
But listen, um, right after the funeral, I'm coming to join you.
I promise.
If you're coming to be with me, then don't, Smile.
Of course.
I mean Nah, I'm serious, huh? Even if every Moroccan in Brussels dies.
Look, I Um I never thought I'd say this, but I'm just doing so great, I And I'm so grateful that you pushed me to do it.
Thank you for that, but I think I'd actually prefer to go on alone.
Alizée, I will be there soon.
Okay? - Just you and me, we can travel together.
- Smile, I'd rather do this alone.
I have to.
I must do this alone.
Do you understand? And us? I I, uh I don't know.
I can't say, sorry.
Smile? Yo.
Hey, man, got the keys? Yeah, they're inside.
Okay, then, let's roll.
How ya doin'? Good.
Cookies? Tea? Thank you.
This is great.
I'm glad to see you finally got your life together.
Uh, Nadia, may I use the hearse later on? I have to pick up Mom's coffin.
I got something that might interest you.
Yeah? What? Close your eyes.
Imagine a five followed by five zeros as money direct to your bank account.
Rachid, you doin' a drug deal? No! Yo, bro, I got serious connections.
- I just make a call - That doesn't surprise me.
Uh Smile.
Now just imagine we had that money in hand and we also expand the business.
Mario's Fitness becomes Insurance Omar, located on the canal.
Enough space to store 20 containers of Moroccan soil.
Our Moroccan soil, which is enough to Rachid, come on, what is all this? Brahim.
Hey, listen, Rachid, uh, can we just talk about it later? Smile Smile, wait a second.
Smile, life is worth living when you take chances.
- JB, please make him listen.
- Chill.
OFFER FOR TAKEOVER INSURANCE OMAR Oh, really? This is the offer? A friend of a friend? Hey, bro, you realize he said 500 grand, right? Plus, the apartment is ours.
Not to mention, we'll have plenty of room for any Moroccan soil.
Hey, it's better than sleeping on a street corner in a box.
Forget about it, all right? Brother, it's 500 grand.
This is a no-brainer.
You should just bank that shit.
Feel me.
Of course.
We'll take care of that.
Talk to you later.
I I didn't expect you so soon.
Uh, I'm here to pick up a coffin for a client.
And, uh, did you make a decision regarding our offer yet? - Your what? - What? I mean, for 500,000 euros, we could become part of your family.
Oh, yo Um Uh, sorry, but, uh I'm sorry.
My brother-in-law has no say in business decisions.
Nadia and I are the directors, so, uh Can we just get the coffin? Uh That fucking rat.
Say there, have you ever heard the story of the baby chicken? No.
There was this A tiny little chicken.
And it got lost in the forest.
And suddenly there was a cow there, with its big hooves astride the chick.
And the poor chick was covered in a huge pile of cow dung.
And the little chick starts screaming and thrashing blindly, and he just walks away aimlessly deeper into the woods.
The chick cries out, "Help me, help me!" because maybe he was going to drown.
But all of a sudden comes this wolf, eh? And he paws around in the shit and lifts out the little chick.
He carefully wipes off its fur, and all of a sudden He swallows it whole.
Tell me, do you know the moral of this tale? It's quite simple, actually.
The one who leaves you in a mountain of shit could have nothing but good intentions.
I see it like this.
Be wary of the one who pulls you out.
She could have bad intentions.
Praise Allah.
I'm sorry.
I checked and that casket just isn't here.
Uh What do you mean? I'm sure that coffin is in there.
- Perhaps it's an oversight.
- No way! Remember? This happened before.
That coffin got sent to the other side of the world.
Nobody ever found it.
But, hey, maybe a little later you two can come back.
After you've had time to consider our offer.
What the hell's wrong with you? I'm an entrepreneur.
All I'm doing is brainstorming.
With the competition? Are you out of your mind? - All right.
- Hey! - Don't touch me.
- Sometimes one and one make three.
Are you a fucking moron or what? Allowing 51% for them and leaving 49% for us? Those two vultures become the boss, and we're fucking slaves.
You should have come to us with this, Rachid.
Look, you guys are so emotionally involved you can't think about this logically.
Yeah? Nadia, better take your husband away before I murder the guy.
I swear, I'm not kidding, I'll take him - Leave me alone.
- That's who your brother is, a baby.
- The fuck is wrong with you? - Hey! Stop it.
All right.
Tonight, I get that casket.
Tomorrow we bury Mum and put an end to it.
I don't want to be a killjoy, but, uh, one of the securest places in Belgium is that airport.
Oh my God, I can't believe this.
Nadia, any repatriations planned? - Are there any repatriations planned? - I mean, if we did Rachid? No.
Tomorrow morning.
Can you pick up the coffin today? Yeah, I guess so.
- How are you? - Hello, Rachid.
I don't understand it, but you worked your magic and made him come to his senses.
Is that so? Yeah, now they actually want you to come over tonight to talk about it.
Are you pulling our leg or what? Not at all.
Look, just come on over to Insurance Omar in an hour and we'll talk about it.
It's take it or leave it.
Talk about what? I mean, we just have to go over some details.
What's in the casket? That's, uh, our client for tomorrow morning.
Going to Casablanca.
- Yeah, what? - Could you give Rachid a hand? And be nice to him.
As of this evening, he could be your coworker.
- Have a seat.
- Be my guest.
- Hi, Omar.
How are you? - Hello.
Good, thanks.
Uh, would you like a drink? Tea, coffee? Uh, a glass of water.
- Mm-hmm.
- No, thanks.
And Ismael? He's late, but you know how he is.
We can speak on his behalf.
- Here's your water.
- Okay.
And Idriss? Yeah, he's working on some things at the office, so we're good.
So let's start.
Um Ah.
When is that fucking asshole gonna leave? - Yeah.
Hello? - Hey, Marilou.
It's me.
The coffin from Insurance Omar, it's emp Uh, hello? Idriss? Hello? Hello? Sorry, that was the office.
Something's come up, so I gotta run.
- My sister can sign on my behalf.
- But Hmm.
Now Ah.
Uh, let's start with paragraph six.
Uh Airport police, good evening.
Yes, good evening.
I'm Marilou Verhaeghe of Brussels Airport Mortuary.
- Where's Idriss? Don't worry about it.
It's okay.
Your mom's waiting.
Hey, thank you, Brahim.
Come on, hurry.
Let's do it and get out of here.
Here we go.
Hey, bro, great coat, right? Yeah, I'm gonna keep it.
Quit messin' around.
Help me look.
We got the coffin.
Let's go.
We didn't go to Tangiers for nothing.
To bury her here, I need official customs documents.
All right.
Oh, fuck.
- Okay, guys.
We gotta go.
- I need the documents.
The police are gonna be here any second.
Po-po! Okay.
Okay, okay, come on.
- Let's go, let's go! - Stop it.
Wait! I can't leave without those documents.
All right.
Call me when you find the documents.
Five minutes, not a second longer, then we split, okay? You crazy? What are you doing? Smile, just make sure you can bury your mother tomorrow.
Police! Hands where I can see 'em.
Hands where I can see 'em.
Keep your hands up.
Turn the engine off.
Using your right hand, open the door.
Open the door with your right hand.
You understand me? No Here! This is it.
Am I right? You're blind as a bat.
Come on, come on, let's go.
This is my last break-in with you.
Call Brahim.
Open that door right now! Use your right hand! Get those hands up! Easy.
The cops.
Hurry, hurry.
POLICE We're at the mortuary.
Front door is open.
We're going in.
Police! Police! Shit.
Huh? - I'll go get him.
- Uh-uh! Don't be stupid.
- We gotta go.
- Oh my God.
Brahim Allah bless her.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Let's get some rest now.
Been a long day.
Sure, yeah.
It'll be all right.
I'm sorry.
What is it? Brother? Ugh.
What's that smell? That odor? - Oh yeah.
It's Rozanne's coat.
- Ugh, disgusting, bro.
- Hey, give me my old phone number.
- Why? Eh, somebody might be using it, Einstein.
I'm gonna try calling it.
- Forget about it, broski.
- I won't forget about it.
The Diwan MC's number's in there.
I want it back.
- Here, stalker.
Here's the number.
- Hey! Boys! Yeah, tomorrow, signing the contracts, huh? Huh? All right, all right.
Oy, yo.
Oh, he is really gonna flip out when he learns the deal is dead now.
Tell him tomorrow, eh? Let's not spoil his mood, all right? - What is it? You're so quiet.
- I don't feel right about this.
Rachid, you know it was what she wanted.
I'd like to be buried in Morocco if I have my wish.
And I hope that you and I would lie side by side.
That can still happen.
You'll want to be here, close to your parents.
Listen, our children can decide what to do when the time comes.
Yeah? Oh my God.
Don't tell anybody yet.
- It's way too early.
- Right.
Oh! Allah is wonderful.
I wanted to say thank you.
I really never expected you to do this.
- You know? - Oh, please.
It was something we did together.
Oh yeah.
You heard anything from Sara? Souad.
- Her name is Souad.
- Oh, man, you smile now, huh? Never seen that before.
So, thanks.
And, uh, I'd like to apologize for what I did.
- I know that it wasn't cool.
- No, it was my fault.
I was wrong too.
You're a blessing.
You did well, son.
Hey, there's a serious mistake on that gravestone there, huh? According to the inscription, that woman's been dead for 14 years.
Uh, look at that.
Muslims have a different calendar.
- Who fuckin' cares? - Language.
What, was it a stonemason who got you to believe that stuff? What if he'd gotten a name wrong? Would it be 'cause they changed the alphabet? Come on.
Didn't anybody tell you it's the 21st century? It's another culture.
You gotta open your mind.
Our culture isn't good enough for you? I wanna be buried here too, all right? I got a right to have a plot here, don't I? You're talkin' total gibberish.
I I mean, with all these other cultures here and with the speed with which they bury one another, uh, there won't be room for guys like us.
You wanna know what they'll do with us? I'll tell you what.
They'll burn us in the oven and put our ashes in a wall there.
Like TV dinners.
Well, listen, it won't be that simple to get rid of me.
I'm not a roasted chicken.
Oh Lord, you been gettin' worse and worse, fuckin' weird.
Really? Thanks, Dad.
Hey, looking for JB? He isn't available.
Take it easy.

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