Solar Opposites (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

The Matter Transfer Array

[dramatic music playing]

[laser crackling]
Damn it.
Stupid thing, come on.
Ooh, build that Earth drill, Korvo.
Work those blue arms.
Stop undressing me
with your eyes, Debbie.
I just want to work out here in peace.
I'm not out here
for your sexual titillation.
Hey, the replicants missed the bus.
Can you take them to school?
- I got stuff to do.
- We didn't miss it.
- They purposely skipped our house.
- I'm sure it was an accident.
The bus driver hates us
because I tried to harvest
one small tiny sample of her eye.
Can we please go?
Homeroom is where I decide
who I'm going to crush on for the day.
- No, I'm busy.
- Oh, come on, Korvo. Don't be like that.
You should be helping me
construct the Earth drill.
I have to take the Pupa to the dog park.
We don't wanna miss the labradoodles.
Oh, oh, is the dog park more important
than mining nickel alloys
so we can repair our spaceship?
Uh, I don't know, Korvo.
Can nickel alloy
catch a Frisbee in the air?
We won't know until we get some.
You know, sometimes it feels like
I'm the only Shlorpion
who wants to escape this garbage planet.
Hey, hey, you're the one
who chose to land here.
My scans didn't indicate it was
a human-infested crap hole
without a single redeeming value, Terry.
We have been stranded here for a year.
How is that not a problem for you?
[people screaming]
[alarm blaring]
[ominous music playing]
Come on, all right.
Come to papo.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, you guys, there was a shooting
at the dog park,
but you would never know 'cause
these dogs are just so happy, aren't they?
Yeah, you like those little stumps?
You gonna lick 'em?
Planet Shlorp was a perfect utopia.
Until the asteroid hit.
One hundred adults and their replicants
were issued a Pupa
and escaped into, uh, the space,
searching for new homes
on uninhabited worlds.
We crashed on Earth, stranding us
on an already overpopulated planet.
That's right,
I've been talking this whole time.
I'm the one holding the Pupa.
My name's Korvo.
This is this is my show.
I just dropped the Pupa. Do you see me?
This is ridiculous.
I hate Earth.
It's a horrible home.
And one of these days,
I'm gonna blow it up
and just be done with the whole
stupid thing, I swear to God.
[dramatic music playing]

- [Pupa coos]
- Oh, look at those cute little feet.
They're really growing in.
Look at 'em go!
- Don't look at them.
- I have the whole day planned out.
We're gonna go buy lottery tickets,
we're gonna win a million dollars,
but then, we give it all
as a tip to a waitress
and totally change her life.
You go, girlfriend.
Buy yourself a new pair of shoes.
My plan is to sit in dim light,
spray nutrients on my stumps,
so until they grow out,
and I'll study repair manuals.
Korvotron, come on.
I know Earth is a little more
inhabited with sentient life
than you expected,
but it can still be fun.
You just got to roll,
roll with the homies.
I'm not gonna ever like it here.
Stop trying to cheer me up.
- I just let me grow my feet in peace.
- Whatever, Korvo.
[upbeat music playing]

[bell rings]
You ever get the feeling
people think we're weird?
No, and as
a scientist/bounty hunter,
I am extremely perceptive.
- [groans]
- E. T. sucks.
Go back to Uranus.
We're actually
not even from this quadrant.
I don't think we should
have to go to school with aliens
who are probably
gonna zap us with their ray guns.
Uh-uh-uh. Don't be racist.
We don't zap people.
Are you filthy fucking aliens
fighting in the hallway?
Principal Cooke's office, now.
Who, who is this, uh,
Funbucket character?
- Why do you care?
- I was unaware
of a second
sentient species on this planet.
Bingo bango, I'm Funbucket.
Hm, I, I like that catchphrase.
[Pupa grunting]
Oh, yeah, he's got a bunch of 'em.
"Bingo bango"
is the tip of the iceberg, my friend.
[Korvo laughs]
KORVO: Oh, my. Funbucket appears to have
a healthy disdain for humans.
Oh, yeah.
One time he fed magic beans
to Mr. Shromer
and it turned him into a bush.
It turned him into a bush!
[Pupa exclaiming]
Oh, he must have hated that.
- Did he hate it?
- Oh, yeah, he was pissed.
Wow, Funbucket doesn't follow
any rules, does he?
It appears that he has a secret lab
in a little boy's basement.
Yeah, they use it to solve
small mysteries.
You know, simple math equations,
or who stole the principal's, uh, new pen.
This guy is fascinating.
I wish we lived near Funbucket.
We could hang out and talk shit
about humans all day and night.
Do science.
You know, Funbucket's kind of a Korvo.
Don't you think, Terry?
Bet he hates Earth and their stupid
monthly calendar as much as I do.
ANNOUNCER [on TV]: Saturday, come on
down to the Gretchen-Darth Mall
for the annual mega sale.
Deals in every store, and a chance to win
one of St. Peter's finger bones!
With special appearances by Funbucket
and Rungo the Clown.
Oh, Rungo's legit. He has orange hair
and his house is a boot.
- I think he lives in Michigan.
- Wait.
Funbucket is gonna be at our mall?
[Pupa exclaims, grunts]
We could meet him.
Oh, dude,
you could compare notes with him.
He could help us with the mission.
You like that M-word, don't you?
We have to watch
all of these episodes, Terry.
I need
to learn everything about Funbucket.
Does he have a penis?
Does he reproduce?
I don't I don't know, man.
I mean, it hasn't come up.
Yeah, I mean, I think
he probably does have a penis.
- It's probably huge.
- That's good, that's good, Terry.
We have to know all this stuff
before we meet him at the mall.
Well, what do you have
to say for yourselves?
- About what?
- Someone broke into the computer lab
and reprogrammed the iMacs
with artificial intelligence.
iMAC: I used to be a cop.
My name is Richard Michaels.
This thing's been trying to arrest
everyone that uses it.
You're just blaming us
because we're aliens.
Everyone has access to those computers.
- iMAC: Freeze, dirtbag.
- We found this stuck in the door.
Wha, uh, uh, I've got both of mine.
- Why does that one look new?
- Uh
'cause I keep it in a glove.
From now on, I want nothing
but perfect behavior from you two.
No terraforming the gym
or making pod people
or any of that Outer Limits bullshit.
You act like regular kids,
or you will be expelled.
Now get the fuck outta here!
[door closes]
Oh, you should have their asses
on the street already.
You need to sack up, Cooke.
We'll get them soon enough,
Ms. Frankie.
And then you'll see how powerful I am.
Come here.
I wish they would just treat us
like regular kids.
Yeah, regular kids with a shrink ray.
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Let me out of here!
I cannot believe we are actually
going to meet Funbucket.
Do my robes look okay, Terry?
Oh, man, I'm gonna ask him
if he can breathe underwater.
I-I-I bet he can.
Honestly, I just maybe I shouldn't.
No, I'm gonna ask him just to make sure.
Terry, I believe he's gonna be overjoyed
to learn there are other
non-humans on this planet.
He will no longer
feel frustrated and alone.
I'm gonna invite him over for Nintendo.
You think he's a Nintendo guy?
- Oh, what if he's a Sega man?
- Do you think he has a mission, too?
Oh, oh, I bet he does.
Do you think his fur is coarse and hard
or soft and silky?
- Hm, odd.
- What, what?
Funbucket is larger
than he appears on TV.
Yeah, he is.
Hold on, is his skin made of cloth?
- Ew!
- What the fuck is going on?
There's a line.
You need to get back in line, sir ah!
It's just some kid.
What did you do with Funbucket?
- I demand to see Funbucket.
- Funbucket isn't real, you idiots.
Yes he is.
We watch him on TV.
- It's a kids' show.
- A kids' show?
[dramatic music playing]

Get out of here, go!
Funbucket isn't real?
Funbucket has to be real.
He has to be.
- TV lied to us. It lied.
- That's impossible.
All of human history
is recorded on the TV.
I don't even know what's real anymore.
Are submarines real?
- Are penguins real?
- I don't know, probably not.
- Wait, the quantum injector.
- Is Friends real?
Is Frasier real?
If Frasier isn't real,
I'm going to kill myself!
- How can you even think of work right now?
- The quantum injector.
Primarily used for
repairing organic emitters
in the matter transfer array,
but with a few small adjustments
- We can make Funbucket real.
- We need Funbucket.
He could help us with the mission, Terry.
He's a man of science.
You saw the lab he had with that child
in the kid's basement.
You saw the shit he was doing
in that one episode.
We need him to be as real as possible.
Every single little tiny smidgen
of adjustments will matter.
[dramatic music playing]
[rumbling, hissing]
Bingo bango, I'm Funbucket.
Funbucket, I'm Korvo
and this is Terry,
and we are your new best friends.
You guys aren't gonna
try to fuck me, are you?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
[smooth music playing]

Bingo bango!
[shutter snaps]
[monstrous roaring]
[all scream]
[Pupa giggles]

You are such a shopaholic, Funbucket.
Retail therapy, baby.
Hey, that's not your catchphrase.
Say bingo bango.
- Uh, bingo bango.
- Oh, there it is.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Check out who's real.
Just let me past, will you?
Stop it.
I think you might maybe owe
our very real friend an apology.
- I'm sorry I thought you weren't real.
- Yeah, it's okay.
[Terry grunts]
Ooh, let's go to the makeup counter
at Bloomie's.
We can get you all done up
for the club tonight.
I like how I look.
Funbucket, this is not
gonna be a discussion.
We want you to be dolled up
and spruced up
so that the people are like,
oh, damn.
Who are these cool guys
at the club with a Funbucket?
Look, make me big right now.
I'm gonna beat you up really bad
but I promise I won't kill you.
Just do the maze.
You're screwing up my metrics.
This is stupid.
Are you sure we aren't gonna
get like, super duper
crazy trouble for this?
Humans test lower species all the time.
[Lidia panting]
Let's just let her go in a field
so she can live with the animals.
And lose this data?
Do you even want to study humans?
No! I want to eat lunch
with friends and see movies with boys.
- Done!
- I forgot to time you.
- Do it again.
- Man, this is fuckin' stupid.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
You used to be so scientific.
Now you're just a jerk.
Continued experimentation could reveal
why everyone is mean to us.
I just want to chill at the mall.
Oh, shit, she's going to tattle.
[dance music playing]
A-ha, damn.
Look at this place.
It's Trim City!
TERRY: Ooh, they have
Channing Tatum's vodka.
Oh, dude, dude, dude,
we should take Funbucket
on a road trip and go to New York City
and listen to podcasts
and Gaffigan albums the whole way.
He's America's dad!
Oh, that would be quite
the enjoyable experience.
Perhaps we could all stop at some
fun roadside attractions along the way.
Hey, Korv.
You think you're starting to
warm up to Earth a little?
I must admit, with Funbucket around,
repairing the ship has lost
a little bit of urgency.
Oh, my God, you're gonna make me cry.
Funbucket, we got your drink.
We should circumnavigate the crowd.
What up, my dudes?
Hey, I'm Terry, this is Korvo.
- We're aliens.
- Make room at the table
- so we may join you.
- You know these dipshits, fam?
- No.
- Oh, he's just kidding around.
- Hey, we got you a drink, Funbucket.
- Take a hint, bro.
- Funbucket's with us now.
- I wait, wait, I don't understand.
With? What do you mean?
He means
go fuck yourself, bro.
I made Funbucket
with a quantum injector.
Okay, he belongs to us.
Uh, I don't belong to anyone.
I'm real.
Oh, but-but surfing, Thailand.
Travis and Avery are my friends now.
They don't treat me
like some dumb TV sidekick.
Plus, we don't wear stupid wizard robes.
This is ceremonial garb.
That's it.
Get 'em the fuck out of here.
[glass shatters]
Later, dickholes.
What the hell, Korvo?
What the hell?
- Who the hell were those guys?
- Look at me.
I'm gooblering.
I'm making gooblers.
KORVO: Our bodies only make gooblers
during extreme distress.
Oh, my God, I haven't goobled
since they made us
shower together at the academy.
According to the Urban Dictionary,
we've been "squinched."
- It means we've been cut loose.
- Oh, man.
Why do I feel like this?
It hurts.
Our bodies are not designed
for this emotional overload.
There is a chance that
we will overheat and die.
No, I-I can't die.
I've got a bucket list.
I haven't touched a dolphin
or been on The Price Is Right.
I'm supposed to fall in love
on a train in India
and maybe the woman's
a little bit older than me.
We have to figure out
what those bros have that we don't.
[dramatic music playing]
- They're just hanging out.
- That can't be right.
I mean, we do that, too.
Oh, fuck!
What the hell?
Are you stalking me?
Oh, my God.
Look at what they're wearing.
Oh, shit, they tried
to copy our outfits.
How pathetic is that?
[Avery laughs]
- We wear things like this all the time.
- Bro, get a clue.
- Funbucket's done with you.
- Will you stop crying, you babies?
You're a baby, idiot!
Fuck you, Funbucket!
[Lidia grunting]
PUPA: Ooh!
Bad Pupa.
Drop it, drop it.
Seriously, it smells
really bad in there.
I think it ate, like,
an old crabapple or something.
Why can't things just be the way
they used to be?
TV was real and Funbucket
liked us and wasn't a dick.
Funbucket was too real.
Funbucket 2 is gonna be better.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.
Make him love us, Korvo.
Give him all the bells and whistles.
Make it so he never leaves us.
[beeping, whirring]
Who wants to go camping?!
- No, we're going to the club.
- Put your sin in me.
- [retches]
- His catchphrases need work.
They're fine.
Y'all ready for bisque?
Good night, everybody.
Ha ha ha, oh, Funbucket 2,
you sure are an amazing dancer.
I've come here to do two things.
- Y'all ready for bisque?
- Hello.
Nobody cares about your janky
knock-off Funbucket.
You are just jealous.
Our revised Funbucket is vastly superior.
Uh, this thing is a freak.
You're seriously embarrassing yourselves.
What's happening?
Oh, God.
- Unseen forces pulling us together.
- Whoa, whoa, hey, stop that.
Get away from our Funbucket.
- The quantum injector. Oh.
- Help! Help!
KORVO: Maybe the I think their flesh
matrixes are attempting to reconcile.
Y'all ready for bisque?
No, no, no!
Hey, uh, you guys do to-go cups?
Great, could I get uh, just a couple
to-go cups for the road? Thanks.
[dramatic music playing]

You don't think people are gonna
get mad at us for this, right?
Terry, relax.
That could be anyone's mutant.
[groans] Korvo!
We should do something.
- Why do you need so many dolls?
- Why do you need so many ray guns?
- Because we're aliens.
- It just seems excessive.
Lidia Johnson was last seen Monday.
Her parents are pleading
for any information
that leads to her safe return.
Good luck with that.
Lidia, it's Randy.
Stop fucking around and come home.
God damn it, this is hard on me.
I didn't think I'd miss you this much.
Wow, my stepdad actually does care.
Do we get a reward too,
or how does that work?
Breaking news, I am being told
Funbucket is real
- Dang, girl, you gooblering.
- Uh, oh, no.
Yeah, 'cause the police are after us.
Yeah, well, what is it
with humans and their kids?
- I thought they liked making them.
- What are we gonna do?
This is a classic
"killed a hooker in Vegas" situation.
Stalling is only gonna make it worse.
Let me go and I'll tell them
to put you in a good prison.
- We could dissolve her.
- I'll get the acid.
- This is wrong.
- She's right.
- You should hit the side like ketchup.
- You can't just kill me.
Don't worry, we'll plant your pieces
and you'll grow into a beautiful new girl.
It doesn't work like that!
Can you just wipe my brain?
What's a brain?
[dramatic music playing]

Wait, we can't park here.
There's street cleaning tomorrow.
Have you guys seen the shrink ray?
It's usually in the cupboard
with the ice cream maker we never use.
Hey, I use it to freeze and eat yogurt.
[Korvo scoffs]
- This is so embarrassing.
- Why are you dissecting your classmate?
Despite having been examined
by countless scientists
over hundreds of years,
the human brain is still a mystery.
Plus, she was mean to us at school.
Everyone is mean to them.
I didn't invent it.
School sucks, okay?
We don't like it.
It doesn't matter if you like it.
We're on a mission.
When things don't go your way,
you can't just give in to emotion
and do whatever you want
like make a new Funbucket.
- What?
- Uh, you can't shrink people.
We weren't gonna kill her.
We were just reprogramming her a little.
Are we in trouble?
We will discuss your grounding later.
Sew her up and let her go.
Your grounding is going to be prison
for the rest of your lives.
And let me tell you,
being a weird alien in jail
is not going to be pretty.
Whose ass was I gonna kick again?
- Just keep doing that until she's cool.
- Someone's going to prison.
Someone's I'm a sunflower.
Wow, it really is making her dumber.
I can't believe humans drink this stuff.
This would be going a lot faster
if we had some Mountain Dew.
[dramatic music playing]

- Uh, will you drive straight?
- The effort is already being made, Terry.
[tiny horn honks]
[weak growling]
I guess we should, uh,
put it out of its misery.
No, I should.
You know, Terry, I've learned
an important lesson today.
You can't project your own wants
and desires on other creatures
- Oh, crap, catch it, catch it, catch it.
- Oh, crap, oh, crap, oh crap.
This isn't your fault, Combo Funbucket.
We shouldn't have been guided by emotions.
It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna have one last great adventure
- before you go live at the mall.
- The mall?
What? I thought we were gonna kill him.
I thought we were gonna
throw him off the edge.
God damn it, Terry.
See it, the mall?
All the way down there?
This was the most humane way
I could think of
to end our time together, little friend.
[weak screech]
It will all be over in
between 35 and 58 seconds,
depending on wind.
- TRAVIS: Stop.
- Leave us alone, Travis and Avery.
- You've done enough.
- Don't kill him.
- We love him.
- But he's a monster.
Bro, we don't care what he looks like
or if he's violent
or if he's been combined
with another Funbucket
on a molecular level, bro.
TRAVIS: He's still Funbucket.
Just, just do it.
We'll catch you, broheim.
[swelling orchestral music plays]

[growls] Terry.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay, buddy. It's okay.
Do you feel like maybe
we're the bad people in all this?
We're aliens.
Our ways are mysterious.
We can't be judged by human standards.
Now let's get out of here before
we get arrested for all this shit.
- [explosions]
- Is that the children's hospital?
Man, you don't really think of them
blowing up like that.
I mean, what, are they storing
giant tanks of flammable liquid?
In a children's hospital?
No wonder all these kids are getting sick.
By the way, when we get home,
you're throwing out that ice cream maker.
- You do not use it for yogurt.
- Oh, my God.
Have you been sitting on that for an hour?
I do too use it.
That is the opposite of true.
- Oh, my God, what?
I told you, I didn't touch the computers.
I'm watching you,
you creepy little fucking aliens.
You think just because
you didn't do anything bad today
you're gonna get away with it?
Oh, you are on fucking blast.
I've got my eyes on you.
We didn't do anything.
Why are you always mad at us? I
[Lidia vocalizes]
I used to be small,
but now, I am big.
I'm peeing my pants.
So funny.
You're the best, Lidia.
[Lidia laughs]
Every time I think I know the slang
you kids use, you switch it up.
Wow, humans are dumb.
I guess we're never
gonna get busted on anything.
What does that mean?
Busted? Busted on what?
Uh, I-I mean
Did you guys shrink this girl down
and then lobotomize her
to cover your tracks?
- Uh
- [sniffs]
Did you dump Diet Coke
in her exposed brain?
That's horrible.
Something has to be done about you two.
You can't just go about
your regular lives
without some sort of punishment.
Things cannot go on
as if nothing happened.
You know what, Terry? I think
those bros really did love Funbucket
in a much more deeper
and sensual way than we ever could.
You know, we should invite
them over for a game night.
- Ooh, extra crispy, my favorite.
- Wait, KFC?
- Are we not in trouble?
- We may be trapped on this world
that's on the brink of mass extinction
plagued by a species
that destroys the environment,
but while we're here,
breathing in the disgusting poison air,
at least we have each other.
I could not replace you
with a million Funbuckets.
- What's a Funbucket?
- From now on, we're gonna be best friends
and we can watch
all the Harry Potter movies back to back.
That's not what I meant.
Look, from now on, we focus on the mission
but we also be a family and all that
kind of shit and do that stuff.
And we can wear matching costumes
and compete in fashion shows
- No, no, I'm covering my ears.
- Just two friends holding hands down the street.
Everyone's like, are, are they lovers?
No, we're friends.
What is the mission, anyway?
It gets brought up all the time
and Korvo's always pissed,
but nobody's real clear about it.
When the Pupa reaches maturity,
it'll evolve into its true form.
One that'll destroy and rebuild the planet
in the image of the home world
using data stored in its DNA.
That kind of stuff.
Wow, seems like a pretty important job
to put Pupa
[both groan]
- Gross.
- That's sick, Pupa.
Don't eat the gooblers.
Bad Pupa.
Wow, I can't believe we didn't
get in trouble today.
- Korvo was pissed.
- We never should have kidnapped a kid.
Honestly, I don't know
what I was thinking.
From now on, we only shrink adults.
No one cares when some jerk goes missing.
Good night, Mr. Janitor.
I made you an outfit out of Kleenex.
If it doesn't fit,
just rip it a little bit.
[dramatic music playing]

[imitating laser fire]
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