Somewhere Between (2017) s01e09 Episode Script


1 - Previously on "Somewhere Between" - Ruby: Grandma's hurt.
Nico: What do you mean, "hurt"? Let me talk to her.
The governor said he's killing my dad.
Tomorrow at 4:00.
I have to see him Danny would want you to take care of yourself.
They want the jewelry now, or they'll [Voice breaking] or they'll kill our baby.
Tell me who they are.
Do not tell me you don't know! I do know and I am not going to tell you because you will do something stupid, and you will mess things up worse than you already have.
Sarneau: What about the safety pin? It was caught in her sweater.
Laura: S-She wasn't wearing a safety pin last night.
Toy car? She never plays with cars.
When people get hurt, somebody needs to dampen the flame.
Richard thinks that's you.
He thinks the world of you.
Ruby's camera? It's at my office.
I'm fixing it.
We have to get it.
Jenny can pick it up.
Laura: Can you please tell me the name of this man in the picture with you? An innocent life depends on it.
That jewelry proves Danny didn't kill Carina Markovich and Janice Kim.
The jewelry saves Serena.
He's ex-military, supposedly dead.
You find him, you find Serena.
Nico! Don't leave! Nico, you can't do this! - [Tires squealing] - No! [Digging] [Light switch clicks] [Duct tape rips] [Gasps] Laura: This is the man who took Serena.
Don't ask me how I know.
Just find him, okay? This is his army file.
This man is dead.
It's a lie.
He has my daughter, he shot Haskell DeBray, and he murdered Susanna Spencer.
- What? - It's a cover-up, to make sure Danny Jackson dies for three murders he didn't commit.
If we don't find this man, Serena is dead by tomorrow night.
Well, by now, I know better than to doubt anything you tell me.
Be careful who you talk to.
There may be police high up that are involved in this.
Okay, look, the FBI might be safe.
A classmate at the academy went into military intelligence.
I didn't know him well Tell him it's for Serena Price.
He can turn on the TV and see her on every channel.
Was Tom helping you with this? Nico? You're all I got.
The longer Serena remains missing, the larger the search radius becomes.
While police are still canvassing the area - [Door bells jingle, door closes] - Nico, that crazy dream you had or déjà vu or whatever it was - What about it? - It's happening exactly like you said.
Serena disappearing outside the studio, the call-in to Laura's show tonight.
- April 11th.
- You thought I was making it up? - Of course I did.
- [Keyboard clacking] What are you doing? Trying to figure out where the governor is tonight.
Praying he's not in Sacramento.
You don't have to.
It was on the news.
He's in town.
At his compound in Hillsborough, meeting with Meeting with? The families of the victims.
- My brother's victims.
- Among others.
The victims of the first three to be executed.
Why are you going there? To bring my brother home.
I'll call you.
I'm picking up Danny's camera from the guy who fixed it, where Laura works.
If you need me, I will be at home.
Thank you.
[Door bells jingle] Do you have the jewelry? No.
Well, where is it? It doesn't matter.
It's gone.
'Cause Captain Nico didn't save the day, huh? You know who has her! Tell me! Something terrible has happened to everybody who knows, and I can't do that to you.
Jesse Reid didn't die in an accident.
He was murdered! - What? - I've made a terrible mistake, and all I can do now is beg.
Beg who? What mistake? Tom? [Gasps] Tom! [Dial tone] Name? - Nico Jackson.
- [Car door closes] I don't see you here, Mr.
Are you a family member of the one of the victims? Susanna Spencer was my fiancée.
Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
I can only admit you if you're on the list.
Uh, Arturo.
This man's welcome here.
[Indistinct conversations, soft music playing] I'm Colleen DeKizer.
Thank you.
I know.
You've lost as much as anybody here.
In some ways, more.
How's your mother holding up? Not well.
I'd like to meet your husband.
Well, I know he'd like to meet you, too.
Save me, Grandma! Save me from the ferocious wildebeest! Don't worry, Captain Nico! I will save you! Sorry, Mom.
We were playing Predators of the African Jungle, and I tried to tell her not to come downstairs.
I'm so sorry to intrude.
Children, you know, they're a force of their own.
Logan, is this Nico Jackson.
- Nico, this is my son Logan.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm so sorry, will you excuse me for one minute? Yeah.
Thank you, Mrs.
You're welcome.
I'm, uh I'm so sorry for whatever loss it was that that brought you here.
Thank you.
Do you have, uh Do you have children, Nico? I, uh I have a niece.
[Giggles] And I have an 8-year-old.
That's quite the age, isn't it? One priceless moment after another, if you, uh if you survive it.
[Chuckles] Come on, Bug.
Let's get you back up to the jungle.
[Grunts] Good meeting you, Nico.
Thank you.
Good meeting you.
[Indistinct conversations, soft music continues] Aye, aye, Captain Nico! Who's Galileo? - Hyah! - Ow, ow, ow! We were having the best time ever! The man who's been killing the women in the city, he's going to drown my little girl.
I need your help to catch him.
It's the only way I can save Serena.
Of course.
I understand.
I'm sorry I don't have the jewelry yet.
Man: When will you have it? I need time.
She's 8 years old.
She shouldn't suffer for my sin.
Man: Which sin? The blackmailing, the perversion of justice, or just the raw ambition that got us into this? I have another call.
[Receiver clicks] [Ringing] What is it? Tell the man with the tattoo I have what he wants, but he's gonna have to trade me.
I'll text you a meeting place.
Just him.
I see anybody else, this doesn't happen.
I guess when you decided to kidnap me, nobody told you I was a vegetarian.
How could you eat something that had a face and a mom? How come you don't say anything? You think it makes you [deep voice] look tough? [Cellphone rings] [Cellphone beeps] Hello? Okay.
[Cellphone beeps, thuds] You're going home.
Sarneau: The FBI says they can't find a guy who, by all official records, was blown to pieces on a plateau in Central Iraq.
But my military contact spoke with somebody who spoke with somebody who may may meet you at midnight at the Black Light Bar on Geary.
What does that mean, "may"? I'm sorry, that's all I could get.
Jenny: This is madness, even for you.
What happened at the governor's? Best laid plans.
I need something white and pearly.
You have something pearly white, Jenny? I picked up the camera, I got the film out.
- There's film? - Yes.
It's old, but it's in the bath.
Maybe there's something in there.
I'll know in a couple of hours.
I don't have a couple of minutes.
Things you saw keep coming true, which means that you die, too, the same day that your brother does.
Things shift all the time.
I could die right now.
If it weren't for you, I'd be drooling in some alley with a needle in my arm or a knife in my chest.
- I needed the cheap labor.
- Stop that.
If you're doing this insane thing, I'm doing it with you.
[Drawer thuds] All right.
I need you to keep the real ones safe.
If I don't come back, give them to Laura.
She'll know what to do with them, okay? There has to be another way.
If you think of one, text me.
Let me know what's on that film.
[Creak] [Engine shuts off] Don't move until I tell you to.
[Car door opens, closes] - That what you're looking for? - Let me see.
Where's the girl? She's in the van.
Put her where I can see her.
You want this? Both hands in the air.
You, too.
Stand where he can see you.
[Car door opens] All right.
Come get them.
If it's even the real thing.
Examine the merchandise.
[Grunts] Serena! Run! Hide! Don't come out until I find you! [Grunting] [Tires squealing] [Grunting] [Groans] [Grunting] [Groaning] [Panting] You think we're stupid? I think you're evil.
[Grunts] [Panting] Where's the girl? Gone.
Can't be far.
Come out and show yourself, Serena, or it will end badly for your friend.
Run! Get help! Go home to your mom! [Groaning] I'm okay, Serena! [Panting] I've had 10 times worse than this! Do you want him to die, Serena? They're not gonna kill me, Serena! They need something I have! We only need you, Serena.
If you come out, I'll let him go.
Now, you stay hidden, he dies.
Your mom wants you home now! [Groaning] [Grunting] [Grunts] I'm okay! I'm all right! [Grunts] I'm okay! [Grunts, gasps] [Grunting] Stop! Serena, don't! If I come out, do you promise you'll let him go? I swear on my soul.
You better keep your promise.
Oh, he will live, if he's as smart as you are.
It's a good thing they were lying when they promised you I wouldn't show up.
Get her out of here.
I love you, Captain Nico.
I love you, too, baby.
[Panting] [Car door opens, closes] Can we put a period at the end of this sentence already? No.
Because in that head there is where the jewelry is.
[Panting] Now, you wait for instructions, and when you get them follow them.
[Grunts] [Groans] [Groaning] [Panting] [Car door closes] It's a good thing those other people showed up, or else Captain Nico would hung your ass up to dry.
Does your mother know you talk like that? Does your mother know you kidnap little girls? [Screen thuds] The ground and my feet, they are all I ever needed - Running for, running for my freedom - [Indistinct talking] I am going because I'm [Wood rattles] Did you ever think of my parents? What they must be going through? Not knowing if I'm dead or alive? - They know.
- [Car approaches] Who's that? Get some sleep.
Like that's gonna happen.
[Door opens, closes] Kyle: Hey, Mom.
How you doing? Woman: I heard things went badly for you.
I wanted to see if you were okay.
Yeah, it's my fault.
I let him surprise me.
- You should put some ice on that.
- I'm okay.
Well, if you won't take my medical advice, how about my cookies? Oatmeal chocolate chip.
Too heavy on the chips? No such thing.
I hope you're not upset that the others showed up.
I wasn't done with him.
I know what you're made of, Kyle.
I just don't want you to think that there was any loss of faith.
It's me.
How scared I am for all of us.
We are so close to being safe, but we're not there yet.
We'll be okay.
Family luck.
[Sighs] Luck is nothing to count on.
Which is why I need to take off.
All right.
I'm Colleen DeKizer, and I am so happy to meet another person with good sense.
Now, get some ice on that, okay? For me.
- Yeah.
- Okay? Okay, Mom.
[Car door opens] - Drive safe.
- [Car door closes] [Door opens] Cookies.
I don't want your stupid cookies.
I'm going on a hunger strike.
[Insects chirping] [Cellphone speed-dialing] [Ringing] Man: It's late, even for you.
I'm on my way.
Happiness [Indistinct conversations] Yeah, yeah, yeah [Sighs] Sweet simplicity Sit down, Mrs.
I wanted to be sure you were alone.
[Gasps] I'm only talking to you because of your little girl, and I'm telling you things I was told on the condition that I wouldn't share them.
- I'm grateful.
- The man you're looking for is a ghost.
A ghost is a technical term for a soldier who dies overseas without dying.
Makes them more valuable back home for the jobs that the living won't tackle.
Like killing children? What's his name? My informant wouldn't violate the redaction in the file, - but he told me everything he knew.
- [Scoffs] Your guy flew supplies in the Gulf.
He raised his hand for the nastiest routes.
He wasn't a talker, but, one day, he told my informant his folks died when he was a kid, lived on the streets conning and stealing.
Got caught breaking into a house, but instead of pressing charges, the family raised him as their own.
What family? Who are they? My informant didn't know.
Just some well-to-do family with a heart.
[Sighs] - I need to talk to your informant.
- That's all he had.
Price guys like this guys who take the ghost route? If he had my daughter, I'd be praying.
[Scoffs] [Doorbell rings] [Light switch clicks] [Door opens] There's such a thing as going too far.
Spoken by a man with no children.
If this jewelry comes to light, Danny Jackson's case gets ripped open! I will not see my boy in prison.
Can you do this and live with yourself? Can you think of another way to keep us all from going to prison? The first time Tom Price made his demand, we should have said yes.
It was how he made it.
"I did you a big favor 10 years ago.
I put Danny Jackson on Death Row, now pay up"? [Scoffs] Nobody plays that game with this family.
You prefer the game of double homicide? We wouldn't be here if you had taken care of Tom the second he sent you the picture of that scarf, but "No," said the great Richard Ruskin.
Not the D.
That's too much noise.
Call him.
[Cellphone clicks] Colleen: Why do you bother with that? - He knows who you are.
- [Cellphone speed-dialing] Plausible deniability.
People record.
[Cellphone ringing] [Cellphone beeps] Please tell me you haven't done anything yet.
Nico wasted our time, and yours, with fakes.
He and your wife are becoming a significant problem.
If you want Serena, get the jewelry and help us solve that problem.
What are you saying? You don't have time to pretend you don't know.
It'll be simple.
Get them in one place, let us know you have the jewelry, step back, and Serena comes home.
[Whispering] Two options.
So, basically, you have two options Comfort your daughter while she grieves her mother, or grieve your daughter with a woman who checked into a hotel in Spanish Harbor with Nico Jackson two nights ago.
According to the hotel, they only booked one room.
How do I know I'm not next? Oh, you're worth too much alive.
The office you hold, where you're going Who wouldn't want to own that? [Cellphone beeps] [Groans] [Panting] [Dialing] [Cellphone rings] [Cellphone beeps] I understand if you never want to talk to me again.
I tried something, and I screwed up, but I almost had her.
When? What do you mean? You You saw Serena? Yeah.
She's okay.
She's all right.
I have the jewelry.
I'm gonna give it to you, and I'm gonna turn myself in for Danny's crimes.
They'll never believe you.
It'll buy time, and Serena will be safe.
[Cellphone beeps] That's Tom calling.
Hold on.
Yes? I talked to them.
It's Serena for the jewelry or no no Serena at all.
Nico has it.
I'll get it, I'll take it to wherever you tell me to.
No, you and Nico have pissed these people off beyond what you can imagine.
They will only deal with me.
Do you swear Nico has it this time? Yes.
This time, he does.
Meet me at his place.
I'll get the jewelry and I'll take it to them.
[Sighs] Hey.
[Breathing shakily] [Exhales sharply] [Insects chirping] [Doorknob rattles] [Sighs] [Grunts] Short hunger strike.
They're good.
[Sighs] I shouldn't be helping you.
I should let you die of infection for trying something so insane.
It would have worked if Serena wasn't the greatest kid that ever lived.
She wasn't hurt? She looked good.
She looked strong.
She was born strong.
[Knocking on door] [Lock clicks, doorbells jingle] Let me see it.
Not until you tell me who you're giving it to and why.
I have to send them a picture so they know we're not gaming them this time.
- Please.
- [Bag rustles] Why's your hand shaking? Because my daughter was taken by people who will kill her without blinking.
I don't have time for this.
Give it to me.
Not until you tell me something I know isn't a lie.
When Senator Craig died three weeks ago, now it was up to the governor to appoint a replacement, and I wanted that to be me.
That's what all this was for? I went to Richard Ruskin.
He was resistant.
He said the governor had a lot of favors to repay.
"I'm just his Chief of Staff.
I don't call the shots.
" Then Jesse Reid came to me with the scarf.
What scarf? Susanna's scarf, with blood in it.
He told me about it yesterday.
I tried to use it as leverage with the governor.
Call it what it is, Tom Blackmail.
Yeah, blackmail.
And then with the jewelry, I I was in over my head.
I didn't know what Ruskin was capable of.
I It was this this this, you know, shiny thing, and I had to have it.
I don't know who I am.
I have this want in me that I can't control.
Like wanting to sleep with my friend, my assistant? Give me the jewelry.
They're waiting.
If you knew enough to blackmail the governor, then Jesse told you who killed Susanna.
And that's who took Serena.
Our daughter.
Tom, tell me his name.
[Whispering] I have to go.
I have to go.
There's no time.
Whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
That jewelry proves my brother's innocent.
- Yeah.
- You knew that.
You were gonna let him die.
Wait, wait, wait.
I'm sorry.
This was the only way to save her.
[Tires screech, car doors opening] Come on, come on, come on.
Take it.
Where are they? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
We can work something out once I'm in office.
Oh, I'm sure we can, Senator Price.
[Gunshot] [Gasps] [Panting] [Gunfire] [Glass shattering] [Casings clinking] [Footsteps retreating] There! [Panting softly] Barnes: Guard the exit.
Hurry! Come on, come on, come on.
[Panting] Come on! - [Groans] - [Doorknob rattling] It won't lock! It won't lock! No! [Panting] It's off.
[Panting] Guard the way out.
If I can get in here, I can hotwire it.
Your backpack What's in it? [Keys rattle] Here, here, here! [Panting] My husband, he's dead.
He sold us! So Serena could live.
- [Grunts] - [Clang] [Breathes shakily] Was he always somebody who could do something like this? - [Murmuring indistinctly] - Look at me, look at me.
Hey, hey! Look at me! Take this.
- [Whimpers] - Help me! Come on! Come on! Okay.
Look under and in every car.
If he set this up, he knows where Serena is.
You know what I don't get? The ghost killed Susanna, and Danny took the rap.
Your husband used that to twist the governor's arm through Ruskin, but why would the governor care about protecting the ghost? The army man! He said the ghost was taken in by a rich family.
A rich family who raised him as their own.
Preston DeKizer.
That's who it is.
He's doing it to protect the boy he raised.
Bringing back the death penalty Was that just to get rid of Danny? They They They could have paid someone to shank him in prison! They tried.
His first year, he was attacked three times.
He's been in special custody ever since! - [Clang] - [Both gasp] All right.
Here we go, here we go.
Here we go.
All the cars I've hotwired, I should be able to do this.
- Uh - Nico, come on.
I've got to get from the red thing into the blue one, and it's four inches.
I can't make electricity jump through the air, Laura.
Everything we did, we just made it worse.
Now everyone dies.
Maybe not.
Maybe they kill us and we wake up eight days before, huh? Think about the giant head-start we'd have.
You want to know the first thing I'd do if I knew what I know now? I'd find you, wherever you were, and I'd say, "Laura, you are the bravest person, the best mom, and the stubbornest, most beautiful woman I've ever met.
[Jingling] I-I got you this at the gas station.
I didn't give it to you, 'cause I didn't think I was good enough to rake the leaves in your yard, but I'd say, "Screw that!" I'd say, "Baby, if I had to put up with one person's toothbrush on my sink for the rest of my life, it'd be yours.
" Yeah.
[Gasps] [Clears throat] Would you put up with my toothbrush if my skin was green? I'm allergic to copper.
[Chuckles] It does crazy things to me.
Man: Down here! There's an elevator.
[Gasps] What? - Physics.
Grade 9.
- Oh! The element with the most electrical conductivity other than silver - Come on! - is copper.
- [Groans] - [Electricity sparking] - Go, go, go, go, go, go! - [Screams] [Screams] We got it! [Screaming] [Grunting, banging on doors] [Panting] I didn't expect to be alive right now.
[Clack, doors open] We have to find out where Ruskin lives.
Pacific Heights.
I've been to his house for dinner 20 times.
We can't go back for our cars.
- What do we do? - We'll run to Jenny's.
What do I tell Serena about her daddy? Tell her that while she was away, her daddy risked everything to save her life.
[Panting] "If you go to the police, we will know and she will die.
" Buddy, we ain't going to the police.
We're coming for you.
[Phone rings] [Sighs] [Cellphone beeps] [Exhales] Is it done? Yes, but Nico and Laura are gone.
Price tipped them off and they got away.
But we have the jewelry, and Price is off the board.
Did they see it happen? Looks that way.
Well, what if they go to the police?! They know better because I told them so.
As long as we have the girl, we own them.
You told me that we own Tom Price.
I got to go.
I-I got to figure out what to do.
[Cellphone beeps, thuds] [Sighs] [Breathing heavily] [Button bounces] [Groans] [Insects chirping] You like Jesse Reid? No, I have a backpack with his picture on it because I can't stand him.
Behind the doors of silence I'm the tree that's never grown What was that? It's a song Jesse wrote for me.
Okay, so not only a man who steals children from their parents, but a pathological liar, too.
I went to college with him.
He got this tattoo the same day I did.
Nice try.
He doesn't have that tattoo.
Hmm, do you ever see his right wrist uncovered? He always wore a leather cuff on his right wrist.
But if he had that tattoo, why would he hide it? I used to stutter.
It was so bad, some days, I wouldn't talk at all.
Whenever Jesse wrote new songs, he'd make me try out the harmony.
I wouldn't stutter when I was singing.
So he wrote me a song.
He'd make me get on-stage with him and sing it.
And after one semester, my stutter wasn't there anymore.
I knew he was a good person.
He was.
Until he wasn't.
What do you mean? When did he stop being a good person? My dad's assistant said he was really nice, but she only met him for a second when he came to see my dad.
When? When did he see your father? I think last week.
What's wrong with you? Why are you always so mad about everything? Just get some sleep.
Maybe I could if you'd sing me more of that song? Behind the doors of silence I'm the tree that's never grown I'm the prisoner of your pauses I'm the ball that's never thrown The captive of your caution There is ice between my teeth I've wandered down the twisted way Where all the fences meet [Buzzer sounds] Hey, Danny.
Any thoughts about what you want for your last meal? Ever? Filet mignon? Lobster tail with drawn butter? You name it.
I want oatmeal and honey and butter.
That's what my mom used to make me and my brother for breakfast when it was cold.
Real oatmeal not the kind in a cup.
And real butter.
N-Not margarine.
You kidding me? You could have anything in the world, and you want hot cereal? That's what I want for my last meal.
To the client.
[Door bells jingle] [Door closes] Who's this? [Banging on door] - Hey.
- We need your car.
Questions later.
They're close, if they're not here already.
How? 'Cause they're as good as I am.
- Okay.
The car's on the street.
But - Okay.
there's something you have to see first.
There were pictures in Danny's camera.
That's Susanna.
That's the murder.
That's my jacket.
That's why Danny thought it was me.
[Car doors closing] [Guns cock] Get down, get down, get down! [Gunfire] [Glass shattering] [Electricity sparking] [Glass shattering] [Metal clangs] [Glass shatters] [Whimpering] Catch! [Glass shatters] [Clinking] [Metal clanging] Get out of the house! Come on, let's go! I'm hit! I got you.
- [Groans] - Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! [All panting] Keep pressure on it.
Keep pressure on it.
Yeah, I got her.
[Car door closes, opens] Mrs.
Jackson, it is out of the question for you to leave this hospital in your condition.
You want my son to die alone? But your son does not want his mother to die on her way to see him.
For 10 years, people who don't know my son have been telling me all kinds of things about him, and I am done with it.
Maybe I can go see my dad, and you can stay here and get better.
You think I'm letting you out of my sight? After what happened to Serena? [Cellphone rings] [Cellphone beeps] Where are you? I'm on my way to fix everything right now.
I-I can't promise anything, but I'm gonna try.
They're killing him at 4:00.
I know.
Uncle Nico, Grandma's trying to get out of the hospital, and the nurse doesn't want her to, and [Panting] I'm gonna see Danny, and and you can't talk me out of it.
I won't try.
Be careful, Mom.
Hope for a miracle.
[Engine revs] [Tires screech] [Panting] [Grunts] Hey! Hey! Let's get her on the gurney.
She took a bullet! If I don't make it, promise me you'll eat a vegetable once in a while.
Only when you're watching.
Take care of her.
The ghost didn't do it.
What? In your jacket, killing Susanna, look Different build, darker hair.
And the ghost was wearing shorts that day.
There's more.
That's why my brother thought he took the picture.
'Cause he took this one.
That's why Jason kept saying five.
Five Four plus the one behind the camera.
So this guy's the killer.
Look at the hair.
Look at the long the pants.
- He looks familiar, but - I met him last night.
That's That's Logan DeKizer.
That's the governor's son.
Logan DeKizer.
Not the foster son.
Richard Ruskin has no idea what's headed for him.
[Engine starts] [Tires squeal] My grandma doesn't think bad people get born that way.
She thinks the world messes them up.
Like, in Hansel and Gretel, she says the real story is why the witch got so lonely and sad that she starts eating children.
So, is she right or wrong? Were you born bad, or did you just end up that way? There was a peasant boy whose parents died when he was little.
He lived on the streets.
If he wanted to eat, he had to lie and steal.
One day, he got caught breaking into the palace of the king.
The queen took pity on the motherless boy, and instead of throwing him in the dungeon, she raised him as a playmate for their son, the prince.
Maybe your grandma's wrong, 'cause the prince started being bad when he was little.
When he got in trouble, the peasant boy would protect him, cover things up.
Even when they weren't little boys anymore, the peasant boy kept protecting him.
Why? Well, because the king and queen were his mother and father.
The prince was his brother.
I still don't get it.
Do you love your mom and dad? I don't like this story.
Neither do I.
[Clears throat] Teach me how to defend myself.
From who? Bad guys like you.
All right.
Come here.
Stand here.
All right, if someone swings at you Swing at me grab them here.
You flip it over, okay? You push back on their thumb, right? Ooh.
Now, no matter how big he is, he'll have to go with it, okay? You twist.
That's it.
What's he running a daycare center? Your brother's always been good with children.
That girl is the only thing standing between us and the end of the world.
There is something way wrong in that trailer.
We have the jewelry, and we have the girl, and I'm still breathing.
So nothing is ever gonna hurt you.
[Knock on door] [Door opens] Can you please come for pancakes, Grandma? Pancakes? Well, I wouldn't miss that.
[Door closes]