Somewhere Between (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

One Must Die

1 Previously on "Somewhere Between" LAURA: This is the man who took Serena.
SARNEAU: What about the safety pin? It was caught in her sweater.
Come out and show yourself, Serena, or it will end badly for your friend.
Stop! You better keep your promise.
We can work something out once I'm in office.
[GUNSHOT] [GASPS] To the client.
Jackson, it is out of the question for you to leave this hospital in your condition.
You want my son to die alone? For my last meal, I want oatmeal.
Captain Nico would've hung your ass up to dry.
Does your mother know you talk like that? Does your mother know you kidnap little girls? We have the jewelry, and we have the girl, So nothing is ever gonna hurt you.
That's That's Logan Dekizer.
That's the governor's son.
Not the foster son.
Richard Ruskin has no idea what's headed for him.
[TIRES SQUEAL] What can we expect at Ruskin's place? Dogs? Armed guards? Carmen.
She makes tamales for us every Christmas.
LOGAN: The karate lessons, the lullaby.
If this comes to what it may well come to, c-can he do it? You know what he's done for us this week.
He shot a man that killed 10 women, not some kid he's playing house with.
She needs to be somewhere else.
He came to us troubled and alone.
Everything we did for him never changed that.
I want him to feel loved and trusted.
He faked his own death - to get away from us.
- He came back.
You hunted him down, and and you dragged him back.
Let me go there myself.
I'll take her to the boat.
It's too much risk.
Then call Ruskin and have one of his spooks do it.
[GRUNTS] Mom, I will not let them take me to prison alive.
I'm telling you that right now.
[VOICE BREAKING] I will take myself out so fast.
All right.
All right.
I'll call Ruskin.
's phone.
And possibly some of the D.
's blood.
Morning, Carmen.
Good morning, Señor Ruskin.
I'll be joining the governor in an hour.
God, what does a man wear to an execution? Could you bring me a white shirt from the laundry? [CELLPHONE RINGS] - RUSKIN: Hello? - COLLEEN: Richard.
What was that? Surprised? Your boys were sure surprised when I blew them into charcoal with their own grenade.
- [CELLPHONE RINGS] - [GASPS] - Send Carmen home.
- Come on.
[INTERCOM BEEPS] Carmen, you know what? You've been working like a demon.
Why don't you take Ellie to the movies today? [BEEPS] Have your people take the item from where it is quietly and amicably and put it somewhere more secure.
CARMEN: See you tomorrow, Señor Ruskin! [DOOR CLOSES] [GRUNTS] Where's Serena, huh?! What are you gonna do? Cut off my fingers? Bone, tendons.
That's gonna be an awful lot of cutting, and I don't think you got the guts to do it.
Oh, you're right I don't.
She does.
You took my daughter.
Where's Serena? [BREATHING RAGGEDLY] I-I-I don't know.
[SCOFFS] How'd you make my brother confess to the other two murders, huh? Hmm? Told him that if he didn't his mother and Ruby would die.
Do it.
[GRUNTS] [BOTH SCREAM] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Where's Serena? She's on a property owned by the family through a shell.
Costa Blanca Marine Reserve.
- [BEEPS] - Richard, I have called your office and all of your clubs.
- [SIGHS] - [BEEPS] You can't call his people yourself? No, there's a firewall.
There has to be.
[SIGHS] Okay.
We'll go on our own.
We'll talk to Kyle, as a family.
And when we have Serena, her mother will be called.
[DOOR OPENS] I'm glad I'm riding to prison with my communications director.
I could use more prep.
And would you like to be on camera with me or just watch? It's completely up to you.
You know, Preston, I don't think that Logan or I should go.
You're not there as a husband or a father.
The people need to see that the State of California is killing Danny Jackson, not any individual.
It's not unwise thinking.
All right.
I love you both.
Love you, Dad.
Think good thoughts.
Two cars.
After Kyle, you take Serena to the boat, and I'll go to Ruskin's.
[SCOFFS] Honestly You are worse than me.
The Costa Blanca Reserve is thousands of acres.
Weeks to search.
These were found in her pockets.
They're Marsh Harebell.
Found in swamps not around here.
Is any of this a swamp? Some kind of marshy ground? This is pines.
This is scrub.
But around this lake is low and flat.
It's prime swamp land.
If my baby's anywhere she's there.
[BIRDS CAW] In Iraq, I saw men run into burning buildings, storm snipers' nests.
I never saw anybody give themself up to the enemy to save a comrade like you did.
You're a warrior.
You deserve a warrior's honor.
You stay tough.
You'll get through this.
I'd rather go home than wear your stupid crown.
These the flowers you're gonna put in my grave when you kill me? What grave? The one you were digging.
- That's a septic.
- What's that? It's nothing a city girl needs to worry herself about.
[SOBBING] I didn't kill any of them.
I said I did, but I di didn't.
I know that, beloved.
The person who did it isn't who Nico's going to say.
It isn't.
- It isn't.
- Shhh.
Beloved, shhh.
What's wrong? [VEHICLE APPROACHING] Get inside.
And you don't look out no matter what, - you hear me? - It's stuffy in there You do what I say! Now! Go! KYLE: What's up? I can't reach Ruskin.
This place might not be safe anymore.
We have to take the girls someplace else, until it's time for her to go home.
Well, tell me where, and I'll take her there.
No, she's too much of a magnet.
I don't want you anywhere near this.
So who takes over? Ruskin's thugs? Nobody's gonna hurt her.
Just like no one was ever gonna hurt Jesse.
I have no control over acts of God.
God? [SCOFFS] Yeah.
Jesse meets with the DA, dies, and three days later, I'm asked to watch the DA's kid for a few days.
Something about evidence that's bad for Logan? That evidence had nothing to do with Jesse, and it's bad for us.
It would reopen Danny Jackson's case.
That's why we have to do this, okay? You're not taking her anywhere.
Brother, this situation is getting uglier by the second! I owe you my life and my freedom a hundred times over! I'll admit it.
I resented how much Mom and Dad loved you, but when I thought you were dead, part of me died.
I'm a spoiled, narcissistic piece of dirt, but I love you, and I don't want to lose you again.
Will you let us take her and keep you safe? No.
[SCREAMS] - Oh, God! - [GRUNTING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Nooo! Oh, God! No! [SOBBING] Oh, honey! You swore you would just get past him! - He was gonna kill me! - Sweetheart I'll call for help, as soon as I'm out of here.
- I'm sorry.
- The sooner we get her [BREATHING RAGGEDLY] She met you yesterday.
She knows who you are.
This is the river I did not want to cross.
We're crossing it now.
We have no choice.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Not until we have her mother and Nico.
They'll want proof of life.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Baby - I'm calling for help.
- No, you keep yourself out of it.
Find Ruskin and make him send protection.
I'll call 911 as soon as I'm on my way to the boat.
I'm so sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry.
I love you.
Mom, we win this or I die! Come on! [GRUNTING] I need you to safety, honey.
[VOICE BREAKING] Any way you can.
You're not talking to anyone.
'Cause there's no one there to talk to.
You're just talking to yourself.
Someone was just here.
Fresh tracks headed that way.
Taking her to Black Pine Cove.
They find her body tomorrow morning.
No, they don't.
[ENGINE REVS] [GATE CREAKS] Ohh Is that blood? Oh, God! [EXHALES SHARPLY] Oh, no.
[GROANS] Where is she? Logan.
He took her.
Where did he take her? I don't know.
[SCREAMS] Where'd your brother take her? - I [GRUNTS] - Wait, wait, wait, Nico! Nico, Nico! Look.
She must've felt safe with him.
Maybe it's true.
Maybe maybe Maybe he got hurt trying to protect her.
There's only one way to save Serena and your brother.
What weapon? To save them.
I was there.
The night Susanna was killed.
I called Logan.
I found that girl from the tattoo shop.
[FIREWORKS SHOOTING] Hey, man, if you don't get here quick and marry her, I will.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] They were at the hotel, getting high GHB, meth, whatever they could roll into a joint.
Keys t-to the weapon.
What is it? Where is it?! [GROANING] Computer.
In the top top cupboard.
File's on the desktop.
It's named "7," for July.
- Huh? - Password's "Anna.
" For my mother my real mother.
I lost her face, kept her name.
Don't listen to this crap.
The guy's out of his mind.
It's a video.
Watch it.
- What is it? - Not you.
Just her.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] Uh, Susanna, right? You look like you could use some protection in these darks woods.
- Don't watch.
- SUSANNA: Thanks.
I'm I'm good.
- Do [CHOKES] Don't - BLAKE: Camera moves in on Logan, totally bummed that his offer of protection has been rejected.
JESSE: Well, we're not marauders.
We're Stanford boys.
Just graduated, and we're ready to burn down the world.
- Owww! - [CHUCKLES] I'm Jesse.
I'm the house troubadour.
And I'm Jason, just tagging along with my big brother Blake here.
Hitchcock makes his cameo.
[LAUGHTER] Look, uh you guys are adorable, but it's it's just not a great time, okay? LOGAN: Can I get a drink of water? - July 4th is a very dehydrating holiday.
- Hey! - Uh hey, get out! - [LAUGHS] Get out! Come on! [MEN SHOUTING] Can we Hey, put that down! My My boyfriend's a cop, and I'm gonna call him, okay? MEN: Oooh! This must be your boyfriend's jacket.
If I put this on, does that make me your boyfriend? BLAKE: Ohh, the tension rises.
KYLE: Knock it off, Logan.
I'm out.
Hey, no.
I'm never wrong about a vibe, and she put out a vibe.
It's no fair pulling it back.
Get off me! Oh, bitch wants to have fun, huh?! - [SCREAMS] - Come here! BLAKE: Whoa, this is, like, real.
- [CHOKING] - JESSE: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Logan! Okay, okay, okay! Okay, come on, get off of her! [THUD] Get off! [WHEEZING, BREATHING HEAVILY] JESSE: Logan, no! [INDISTINCT YELLING] - No, no, no! - [GRUNTS] - She's still alive! We need to call 911! - [SUSANNA WHEEZING] Anybody touches their phones, and they're dead! - Oh, you son of a - No, no, no! No! JASON: Hey, cut that off! Cut that off! Turn the camera off, Blake! Nico [SOBS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTS] You knew! You knew and let my brother die! You knew! - Nico, Nico, Nico! - I'm sorry! - Hold on! - You knew! He wrecked my mother's life! - I know, I know, I know! - You knew?! I know I know he did all of that, and he'll pay, but he's a witness, and we need him.
Listen to me.
I know exactly what to do.
But we have to leave this second! We have to take him with us! Get him! Now! Come on, get him! Up! Get up! Let's go! [GROANING] You said you were gonna get help for him.
You have to call 911.
Didn't you ever tell a lie to make your mother feel better? He's dead by now.
KYLE: Flip it over.
Push back.
Right now, we can't trust them.
Oh, Mom! What's your number? It was in my phone! What's Dad's? RUBY: And it's super-easy to remember 'cause the first three numbers are all the same, and the last four spell out "cool.
" C-O-O-L.
[BEEPING] [CELLPHONE RINGING] [BEEP] - Hello? - SERENA: Ruby, it's me! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Grandma, it's Serena! Honey, where are you? Are you all right? This man kidnapped me.
But he wasn't bad.
He was just sad.
And the governor's wife came, and her son killed him Wait, wait, wait.
The governor's wife? Y-Y-You're not making any sense.
No! That's who it was.
They took me away, but I escaped.
I couldn't remember anyone's number except yours because I just learned it, and my mom told me not to call the police! - Where are you? - Um I can see this big waterfall.
I went there on a picnic once.
Echo Falls.
I know where that is.
Are you on a road? Dirt road.
We'll be there as soon as we can.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] NICO: All those guys for all those years nobody broke? - [BREATHING HEAVILY] - Huh? Why did they keep the secret? Money? Blake wanted to call 911.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] What are you doing? Saving her life.
So she can testify against us? I didn't do anything to her.
I tried to save her.
That's the story you'll tell.
- Wait'll you hear mine.
- You son of a bitch! Hey! Down.
Yeah, sure, call 911.
Bring the cops.
And while every channel on TV is hashing out whose story is true, you think that A&R guy from Warner Records is gonna keep sniffing around you? Huh? You You think you're all set, heading for USC film.
You know how fast they can rescind? End of your bromance with that scout from the Raiders.
So you can call 911.
Or I can make this whole thing go away like it never happened.
Logan made the call he made every time.
Every time he killed somebody? Before that, it was never a dead girl.
Just broken ones.
Listen, I'm gonna need your help.
Things here got a little screwed up.
I don't know, on a scale between smashing a fender and running a bus full of disabled children off a cliff? I'd say right in the middle.
KYLE: 45 minutes later, a limo pulls up and Richard Ruskin got out the family fixer.
This is how it's gonna go.
You know the reach and influence of Logan's family.
You know the mess they can make of your futures, so do exactly as I say.
He made us all stab her three times.
He filmed it on his phone.
- Get down there! - She was alive till Ruskin got there.
One of us killed her.
Or all of us.
When it was over when it was time to set the fire, Logan and I got called outside.
Thank you.
Thank you and bless you.
It was my job to destroy the card from Blake's camera.
So I threw it in the fire in front of everybody.
But growing up on the streets, you get good at sleight-of-hand.
Why'd you keep it? - For today.
- Like Jesse kept the scarf.
Is that what he brought your husband? I guess he couldn't live with himself anymore.
Apparently, you could.
I joined the Air Force the next day, requested the Gulf.
A lot of fliers died who shouldn't have.
I should've and didn't.
You became a ghost.
The better to serve your master.
Better to be done with them.
Yeah, big moral outrage.
But letting my brother die, - that didn't ruffle any feathers, huh? - Nico, wait! Wait until he saves Serena and Danny.
Then you can do whatever you want with him.
[COUGHS] Serena! [CAR APPROACHING] Serena! Oh, my gosh, I'm here! Gosh, thank you for coming! Of course! We have to get back to the jail so my dad isn't alone.
But first, we have to let Serena's dad know that she's okay.
That's my cellphone.
If you hear from her, please let me know? SERENA: I want to talk to him! I don't have his number, but I-I can I can get him.
I just have to text somebody.
- Oh, my God.
- They tied me.
I can't move.
Oh, my God! Get help.
- [SIGHS] - [CELLPHONE BEEPING] [RINGING] They know Logan killed Susanna.
They demanded to know where Serena is.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] And you told them? [VOICE BREAKING] Look what they did to me.
They took my fingers! Luckily, Logan and I got there first.
[SIGHS] Give me Laura's number.
If I can get control of her, then I'll call for help for you.
It's in my phone, but they took it.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] But I have Tom's phone.
It's in the drawer.
Her number must be in it.
Someone's been trying to text him for a half hour.
Get help! How can Grace Jackson have Serena? Logan took her.
Colleen, please! [CELLPHONE BEEPS] [RINGING] [CELLPHONE RINGING] Uh let's not answer that.
She may figure out where we are.
Get my dad's number yet? [CHUCKLES] He's on his way.
He's coming.
- [CELLPHONE BEEPS, RINGS] - Colleen, I'm gonna bleed to death here! When my son is completely and permanently safe, I'll send for help.
I need the chopper at the downtown heliport.
As soon as possible.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [SEATBELT UNBUCKLES] [GRUNTING] - What's the problem? - Get out.
Get out! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [SHOUTING CONTINUES] [VEHICLE DOORS OPEN] DEKIZER: The first of the three drugs in the trio - guarantees absence of pain - LAURA: Aaron.
- as the remaining drugs take effect.
- Laura! Is there a screen in there? A TV? It's the board room, yeah, so there's a screen.
- What's going on? - We're going in.
You won't get him in there Security's off the charts.
Without credentials, there's no way.
What are you gonna do? Blow up the world.
Is there time to see your brother? He's already in the works, but I know I'll see him again.
How? Because his fate's in your hands.
We're close.
Laura's going in right now to GRACE: Nico, it's over.
The DA told me he's reopening Danny's case.
Which DA? [CHUCKLING] Tom Price, who do you think? Oh, and I-I-I have Serena.
She's safe.
She's with me.
Mom, ho hold on one second.
Hey! Laura, hey! - Come here! - What? - What? What is it? - My mom has Serena.
- [CELLPHONE BEEPS] - What? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Mom, how did you talk to Tom Price? Not talk, texted.
Mom, the DA's dead.
The people that killed him have his phone.
Did you tell him where you are? - Did you tell them where Serena is? - Yes.
- [SIGHS] - Where are you, Mom? On a fire road off Route 1, - near Echo Falls.
- Nico Okay, you have to get out of there right now, really fast, okay? Stay on the fire road.
Don't go to the highway.
I'm going to track you with your phone.
- Go! Now! - Oh, God.
Girls, get in the car.
We're leaving.
How's my dad supposed to find us? We'll call him when we get to where we're going, but we have to leave right away.
The other side of the hill from Echo Falls is Black Pine Cove.
It's not too late.
W-W-We can meet up with them in 20 minutes.
Not me.
What are you talking about? I have to go in there.
I can save Danny.
If you go now, you can save them both.
I'll borrow Aaron's car, and and I'll meet you guys at the cove.
You would stay here? [SCOFFS] I trust you.
Go, okay? [GASPS] Somebody's coming! SERENA: It's him! The man I got away from! [MONITOR BEEPING RHYTHMICALLY] DEKIZER: The question of scripture and faith is a powerful one and, uh, I thank you for asking it.
The Book of Numbers is clear both on the validity of the death penalty and on the almost impossibly high bar Governor Dekizer Excuse me, Ms.
Price, if you would allow me to finish? Governor, do you have absolutely no doubt that Danny Jackson is guilty of the murder of Susanna Spencer? Well, first of all, I want you to know that law enforcement is moving heaven and earth to find your daughter.
I'm not asking about Serena.
I want to know, do you have any doubt that Danny Jackson killed Susanna Spencer? Over the decade since the conviction, every possible doubt has been explored by a painstaking process of appeals.
Those appeals haven't taken into account the new evidence, which is in the hands of KMSF.
AIDE: Mrs.
Price, if there's evidence relevant to the Jackson case, we encourage you to present it through the appropriate legal channels.
With Danny Jackson scheduled to be murdered by the State of California in 12 minutes, this is the only channel I've got.
That's fine, but Where did you get this evidence? - Your foster son.
- Excuse me? Governor, we are broadcasting this evidence now, live, and we wanted to give you an opportunity to respond to the news as it's breaking.
- Turn on the TV, please.
- I I'm sorry.
This is completely out of order, - Governor, and we don't - Wait.
I want to see this.
Split the screen.
LOGAN: It's no fair pulling it back.
SUSANNA: Get off me! - Oh, bitch wants to have fun, huh?! - [SCREAMS] [INDISTINCT MURMURING] [CHOKING] [GASPS] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Governor, is that your son? Is that Logan? JESSE: Logan, no! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Governor, I demand you issue a stay of execution while you verify the tape.
Will you issue the stay? Yes.
[SCREAMS] This is an executive order halt the execution of Danny Jackson.
Halt it! You got mine.
I'm gonna get yours.
[ENGINE REVS] Governor, is it true that my husband, Thomas Price, knew the truth and that you kidnapped my daughter to force him to keep it a secret? - Okay, Mrs.
Price, this is enough - No.
- This is enough, Governor.
- No! No! I-I never That's not the truth.
That's not that's not my son.
I told you.
[CELLPHONE RINGING] [CELLPHONE BEEPS] Nico, where are you? - You watching? - You kidding? The Dekizers are after Serena.
If they don't already have her.
They're headed to Black Pine Cove.
Oh, I'll make sure to send everything we've got.
Get out of the car.
We have to run and get help, as fast as we can.
You can't run, Grandma! The doctor said you shouldn't do anything hard! Doctors don't know everything! Come on! Come on! [TIRES SQUEALING] [TIRES SCREECH] [CAR DOOR CLOSES] Can somebody take my car?! LOGAN: Bitch wants to have fun?! REPORTER: Breaking news highly graphic footage was broadcast on live television moments ago of Logan Dekizer, Governor Dekizer's son, brutally murdering Susanna Spencer - 10 years ago.
- [SOBBING] COLLEEN: I'm coming for you, Logan, to take you away, to where no one can ever touch you.
Mama's coming! [BOTH PANTING] - There's the Bay! - Bay means boat! Boats means people! I'll stay here and stand guard.
You run and get help! - Grandma, are you okay? - Go, go! Now! Okay.
[CELLPHONE RINGING, BEEPS] You saved my brother's life! - Where are you? - NICO: I'm on the fire road! I'm going over the hill! I'll take the coast.
It's 15 minutes.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [CRYING] REPORTER: Law enforcement reports that no arrest has been made and that Logan Dekizer remains at large in the wake of an incendiary video, which has racked up over 30 million views and counting.
- Nico! - Mom! - [MOANS] - Hey.
Hey, I'm gonna go get help! [WEAKLY] Help the girls.
That way, to the cove! Mom Danny's safe.
The Governor halted the execution.
Danny's going free! Then you don't have to worry about me for a second.
Save Serena.
- Go! Go! - I'll be back.
I'll be back with help, okay? - Okay, Mom? - Go! Hurry! RUBY: Help! - Help us! - SERENA: Help! Help! Help us! - Please! - Help! Please, help us! No more MMA! No! No! Serena! Come here, come here, come here.
Give me your hands.
- Give me your hands.
- No! Hey! Stop it! No! - No! - Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid, okay? - No! - Okay? This is just so your mom does the right thing.
Ouch! [GRUNTS] Serena! [BOTH GRUNTING] I could kill you right now, but I want to see you in my brother's cell.
Everybody who could put me there is dead.
Oh, you didn't hear? Your brother never burnt the chip.
That video's been around the world twice by now.
You Susanna the scarf.
What is this, some kind of pathetic bluff so I'll confess? "This must be your boyfriend's jacket.
If I put it on, does that make me your boyfriend? Oh, bitch wants to have fun!" [GRUNTS] [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] That's the cops! That's justice! No, it's not.
That's freedom! Hey! Hey, hey! Serena, Ruby, run! Run!! SARNEAU: What about the safety pin? It was caught on her sweater.
It was you the first time.
- You killed my baby.
- What? SERENA: Mom! Drop the gun and let him go, or she goes in the water! Let her go! I will shoot him! We're the same, you and I! Everything that I did for my baby, you would do for yours if you had to! Let Serena go! My baby would never murder anyone! If she did, I'd let her pay! I said let her go! Ruby.
Ruby! [GRUNTS] - Get away from me! - My baby.
You okay? Get away! - Logan! Make them pay! - No! [SCREAMS] - [GUNSHOT] - [GRUNTS] [SOUND DISTORTS] [SIRENS WAIL] COLLEEN: Logan, hurry! [BREATHING HEAVILY] Serena! Serena! Serena! [WAILING CONTINUES] - Serena! - Ruby! Laura! [SERENA COUGHS] Uncle Nico! - [GASPING] - Uncle Nico! Uncle Nico! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! [BOTH BREATHING HEAVILY] [WEAKLY] We always knew fate wanted a body.
She's getting a pretty good one, if you ask me.
You idiot.
I love you.
Hang in there.
You sure? 'Cause if I don't die, you're stuck with me.
Help! Help! Ruby, go get help! Help!! Javier, why are we flying east? I want to be out of Mexico and on the way to Honduras by tonight.
We're flying too low.
Javier, what's going on? [GROANING] It's peaceful up here.
Don't you like how peaceful it is? [GRUNTS] No! - It's too late! - No! Even if you knew how.
- Even if you knew how.
- Mom! Listen, there's no place in the world for us.
No place they won't know who we are or what we've done.
All the gold in the world can't wash away the mark of Cain.
It'll be hard on Dad.
But better in the end.
I love you.
This is the only gift I can give you.
Will you hold us, mother? [INDISTINCT TALKING] Okay, okay! I'm gonna hook it up! Here we go, here we go! Okay! [CAMERA CLICKS] [BEEPING] ALL: Cheers! [CAMERA BEEPS RAPIDLY] [SHUTTER CLICKS]