Sonic Prime (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Battle in the Boscage

- [mysterious music plays]
- [chirping]
[orb pulsating]
[tense music plays]
[theme music plays]
Eurgh, what a dump.
I bet this place
doesn't even have wireless.
[laughing, gurgling]
Button you lips and open your eyes.
Report back as soon as you've located
this backwater jungle world's power Shard!
And don't muck this up.
Like all your other tasks.
Right? The nerve of those fossils.
Ditching us in this stink hole.
At least we've got the rat
to do all the work.
Okay, smarty pants, show us your stuff.
The sooner you can score us that Shard,
the sooner we can bounce.
My name is Nine. And I need access.
Eurgh. Do I have to do everything?
[keyboard clacking]
Wow. Full access.
What an egghead.
Don't worry.
Soon things will be going exactly to plan.
[tense music playing]
- [bleeps]
- Shard energy signature detected.
[Thorn screams]
I dunno what these creatures are,
but they're going to destroy the jungle
if we don't stop them.
[robotic chatter]
[Sonic] Oh, no.
I won't let you down, Shadow.
Together we're gonna fix this.
[robotic chatter]
[Dr. Don't] Eurgh,
it's too hard to find anything in here.
Chop it all down!
And I thought gardening
was supposed to be relaxing.
[robotic chatter]
[Sonic] Hey!
So if the Chaos Council's still
looking for the shard,
that means they haven't found it yet!
Good thing for me,
I have a pretty good idea where it is.
The trees.
What have they done?
Looking for the Shards is one thing,
but why all this needless destruction?
I need to find the Boscage Gang.
[sighs] This is taking forever!
Locating the Shard will take time.
We don't have time!
The only reason we haven't
already made you into a hat
is because you're supposed to be
an expert on the Shards,
- and that little blue
- [Dr. Babble squawks]
[groans] No way am I letting that
annoying hedgehog trip us up again!
[Dr. Babble squawks]
[tense music playing]
[Sonic groans]
Ah! There they are!
The time for hiding is over.
We need to fight now!
No, we give them the Shard
and they'll leave us alone.
The Shard is the heart of our jungle.
I'll never give it up!
We don't even know where it is.
It's hidden and it will stay hidden.
[Big the Cat]
But we could use it against them!
We're not using the Shard.
It's too much power for anyone to wield.
[gulps] It's all coming back to me.
Hey-hey, gang!
[gasps of surprise]
Nice to see you, too.
[timid music playing]
You've returned. Where have you been?
Everywhere. Nowhere.
Somewhere in between?
Ridiculously long story short,
I need a favor.
Not a chance.
In case you hadn't noticed,
we got enough trouble as it is.
We're being invaded!
Monsters who want to hurt us.
Or eat us.
Which is why we need to fight back!
Who's with me?
But without the Shard
we don't stand a chance.
Fine! If you won't fight,
I'll fight them on my own.
[bird roars]
[uplifting music]
[shoes pulsating]
Thorn, wait!
[bird caws loudly]
She's right, you know.
We need to fight. And I have a plan.
See that spaceship up there?
What's a spaceship?
The big metal tube thing in the sky.
What's metal?
That's where
the metal men are coming from.
We gotta stop them!
Look at the size of that flying beast.
You can't sit this one out, Prim.
We have to work together and fight.
I'm not going anywhere
near that metal bird.
- [Knuckles] Shh, shh.
- Ow!
The metal men have eyes everywhere.
We're just trying to survive.
They're here for the Shard, not us.
All Thorn has to do is hand it over
and they'll go.
[tense music playing]
You wanna sit on the side-lines
and watch your world get trashed,
be my guest.
Me? I'm off to help Thorn.
Thorn, wait!
[groans] Spare me.
I told you, I won't give up the Shard.
[manic laughter]
Huh? Argh!
Eurgh. How can one baby
be so hateable?
[electronic whirring]
Thorn, get out of there!
That thing is not a toy!
[maniacal laughter]
[Dr. Don't chuckling]
Ready to dance?
[Dr. Don't] Yes, eat that!
You monsters.
You're destroying my jungle!
I'm gonna make you pay!
Let's play a game of speed tag.
Tag. You're it.
[gasps] Huh?
Oh, come on!
[Dr. Babble groans]
Whoa! [groans]
Time for you split.
Er, my bad.
Rematch, bro.
[Birdie screeching]
[beeping] Shard energy signature detected.
- No!
- [babbles]
The Shard.
[angry babbling]
Nice work, Birdie.
[angry babbling]
Come here, little birdie!
I don't wanna hurt you.
I just wanna chop you!
[Sonic groans]
Where is everybody?
[robotic whirring]
Oh, no, you don't!
[Nine] Sonic, it's me.
Nine? I've been looking
everywhere for you.
- I dunno how much time I have.
- [Dr. Don't laughing]
Are you inside the Eggforcer?
I'm up on the ship with the doctors.
The what-the what?
You're working with them?
No! Would you just listen for a second.
They captured me but I'm working them
from the inside.
Are you okay?
Wait, does that mean they also
have their Shard back?
Yes, temporarily.
Well, don't worry, I'm coming to get ya.
- No, you're not.
- I'm not?
Pretty sure I am.
Don't worry about me.
Focus on finding the Boscage Shard.
I think I have a good idea of where it is.
Yeah, so do the Chaos Council.
Now, hold still.
Is this some kind of secret
handshake I have to learn, 'cause
I'm re-programming the regulators
so we can communicate through them!
Oh, score.
You'll also be able to make contact
with the Shards in any way
without risking teleportation.
Something I picked up from being here.
You see? Playing prisoner
has its advantages.
If you say so.
I mean, we should still come up
with a secret handshake,
but that can probably wait.
Hey! Rat! What are you up to?
Got to go.
Alright, let's go find Thorn
and get that Shard.
[Dr. Don't] I heard voices.
Who you talking to?
I think you're hearing things.
Can I help you?
Send another squad of Eggforcers
to back up our position.
- You got it.
- Eurgh I'm watching you, rodent.
Not well enough, egghead.
[Dr. Don't]
Gimme the Shard or I'll fry the chicken.
Dibs on drumsticks.
Tag. You're it!
[Dr. Babbles angrily babbles]
[Sonic groans]
[Dr. Don't] I can do this all day.
Stop her.
This is our home!
And you are destroying it!
[all roar]
You made it! Welcome to the party.
[Dr. Babbles babbles, shrieks]
Change of heart?
It's our home and I'm ready
to fight for it.
For Boscage Maze.
For Boscage Maze!
For Boscage Maze!
[Tails screaming]
For Boscage Maze!
Got to hand it to you, Thorn,
pretty creative hiding spot.
You knew?
Back at the village.
Why didn't you say anything?
Because I wanted you to trust me.
[growls] Thorn, it's the Shard they want.
Give it to me
and they'll follow me out of here.
But the jungle.
[Dr. Babble giggles]
I'll come back. I'll help you rebuild it.
But first we gotta
get these guys out of here.
Take the Shard. Take it and run
as far and as fast as you can.
Alright, where'd you stash it?
Under the wing or?
Why'd I ask?
Oh, oh, no, no.
What are you waiting for?
- [tense music playing]
- So glad I'm always wearing gloves.
Hey, Chaos Clowns, follow me!
We can't let that hedgehog
get away with the Shard!
[Thorn screaming]
[Dr. Babbles babbling]
Hashtag uh-oh.
Calm down. We need to go after the Shard.
Sonic's getting away! Forget these losers.
We got to get the Shard!
He's gone full tantrum mode.
- [screams]
- What? The Chaos Council didn't follow me?
Those eggheads!
Ah, that is the most stubborn baby
of all time.
[daunting music playing]
[Sonic] Thorn!
Sonic? No!
I'm getting you out of here.
[uplifting music playing]
Not bad for a
[Sonic groans] No!
Dr. Don't to mothership,
we've got the Shard.
Now get us out of this dump.
Come on.
Come on!
No, no, no!
You were never gonna make that jump.
Prim? What are you doing?
Saving your hide.
So, does that mean after this we're even?
[Prim] Depends on whether or not
you survive.
What is that?
Our last chance.
Think you can get me through it?
Not a problem.
Promise you'll return
and help me restore the jungle.
You have my word, Thorn.
I'm gonna set everything right.
- Hang on, Nine. I'm coming for ya.
- No.
Don't worry about me.
I'm working on a plan to get the Shards
from the inside.
The best thing for you to do
is to get the next Shard before they do.
Are you sure?
Totally. These eggheads
are playing into my hands.
They don't
been downloading their tech.
You just need to get to the Shard first
then get out.
- I better go.
- [electronic shimmer]
That's the first time one of them
has made any sense.
Nine's on our side, Shadow.
- And if you're not gonna help you can
- Oh, I can help.
[Sonic yelling]
Not again!
[theme music playing]
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