Sonic Prime (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Second Wind

[dramatic music playing]
[lightning crackling]
What just happened?
I'll never let you go.
[heroic music playing]
The shard.
You all right, Capt'n?
Aye, Batten.
What happened to Sonic, Captain?
He poofed!
And in the blue flash, he was gone.
The Devil's Lighthouse!
Aye! And with this,
we will reclaim the No Place Seas.
- Huzzah!
- Huzzah!
This craft is the property
of The Chaos Council.
Shut your metal gob!
I will not! I was programmed
by The Chaos Council
with the mission to retrieve that shard.
And ya failed!
The council will return.
You would do best to surrender to me now.
[crew laughs]
If this Chaos Council
wants to take this ship back,
they're more than welcome to try.
You're a heck of a scrapper, Rusty.
Ye'll make a fine pirate.
I am loyal to the Chaos Council.
Then prisoner it is.
All right, crew, let's get this metal boat
ship-shape and ready to sail!
[crew cheers]
What about the Angel's Voyage, Captain?
A good captain goes down with their ship,
but a great captain steals someone else's.
Ha! What be her name?
The Kraken.
Aye, a fitting name.
Oh! ♪
Who'd be the scourge
of The Great No Place Sea? ♪
[crew] Dread! It be Dread! ♪
[theme music playing]
[seagulls squawking]
[yelling] Not again!
[gasps, coughs]
Oh, I really thought I had it this time.
Okay, how do I find a band of pirates
in the middle of a massive ocean world?
Hmm. I need to get some higher ground.
The Devil's Lighthouse!
The Yolkomotive is primed and loaded.
Egg-cellent! We are on a tight schedule
here, doctors, so no messing around.
Don't tell me what to do!
We'll get the power shard.
Don't you worry about it.
[Dr. Deep] And in record time, I'd wager.
If we want to find the shard,
we need to find Rusty Rose.
[Knuckles The Dread] Black Rose!
Set a course for me long awaiting destiny.
Aye, aye, Capt'n!
All finished with the banners, Dread.
[Knuckles The Dread] Fine job, lad!
And the cannon's been locked and loaded!
Good! Let's go get our pirate on.
[Dr. Deep] Filthy Pirates!
Surrender the shard and we will leave you
with your stolen ship
and your pathetic lives.
The Chaos Council has come for me
and the shard just as I said they would.
They can have you back!
If he wants me beauty,
he can come down here and take it from me!
Bring it!
[mechanical whirring]
[battle cries]
[battle cry]
You can't have it! It's mine! Mine!
- [electricity crackling]
- [grunts]
No! When I get me hands
on ye lousy landlubbing lunatics,
- I'll take me sword and
- [beep, mutes]
That filthy sea dog put up a fight.
Eggforcers! Give them a final volley
to remember us by.
[robots chattering]
[Eggforcer] All systems
are fully disabled, Captain.
[both] Eggcellent.
- [Dr. Done It] What about Rusty Rose?
- Leave her.
She's failed us one too many times.
They are [short circuit]
leaving me.
[incomprehensible static]
Fellow doctors.
We have The No Place Shard
in our possession.
Securing in record time, I might add.
Ugh! Those two mouth breathers
are always rubbing it in.
We're picking up a converter from New Yoke
and then we're on route.
Send us your coordinates and be ready.
- Our egg-xact coordinates are
- [static fuzz]
Transmission faulty. Repeat coordinates.
Looks like they have a problem
with their tech.
What a shocker.
This is too easy.
- [whoosh]
- [dramatic music playing]
Smoke! And another Egg ship.
That's gotta be Dread.
- Sonic! The Chaos Council have the shard!
- Nine?
I bought you some time. You gotta hurry
if you're gonna get it back
before The Mothership.
Thanks, pal. And don't worry,
hurrying is what I do best.
- [beep]
- [whoosh]
Wonder what happened to those pirates?
Okay, if I'm gonna catch that ship,
I'm gonna need to get airborne.
[Sonic grunts]
We can't, Captain!
- [crew gasps]
- Yo-ho, pirates!
- [Knuckles grunts]
- [grunts]
[crew] Sonic?
You're back?
That's right!
Those scurvy eggheads stole me beauty.
I heard. Your beauty, huh?
Hmm, well, whatever you're calling it,
we have to get it back
and I need your help.
Come on! We have to get this ship moving
and go after them.
The ship is damaged
and we're not going anywhere.
[Rusty] I can fix The Kraken.
Yeah, Rusty can fix it!
Wait, is she your prisoner?
What about The Council?
Aye, she's loyal to her beloved Council.
That was before they desserted me.
[short circuits] I will join your crew.
We will make them regret
tossing me aside like scrap metal.
Seems legit!
Do ye agree to follow me orders?
And do you swear to wreak vengeance
on those who stole me beauty?
I just said that.
Rose, cut her loose!
Yes! This team's really starting
to come together!
Hmm, his speed will be useful
in getting me beauty back.
[laughs maliciously]
Good to be back
on the same side again, huh?
It is a means to an end.
Ouch. That hurts. She'll come around.
You think you can fix it?
I don't know. I couldn't get it working.
Rerouting stored energy
from solar collectors to ignition systems.
Overwriting safety protocols.
Rebooting main drive
and engine sub-systems.
[booting up noises]
[crew] Huzzah!
Pfft! Lucky guess.
You two are actually a lot alike,
you know that?
[both in unison] We are nothing alike!
Yeah, nothing same-y about that.
[engines roaring]
- Did you try
- Of course I tried that!
- How about overriding the
- Don't you think
that was the first thing I did?
This is frustrating!
I can't find a single thing wrong with it.
- [explosion]
- [alarm blaring]
We've been hit! What's going on?
The Kraken? It can't be!
We left it dead in the water!
Apparently, not dead enough!
Rusty Rose.
I told you we should've taken her with us!
- No, you did not!
- [groans]
Well, I thought it!
We made a mistake
in not sinking them earlier,
one we'll rectify at once.
Eggforcers, destroy The Kraken!
[Eggforces chatter]
[dramatic music playing]
We can't get any altitude
with this damaged engine!
Then turn off the autopilot
and let me show these rodents what's what.
Oh Okay, Gramps!
Buckle up.
I'll show you how a real pilot can fly.
Well, I'm launching another squad
of Eggforcers, then.
[Dr. Deep] Fine! See if I care.
[Eggforcers whirring]
Hang on to your boots!
Time to get what we came for.
Got 'em!
I have eliminated two.
I knocked four!
Make that ten!
- [explosion]
- Twelve!
- [Rusty] Thirteen!
- [Black] Fourteen!
[both] Fifteen!
We're getting killed out here.
Where's the Mothership?
Enough! Lemme show you
how it's done, sonny.
Here is the thing, old man,
I'm the driver.
You go down to the engine room
and fix the communication motherboard.
[both grunting]
You can't drive worth a darn!
You go down to the engine room
and fix the communication motherboard.
Ugh! Fine! I'll do it.
Just get us in position for pick up.
[grunts] All right, now, first,
we gotta shake these slouchers loose.
[dramatic music playing]
Hang on te yer p'tatoes, we be goin' in!
Are we going under the water?
But we're still outside!
[time slows]
Leave me here. I have a score to settle.
Where'd they go, where'd they go?
[Sonic gasps]
Somebody hit the lights!
What is that?
[music swells]
[Sonic] Green Hill
[laughing] The suckers fell for it!
Time to hit the rendezvous point
and get the heck out of here.
All right, let's see. When in doubt,
turn it off and turn it back on again.
- [scoffs] How profound. Here we go.
- [beeps]
[Yolkomotive powers off]
[grunts] What? Where'd the power go?
[clicks button]
[Yolkomotive powers back on]
[yells] There's the power!
[Dr. Deep] Whoooaaa!
What the heck is going on up there?
The Chaos Council craft is behind us.
Me beauty calls ta me.
- Underwater? Why are we underwater?
- [yells]
Well, I had to shake them loose somehow!
[grunts] What is that?
Eat plasma, deserters!
[both yell]
Mothership. Come in, Mothership!
Pick up at the rendezvous point!
You'll soon be in me grasp again,
me beauty.
Launch the torpedoes!
[torpedoes firing]
Pull up!
[torpedoes drifting]
[torpedoes drifting]
[sighs in relief]
You won't be getting away that easy,
scoundrels. [laughs]
[yells] Dread!
To the rendezvous point!
[both yelp]
[both yelp]
You're gonna turn, right, Dread?
Oh, no!
[all screaming]
[coughing and gasping]
Crazy pirate nearly killed us!
[both grumble]
Huh? What's that?
Arrrh! It's Sonic!
The Shard! Secure the Shard!
- [door dings]
- Hey!
- Got it!
- [Eggforcer mumbling]
[door dings]
[Sonic laughs]
- [Dr. Deep] Stop him!
- [Sonic] Whoo!
[laughs] Run, rabbit, run!
[Sonic grunts] A little help here!
Ha ha! Nice shot, Rusty!
My pleasure.
[plasma shooting]
- Oh, my back! Argh!
- [back cracks]
[grumbles in pain]
More Eggforcers!
[metal clinks]
It's up to us now, me crew!
Pirate like you've never pirated before!
[sword clangs]
[Knuckles grunts]
[metal clinking]
[Amy grunts]
- [frog ribbits]
- [crashes]
[Sonic grunts]
[gasps for air]
Uh oh.
Thanks, rodent. Gotta fly!
Not a chance!
[Dr. Deep chuckles, grunts]
Me beauty!
[Dr. Deep] Not for long!
[both grunt]
[metal clinking]
He scores a ten from the judges!
[Eggforcers falling]
[both grunting]
[Knuckles screaming in slow motion] No!
So long, Captain Looser!
Come back here,
you yellow-bellied barnacle!
Get that shard back here,
you flying beatnik!
Sonic! I got it covered here.
Go after the Shard!
That's right, fetch me precious
while I turn me crew on ya
to steal it back!
[Knuckles grunts]
He's turned on us, Batten!
We're on our own!
And so, we bid farewell
to this soggy hellscape, never to return.
[Sonic spinning]
- [grunts]
- [grunts in surprise]
Hee hee, burn that blue hamster!
[Sonic grunting]
[Tails yells, grunts]
Nineteen, twenty!
Twenty-one, twenty-two! [grunts]
Twenty-three, twenty-four,
twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven!
Get back, ye rust buckets.
I'll break your sea legs!
He abandoned us, Capt'n?
Sorry, Batten. We never
should have trusted that blue land-lover.
Me Roses!
[both] Aye, Capt'n!
Sonic has abandoned us.
This be our final stand!
- [both gasp]
- [in unison] Aye, Capt'n!
- Thirty-six.
- Thirty-seven.
- [Rusty] Thirty-nine
- [Black] Forty!
- [metal clanking]
- [Dr. Deep grunts]
- [Black] Fifty-four!
- [Rusty] Fifty-five.
- [Black] Fifty-six!
- [Rusty] Fifty-seven.
- [Black] Fifty-eight!
- [Rusty] Fifty-nine.
[both] Sixty!
High five!
High five?
- [Dr. Deep grunting]
- [metal clinking]
[Sonic yelling]
[Sonic grunts]
Ha ha!
Ah! [grunts]
- Huh?
- Yoink!
- [Sonic grunts]
- [grunts]
Eat plasma, hedgehog!
Aww! You got it right for once!
[gasps] Oopsie pickle!
And that's the way it's done.
He hung us out to dry.
He's a traitor, me crew.
Can't be trusted, just like them!
But, Dread, we had a plan.
[Knuckles The Dread] Hand it over.
You abandoned us, Sonic!
Ye left us at the mercy o' them robuts.
I'll blast 'im right b'tween the eyes.
Just do not hit the Shard.
I wha ho how could it
Last chance, Blue.
The Shard or yer life!
[dramatic music swells]
[music ends]
[closing theme plays]
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