Sonic Prime (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

No Way Out

[evil music playing]
[Mr. Dr. Eggman] Gah.
All this debris is slowing us down!
Someone take care of it. Now!
[Mr. Dr. Eggman] Hmm.
[keys clicking]
Mothership, play audiobook.
[Mothership Siri] Playing
The Art of World Domination.
Chapter One. Posture matters.
[Nine scoffs]
Mothership, stop audiobook!
Smirk while you can, rat.
Soon the Chaos Council will have
a third Shard in our grasp.
Pray we still require your assistance
when that happens.
As long as Sonic is out there,
you'll need all the help you can get.
Zip it! The only noise I want to hear
is the sound of you
upgrading the shatterdrive
to contain more prism energy!
[ship rumbles]
Oh, for the love of
Don't get any funny ideas.
I wouldn't dream of it.
[device chimes]
Nine to Sonic, can you hear me?
Nine to Sonic, can you hear me!?
[Dread] Last chance, Blue!
The Shard,
or your life!
- [device chimes]
- [Nine] Sonic! Can you hear me?
Are you okay?
He be anything but okay, me boyo.
- [Nine] Who was that?
- Sorry, little buddy,
I'm gonna need to call you back
in like five
That treasure be mine.
Ten minutes.
[theme music playing]
Dread, what are you doing?
This wasn't part of the plan!
The plan's changed when you deserted us.
Deserted you?
Wait, is that why you're all so mad?
Dread, tell them! I was coming right back.
Not how it looked to us.
You know what? That stings.
Especially since I'm standing right here,
proving that I did come back!
He makes a good point.
Look, I'm not a traitor,
but right now, I need to take this shard
and get Hey!
More lies!
Respect. My. Boundaries!
I expected Dread to take this hard,
but what's with the rest of you?
You're a lousy traitor
who abandoned your crew in battle!
I didn't abandon you!
Dread told me to get the Shard,
and he w
He's lying!
Now give me the treasure.
Well, when you put it that way.
[blows a raspberry]
After him!
Get this bucket of bolts in the air!
This ship can move,
but is too damaged to fly, captain.
Until she can do the repairs.
Argh. Prepare the crew.
We're taking this thing down.
[Dr. Done It]
The blue rat is abandoning ship!
for the love of quiche!
Do you have to do that right now?
It relaxes me.
it's not like I can do anything else
with our ship dead in the water.
Thank goodness
the rest of the Chaos Council
doesn't know about our "predicament".
[Mr. Dr. Eggman]
Yes, well, they are nimrods.
[Dr. Don't] We're patched in.
[Mr. Dr. Eggman] Oh! Uh, ahem.
Mothership to Yolkomotive,
we're en-route, are you in position?
I repeat en-route.
[panicked gibberish] No problems here!
We'll be there with bells on,
with the Shard in our possession.
[radio buzzes]
Urgh! We need to move!
How much longer until we're operational?
I've already programmed them
to do the repairs.
Just relax and do your yogurt.
It's yoga!
Ah! I'll never hit top speed
juggling this thing around!
All this water, it's just not natural.
I always feel like something's gonna
come up out of the darkness and
What is that?
[Sonic yelling]
[all yelling]
I knew we'd catch him by surprise.
Captain, the Kracken is still damaged,
and this type of extreme maneuvering
is not advisable.
If she falls apart, I know who ta blame.
Everyone on deck!
And keep your eyes peeled
for that blue treasure thief!
Something definitely hit us.
Look out the window, Dr. Don't,
something is always hitting us!
Dr. Babble is doing the best he can.
[babbling continues]
Why does he get to play games?
He's a noob.
Because I need you to drive the ship.
[Dr. Don't] Ugh!
Bad RNG.
I'm shutting it down before we blow.
Fine! Send out a repair squad as well.
We don't have time for this!
We'd better tell the others
we're going to be delayed.
Mothership to Yolkomotive,
we've hit a snag! Slight delay.
D-delayed!? What's takin' ya so long?!
We're in position!
We've been at the checkpoint for hours!
- [Nine] Nine to Sonic! Are you there?
- Nine?
Huh, finally. Tell me you have the Shard.
You know it! Now all I gotta do is
get this baby to the void.
What are you waiting for?
You have to hurry.
The mothership has been stalled somehow
- but it's on it's way!
- Haha, I'm trying,
but I've got a bit of a pirate problem
at the moment.
We find me treasure
or ye all be walking the plank!
Ugh, Dread's really losing it.
[Nine] Forget the pirates.
Our reality is at stake.
Stay on mission.
Copy that, stay on mission.
You too, Catfish?
You'll never escape with me treasure!
Open fire!
This totally seemed like
it was going to be easy.
Get the Shard and run fast,
which I'm awesome at
- Gyah!
- [Shadow] Who are you talking to?!
I can see you have the Shard.
Run faster and get out of there!
Turns out it's hard
to get up to full speed on water.
Even with these kicks.
Not to mention
having pirates blasting at you!
Then go where they can't
blast you.
I need solid ground.
And I know just where to get it!
By the time that ship gets here,
I'll be a blip on the horizon.
What was that about
a blip?
Target acquired. Missiles locked.
You've been nicked, me hearty.
And I'm coming for ye.
You guys are gonna feel
really bad about this later
when you think back and remember
how awful you were treating me,
when I'm only trying to help!
Let's just say I'm glad I'm not
you guys.
That guilt's going to be unbearable!
Close one. Uwaaagh!
Ahhgh, hold still, you slippery eel!
The missiles are locked
to Sonic's energy signature, captain.
He won't be able to outrun them for long.
Why does everything
have to be so difficult!?
Fire again!
[screaming in slow-motion]
[all screaming in slow-motion]
Oh, yeah!
Arr! That blue treasure thief
will pay for this!
You okay?
No one has ever asked if I was okay.
I am to be treated as a tool, not a
Friend? I know the feeling.
All I do is follow The Dread's orders,
and where has that led me?
[Dread] Come on, you lazy sea dogs!
We gotta get after that blue menace!
We're gonna get me treasure back
even if it kills ye!
[robots chattering]
[robots chattering continues]
What was that?
What the?!
What's going on in here?!
Are you playing a game?
Where are we at with the engine repairs?
There's There's something out there!
[Mr. Dr. Eggman] 65%!
That's well within the operational range!
Fooling around with so much at stake!
[Dr. Don't] Aghhh!
I'm mad and disappointed!
What are we waitin' for? Let's attack!
- We can get the Shard and call it a day.
- All in good time.
Let them tire each other out.
A divided enemy is an easy one to conquer.
Bah! Your whole generation
is afraid to work.
And all your yogurt won't change a thing!
For the last time, it's yoga!
[deep breath]
Now that I am centered,
let's finish the job.
I'm getting my suit!
Hoo-yeah! Pop-pop's got the wheel!
Oh! Thanks.
I have restored flight capability.
Perhaps we should leave the water?
Nay, I've got to stay low
to keep an eye on me treasure. Fire!
Not even close!
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Oh, no.
At last.
I'll only ask this once.
Give me back the Shard.
You'll have to do more than ask.
If ye want the Shard you'll have to
Fight for it?
Bring it on, Blue.
[all screams]
What was that?
Captain! We're hit!
[Dr. Deep] No need to fight, boys.
The Shard is mine.
Destroy them all, every one of them!
[everyone enthusiastic walla]
- You good?
- Thank you.
Uh you're welcome?
- We're overmatched.
- "We"?
I left you all once,
and I'm not making that mistake again.
- Where's the Shard?
- There!
[evil laughter]
Dread is abandoning ship?
[Dr. Done It] Gah!
The pirate's got the Shard! Get him
The Shard must not fall
into the Council's hands.
But you
Will be fine after that rock is gone.
Get after him, Sonic.
Dread! Is this who you really are?
A coward who abandons his crew?
A captain makes sacrifices!
Time to show off my warrior pose.
[Dr. Done It] Gah!
Would you just grow up and attack?!
[Dr. Deep] I'm trying to be dramatic!
Dread! Where are you going,
what's your plan?
I don't need a "plan"!
As long as I've got me beauty!
Oh, yeah!
Sorry, Dread,
but I've got a shatter-verse to save.
- Ohhh, lemme
- [beep]
[heroic music playing]
Oh, if I had my Death Laser.
Land! Sweet, solid land!
Finally, I can get some traction
under these kicks!
Time to get outta here.
It's working! Yes!
What the?
Thanks for the head's up, Shadow!
Sonic, get out of here!
What?! You still have the Shard?
Doctors, where are you?
What have you been doing
all this time?
Oh, cool your jets, sonny!
Deep's just cleaning up a few barnacles.
We'll be there shortly!
Do I have to do everything myself?
Playtime is over.
Give me the Shard.
Make me.
No, she be mine!
- Dread!
- Shoot the pirate.
I said playtime is over.
[evil laughter]
[evil laughter]
Excellent work, Doctors.
It's amazing what my cohorts and I can do
when we work together.
I'll make this simple.
Hand over the Shard,
or say goodbye to your friends forever.
Don't. I am expendable.
Well, I'm not! Give 'em the blasted rock!
Well? Last chance.
Fine. When you put it that way.
Sonic, no!
You want the Shard?
You're gonna have to get it yourself!
No! Get the Shard!
And destroy him!
Oh, no!
- You two make quite the team.
- Aye, we do.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta fly.
[Black Rose]
Everyone! Get to your stations!
[Sonic] The Mothership!
It's leaving!
[evil laugh]
- [screaming]
- [thud]
Need a lift?
You know it.
You must stop them, Sonic.
If the Council acquires all the shards,
total annihilation is inevitable.
Well, doesn't that sound terrifying.
[Sails Tails] Sonic, look!
Thanks for the lift!
[Mr. Dr. Eggman]
Set a course for New Yoke.
We've got a rebellion to quash.
[diabolical laughter]
[gasping, evil laughter]
[theme music playing]
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