Sonic Prime (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

A Madness to Their Methods

Can you believe it?
This is everything we hoped for.
Kids playin' with busted up Eggforcers?
Not that. Freedom.
With the Chaos Council gone,
we can finally make New Yoke City
what we want, what its citizens deserve
return our home to what it was.
- All the trees
- And the beaches
This can't be good.
This be more than I bargained for!
Me beauty.
So much for everything we hoped for.
Sorry, Mr. Eggforcer.
Oh, coconuts.
Ah, can't you just taste
the soot and ozone.
We never should've left it
in the hands of these ignorant peasants!
But we've already discussed this!
Leaving to gather three Shards
was the prudent decision.
Now we'll be powerful enough
to make short work of them.
You know I can't plan for
a shatterversal domination
with all those rebellion ingrates
making a rocket!
And didn't that dag-blasted rebellion
start in your neighborhood?
Rebels joined from all five districts,
besides, their hideout
was in Deep's district.
We should just burn your district to ash!
Someone needs to feed the baby.
He's cranky.
Save this negative energy for later.
Each of us has to clean up his own house,
so we can make
a beautiful mess of reality.
Rescue op, street side, now!
Dread? Dread? Dread?
Where are you?
It's the rebels!
It's madness out here.
It's hopeless.
- Missed me?
- Sonic?
I shoulda known when everything
went bad, you'd show up.
Hey, I'm here to help!
Except you always seem
to make things worse.
The cerulean simpleton again?
He is the definitive bug
in our game.
Peace, my brothers.
The Blue Blight
currently infests my district,
and I will purge him like toxins
after a juice cleanse.
But first, let us secure
our own NestEgg
and give the rebels a little something
to keep them busy.
What makes you so sure
you'll exterminate the rodent?
He's bested you at every turn!
Got any new ideas?
Actually, no. Nothing new.
I'm going to recycle.
Come on, don't let Sonic
get in all the good licks!
It's great to see you guys again,
it really is, but I
Answers! Where did you come from?
Pirates? I hate pirates.
You let the Council get their hands
on more Shards?
Technically, yes. But don't worry,
I've got a plan.
I'm on my way to fix it right now.
We've heard that before!
I'm gonna bust into the Yoke,
grab the Shards and rescue Nine.
The fox with the attitude?
The one who stole the Shard?
I know he's a little rough
around the edges
It's not just the edges.
but he saved you!
And then he disappeared again.
Because he was captured!
We can trust him.
Him? We don't even trust you!
Fine. I don't need you guys
slowing me down anyway.
- I'll just
- Quiet!
Those machines, they've never
been so fast. Or this aggressive.
Which is exactly why I need to get
into the Yoke like, yesterday.
The Shards are what matters.
Go on, then. Don't let us slow you down.
It's fine. They can handle it.
Focus on the Shards,
focus on the Shards
Uh, why am I running into battle?
Well, it's been a blast,
but I gotta get to the Yoke.
- We're going with you.
- What?
We're all heading to the Yoke.
Why would we go to the Yoke?
The streets are crawling
with Eggbots again!
Now that the Council is back
and more powerful than ever,
we have to take the fight to them.
No one likes a good dust-up
more than me, you know that, Rebel,
but these grunts are green.
We need to get underground.
Love that you're talking this out,
but I should've been there already.
- I can't wait around
- You're gonna have to!
This is bigger than you, Sonic.
If you fail, and the Chaos Council
keeps the Shards, we're finished.
And I'm not letting that happen.
I know this isn't what we do.
We stick to the shadows,
we fight from the shadows,
but this time,
there's just too much at stake.
We have to bring the fight right to them.
Maybe there's a way we can do both.
We should make it bigger!
Big surprise that Dr. Slouch
wants it taller.
Give it Buzzsaws! Carve them up!
You rang for me?
How long are we putting up with him?
He's built us what we want,
get rid of him already.
Now, now. We're going to put him to work,
but this one possesses a,
shall we say,
less-dull mind than the usual riff-raff?
He'll appreciate this.
Appreciate what?
What we've built, of course.
You're harnessing the energy
of all three Shards?
That much power is
Incalculable? Indeed.
No, it isn't! Just make them bigger!
What are you guys doing?
The rat is confused.
Perhaps a demonstration is in order.
Dr. Don't? If you wouldn't mind.
Oh, can we please speed this up?
We're moving as fast as we can.
What's the plan, Rebel?
Yeah, we are kinda
under a time crunch here, so
We need to get into the tunnels
on the other side of the station.
Using them, we'll be able
to get in close to the Yoke HQ
with less attention than on the streets.
So we just gotta get past
these chumps first?
No sweat.
Way to put the "team"
in "teamwork," everybody!
Oh, looks like you can handle yourselves,
so maybe I'll just take off.
Those things are huge.
Okay, seriously,
what's with all the upgrades?
Enjoying the show?
It won't be enough.
Not enough?
My Jumbo Eggforcers will pound
that varmint into blueberry jelly!
We'll see.
Yes, we will.
You admire him, don't you?
For all of your bluster,
you think of him as a friend.
Funny, I thought you were smart.
Knucks, we'll handle this one.
Can you clear the exit?
Let's move.
Let's go!
Sweet corn!
They destroyed my babies!
My big, beautiful babies!
So much for "just make them bigger."
Next time, try laser eyes.
Flamethrowers are tight.
So, which one are we doing?
I don't care!
Do whatever you want.
I'm starting to think
this was a bad idea.
They've never had this many Eggforcers,
and they've never been this tough.
What do we got left to lose?
Look, this is all getting pretty intense
and it's a lot more
than you signed up for.
I don't blame any of you
if you don't want to go any further.
But I have to go.
I have a fox friend to rescue
and a world to save,
a few worlds, actually.
I should have been doing this
alone anyway.
No. The Chaos Council are not going
to stop at bigger robots,
and you're our best shot
at any sort of victory.
We're with you, Sonic.
Just tell me who to punch.
Forget it, Knucks!
They're too well armored!
We'll see about that!
If looks could kill,
am I right?
I think maybe I made them mad!
Yes! Barbecue that rodent!
For evil purposes only,
mind you.
I'm a strict vegetarian.
We both know that the other members
of the Council won't stop Sonic.
They lack vision and imagination,
unlike you.
You think I have vision and imagination?
Perhaps. Or perhaps
you're just a stupid fox.
Alone. Useless. Pathetic.
I'm pathetic? You're the one
with unlimited power,
and all you can think to do
is build a bigger robot.
Tell me how to defeat Sonic!
You can't, he's too fast.
He thinks on his feet.
No matter what you throw at him,
he takes it.
No matter how hard you hit him,
he always gets back up!
You'll never beat Sonic,
because you can't understand him.
You don't think like he thinks.
You're not even in the same league.
So I need to think like Sonic?
I knew you had vision and imagination.
Hey, wait! I didn't
Yes, yes you did.
Oh, what have I done?
- Nine to Sonic.
- Nine?
Are you there, Sonic?
Warning your friend? Not cool.
Can't take your eyes off me, huh?
Come on, do your worst!
Yeesh. You guys need some team spirit.
- Dagnabbit!
- No! No!
Gentlemen! Why the long faces?
Could it be that your plans
amounted to nothing, again?
Well, if it isn't the cat
that ate the canary.
Where have you been?
Answers aren't hard to find,
if you know the right neck to twist.
Turns out our many-tailed prisoner
has been in communication
with Sonic this whole time.
I knew it! That rat's a rat!
I am a fox!
I'm gonna turn you into a bath robe!
Ah, let's not be hasty.
The fox can lure Sonic right to us.
How is that going to help?
He keeps beating our Eggforcers!
That's why I have
something better in mind.
My interrogation of our prisoner
has inspired a design
for our greatest robotic creation.
Watch and learn.
Nice job. Told you he'd make it.
Make it? Uh thanks.
I can take it from here.
No chance. We've come this far.
We finish this together.
Easy to say.
But we still gotta get inside.
This place is locked down.
Take cover!
More Eggforcers?
I hate to say it, but
We're not retreating!
We make our stand, here and now!
We can't hold them off for long.
We need to get inside, now!
- Sonic!
- Nine? About time!
Bring your friends
to the southwest doors.
You okay? You sound strange.
I'll get you in.
My inside fox is gonna get us in. Come on!
"Bring your friends"?
Why would he say that?
Because he's a nice guy.
I told you, we can trust him!
Not like we have another option.
Rebels! Fall back!
Yes! I knew Nine
wouldn't let me down. Come on!
Yeah, this isn't ominous at all.
I don't like this.
You don't like anything.
Anyone got a light?
Is that you?
No, it's
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