Sonic Prime (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Double Trouble

Heads up, furbag!
Is that a knockoff me?
Knockoff? Oof, that stings!
From the top
of my titanium reinforced head
to my industrial-grade tookus!
Woah, woah, woah!
The name is Chaos Sonic,
like regular Sonic
but with twice the charm,
and none of the failure!
You've got the wrong hedgehog, pal!
Au contraire, blue-hair!
I know a fox that might disagree with you.
Another trap I knew that fox
would set us up!
That's a lie!
I was not programmed to lie!
To New Yoke City!
The seed from which our empire
will someday bloom.
Now, first things first
As Mayor, President,
Chief Superintendent, High Chancellor
Who died and made you Emperor Egg?
No one. Yet.
But since we can all agree
he's too old for the job
Too old? Horsefeathers!
Not so fast!
Or you really will be ancient history.
I oughta teach you
to respect your elders
Ugh. See? My point exactly.
All in favor of me ruling the city,
say aye.
And let you doom us to mediocrity? Hardly.
Leadership requires vision
Guess that rules you out.
You think you could run a city?
Better than you.
Why you
You can't even run the dishwasher.
"You can't even run the dishwasher."
That's what you sound like.
Don't you take that tone with me!
You're not my dad!
Yeah, don't tell us what to do!
Oh, you mean divide the city?
Five sectors. One for each of us.
The baby has a point.
Surely a council of equals
is preferable to total chaos?
Conquer then divide? So be it.
Looks like your pal
set us up!
No! Nine wouldn't do that!
Hi Oh!
I've gotta get Nine out of there!
Forget that two-timing punk!
Get in, get the shards, get out!
- That's it!
- Some of us are fast enough Ow!
Wow, looking at you is like looking
in a mirror!
Only I'm all sad and pathetic!
You're gonna be sad in a minute!
Come on!
Ugh, I can't take it!
You're just so tragic and smelly!
Here, let me help.
Please, stop talking.
Gotcha! Saved your life.
Have I told you my three-step plan yet?
- Oh, you're gonna love it.
- Hey!
Step 1, beat you to a pulp, obviously.
Step 2, rebrand!
Ugh, this guy just won't stop talking.
First of all, stop talking! And second
Ah, ah, ah! You didn't hear my step three.
I diversify! T-shirts, pop albums,
a chili dog
flavored soft drink called
"Chaos Sonic's Chaos Tonic!"
- Nice one.
- That the last of 'em?
Better be.
Sonic looks like he could use a hand.
Spoke too soon
Help Sonic!
- I'll hold them off as long as I can.
- I ain't leaving you.
Yes, you are. That's an order.
What's the matter? Stage fright?
Don't worry. The show's almost over,
and you've had a good run,
but it's time to take your final bow.
Aw, yeah!
I think you're getting rusty, Blue.
This guy ain't so tough.
Two-on-one? Tsk-tsk.
That's cheating.
Guess I'll have to even the odds.
Stand still!
Missed me, missed me,
now here comes my fisty!
Ugh, he's tough.
Maybe I can run down his battery.
Hey, you want to be the new me?
I am the new you.
Well, how about a race?
Oh, I love a race.
See if you can keep up with the original.
What have I done?
A great service
for us, that is.
Mighty charitable of you,
selling out your blue chum like that.
Even if it was
just a slip of the tongue.
The hedgehog has met his match.
Chaos Sonic will destroy him!
And with our endless supply of power,
the resistance is all but over.
Now that we've seen what the shard
can do on a small scale,
what say we widen our lens?
Personally, I've always felt my sector
could use more smokestacks.
Must you be so pedestrian?
What we need is a museum!
Something to commemorate our achievements.
Colonnades, archways, friezes, busts
Theme park.
Ugh. Save it for the bridge
and tunnel crowd.
Theme. Park.
- Museum!
- Smokestacks!
Theme park.
Everyone pipe down!
Staying local was never part of the plan.
Conquer, then divide, remember?
The old man is right for once.
However, with this much
shard power at our disposal,
we don't have to conquer those worlds
We can transform them into
whatever we want,
just like that.
No more oceans,
no more jungles.
With the proper adjustments
to the Shatterdrive,
the portals could stay open
as long as we need.
We wouldn't have to go anywhere!
Imagine universal domination
from the comfort of our own home!
Uh, I wouldn't do that.
Who's asking you?
The portals aren't natural.
Keeping them open will have
repercussions on a universal scale.
The varmint makes sense.
What makes him the expert?
I invented the Shatterdrive technology.
- And we're improving it.
- Pay no attention to the squirrel.
Now, where was I?
Ah, yes.
Why fight over one New Yoke
when we can have five?
- Hello again!
- Ugh!
- Stop. Seriously, knock it off!
- Stop. Seriously, knock it off!
- Stop copying me!
- Stop copying me!
And down goes Sonic!
He can taste his impending defeat,
which I'm guessing tastes like concrete.
Ugh. If I'm half as annoying as this guy,
I really need to make some changes.
Let's start by changing your face!
Ugh At least I have a face!
I got to hand it to you,
you don't just lose, you lose epically!
Face it, you'll never beat me!
- You're too slow.
- Quit your yapping and come get me.
Oh, no.
Sonic! He'll lead me
right back to me beauty
Doctors! Rejoice!
For today, we demonstrate
the true power of the Shards
Must you make a speech every time?
Just do the thing.
Fine. Whatever. Dr. Deep.
Begin Operation
"Chaos Terraformation".
Start it up!
Energy extraction
from the Shards is underway.
Over to you, Dr. Babble.
That should do the trick.
The Chaos Council.
At last! Our empire blooms.
We're done here.
Oh, come on.
Sorry I'm late.
Where's your evil,
slightly more annoying twin?
He had a bus to catch.
What are we supposed to do about these?
That can't be good.
We ain't going to be able to punch our way
out of this one.
The sooner we get the Shards,
the sooner we can stop this.
- Great point, Rebel.
- Let's go!
Go, go, go!
Hey, bro. Miss me?
Now, where were we?
Oh, yeah.
Now this, this is fun
I'm picking up at least
two more Shard signatures
undiscovered somewhere in the Void.
Which means
To each his own Shatterverse.
And then?
Hear, hear!
Feel free to add this butt-kicking
to your long list of failures, Sonic!
You want to know the biggest
difference between you and me?
He's got us.
And you're on your own.
- Nah, friends are a weakness.
- No!
Remember, Sonic, this is all on you.
Leave them alone.
After I'm done with you,
I'm going to destroy your friends.
- Avast, scurvy dog!
- Dread?
- You're okay!
- I owe ye one for saving me hide.
But once we're squared,
it's every one for themselves
when it comes to me beauty.
Nya ha ha!
Must have took
one too many punches today.
That makes two of us and two of you.
Don't question it.
What better way to win a fight
than with a pair of Knuckles?
No argument there.
Shiver me timbers! Ye be me!
Are you making fun of me?
Knuckle's Woah!
And you, Doctor
Well, this is new.
- What was that? An earthquake?
- No, bigger.
A ripple in time and space.
The varmint was right,
guess that's what happens
when one goes drilling holes in reality.
You overeager fools!
Whatever it is, we can fix it later.
No sense stopping now.
These fools are going to tear
the Shatterverse apart.
Enough is enough.
Ah! Take this!
Hey, Sonic, are you there?
Sorry, pal, but I'm a little busy
at the moment. Woah!
I have a plan.
Follow my directions and lead it to me.
- You sure?
- Positive. But you got to hurry.
What else is new?
Hey, slow poke!
Sonic, wait!
- I'm starting to think he likes traps.
- Aye, he does.
This is too weird.
Quick, take a right. And a left.
Take a right, then up the stairs!
Exit the top floor!
The lab is at the end of the hall!
Lead him this way!
We did it!
Oh, sorry.
I, uh
I know you're not really a hugger.
No, I'm sorry.
The Chaos Council used me.
- I didn't
- Hey, I never doubted you for a second.
And that proves why.
Only a true friend
could pull off a save like that.
Friend? We're friends?
You bet we are! Uh, quick question.
How are we gonna carry them all?
They seem extra Shardy right now.
This will only take a moment.
I'm the best!
This case should hold
the Shards and contain their energy.
The more the Shards interact,
the more volatile
and potentially catastrophic
they could become.
As always.
Yay, teamwork!
Oh High-five!
Aha! Stop right there, varmints!
I hate this place.
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