Sonic Prime (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

Cracking Down

[dramatic music playing]
[Shattercraft charging up]
Ugh, already?
I haven't had time to test this yet.
[engines firing up]
It better work!
I knew there was the potential
for space between worlds,
but I never imagined
it would be quite like this.
[engine shutting down]
[alarm beeping]
[theme music playing]
[Nine screaming]
[alarm beeping]
[warning beeps]
Ah, this thing needs some repairs.
Let's hope
there's some solid land in there.
There's no one here.
Pretty Grim.
It's perfect.
[scanner beeping]
[beeping intensifies]
[Shattercraft engine initiating]
[scanner beeping]
Sonic is gonna love this place.
[Dr. Done It] Stop right there, varmints!
I hate this place!
Destroy them!
Thanks for stopping by.
I've locked the Chaos Council
out of the system, but it won't last long.
Don't tell me we're trapped in here?
Are you kidding?
This is all going according to my plan.
- [thudding]
- [babbles] I'll get you!
Did you plan for that?
That? No.
[Dr. Babble babbles]
Stop! The Council thinks
we're going down
but we are taking a different path.
Oh, things are finally coming together.
We've got the Shards.
We can finally fix everything!
It's going to be perfect!
[all] Ha!
[all] Huh?
Where did they go? [screams]
The Shards are gone!
[Dr. Babble babbles]
All of your faults!
What in the name of quiche
are you doing out there!
Quiet, all of you!
We have one simple goal
Get the Shards back!
Where are they?
[device beeping]
Uh it looks like
they're headed down to the street.
Divert all the Eggforcers
back to the Yoke.
We'll crush them the moment
they step outside!
Why aren't they powering down?
We have the Shards.
Residual prism energy
stored in the Mothership.
They're not powering down any time soon.
[electricity crackles]
Nine, you are full of surprises.
If you like surprises,
wait 'til you see
what I've got going on in the Grim.
Grim? Cool, can't wait to hear more!
But right now we gotta get to Ghost Hill.
Ghost Hill?
[Sonic] Yeah! It's just like
the real deal,
plus it's got a fourth Shard
and this blueprint "thingy."
That's the key to putting
the prism back together!
- How do we get to this Ghost Hill?
- [thudding on door]
I'll clear the path,
you get the Shards out of here!
[Shattercraft beeping]
[Dr. Babble screams]
Ugh! The baby again!
[Dr. Babble] Ah!
What was that about,
heading to the street?
[mockingly] What was that about,
heading to the street?
That's what you sound like.
Deep, Done It,
get the Yolkomotive in the air.
[Dr. Babble crying]
Go, go, go!
Next stop, prism blueprint.
[Knuckles] Argh!
Me beauty.
The portal shouldn't have been
left open this long.
They're decaying.
Do you think we can go
through them?
- I don't trust them, they look unstable.
- [warning beeps]
[warning beeps continues]
Ha-ha! Mess with my best bud,
and you get blasted!
That was epic!
Yes, it was.
[Sonic] Ha, ha, ha!
Nothing's gonna stop us now!
Will you stop saying stuff like that?
[Dr. Deep] No matter how fast you are,
time always catches up.
Time, and the Chaos Council
Will you just blast them already?
Ugh. We're going down!
The Shards.
- [Shattercraft powering down]
- You okay?
The Shatterdrive is down.
Go get the Shards!
[Sonic] Nine, get down!
All right, Rusty and Black Rose!
Who is useless now?
Oh, that traitor will pay for that!
[Sonic] Ha-ha!
I can get us to the Void.
[Eggforcers beeping]
But right now, we need to move. Come on!
How can you get us to the Void?
Well, I don't want to get all science-y,
but basically, I run fast and boom
a portal opens.
And you've done this lots of times?
Turn right!
Not exactly lots of times
How many? Make a left.
Once on purpose,
and I wasn't pushing a giant Shard case.
- But it was super cool!
- Turn right!
Ugh, I'll never get up to speed
with all these Eggforcers on us!
Sorry pal, but I think
we're going to have to use
one of those portals to escape.
It's not a good idea.
It portals directly
into another Shatterspace.
They can't be stable.
Well, they came through and they're okay.
All right, fine.
Through the portals it is!
- [grunts]
- Gotcha!
Hey, don't mention it,
that's what friends are for.
Two on your six. Can't you go any faster?
Not on this water. I'll never build up
enough speed like this.
There be no wind in me sails!
Curse these buildings.
Ahoy, guys!
Sonic! You be back!
Ye got yer own boat!
This isn't a boat.
Technically, anything that floats
be a boat.
Actually, we're just passing through.
Any chance you could help us out?
Helping you out only brings more trouble,
but if you could sweeten the deal?
Wouldn't you like another crack
at these guys?
Argh! They really put the bog in me boots
and I've been itching to use the cannons.
Thanks, Batten!
[Dr. Don't]
What do they think they're doing?
- They're boat is made of wood!
- [loud thud]
[Dr. Don't and Dr. Babbles grunting]
[Sonic] Whoa!
Having friends in all the Shatterspaces
comes in handy.
Just wait 'til you meet Tails.
- You're gonna love him! Dread?
- [Knuckles] Argh!
I want me beauty.
I know ye have it.
Yeah, sure is great having friends.
Come on, dude,
I thought you and I were cool now.
Ye thought wrong.
Get outta here, Sonic. I'll handle this.
I get why you don't like me,
but you guys should be friends!
Not gonna happen.
I already have enough friends.
The only friend I need is me beauty. Argh!
The Council's forces
are converging on you.
You brought the trouble.
Now take it with you.
We've got bigger problems.
- We need to go.
- I'll buy you some time.
No! Come back!
[Mr. Dr. Eggman] Ooh! There you are.
Sonic and the Shards are headed
to the Boscage Portal!
All forces converge!
[Nine screaming]
- That was
- Fun, right?
Get used to it.
Once we put the prism back together,
things will be nonstop awesome
all the time in Green Hill.
Green Hill?
Chaos Council's not playing around.
They won't stop coming
until they have the Shards.
We need to get to the Void. Now.
Agreed. I just need a runway.
This deforestation
and commercial construction
is really starting to tick me off.
You're not the only one
- and your friend looks a lot like Mangey.
- Who's that?
Thorn Rose, meet Tails Nine.
It's just Nine.
What have you done now?
Not me. Them!
I won't let them do
more damage to my jungle.
An earthquake! Now?
Can't Mother Nature see
I'm trying to save reality?
That was no earthquake. Look!
That's not good.
Their powers are intensifying
because of the close proximity.
The case won't hold them much longer.
[sighs] Can you clear a runway?
For Boscage Maze!
- [caws]
- [warrior scream]
[warrior scream]
[both] Who is that?
Gotta go fast!
What just happened? Where is Sonic?
Where are the Shards?
[Sonic panting]
It's about time.
Nine, meet Shadow, Shadow, meet Nine.
You're not another version of Sonic.
But you could be twins!
Hardly, I am the ultimate life form.
Don't listen to him. Come on!
[Ghost Hill Tails] As long as I'm around,
you'll always have a wingman.
[Ghost Hill Amy] The forest is
the most beautiful place on earth.
[Ghost Hill Knuckles]
I don't need the details.
Just tell me who to smash.
[growls] Sycophantic wish fulfillment.
This world,
it's like an embryonic Shatterspace,
like it got stuck in the blueprint phase
while forming.
Perhaps it would be useful
in finishing the Grim
[Ghost Hill Rouge]
but I get things done.
[Ghost Hill Tails] As long as I'm around,
you'll always have a wingman.
This is the friend Sonic thought
was like me?
[scoffs] We're nothing alike.
What just happened?
Another reality quake.
We don't have much time. We need to hurry.
Follow me.
[Sonic] It's finally over.
Now we just have to rebuild the prism!
[Nine] Stop!
It's not that simple.
The alignment must be perfect.
The slightest variation
could have massive repercussions.
People, places,
and things can be ripped from existence.
One small mistake, and poof!
Reality is changed forever.
Tiny details are not my thing.
I can do it.
I just have to make some calculations.
How can we help?
I need to be left alone to work.
No distractions.
Too many in a tight space.
I don't want anything to go wrong.
I'll take Sonic outside.
Best to keep him away.
Thanks for putting it together, buddy.
This is why we're a great team.
First things first,
I've got to stabilize the Shard energy.
How do you know you can trust him?
Trust is an issue for you, Shadow.
That's why you don't have any friends.
I don't think your friend wants
the same thing we do.
Hey, cheer up!
We're so close to this all being over!
Once Nine rebuilds the Paradox Prism,
and Green Hill reforms,
everything will finally be back to normal.
- We did it!
- [crackling]
I may have spoken too soon.
[Mr. Dr. Eggman]
A new world, with yet another Shard!
[evil laugh]
[theme music playing]
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