Sonic Prime (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Ghost of a Chance

Crush everything in your path
until you find the Shards!
Don't you just hate this part?
The buildup? Shadow and Sonic
versus unbeatable odds,
with the fate of the world at stake.
Like, let's just get on with it already!
Hey, I'm not gonna be the one
who pulls a hammy.
What about him?
We can't just leave him alone
with the Prism Shards.
Uh, yes we can.
Seeing as he's the only one who can
put them back together, and,
y'know, fix reality?
You really don't trust him, do you?
- No.
- Of course you don't.
You don't trust anyone.
You wanna stay here and babysit?
Fine. Knock yourself out.
I'm gonna go buy us some time.
Well, look who couldn't resist a team-up.
Hardly. Have you seen what happens
when you go it alone?
You mean landslide victory?
Someone sounds jealous!
Oh, my egg!
There's two of him now?!
After all this dimension-hopping,
- nothing should surprise you.
- So what if there's two of ‘em?
Two means twice as easy to hit!
No It means our task just got
far more difficult!
Diverting stored Shard energy
to our Eggforcers.
Let's see how they do
when our forces are powered up!
He's down!
Hit ‘em with everything you got!
Ugh. Probably gonna regret that.
I heart you too, Shadow.
Split up!
I'll get the new one.
Smile for the ammo, rat.
Pathetic! Let me show you how it's done
in the real world, boy.
Ugh, fine!
But we get the assist.
Where'd he go?
No There's no way
Shadow would go down that easy
As long as I'm around,
you'll always have a wing-man.
The forest is the most
beautiful place on Earth.
Two more, then home for the last Shard.
It's Home!
The forest is the most beautiful
Ugh! What's happening?
Amy. Knuckles. Tails!
The forest is the most
beautiful place on Earth!
- As long as I'm around
- They're all ghostly again.
The forest is the
Everything was back. Just for a second.
- I don't need the details
- This is gonna work!
Nine? You okay?
Yeah, this is a little trickier
than I thought.
What happened?
Reality was flippin' out over here!
Like I said, this is a challenge.
You're gonna have to buy me
some more time.
No problem, buddy!
Now your turn!
Gimme that! Behold,
the master marksman!
You can have the controls back.
See, I knew Shadow would be fine.
Hey, these things aren't so tough
when we work together.
You will pay for this!
These readings are like
nothing we've ever seen!
It's like they're connecting the Shards,
and amplifying the power!
All forces, head towards the mountain.
Dr. Deep and Dr. Babble,
here's a little boost to help you keep
those two weasels off our backs.
Yes! Yes!
Now we're talking!
- Sonic!
- Nine! You okay?
No! The Eggforcers
have breached the temple.
Hang on, I'm coming.
Go! Protect the Prism!
Dr. Deep to all forces:
The blue rat is heading
towards the mountain!
Not for long he isn't.
Ugh Must I do everything?
You okay?
I'm fine.
You're nearly done! Nine, I saw it.
Green Hill was back!
So were my friends! Can you
The Prism is only partially complete.
I need you to buy me more time.
Nine we're losing.
The Chaos Council is using Shard energy
to make themselves tougher than ever.
Maybe I can do the same.
- Uh
- You said it before,
I'm full of Shard energy.
Just gimme a boost!
In theory, it's possible.
But given the myriad configurations
and the commensurate spectrum
of transmutational possibilities
Uh. Same stuff less words!
It's dangerous.
Too little energy, you'll lose.
Too much
And I pop like a firework. I get it,
but this is it. It's the only option.
'Cause unless I can be more,
y'know, me, we lose.
Hurry it up!
Daddy wants his Shards!
Uhh, any time now!
Almost there.
Whatever you do, just don't move.
Don't move?!
Whoa. Now this is speed!
Nine, you've really outdone yourself.
I should probably check on Shadow.
Great idea!
Ha-ha! Now that's how it's done!
Meh. Not bad.
Oh, like you could do better?
Dodge this, marmot.
Ha! I knew that would work.
No, you didn't. Did so!
Whatever. Race you to Shadow?
Way ahead of you Me Us?!
Hey, Shadow!
Sorry to keep you waiting!
Ugh. Don't you know it's rude to
Got a power-up to save yer butt.
You're welcome.
There's still one card to play.
Invoking Operation: Big Boy Pants.
It's aiming away from us?!
That doesn't make any sense.
Maybe they know when they're beat.
These guys? Please. If you believe that
you're even dumber than you look.
Finally a Sonic I can agree with.
Behold, the pinnacle of all creation!
It's official. I've seen it all.
It's heading for the Temple.
Hey! Bring it on, big, tall and ugly!
Sonic, don't!
You can't save anything
unless you protect the shards!
Why won't you go down?!
Get to the Shards, now!
Nine! My power-up, it's not enough!
There's a giant
A prismatic Titan
How do we beat it?
You and the Titan should operate
within the same spectral frequency.
If I offset your frequency
Nine! What do we do? What do we do?
I don't know exactly!
But, if you hit him where it hurts,
I think we can make him go boom!
- And if he doesn't?
- Well, it's been a slice.
A slice of reality, that is.
Sonic! You did it!
We did it. Did you complete the Prism?
Then why hasn't it worked?
I don't get it.
I thought this would work!
There's still one Shard missing.
Of course. The last Shard is in the Grim.
Probably could've mentioned that earlier
and saved us the trip there and back.
And back?
The only reason we're here at all
is because I needed to use
the Prism's impression as a blueprint.
To see which pieces went where.
Now that all but the last one is in place,
we can rebuild it to make the grim
into what we've always wanted.
Yeah to rebuild Green Hill.
Green Hill?
We're not remaking your old world.
We're building a better one.
The perfect world in Grim.
Our clean slate.
Why does the slate have to be clean?
I liked the old slate! It was our home!
It was never my home. Plus, it's gone.
I think you can get it back.
You're wrong about that.
We need to build a new home.
Come on, little buddy
Stop calling me that!
You just assumed I'd go along
with you no matter what.
Did you even consider what I wanted?!
I assumed that after everything
we've been through,
you'd see things the way I do.
Just like the real Tails would.
I am real!
Just not your real friend.
What did you think would happen to me
when you brought your friends back?
We're all in this together,
and I really think you'd grow
to love them as much as I do!
And that's exactly your problem!
You just jump into situations
with no idea about the outcome.
We can make this work Nine.
Trust me!
Trust you?
The only person I can trust is myself.
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