Sonic X (2003) s01e02 Episode Script

Sonic to the Rescue

Are you all right? Yeah, thank you.
Youcan speak? Of course! Wow! Youyou really speak! II'm Chris! And you? What's your name? I'm Sonic.
Sonic the Hedgehog! Sorry, it's been raining a lot and the filming is being delayed.
I guess I won't be back until next week.
But here's the good thing! I'll send you some presents by mail from here.
Okay! There's the sweet cotton candy that you like so much.
Thanks! Besides that, Mama Actually, MamaI need to apologize to you.
What's up? I broke two of my promises to you.
That I can't go out after midnight, and that I can't enter the adult's pool You went swimming at that hour? Noit isn't that There was a cat drowning and I saved him.
Is that it? It's all tight, I won't be angry.
You're very kind, Chris.
Bye! When you said 'cat' you meant me, right? Yeah.
Are you angry? But if I had said that it was a hedgehog, she wouldn't understand.
What do you mean? Because hedgehogs are much smaller.
They're likeabout this size.
You're different! You're bigger in size, and you can talk too! Say! When and where did you learn how to talk? I dunno I don't remember something that far back.
Really? Y-Yes? Papa! Chris? I just heard from your mother that last night a cat fell in the pool? I'm sorry, Chris.
To have such poor security that a cat managed to pass by No, no.
Don't worry about it.
I'm all right I let him go.
I looked terrible, he got scared and ran away.
Really? Besides, Grandpa is over here.
Era and Mr.
Tanaka as well.
Anyway, you're bury, right Papa? YeahI'm quite busy.
Well truthfully, everything is okay.
Really? Well then, I have to go.
You know that I always love you very very much! Me too, Papa.
Bye! Oh yeah! What do you do for breakfast? What do you always eat? What do the hedgehogs from here eat? From what I found on the Internet This! What is this!? Cat food.
No way! I don't want this! Wellit looked like it was hedgehog food But it was written that it may by cat food.
Also, it said that it could be dry grass W-Where are you going!? A prefer something more gourmet! You can't! It's bad to go outside! See you~! Ah! Wait! Wait, Sonic!! Due to the incredible speeds, it's difficult to make out the image.
Here are interviews with the people who were on the scene.
It's about this big, blue, and looked like a hedgehog.
It went really fast, it passed by me going "screeech" that way! I'm not kidding, I think it was going faster that mach five! Well, it could be a "U.
If you're wondering if it can be a being from earth, then my answer is "no".
The fastest of animals is a cheetah but they don't run faster than a car.
An animal with such speed does not exist.
Is it tasty? In would be easier to simply think it's a machine.
Is it tasty? In would be easier to simply think it's a machine.
More or less.
Did you hear, Chris? They said that what outran the S Team was some kind of mysterious machine! HEY! What are you doing!? Take it off!! Blue Looks like a hedgehog Hey hey hey wait! What is this thing made of? AH! Stop! What is this thing made of? Don't run away! UmmmGrandpa He's Sonic isn't a machine.
Stay away, please! I'm scared! Chao! Please, stay away! It's Cream and Cheese! You know them? So I wasn't the only one who came to this strange world! All right, wait for me! Do you even know where it is? Okay.
That'll be helpful.
Sorry, I'll treat you to lunch next time.
The police said that they were transferred to Area 99.
Area 99? Isn't that a military laboratory? Military? Yeah, the National Defense Force with tanks, armed cars, and other weapons.
Looks like that creep Eggman.
To be taken to the military's laboratory means that they want to research them.
Like aliens from outer space or some kind of biological weapon that another country developed.
But what really happens there, eh? Like I'd know.
Well now that I know where the place is, I'm going.
If you do that they'll catch you too! If they can catch me.
What're you doing? It wasn't me.
It was me! It looks like fun! My blood is excited! Even you, Grandpa? You're also going.
Don't you always say that you refuse to have a boring life like your father? That's a secret.
You can't say that to Papa! I know! This thing is going so slow! Geez Oh come on! Is this it? Oh yes, yes! Put it on.
What is it? An infrared scope.
Most likely, in Area 99 there will be plenty of traps.
But if you use that, you should be able to avoid them.
Thank you! Well, I'm going ahead! Oh wow! He's so fast! ALL RIGHT!! ID Number F219563-1 Please, let me out! What is this? What are you going to do with us? Can you hear me, Sonic? Yeah! When you get in, head for the air From there, you should be able to pass security.
Got it? All right! But do you know where they're locked up? Of course! Head for a suspicious place, and if you go there you should be able to find our objective.
No way! How irresponsible! Oh well, I'll take care of that! Intruder detected.
I'm in the air vents! Roger! I managed to get pretty close Well now, let's see What the, there's no way! What did you just say? Nothing.
This level is so low.
Easy! Easy! All right! Now!! Japanese: Cream the Rabbit English: Cream the Rabbit Called: Cream Race: Rabbit Gender: Femalt Height: 70cm Weight: 12kg Age: 6 years Likes: TV (epsecially this one) Japanese: Cheese English: Cheese Called: Cheease Race: Chao Gender: Unknown Height: 40cm Weight: Unknown Age: Unknown Likes: Coconuts Checking Checking Will he be all right? I'm scared! Here's his so-called 'suspicious place' But how am I supposed to get it? If I go alone I'll still have a chance but by taking Cream and Cheese, it'll be hard Malfunction in the timing system.
Malfunction in the timing system.
What happened? I can't see a thing! What is it!? What's that noise? Who's there!? Let's run! Yes! A paper airplane? Impossible! Just who did this? But before that, hurry and restore the system to normal! Right! Did you do this, Sonic-san? Nope, it wasn't me.
I can't do that much.
I think that maybe you have something that brings good luck.
Oh yeah? Maybe Sorry, I must have done something-- You have nothing do with it.
Shit! Let's go! Okay! Sonic! What happened? Are you all right? Don't mind me! Run! Keep running! Yes! Area 2 closing.
There's no more time! Oops! What is that? What's going on? I don't know, but now's our chance! Intruders Intru-- We've lost control of the laser cameras! Are you doing this, Sonic-san? I told you, it's not me! Are you doing this, Sonic-san? I told you, it's not me! We managed to get through up to here so everything is fine now.
Baby, were you afraid? Thank you, Sonic-san! What? It's nothing! Huh? That noise.
An airplane? I guess it's I guess it's all over, eh? He must have heard me! Yo! Hi! I see! It was you! Hold on tight and try not to fall! Well then, shall we get going? I'm Chris! I only made friends with Sonic yesterday.
I'm Tails.
I'm always together with Sonic.
Tight, Sonic? I guess.
I'm cream.
And this is my friend, Cheese.
Pleased to meet you! Me too! Nice to meet you! We're going to be great friends! And this is my grandpa.
I never saw such a remote-controlled airplane.
Those are nothing special! But That was really dumb! They're the army, you know! It could start a war If that happens, it'll work out fine! That's not the problem I was talking about They're truly wonderful! Where did you het such advanced technology? I can't explain wherebut it's from that faraway land where I'm from.
But where is this world? Where is it? All I know is that we were suddenly thrown into this world.
Hmmmvery interesting Extremely interesting! Geez Hey Sonic You, me, Cream and Cheese got caught in that accident, which means Maybe others were also sent to this world? Other people who were there wereKnuckles, Amy, and Dr.
Eggman! Oooh With Chaos Control, we came to this world.
Oh well! In this world I'll build my Eggman Kongdom.
And soon, we'll conquer other worlds! Suddenly, the city was attacked by a giant robot! The one controlling the robot is the mysterious Dr.
Eggman! It looks like he wants to rule over the city and create his very own kingdom! We're in trouble! If this continues, the whole city will be destroyed! Sonic! Sonic!!! Geezwhere did you go at such a important moment? Next episode Dr.
Eggman's Ambition