Sonic X (2003) s01e03 Episode Script

Missile Wrist Rampage

I'm Tails! I'm always together with Sonic.
Right, Sonic? I guess.
I'm Cream.
And this is my friend, Cheese.
Pleased to meet you! Me too! Nice to meet you! We're going to be great friends! And this is my grandpa.
I never saw such a remote-control airplane.
Those are nothing special! But That was really dumb! The're the army you know! It could start a war If that happens, it'll work out fine! That's not the problem I was talking about They're truly wonderful! Where did you het such advanced technology? I can't explain wherebut it's from that faraway land where I'm from.
But where is this world? Where is it? All I know is that we were suddenly thrown into this world.
Hey Sonic.
You, me, Cream and Cheese got caught in that accident, which means Maybe others were also sent to this world? Other people who were there wereKnuckles, Amy, and Oooh With Chaos Control, we came to this world.
Oh well! In this world I'll build my Eggman Kongdom.
And soon, we'll conquer other worlds! I believe I'll take this city Which one will it be? Which, which? Mmmwhich one will it be? Here? Bingo! Definitely this one! This is all because of Sonic.
It's a misunderstanding, Knuckles.
Eggman being in this place No.
If it weren't for Sonic's nonsense then we wouldn't be here.
How can you just decide that!? Because these things happen every time.
Am I wrong? The way you blame Sonic for everything is what I hate about you the most! It's fine if you hate me.
W-wait! You'd leave me in here? Coming along with someone you hate? Geez! He's so stubborn! Wait up, Knuckles!! Yes! Here! Aww, you hit it too hard Go, E-23! Show me more of Dr.
Eggman-sama's power! Heehee, it's sparking! Keep spraying and it'll sparkle even more! Is it delicious? Chao, chao! I'm so glad! Tails! What is it? Where's Sonic? Sonic-san said he was going for a little walk.
I told him it would be hard to find him if he left the house Will it really be hard to find him? I don't know, but In any case, do you need him to do something? There's big trouble! Now I'm serious! Stop! If you won't stop then we'll have to open fire! Fire!!! It's no good, it's no good! We did it? Fools.
Do you think those are strong enough? Who's the one giving orders? It's me Well then, use him as an example! Sonicwhere could he have gone? Sonic! Sonic!! Where are you? Answer if you're here!! Sonic! Seems he's not around here, eh Let's look someplace else.
Say, could we take a little rest? It's all tight if you don't follow me.
But I'd worry more with Knuckles on his own Say, do you think we can go back to the world we came from? Don't think we're going back, we ARE going back.
Why is that? That's what I'm looking for.
In any case, if I can't go back, I won't be able to go there.
Because Imust protect it.
Better to die then not be able to do my job.
That's why I don't have the time to linger around in this place.
What's that? E-23, get on the rooftop.
Like an observation window, eh? Goind up.
Well now, let's start with my greeting.
Everyone listen well to this! My name is Dr.
The true form of genius.
Right now I hope you all notice me via my Eggman Network.
As of now this entire world belongs to Dr.
Eggman! Is that robot yours!? That's correct.
Then hurry up and get your robot out of the way! It could hit a plane! Then hand over this city to me! What? What do you mean by that? This is what I mean.
Hand over the city! I'm done here Het the mayor Thenyour mayor will be me! Japanese: Nakkurusu sa Ekidonna English: Knuckles the Echidna Called: Knuckles Eace: Echidna Race: Echidna Gender: Male Height: 110cm Weight: 40kg Age: 16 years Speciality: Digging, Climbing, Gliding, Punching Hates: Strong sunlight Likes: Fruits Japanese: Emii Roosu English: Amy Rose Called: Amy Race: Hedgehog Gender: Female Height: 90cm Weight: Secret~! Age: 12 years Speciality: Fortune cards, Dancing, Piko-Piko Hammer Hates: Boredom Likes: Soft cream Chris, hurry up! Sorry, sorry! Take care of Chris, Tails! Leave it to me! If Sonic returns, let us know! Of Course! Then, let's go! Eh? So what's your answer!? Dr.
Eggman! We will not be ordered around by you! Wrong! How's that? Have I changed your mind? That's the decision of the leader, no, our president.
E-23, be thorough--! Stop it, Dr.
Eggman! Tails is here, so Sonic must be with him too! E-23, take care of thouse obstracles! Roger.
Ahh! He's got us in his sight! All right! This time we've got him! Damn, the arrack didn't work! Tails! Below!!! Uwaa! We lost the propeller! But it's okay! Isn't that Tails? Say, aren't you going to help him? It's his concern, isn't it? Knuckles, you idiot! Hey! Amy! Really, she always needs to be looked after! Amy!! Wait up! Shit! Each and every time--! Eggman! That guy's here too? This should be interesting, I guess! So that's it? I'll teach it a lesson.
You're slow, Amy! You--! Don't you bully Tails!! Stop, Amy!! Oww Let Amy go! Wait, Knuckles.
Or his hand will squeeze a little bit more Nooo! Ow! If I don't hurry, I'll miss all the fun! You coward! Let Amy go! Coward? I'm only holding the girl to protect E-32! He's not here! There's still that hedgehog Sonic still hasn't come It's Sonic! Sonic is coming! What? Sonic! Thank you! Come on! E-23! All right! Fire!! All right! Above!!! Come on, come on! You bastard! You're making fun of me! Sonic! It's about time you started to attack! Okay! Fire!! I did it! Time to taky you out! We did it! What are you gonna do? Y-you bastardSonic Our battle isn't over you!! Sonic! I'm so glad to meet up with you! H-Hey--! I really thought that I wouldn't see you again! Hey--that hurts Raise your hands! What do you want? Just do as we say! You guys are pretty rude, aren't you! W-what are you doing? Sonic! Catch this! Knuckles! Hey! Knuckles! Hurry! Fire! Let's go back to my house! Cream and Cheese are waiting for us! Eh, really!? Everyone will be together again! Sorry, but I have my own things to do! Knuckles! Farewell! Knuckleswhy Because he's got his own mission to fulfill.
Chaos Emerald.
Legend says that if you collect all seven of them, the world will be yours.
With that, once more a machine heads to our city! Big trouble! Dr.
Eggman is coming with a new mecha to attack! We don't have a choice! All of us head out in the Tornado! Next time on Sonic X! Getting the Chaos Emerald! Don't miss it!