Sonic X (2003) s01e04 Episode Script

Chaos Emerald Chaos

Because of Chaos Control Time and space were warped and you guys were sent over to this world is what I understand, but Just what is this Chaos Control effect and these Chaos Emeralds? What do you mean "what are they"? A Chaos Emerald is a Chaos Emerald.
Once you gather all seven of the Chaos Emeralds, legend says that the entire world will be in the palm of your hand! However, that isn't what will happen Legends have legendary heros for a reason.
Will it ever end? I wonder if it will end Eventually, the Chaos Emeralds will disappear.
They haven't disappeared.
Once more there are seven Chaos Emeralds and thay have beem scattered around again.
Then, you mean they're somewhere around here? That's right! You're kidding where could they have been scattered to? Maybe they went back to our faraway world, or maybe they're somewhere in this world, but I don't really know.
But maybe If the seven emeralds are in this world, and we go find them all, Chaos Control will happen again, and You guys can return to the other world, right, Sonic? Well, that's right! Mr.
Our colleagues have found a good place.
What? Just where are they? The animals are in some celebrity's home in Station Square.
Eggman has surface in the Southern Sea, where he has set up base in an obsecure location.
All right then, chase after them! Right now! Please wait a moment.
Because we're lacking in correct information, we cannot hunt them out just yet.
Then hurry up and stop Dr.
Eggman's terroris group.
We are already monitoring Dr' Eggman's activity.
The Southern Sea police patrol are finding him.
And those animals? We have just begun to monitor them.
Another deputy agent is investigating.
He'll look into the place the boy is hiding them in.
That's right! I saw it with my own eyes! At first I thought that some sort of movie started filming.
Me too.
Say, Chris, did you see the news? Eh? Uhyeah I have an announcement to make, everyone.
The one in charge of this class, Ms.
Wendy, is participating in a trans-continental Super Quiz she has, since yesterday, quit being with this school.
In any case, from today on, Mr.
Stuart will be taking over this class.
Nice to meet you! We're pleased to meet you! Let's go.
Come on, hurry up.
Danny? Are you still there? Uh just a minute! Christopher Thorndyke.
Your father holds 70% of the computer world's shares, and is the CEO of Starshop Soft, Nelson Thorndyke.
Your mother is film actress Lindsay Fair.
Andwhat about it? On no, the truth is I am truly honoured, as a great fan of your mother! Isis that so? I'm pleased to meet you, Chris.
Me too.
By the way, what kind of animals do you like? Umm, let me see hedgehogs, I guess.
Oh? Is that so strange? Oh no, not at all! Chris!! Chris! Sorre to keep you waiting! Well then, Mr.
Stuart, goodbye! You're so slow, hurry up! What the--!? Stop, you piece of junk! Stop, I said!!! It's coming this way! Look out! Get out of the way! What happened? II have absolutely no idea! Hey, Chris.
What were you talking about with Mr.
Stuart the other day? Uhwhat kind of animals I liked.
What's up with that? The police department have found the gem responsible, but have no clue what it is.
It looks like an ordinary gem but it emits electric waves that demagnetize machinery.
Most likely they believe the television you are watching now is being affected by this.
The noise you're seeing on the television screen is due to the interference of the broadcast from the gem's energy.
The stone looks like this AHHH!? Chao! We have to let Sonic-san know! Well, now! I wonder what I'll do Big problems, Sonic-san! What's up? Big problems! Big problems! In the area around the site of the accident, no radiation has been detected.
Just what made the stone affect the machine? Scientists are working hard to discover what it is.
That's all Scarlet Lucia reporting for SSTV.
If it isn't a Chaos Emerald They came to this world as well.
Hey! Yes, which will you choose? Which will it be Which should I use today This should be it! Bingo! It's this one! The terrorists have moved out.
If I use the Chaos Emerald, I should be able the make a powerful mecha.
And if I make a powerful mecha, then that Sonic won't be a problem at all! Tails-san, please be careful! I got it.
But Sonic already went on ahead, though I wonder if he even knows where to go.
I don't think he knows.
He just went to take a look around the area.
The city is around here.
This time it's big, eh I still haven't found it yet Are Tails and Amy gonna come soon or not? I'll be able to know where Tails and Amy are from here.
Hmmm? Who dares to follow me? This should be fun! What's this? I thought you'd let me enjoy myself much more than this But I guess not! Well What will the answer be? What's wrong, Chris? It's nothingTeacher! Please excuse me! I just remembered I had something really important to do! Hey, Chris! Everyone, please keep quite.
I also forgot to attend to something.
The rest of you will self-study for a while.
Ehhh? What is this? What~? What should we do? He's going around the west side.
If that's the case, then--! They finally arrived.
Reallythey sure took a roundabout route.
Sonic! Over here! And you should come more quickly over here! I think Horie Izumi will have a clean sweep.
You think? What do you think about the Snakes, then? I want to see the closing season.
Huh? Hmm? What's wrong? Nothing, but that's What is it? Let's seeoh!? It's Dr.
Eggman!! What happened? So, Dr.
Eggman is also going after the Chaos Emerald, huh? Oh? It's over there, isn't it? He's at it again, is he? �-11! Stop him from getting the Chaos Emerald! Don't let Sonic get ahead! What?! I'm not a ball! Amy, give Sonic a ring! Sonic! Catch this! Here I go! All right! No way!!! Amy Oh no! I failed! Hey, can you get a little closer? It'll be tough but we'll see! That's great! Well now, I'll go ahead and take the Chaos Emerald!! Who dares?! So this is a Chaos Emerald, huh? you thief! What? Excuse me, but this Dr.
Eggman is a thief by nature! Give it back! No way! Give it! Get away! Give it! No! Stop it already! Sonic! Here you go! Okay! Ahhhhhhh! Help me!! Chris! Chris! Chris!!! Hey! Hey! Let go! Let go! Let me go! No way! No! I said, let go!!! No waaaaaay! My most prominent feature! It's just a little stretched Ah! The emerald!!! Please, make it in time! Phew Oh well.
I was worried for nothing.
I should get back to school.
Look, look! It's a Chaos Emerald! It all starts with one, right? And there's only six more left! But, we can't keep it like this.
Since it affects machines, right? Don't worry! Because, my machine is still working That's true! I'm sorry! It' nothing! AndI'm sorry.
What are you apologizing for? Wellfor making you worry-- Think nothing of it! And besides, Chris.
You were really cool! Y-You think? However, don't do anything rash again.
Or you'll be no different from Sonic! Yes! Eh!? Knuckles is after Sonic!? Stop it, you two! Aren't you both friends from the same world? As I was searching Silver Valley for a Chaos Emerald, Eggman's robot caught me! That night, an unexcepted match was asked for! Big trouble! They're bot equal! And no one can stop them! Don't miss it!