Sonic X (2003) s01e05 Episode Script

Cracking Knuckles

Eggman! Please help me!!! The Chaos Emeralds are all lost somewhere in this world.
With the seven Chaos Emeralds all together, Chaos Control would happen again, and then I could go back to my world.
That waswhat Sonic did? Lost somewhere in this world, I have finally awakend.
I want to spend the rest of my life quierly in my homeland! However, Sonic won't hear my story, because he believes I'll only profit myself with the Chaos Emeralds.
Even though he has the emeralds, he's not planning on going back! And with his fast feet All he's doing is playing around in this world! That bastard! You haven't heard anything from Sonic? Doesn't he know that I want to go home soon? And you're supposed to be friends with that guy We aren't friends at all! He was once my ally because he needed my knowledge of certain places.
If I get the Chaos Emeralds, will you really bring me back? That's tight! I'll do anything so please believe me! All right.
I'll settle this once and for all! Too easy.
When I look at it, the Chaos Emerald just looks like any ordinary gem, eh? But it hides incredible power, you know? We need to analyze this more carefully.
Master? I need you to allow me to clean this room today.
What should we do!? Hide yourself, Tails! Ah! Where!? Did your you just jump this way? I appreciate your effort Master, could you please get out? While I dust the room, you could take some time off your work.
This is bad! Oh, how cute! Is it your toy? Yeah! Papa gave it to me Wow! As kind as always! II'm a little hungry Me too! Thank God, she didn't notice! That's for sure! Just what are they doing? Master Chris, did something happen? It's nothing , Mr.
Bye Master Chuck.
Since you're taking a break from your research today as well, it's the right time to go to the swimming club.
I, Tanaka, Shall take you there, if you please.
I don't want to.
I still have some research ro do--! The truth is, today is Sunday.
It's a holiday.
You should take care of yourself, please.
I-I understand It's just like you say, because you're in shape! Hey! Come on now.
It's just like you say, because you're in shape! Hey! I want to take a break soon! Oh! Amy!? Didn't I tell you not to go outside as you please? I'm not going anywhere! Another Chaos Emerald has appeared! Around Silver Valley, along with some strong energy reactions, there has been confirmation of some machine.
Right now, we're investigating the correlation between that and yesterday's destructive power shovel incident.
Is the Chaos Emerald so far away? Right now, we're investigating the correlation between that and yesterday's destructive power shovel incident.
If it's Silver Valley, it's not that far away.
Right now, we're investigating the correlation between that and yesterday's destructive power shovel incident.
So the investigation committee members are Let's go have a look! So the investigation committee members are Hey, Sonic! Did you hear? I found a beautiful place where I could go have a picnic with you! It's not a picnic! Oha beautiful place, you say Eh? What did you just say? Ah! You're going to make me have fun on my own again! Then, O'll pass.
Sonic, you idiot! Chris, let's het going! But my grandfather has gone somewhere with Mr.
Tanaka, so we can't go out without the car.
That man seems a little strict.
What should we do? Hey! I thought about this a while ago Such incredibly large stuffed animals! I wonder where he got them from! EhhEveryone's looking at us! But, it's dine right? Don't speak! I bet they think I'm cute! It's so cute! I want one too! I'll put this here.
Look! Sonic! We'll settle things today.
You know what I think of you, and I'll fight you to fix this! I'm waiting for you in Silver Vally.
You'd better come.
Now, this message will explode.
How dare he do such a thing to me! This sandwich is the best! Ella's cooking is the best in the world, eh? This place would be much more fun if Sonic was here with us He didn't feel like finding the Chaos Emerald, eh? Guess he didn't want a free ride on the train.
It would have made him impatient though We don't have any other clues either.
Let's look around.
Look what I caught.
Eggman! I see So that report on the news was about you! That's not entirely right, I was just using the mass media like it's supposed to be.
Humans always jump to conclusions like that, eh? I should be able to break this, you know.
You guys will watch Sonic be defeated from there.
What do you mean? I wonder? He's late Again! Sorry to keep you waiting! You're late, Sonic! Oh my~! Whay an unwelcoming face! And the weather is so nice Mmm~! What a nice smell! It just makes me fell great to be alive.
Sonic you bastard! Don't be like that.
Be a little more cool, partner.
I don't recall ever being your partner! Come on, Sonic! We'll settle this right now! Really? and why? You don't really want to fight me.
Shut up! The Chaos Emeralds are all over the place! Give them back! You're being deceived again! There! Come on! Oh! What a gread view! Take that! Come on! Come on! AH!!!! Water! Water! Somebody! Somebody! What? I'm too slow! What's wrong? You had enough? This will be the end! That's it, Knuckles! Get that annoying hedgehog! Sonic! Geez, Knuckles is such a moron! Eggman is just using him! What are you doing, Tails? Nothing much, just gonna loosen this a bit.
You're pretty reliable.
It's just what I do best.
Let's see nowafter these wires there should be Argh! This is irritating! Move for a sec! AH! Don't!! Don't break it!! Hey you, stop it! Eggman! You're running away!? Fight me!!! Ahwell excuse me for a bit.
We can't get out! This is hopeless! Sonic, help me!!! You guys! How could you do such a thing? In that case--! Hey guys! Sonic! Damn you, Sonic! E-47! Show your true form! Go! This is my fight with Sonic! Don't get in my way! What!? Before you said you would, but you still haven't defeated Sonic! Why? As you can see, I have the little brats! If you want them back you better give me the Chaos Emerald! Eggman Didn't you say you wanted to spend your final years in peace? Seems like he doesn't.
So you mean, I--! Well, you can say that! Sonic! Your weakness is water! Can you cross the water to reach E-47? Well now, I wonder Shit Are you okay? Thanks! Sonic! AhStop that I knew you would save me!! It's still moving! Move away! If this is the case I'll defeat Sonic with my own hands! GO! E-47! That's it! Now you can see E-47's power! Leave this to me! OK! OH NO! Cut that OUT! Damn you Soniiiiiiiiic! Knuckles!!! Sonic! Are you two all right? Of course! Sonic! Are you really all right? How many times do I have to say it! I'm all right! Knuckles! I know you didn't thank Sonic but you don't have to go like that You were easily fooled and thought you were quite the idiot, right? Shut up! A strange teacher came to my school.
And now, a very moralistic robot has arrived! He's kind and responsible and he suddenly yook over the class! However there's a problem.
The thruth is, he's once of Dr.
Eggman's machines! Because of him, we can't go home! Sonic! You have to save us! Next time on Sonic X! "Close Contest! School Woes" Don't miss it!