Sonic X (2003) s01e06 Episode Script

Techno Teacher

Where did you go? For a walk.
A walk? Yes, I will tell Mr.
Chris that.
It seems that your parents will be coming home tonight.
Mama and papa are coming?! Isn't that wonderful? It's been so many months! But Something you're worried about? It's nothing.
Thanks for the food.
But you haven't eaten any fruit yet! It was delicious, Era.
I don't think it will be a good idea if mama and papa sees you guys.
Yeah we know.
We'll stay hidden.
Don't worry about it! It'll work out.
Mama and papa are busy but I think they'll be here soon.
Sonic? Is he mad? No way.
I'd worry about getting to school if I were you.
Oh no! Chris's papa is your son right? Yeah.
What does he do? He's the head of an enormous corporation.
And his mama? She's a movie star.
With both his mama and papa so busy they must not be able to see Chris very often.
I suppose so.
The poor thing.
Splash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash, crash, crash! This is not time to be making wave sounds! If I can get the world to respect me, then I can take it over.
So I will get it to respect me! To get them to respect me I will teach the children first.
Hey! Badabing badabang.
Hmm, I like this one! Here we go! Okay, we'll go with this one! Good morning! Oh! Was it nap time? What are you? Classroom Robot E-51.
Classroom Robot.
? From today on I am the teacher.
I am? Off you go! Go? Off you go! What a rude robot! I'll tell the principal.
Principal! Some robot came in and threw me out! You have to help the students! So if you look at the problem with a smile it becomes easy! Wow I think so too! Me too! Me too! Me too! What a fabulous teacher! What? You have nothing to worry about.
NO WAY! I love to teach! What a strange robot.
Better report this in.
This is code name teacher.
This is code name teacher.
HQ, can you hear me? The class has been taken over by a robot? You want us to send in the army and remove it? Please! Don't be an idiot! Don't get so mad! Fine! I tell the police! Yes? What? Some robot took over the classroom and is terrorizing the students? I'll come now! Wait for me in front of the school.
What's he doing? He's late! Ah! He's here! Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Over here! The students are in grave danger! Here! Here! Please hurry up! Wha Oh yeah.
They go outside for gym class.
Today in gym class we'll play baseball! First we'll practice catching the ball! Let's go! There he is! That's the robot that terrorized the students! Arrest him! You have to loosen your grip like this.
Loose! The students seem all right to me and there seemds to be no trouble.
No need to worry.
Quit eating that!! Assaulting a police officer! You're under arrest! Gimme my hamburger back! Come on!! Gimme my hamburger back! Gimme my hamburger back! Are you teaching the children to respect me? Where did he go? There he is.
Okay come! Throw it here, Chris! Take this! Wow! E-51 is the best! He has my respect! Yeah, yeah, oh yeah! Home run! I did it! He seems to be having fun! Good for him! Don't be too happy! Welcome home.
Good to be back.
Oh, you guys are here! Oh, Papa! It's nice to see you well.
Wow it's a miracle you both made it back together.
It's not that amazing.
Is that Chris's mama and papa? They both look so cool! Check it out, Sonic.
Good job! It might be a home run! Dibing catch! Wow, E-51! Wow, so cool! I did it! I'm pretty good at this.
Yah-hoooo ~ Oh! Messenger Robot.
I have message from Eggman.
Oh what is it? Stop showing off, you jerk! Is Eggman mad? You bet! He said you forgot your important mission to teach the children to respect him! Oh yeah I did forget.
I can't believe you! Anyway it's done.
How? By getting the kids to respect me I can make them respect Eggman.
You can't say something like that to Eggman! He'll destroy you! If he gets mad I had nothing to do with this! What's wrong, E-51? No matter what Eggman does I will protect the students.
I don't really know what's going on but E-51 is so cool!! Me too! Me too! Wow, I feel loved! I want people to like me! Why do I always get bullied? No fair! Oh! This looks bad Now I'm realli mad!! Okay, class is over for today.
Better hurry home.
Something going on? Mama and papa finally came home.
Doctor Eggman! How dare you intentionally ignore a direct order and laugh about it! I'm going to take you apart! Take me apart!? No! Save me, Chris! Wasn't it you who said, "I would protect the students no matter what Eggman does"? I said that? You did! Yes, you did! I said thatoh well, I guess I have no choice.
What's so funny, Eggman?! You are idiots for beliebing everything your teacher tells you.
No one is allowed to leave until everyone obeys me.
No way! What?! E-51, if you don't want to be taken apart then you will do as I tell you.
Yes! Forget this! I'm going home.
Sorry, Chris.
I can't let you leave.
He should have been home by now.
I hope nothing bad has happened.
Maybe I should get my guard service on this.
Maybe I wonder if this is what normal parents do when their children are late.
He's okay.
School's just now let out.
Should I go pick him up? He needs to come home like a normal child, that's what they would want.
That's it! I'm picking him up! Darling! Trust Chris!1 Sorry.
I guess I don't want to be an overprotective parent.
I just have to wait here.
For Chris! All parents are over protective.
They are so worried! Sonic, can't you do something? Okay kids! Now we are all going to draw Eggman as nicely can we can.
The nicer the pictures the more you will like him! Is this pose okay? Or rather this one? Can Eggman ever be drawn nicely? What was that? What just happened? Ack! Yes, I think this pose is the better one.
Eggman! This is no time to be worried about poses! What? Playtime is over, Eggman.
Yes! Get rid of Sonic! Sonic? Yes! Homework attack! Come on! Ack! No! He's so strong! Yeah.
You jerk! Hey Sonic Huh what? In honor of this battle today I wan't to present you with the Eggman super seal.
What the hell is that! No thank you! How about you children? We don't need it.
Me neither.
Me neither.
Fine then! I'm leaving! Do whatever you want! What was that about? I have no idea.
I don't think we can ever figure out how Eggman thinks.
Forget that Chris, you should be hurrying home.
Oh yeah! SO cool! Wow! I never thought about what makes a good teacher.
Don't eat my hamburger! Look here! Bastard! Give it back! Look here! Bastard! Give it back! G-Give it back! Give it back, bastard! Wait a minute! G-Give it back! Give it back, bastard! What are you doing? I'm not causing trouble.
G-Give it back! Give it back, bastard! Give it back! Give it baaaaaack! Give it back! What are you doing!? I'm not causing trouble.
Give it back! Give it baaaaaack! Give it back! Give it back! Give it baaaaaack! Give it back! I'm home! Papa! Mama! Chris! I'm so glad you're safe! You were so late! Did you go somewhere with your friends after school? Yeah well sorta.
No problem.
I wasn't worried at all.
When I was your age I went and hung out everyday.
It's very normal.
What are you saying? You were about to call out the army, right, Tanaka? Yes, I was about to contact the president.
And your mother was going to do a special news presentation on all channels.
Era! I told you that was supposed to be a secret.
And your mother was going to do a special news presentation on all channels.
Era! I told you that was supposed to be a secret.
Chris's mother and father seems like nice people.
I'm so glad! Sonic get over here! This is awful! Mom suddenly wanted to throw a party! She invited Sam and my teacher! I have to do something so Sonic and the other won't be discovered.
What? Sonic is gone? Cream and Cheese have run away? Oh great! Why now? Next time on Sonic X Don't miss it!