Sonic X (2003) s01e07 Episode Script

Party Hardly

Okay, Cream.
I want you and Cheese to stay hidden where no one can find you.
Sure! Chao.
Okay then see you later.
It's so boring being in a room all day long.
Oh! What are Cream and Cheese doing outside? Is she searching for bugs? She's picking flowers! If she wants flowers there are lots of pretty ones.
Why would she be picking those boring ones? Cream.
What are you doing? I'm going to make a bouquet for my mother.
Can she be Maybe she misses her mom but she's gotta hang on for a while.
I got it.
Sonic? Since I'm always so busy it's nice sometimes to do motherly things.
Have some pancakes! Go ahead.
Oh mistress don't trouble yourself.
Oh it's nothing, right Chris? Tonight we're going to have a party! Party? We're going to invite your favorite uncle and there will be lots of food.
How's that? Great! Let's do it mama! I haven't seen him for a while! It's gonna be great fun! Yay! I made him smile! I'm happy as long as your happy.
Well as long as it's decided let's start preparations.
Better hurry up! Got lots of cleaning up to do.
A party! What fun! Chao! Let's help out too! Party? Yeah.
Mama hasn't been home in a while so we're going to invite my uncle and have dinner.
Uncle? Mama's little brother.
He's a great speed fan.
I don't think this will be enough I better go and collect some more flowers! I want to do help too.
Chao~! See you later.
Since I haven't been with you guys very long I was hoping we could get to know each other better.
Oh? I was thinking of doing a home visit.
Starting with you.
Ack! Great.
Then I'll come over at 9.
Eh Mama! Mama! Welcome home, young master.
Thanks, Mr.
Welcome home, Chris! Mama, today, at nine the teacher is going to come over! He said he was a huge fan of yours.
Oh how nice! Oh what should I wear to greet him? Oh good grief.
What's with everyone coming over here today? Grandpa? What's with the suit? Tanaka made me wear it because of the party.
It's too damn tight.
Forget about that.
What are we going to do about Sonic and the others? We gotta hide them so my teacher and uncle won't find them.
Well, Amy and Tails are in my room.
Come to think of it I haven't seen Sonic.
Cream! Cheese! Something wrong? Oh! What's going on? Nothing, mama.
Well you better hurry up and change because Mr.
Stuart is looking forward to seeing you! But it's still so early.
Oh, but I wanna see you dressed up, mama! Right, grandpa? Oh? Oh yeah right! I wanna see too! Oh really? Okay then I'll go change.
Cream, what are you doing? AH! Busy, busy.
Oh! The mistress is so sweet! Cream, if you hang out here everyone will find you! But it looked like fun and I want to stay here and help out with the party.
She seems like a nice person.
A friend of yours? Tanaka? You knew about them? Yes.
Oh really then will you please keep them a secret from mama and Ella? Yes.
That's a relief.
ACK! She's gone! Cream! Cheese! Where did they go? Ella! Ella~! Yes? Ella! That dress I wanted is missing! Have you see it around? It's not in the closet? Which one? Hang on! I'm coming.
Good grief.
Wow! What fabulous food! They look so tasty! Oh no!! Cream.
are you here CREAM! Cheese! Ella! Are you okay? All that hard work! Great! This should do it? A little overboard but Who could that be? Hello? Oh! A movie? The head role! Wow really? Oh but I have a party at my house tonight.
Can't I leave later? What? A reception at the hotel tonight? I see.
I understand.
Okay then I will leave right away.
Good night.
It's always like this.
Sorry Chris.
I guess I have to leave again.
I didn't get to do anything mother like.
I am such a terrible mother.
Forgive me.
I found it! Cream! Cheese! Maybe they returned to the lab? Master! Where could he have gone off to? This is bad.
Mistress! I looked everywhere but I couldn't find him.
Apologize to him for me.
And my brother and the teacher too.
Of course, mistress.
Take care of yourself.
Take care of things, Tanaka.
As you wish, mistress.
Cream! Cheese! Have you seen Cream and Cheese? They haven't come here.
Where could they have gone! Mr.
Stuart will be here any minute! It'll be horrible if he finds them! Okay, we'll help look for them too.
I'm Chris's teacher, Mr.
We've been expecting you.
Hi, teacher! Hi there, Chris.
Here you go.
The mistress made that for her party.
I see.
I was just thinking how cute it was.
I'm sorry you came all the way out here but the mistress had to leave suddenly on business.
What! Again? Oh that's too bad.
I was looking forward to meeting her.
Well then, these are for you.
Oh, they are absolutely lovely! Thank you so much! I'll get the tea.
Cream! What was that! Ack.
ouch! Oh sorry about that! I was looking for something and they fell.
Master! Chris' teacher is here so! What? I better introduce myself.
Master! Use the door like everyone else! - Oh, no one saw me! Master! Use the door like everyone else! - Oh, no one saw me! - Oh, no one saw me! Good grief! - Oh, no one saw me! What's wrong, young master?! Oh no! Nothing at all! Oh what a fabulous painting! Oh thank you so much, Sonic-san! Oh, Sonic went out and found some flowers for me! Oh! What are you doing? What the heck.
this giant animal just talked! Talked you say? It's just your imagination, Ella.
Yes, this painting really is wonderful! Oh Ella! That's a doll father got me! Can I have it back? A doll? Oh he should have told me he was going to give this to you before leaving! - Act like a doll! Oh he should have told me he was going to give this to you before leaving! Oh he should have told me he was going to give this to you before leaving! Yo guys! How's everyone? Hi uncle! This is my teacher, Mr.
Nice to meet you.
I am Chris's teacher.
Hello, call me Sonic Boom.
Sonic Boom today, huh? Today? The highway star! Fastest man in Station Square! Faster than a storm, speed king! That's what it is today, right uncle? Yup.
And today I am also Sonic Boom.
By the way Ella, hasn't this party started? It's too early! I do everything fast though.
Fall in love fast, engage fast, marry fast, divorce fast! Oh Anyway, if I don't do everything fast I feel weird.
I fall asleep fast, I wake up fast, I talk faster than everyone else.
No one can catch up with my jaw.
but there is one person faster than me! He was so fast, An unbelievable speed.
He looked like a giant blue hedgehog.
Blue! What kind of creature was this?! He was fairly big and had big spikes and red shoes Ack! It's him! You saw him right? Right? Didn't you see him sitting on that tree?! What a gorgeous composition.
What are you talking about? I didn't see anything.
You didn't see anything? What about you, Chris? An illusion.
Yes, that's what it was.
I am the fastest.
You aren't talking about a giant talking animal are you? What are you talking about? Oh, did you see something like that too? So it wasn't an illusion.
He must be real! I was the first to see him! I mean, there is one in here.
Uncle! I thought mama was going to stay but she left again for work! Don't you think that's mean? Teacher was so looking forward to meeting her.
He's a big fan and all.
I can't believe mama.
She's not at home much is she? I'm sorry I didn't get to be a mother this time Chris! Please forgive me! How could say anything bad about your mother! A hate you! I HATE YOU! Surprised, everyone? Well, I have been meaning to tell you about them but What a great picture! Cream! Wait Cream! I fell faint! Ella! Shall we dance? Oh uncle! You are the fastest in everything right? Yes! I remember fast and I forget fast.
It just really is such a great painting.
I guess I should be going.
I'll come back when your mother is home.
Sorry, teacher.
I guess I should be going too.
Say 'hi' to my brother for me.
I have been working too hard.
I think I am seeing things.
Young master, I think we should tell Ella the truth.
I agree.
Ella is a good friend.
She will understand.
Okay, you're right.
Ella, you see, the truth is Oh really! You should have told me earlier! I hope everyone can go back to their home world soon! Yes! We are all working really hard to gather the Chaos Emeralds! I bet you are sad being so far away from your mother.
It's okay because everyone is here with me I'm not sad.
Ella-san, you're a very nice person! Just call me Ella.
Ella is fine.
Cream and Ella seem to be getting along.
What's wrong? Chris, what's up? I said something awful in front of Cream.
I can always see my mama but even if she wants to Cream can't see hers.
I may have hurt her feelings.
Cream is just fine! Chris-san! I made this for you! Thanks Cream! I made these from the flowers Sonic gathered.
I made one for Ella too.
Congratulations! Cream only gives flowers to those she really likes Chris.
Really? Did you het one too? Of course! Great!