Sonic X (2003) s01e08 Episode Script

Satellite Swindle

Bingo! Let's go with this one! What's going on here? Hey? What's the situation? We had confirmation of a rocket launch about five minutes ago but now there is no trace of it.
What is that Doctor Eggman plotting this time? Have you confirmed what was launched? We have not been able to do so yet.
We should be about ready now.
Well then, shall we get started Super Sweeper!! System Alert! What s going on? Our satellites are being jammed No wait, they've vanished! What!? What is this?! How can it be?! Ah, watch them flow in! Oh Yes, I know! I'll use these satellites for new robot parts!.
A perfect 'killing two birds with one stone' plan.
I'm such a genius! What in the world is this!? Contact the president immediately! When you greet someone in the morning you say, "GOOD MORNING.
" When you greet someone in the morning you say, "GOOD MORNING.
" Here you go! Some snacks! Ella and I made these apple pies.
Miss Amy makes great pies.
This is her best one yet.
Oh! I'm so happy! I hope Sonic will like it! I'll take it to him! No way! I'm going to take it to him! Tails-san, you're so mean! I'm sorry.
You made ''The Next Show'' end.
It's okay, it'll come right back on.
Huh, that's strange.
Television died! What's all this noise? Sonic, the TV won't show anything.
Is that a bad thing? Well I can't watch ''Next Show''! I can't believe I'm missing my cooking shows.
Or the Mistress's movies.
I don't think that's the prob Why are you hiding?.
Get over here! We are going to listen to the great Eggman's message now! So listen up! You should be afraid, Sonic.
That empty head of yours can't even begin to fathom what is going on.
Look at this.
He's stolen the satellites! My samurai movies! The people of this world enjoy watching just about everything it seems.
I think they brought this on themselves.
And it's useless to try to get at the E-90.
Why, you ask.
Because it's in the stratosphere.
Sonic, even if you use that useless mecha of yours, you won't be able to reach it.
So then, gentleman, what are you going to do? By the way, Konome will automatically start crying now.
The stratosphere? I still don't know much about this world but if I know Eggman To put it simply, it's super, super high at the top of the sky.
Geez, what a noisy robot! Let me go! Got you! What do you mean by ''super, super high''? Just about there.
The Tornado can get there, right? Anyway, let's go see.
C'mon, Tails.
Just a minute, Sonic.
Okay! Let's go! Okay! Good luck, Tails and Sonic! Ack!? Get rid of them, E-90! As if you could hit me.
Attack it! Too slow! Don't overdo it, Tails.
Leave everything to me now.
Where are they? Now! Follow it! Okay, Sonic.
The real fight starts now! Nya, nya! Enough playing! Super Sweeper! Get outta here, Tails! Dammit! It's getting faster.
Because it's gotten lighter.
At this rate we'll be pulled in! Oh no! Name: Tornado 2 English name: Tornado 2 Wingspan: 5.
7M (After transformation: 3.
7M) Length: 3.
7M (After transformation: 3.
7M) Height: 2.
1M (After transformation: 3.
0M) Engine: Tails Original Ce Engine X1 Armaments: 25mm machine gun x2 Homing Missile Custom X Unlimited Maximum Speed: Unknown Name: X Tornado English name: X Tornado Wingspan: 7.
0M Length: 12.
3M Height: 4.
9M Engine: Tails & Chuck Original Engine (Ce Engine) Maximum Speed: Unknown What an incredible weapon.
The Tornado isn't fast enough.
You have to power it up, Tails.
We could.
Really? By using the Chaos Emeralds.
The only thing is Converting the energy.
What do you mean? It's true that the Chaos Emeralds contain incredible amounts of sealed energy.
The problem is how to harness it.
If the converter can't contain 100% of it then the excess will run wild.
What can we do? There must be a way to release the excess energy.
But we can't beat that robot then.
Is there any other way? I could install a spare booster along with an energy conversion system.
You would have to tune-up the engine then.
It can't harness energy from the Chaos Emeralds the way it is now.
Can't you make a combined spare engine with a conversion system? That way there's a much smaller chance of danger from excess energy.
Well, the body can't handle that the way it is now.
It would need to be entirely redone.
You can do it, Tails! Sonic is right.
If you and I work together we can do it! Come with me a second.
What is this place? My secret base.
WOW! Could that be.
!? Interested? Yeah! Well, let's do this! All right! What about this? I see You should take a break.
I know but there's just a little left.
Yeah! Mr.
Television came back to life! Good morning! Welcome to the Dr.
Eggman channel, everybody! This television program is brought to you by the satellites on Happy South Island! I don't like this! Today's special broadcast is ''The Cleaning of the Stratosphere's Space Satellites'' plan.
Cue! Today's broadcast reporter is everyone's idol, Dr.
The great Eggman's gonna steal your heart, BABY! The enemy has begun to move.
Prepare the satellite lasers for attack.
Yes, sir! Sonic! Have you done it.
Perfectly! Tell everyone! This is the X Tornado! Target locked on! Super Sweeper! Begin firing! What is this?! How annoying.
E-90, suck up all the satellites! Let's go, Tails! Hang on! Take me with you this time! That's impossible, Chris.
The X Tornado only seats two.
Tails! Well, the truth is, Sonic Sorry to have fooled you but I asked Tails and he made it for me.
It's okay, isn't it, Sonic? Sonic In that case, welcome aboard, Buddy.
All right! First wings flaps set-up.
Stand-by for launch.
No turning back now! X Tornado, launch! Take-off! Second set of wing flaps set-up! Eggman-sama, something is headed toward the E-90! Wow, it's so fast! The hedgehog and the baby fox, is it? Good, this time we'll go out and greet them.
Here we go! Too slow! Hang on, Sonic.
Thank you.
Shit! First let's get rid of the irritating plane.
At this rate I can't get close enough.
Sonic, you're so awesome! Okay, and for the next one Just watch this, booster switch on! Sonic, watch out! Shit, I can't believe I have to resort to this.
I won't lose this time.
Sonic looks so cold.
It's because we're approaching the stratosphere.
The temperature must be dropping below negative twenty, but Sonic will be fine! You sure? This is nothing he'll be fine.
This isn't over yet.
Oh no, Sonic's frozen! What!? Oh yeah, the ring! I can't release it.
At this rate we're done for! There must be a way to release the excess energy.
Of course! Chris, there is a yellow cable behind your seat.
Please attach the ring to it! What's gonna happen? No time to explain, hurry! Okay.
The fun starts now! Head for the missiles! Okay! We did it! What a brave warrior! This is Ella's super health soup! Drink it, it'll warm you up! You really saved the day, Sonic.
Not me.
This time it was Tails, Chris and the X Tornado.
Look everyone.
I made all this ice cream for Sonic.
No, too cool! Just one more morning to come Put on a new shirt and Sneak out into the night Today, the city won't sleep either It will just watch quietly What you and I will start! To be shine, To be free Don't be bewildered The waves of time are strong but gentle Soon, soon, I'm going out to meet you Together, our world will shine To be shine, To be free Don't be frightened The waves of time are strong but gentle We'll meet in that far and distant city Soon, soon, I'm going out to meet you Let's go find our future Eggman suddenly arrives at Amy's beach resort trying to make an Eggman Sea Park with his robots! What are we gonna do? Sonic is weak against water and cannot fight! Just then an angered Amy stands up and helps out! With only a large hammer, she's nearby an area overrun by Dr.
Eggman's minions.
It's almost as if she's another person! Next time on Sonic X! Don't miss it.