Sonic X (2003) s01e09 Episode Script

The Last Resort

Grand opening of the Emerald Coast Resort! The white sandy beaches and the blue ocean What an absolutely perfect place! We're gonna have the most fun ever! This is the first time I have ever been to the beach.
Aren't you excited, Cheese? Engines, OK! Ready to take off for the Emerald Coast! Be careful not to get noticed, okay? If they stay around the backside of the resort plaza, they shouldn't run into anyone.
I'm just worried because I won't be around.
It's just one of those parties where you only have to show up.
No one will notice if you decide to leave halfway through.
Really? Sonic, after that let's go swimming! What's so fun about huge waves? Sonic, don't tell me you're not coming! Absolutely! Have fun! Doesn't Sonic like being around us? It's not that.
He's just weak around water because he can't swim.
Oh yeah, that's right.
Sonic hates places that he can't cross by running.
I wonder if the two of us will ever have a date by the ocean Young master, if we don't hurry we'll be late for the ceremony.
Better go.
She's calling.
I'll see you guys later.
Hurry up, okay.
We'll be waiting.
Wow, a grown-up party.
Do your best, okay? X Tornado, lift off! Take off! Hang in there, Chris.
Young master, this is the responsibility of responsible adults.
I know, Mr.
This is so much better.
The ocean floor is so lovely.
This is a great place.
It was a great idea to come.
Chris will be here soon, won't he? Young master, introduction, introduction! You're doing just fine.
Are you okay, young master? Lovely.
I wish I were here with Sonic.
Oh, I'm so embarrassed! Darn you! That was such a great daydream too! Oh no, must not lose my temper.
No way, really? Yeah, it's true.
Sonic, you jerk! What's all this about? It'll help you swim.
It'll help you swim.
Really? I worked hard to make them.
Take good care of it, okay? Thank you.
Okay, I'm gonna try swimming again.
Wait for me! Was it like this? What are you making? Err, oh, nothing really.
A present for Sonic-san, right? N No way! From now on I am taking over this place and making it the perfect resort.
Go, my construction army, build! All right! Here we go! We're gonna do this! Demolish! I have to tell Sonic about this.
You guys are the first guests of my Eggman Sea Park.
You aren't going anywhere.
Young master, I, Tanaka, will protect you with my life.
Even if I have to lose it.
This is as far as you go! Stop doing that! It's best to just lay low and do as he says.
Yeah, we had better listen to Ella.
Heeey! Wha Are they still playing in the water? So beautiful~! They fit this room perfectly.
Silly, for them not to be here at a time like this.
Sonic, thank God you're back! What? This just in: the Emerald Coast has just been attacked by strange robots.
They appear to be attacking the hotel and demolishing existing buildings.
We got this message just a few minutes ago.
Instead of this stupid resort I am going to construct the world's best amusement park.
And the name is going to be Eggman Sea Park!! We are doing this just for you because you hate the water.
There will place lots of places for you to mess up.
So you better not go.
And of course, here's the usual present.
Got you! The ocean!? Name: E-38 (Okutoron) English name: Octoron Wing span: 20-?M Height: 15.
5M Weight: 550 Tons Features: Dr.
Eggman Deluxe Because of the "Soft-alloy" it's made of, it can do things such as stretch or contrast.
Name: E-39 (Kuwaizon) English name: Quizon Height: 1.
0M Weight: 150Kg Features: In large groups it can break down and construct things.
Its strength lies in its working in groups.
Eggman! Out of the way! Chris is in danger! You have to stay here! Sonic will surely come.
And if Sonic comes I want to be there.
Hang on tight.
Please be careful.
Good, good.
And over here we'll put a huge roller coaster or a Ferris wheel.
Sorry if I am having all the fun myself.
Ackwhat?! Sorry to make you wait! Sonic! Hey guys, are you all right? Feeling confident, Sonic? But today I crush you like a bug.
Go, E-38! Here I go! You fell for it! Shit! Gotta get out! Sonic!! This is my latest invention created with a super soft alloy.
So, have you given up? Do your worst.
You wanna go for another swim? Go, E-38! Don't give up! Drag Sonic into the ocean.
Go do it, don't lose! Sonic!! Amy!! Sonic!! What are you doing? How can you do this to Sonic? He hates the water! Amy, thanks! Sonic! Got it! Oh, no! Sonic! Knock it off, Amy.
Damn you! I will remember this! See you later.
You overdid it, Amy.
My body just moved on its own! You guys okay? Of course.
Thanks, Amy.
Ah, wait! (O-mamori are cloth pouches sold at temples.
Written on them are, for example, "child birth" or "travel", during which they are said to protect from bad luck.
) This is an o-mamori to help you swim.
They're just shells.
Maybe, but just try it once and see.
You made this? Yeah The bracelet! My bracelet! Sorry if you thought this was over! This is the ocean bug mecha, E-39! Have you come back for more already? You sure have been busy this week.
Good work! Shut up, you irritating little hedgehog! Hey robot, over here! Go! Demolition robot E-39! Over here, this way! My bracelet Go, E-39! Squash Sonic like paste! How could you do such a thing!? How DARE you!! Amy What is this?! What are you doing!? Take this! Eat this! And this! She's so scary! I'm getting outta here! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard~! EAT THIS!! AMY!! What are you doing, Sonic?! You can't swim! Sonic! No, Sonic, you can't swim.
Hey, Sonicwait up for me! Waaaait! Amy-san! Amy-san, thank goodness! I I was so worried.
Please don't overdo it.
This is? The terrace at Chris-san's house.
And Sonic? He left.
Oh My bracelet I lost it Amy-san.
But I'll make another.
If Sonic can't swim, we can't go to the ocean together.
That's right, Amy-san.
I guess I should head back now.
Are you prepared to go on the journey? Just one more morning to come Put on a new shirt and Today, the city won't sleep either It will just watch quietly What you and I will start! Don't be bewildered The waves of time are strong but gentle Soon, soon, I'm going out to meet you Together, our world will shine Don't be frightened The waves of time are strong but gentle We'll meet in that far and distant city Soon, soon, I'm going out to meet you Let's go find our future Suddenly from the high-rise baseball stadium, we see a bright light! It's the light from the Chaos Emerald! Sonic! Let's hurry over and get it! Next time on Sonic X! Introducing, the Sonic Baseball Team! Don't miss it!