Sonic X (2003) s01e13 Episode Script

Beating Eggman (2)

Citizens everywhere We have begun the attack on Dr.
Eggman today.
His purpose is to control the entire world but we won't allow it! It's amazing how important they've become Fire the Missile! YEEEEEEEHHAAAAAAWWW! Wait What's wrong? This isn't good.
It seems somebody has come to greet us.
Lets get going! Rouge! ChrisFrancis Has it fallen yet? What's up with all this wind!? Francis! Don't! Get down, quickly! Didn't I tell you to duck? II'm sorry.
Hey, How's Tails? I think he may be unconcious Tails! E-35! Stomp down on and crush Tails and that mecha together! Tails! Deal with him quickly! SSonic!? Heheh! Oh no! The direction of the wind changed Thank you, Sonic.
It was nothing.
So what're you all doing here? We're here because of the 3rd Chaos Emerald Ahh, that's right! We have to hurry and dig it out! Hey hey Don't move! Tails is looking for something important right now.
It's useless for you to say that Sonic! Got it! Found it! Good work, Tails.
Eggman! Lets hurry and chase him, Tails.
Right! What? Umm Francis shouldn't go with them Why not? You're asking me why Chris! Are you coming or not? Of course I am! ThenLet's go! Now! OK! It seems like we're having trouble both Inside AND outside! Something is coming at us again! Counterattack! At once! You morons! It's me! It's becoming a rough battle out here HOWEVER I must warn you not to look down on Dr.
Eggman-sama! What theOh noDamn youWhy? WHY HAS IT BECOME THIS WAY? The battle has become more and more drastic What's that? Something is approaching close to the base! It seems to be a plane! That's the X-Tornado! Huh? What's that? What's that? It seems like somebody is standing on it.
A blue blue hedgehog!? It's Sonic! Sonic? Who's that? Sonic! It's Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog! Is it there? That thing again? No.
This shows that there's more than one I'll have to figure out a way to deal with this one.
You take everyone into the Engine room first.
Everyone, lets take off You're really annoying.
Sheesh! Topaz! KNUCKLES!? Thank you.
Are you Sonic's partner? No, I'm not.
Butdo you know him? Yeah.
What're you people doing here? We've come to destroy Eggman's base! We'll destroy the engine room to stop all the machinery in the base.
Nonsense! Nobody is forcing you to, so you should just go back.
We're staying.
Really? Then I'll go with you! I come from another world and I cannot allow Dr.
Eggman to do evil in this world! My, you're really righteous.
Huh? What're you saying? No, it's nothing.
You Idiots! Couldn't you make out who they were? We're sorry That cursed Sonic I'll shoot you down, Dammit! What're those!? It's the missiles! How's that? Piece of cake! We'll be hit! Don't worry, Don't worry! Move it! Move it! Move it! Move it! It's dangerous! No! Sonic won't be beaten! Tailsthe missiles! I've got it That was cool! It feels great! Sonic! Sonic.
Sonic Sonic, is that good? It's great! You've come here nowHedgehog I'll deal with you by myself today! Come here! Lets go, Eggman! The time bomb has been set.
Roger! It's finished, Rouge.
Huh? Where is she? She's on that.
What is she doing? It really must've been kept somewhere else.
Rouge! What? What're you doing? We're hauling off! You can go first.
Hey you! Because I've not yet finished my work! Is it a threat to us? Will it explode? Well, whatever it is.
I hope they won't attack.
Uh oh What happened here? It sealed shutand it's very thick.
How tough! Let me handle it! My fist is useless too.
Can't you disarm the bomb? Thatcan't be Don't give up so easily! He's right.
If you give up, then you're just going to fail.
I'm really really happy! Not bad! Don't you get it? You can't beat me with any normal thing.
You only talk big now Because you haven't yet realized that E-18 is powered by Chaos Emeralds.
There are two of them! No wonder Then it's just about time to deal with you Hello? UmmDr.
Eggman-sama, some people are closed off in the engine room but I don't know if they're our partners or enemies! KNUCKLES!? OF COURSE THEY'RE OUR ENEMIES! Ahh, I got it! What're they doing in the engine room!? Perhaps they're trying to set a time bomb.
WHAT'D YOU SAY!? It's no use I won't give up! There's really no other way.
After they set the bomb They were closed in? Sonic!? You can't seem to observe that you're beaten! What? Impossible! Yahoo! AckAW SHIT! No way! Oh no! What happened? Is it Sonic? I won't go down because of Sonic! I did it! Look out! That damn Sonic Hey, lets get out of here quickly.
What'd you say? I saved youbut you didn't even thank me? I didn't beg you to save me! You're terrible! What're you two doing!? Escape quickly! Sonic WellHow's Sonic? Could heCould he have been in it when the bomb detonated? Mr.
Sonic will be alright.
Right? Hey! Sonic! Sonic! HERE I AM! Eh? The president has invited Sonic to attend a party? That's amazing, Sonic! We'll hurry up and prepare the tuxedo Although Sonic already has an appointment with my classmate Helen.
The President's Secretary General knows this and in order to invite Sonic to attend, he's launching the Special forces! This is bad.
Sonic and Helen are in trouble! Next timeon Sonic X Chase After the Hero Sonic! Don't miss it!