Sonic X (2003) s01e14 Episode Script

That's What Friends are For

Eggman's base was ruined Mr.
President, you'll surely win in the following major presidential election.
I'm not so sure The "hero" who fought with Eggman is Sonic.
Sonic!? Sonic, Sonic.
Sonic SONIC!? Sonic! Sonic, SonicSonic He's on this oneand that one! He's there as well! Sonic!? SONIC! So Sonic will be elected as the next president! What stupid things are you saying? It's no joke! Gerome-kun, just take it easy! I'm feeling troubled, very very troubled Alright! We'll just take this move! We'll have a charity party held by the president to commemorate the destruction of Eggman's base! A charity party to commemorate the destruction of Eggman's base? Sonic is also welcomed to attend and then Sonic can have the honor of shaking hands with the President! So tomorrow's television News and the Newspaper will definitely report about the President and Sonic! So that will lead to more people supporting the president and he'll carry the victory in the next presidential election! So lets hurry up and send Sonic an invitation to the charity party to commemorate the destruction of Eggman's base.
Hey! I'm going out for just a little while.
Sonic, there's a letter for you! The President!? A Charity Party to commemorate the destruction of Eggman's base An invitation? Although it was sent to Sonic, we also got an invitation.
Alright! So lets get our new tuxedos and dresses ready and all go together! They're sure to have good food supplied there.
Amy I'm back.
Sonic! It's amazingthe President sent you an invitation to a party! A party? Yeah, we'll all go together, okay? When will he hold this party? In 2 days I'll pass.
Why? I set up a date with Helen! Helen, that Helen? Yeah, she's one of your classmates, Chris.
What do you mean? Something happened before Leave it to me! Thank you! Are you Sonic? You know me? I am Well I know youyou're one of Chris' classmates! Helen! I knew that.
I'm here to see the Island.
I come here often to see it.
You came to see that Island? Dad told me that there were some small cute flowers on that island.
He promised that he would take me therebut Dad is just so busy.
Each adult seems to enjoy keeping busy.
Butmy father has also been keeping so busy for my sake.
BecauseI Do you want to go to that island? I'm willing to go.
Then let me take you there! So that's it! I can't loiter about! Chuck, where are the boats and life jackets? Just go to the stock house for them.
Very good, very good! Now all we have to do is just wait for the President to shake hands with Sonic and have the reporters take the photographs.
Here they come! Oh, are they here? Welcome! Where's Sonic? He excused himself.
There is it! Ehh, Sonic hasn't shown up? Can't be helped.
Pack up, pack up! We shouldn't have come here Wait! Please wait Sonic WILL come! I promise! So please just go inside, have a meal, and wait awhile, would you? Hey, you guys Go to Sonic's house and bring him here for me! Now! Yes Sir! We're from the government, please hand over Sonic! You didn't knock on the door and then you dare ask for someone from us? Sure enough you've got big titles, but came at an inopportune moment.
He's not home right now! We won't forgive you if you dare hide him from us! Why would I hide him? Don't bother us! Just hurry up and leave.
DAMN YOU Leave them alone, and just search out Sonic! TANAKA! You want to interfere!? Interfere? I just want to drive away the rude intruders! Sorry.
What!? He isn't at home? It seems the plan isn't going too well.
No, I must get the plan to go well! Contact the army for me! Sir, it's an emergency! Please send us reinforcements! If you don't have enough on hand you'll ask the intelligence bureau and technology bureau for support at once! Catch Sonic! Just make sure to catch him! System all green! The screen will show the target from above.
We're now beginning the search! Our aim is Sonic! This guy can move at a speed of over 700mph.
Pay attention everyone! Confirmed target, over! Where is he? He's in region S-13! He's in region S-13! Roger! Now he's heading north at the speed of over 400MPH! Keep tracing him! We've already lost him Do something, you moron! It's very busy today You wait hereI'll go to get the boat.
Sonic isn't coming at all, is he? Shall we go back? Now now, please enjoy the champagne! Hey, remove the appetizer! Sheesh, what is G.
doing? Target confirmed! It's sonic! We've found Sonic! He's in the Thorndyke's house! There he is.
Use the tear gas! Roger! We failed! Sonic is heading north again.
What's going on? Look! I told you we couldn't keep up with him at all.
Sonic took a round about course? In which direction? The lakefront? Sorry to have kept you waiting.
lets go! Where is Sonic!? We've waiting for him til the evening! Now now, take it easy! I'll let you taste the name-brand wine I've treasured for 59 years! At least have a cup of it before you leave.
Please! Help yourself, help yourself! One more cup It's so late now I feel nervous.
What flowers will be there? I would have come here with Dad.
But now he is certainly working very hard.
Douglas-kun, about next week's shift Do you want to hire a student worker? If it goes on this way It's no problem! I'll just work til night shift.
Will you? Sorry to trouble you.
Let me earn some money! We'll be there soon.
They've come here again! What on earth? Don't come here! Pull him to the base like this! Damn it! Do you scare easily? I'm alright.
Very good! Just hold onto this! Seems we're a bit high up Were you scared? That was great! You're really interesting I've never met such a person before.
This is just like a big adventure! Looks like it's becoming even more like a big adventure.
Helen, would you like to go with me on this adventure? Of course! Alright! Our target has ran away into the forest! Very good! He's a dead pigeon! Special units, set out! Roger! Hey, I've drank it up.
Yes, I'm coming! I wonder how Sonic is? Dad and mom work hard for me in order to not let me feel uncomfortable.
They did everything for me.
They brought me to the best doctors and this wheelchair is very expensive.
InfactI don't really want anything else.
I just want to stay with my dad and mom.
But I'm really feeling happy today! I've never felt so nervous before.
It's seems this adventure will last even longer.
Enemies spotted from the rear! LETS GO! OK! Begin the chase! We're getting close Pay attention, that's the basics for an adventure! We found Sonic! That was nothing! Sonic, infront! They've caught up.
Here they come.
No problem! These are the small white flowers that Dad mentioned.
Let me pick some of them for you.
Don't! Let's keep it like it is.
I'm hoping I can see them with my parents one day.
Yeah, that's right! Before that, this'll be a secret for both of us! These guys are really troublesome.
The flowers will be trampled on if they come up here! Leave it to me to deal with 'em.
Hey! We're over here! He's there! Lets go quickly.
It's the lake! Please go to the Presidential house with us We won't hurt you! I still have something left to do.
Then it can't be helped! Do you know how to manage it? In the past I've always left that up to Tails.
This one? Please don't forget to take your luggage! Sonic, look! The adventure is over.
Was it interesting? Yes, very! Well, it's late now.
Let me send you back home.
Is it alright if you don't go to the Presidential house? Why would it be a problem? ButI'll feel guilty if you kept the others waiting just for me.
You'd better go for a little while.
So then I'll take your order.
What? He ran away? You idiot! Where is he? What's that? AH! Sonic!? Sonic, welcome! Mr.
President! Mr.
President! Welcome, Sonic-kun! Yeah, just at this moment.
Camera, where's the camera? Reporters! Where are the reporters!? What's wrong with those who came to get the news? In order to catch us our enemies shot ropes with a hook from the copter! It rushed over at us from the left at first and we wanted to stay clear, but because our boat was too small, it couldn't move fast enough to keep clear of them at all! So we got hit.
But we just took it easy had them pull us up, and then used the movements quickly Mom, please give me another bowl! Right, right! Your appetite is very good today! and then Just a minute! Dad wants another bowl as well.
In order to listen to Helen's story, I'll need to get some more ready.
Dad, hurry up! Now comes the good part! Then we rushed and jumped for the cliffIt was exciting! I got it, I got it.
Now I'll have to prepare two bottles of wines.
What's wrong? That child is so happy that she's having another bowl! Because we're so afraid of danger we just kept her at home.
I'll start taking my work schedule into account No, I'll just start to adjust my schedule from tomorrow onwards.
I had forgotten where I should go with her.
Honey! Mom, Dad, you're so slow! We'll be right there.
Just wait, the soup cooked by your mom is very special! Let us take some time.
Geez! Now comes the good part! Guess what the enemy also used aside from the copter? A bike that flies off the ground! It's something that was seen in a movie and can be driven on water or on the roads! Oh that's right, I met the President! Take it easy, slow down! What happened when you hung from the helicopter? What shall I begin with? This is bad! Dr.
Eggman is driving a huge moving air fortress, the Egg-fort, to attack! In order to have revenge for his base' destruction he went to destroy Station Square! The city is in a mass panic because of that horrible power.
Damn it! So Eggman thinks he can do as he wishes! Sonic, Come and help us! Next timeOn Sonic X The Mobile Fortress Egg-Fort Attacks! Don't Miss it!