Sonic X (2003) s01e15 Episode Script

Skirmish in the Sky

Here take this! What? A communicator? It's called a Mobile Phone! With this phone, I can contact you even when you're out, see? But only if I'm where the electric signal can reach.
You also can't get it into water.
Hurry up, we're going! How long do you want me to wait for you? Sorry, sorry! What're you quarreling about? I told you several times yesterday that we would to go Station Square for shopping.
It's very rare for us that we don't have to stay home all day.
Let's enjoy the freedom to the best of our ability.
Although I guess Sonic only likes running around He just wouldn't understand us.
Sonic has a Mobile Phone! It's for you! Sonic, won't you go together with us? Nah, just go ahead! I figured this is how it'd really end up.
Just date me once in awhile! Sonic, you meanie! Surely enough, I figured Sonic wouldn't like this thing.
He doesn't like everyone else always contacting him.
But he always disappears so suddenly Won't you feel worried when you can't make contact with him? It's alright.
Whenever you're in trouble, Sonic will always come out on his own.
Really? Absolutely! GO PANDAMU! (Sorry, I had to ;P) I've been looking forward to this for so long! Chris So many people are watching I've got a bad feeling about this.
Hey hey, is this real? II'm sorry! I'm sure! I saw it myself.
It's real! I can see it so closely, it's really great! You should try it up-close as well Tails, are you alright? Hey What? What's the matter with us? II'm scared! Are we really so weird? It's because you're the stars.
The heroes who confronted Eggman! But this isn't the proper treatment for heroes! Perhaps they're just attracted to my beauty! I can understand that.
I'm sorry.
I didn't imagine that things would turn out like this.
Until everyone gets used to it, it seems that there's nothing we can do.
Don't go THAT far! Let's go to another place.
This way, please! Amy, lets go! Wait! Hey, look at that.
The young master Thorndyke is said to live together with those strange creatures and surely enough, it's true! Please wait here! This is members only, so it'll be alright.
I watched the news on TV! They were really very brave! It's so soft! What're you doing? Didn't you say that this is members only so we can get some peace and quiet? Oh shoot, I guess the people in here are very funny as well This is the most terrible thing we've met yet.
I'm Scared! Can your ears move? DON'T GO THAT FAR! Okay, pull it up I'll leave the other side to you.
Sir! It's a door No! Can it be? What is this!? If you thought you could stop my ambition with things like THAT you really underestimated me! Incase that day ever came, I secretly built the strongest Mobile Fortress Egg-fort! Let me show you it's power! Why did you make a special drill just for breaking down the door? What a waste! What're you saying? It's been very difficult for me to make that drill, so why not use it? Ahh, so that's it.
He really just likes making trouble.
Shut up and launch! Head for Station Square! Eggman is still alive What!? A giant warship is coming this way!? Mayor! Just forget it Let's give up and head out on the road.
It won't be long, everyone will get used to it.
What's wrong? That's What's that? What is that? Can it be That foolish man You destroyed my garrison several days ago! Today I'll take my revenge on you destroy the whole city of Station Square and build a large garrison for the Eggman Empire! When did that Eggman build such a warship!? At this timeif Sonic would come here Ah, the car is over there! Hurry up and run, now! Sonic! See, I told you that he would definitely appear! That cursed Sonic, you finally came! You played around too much, Eggman! Damn you Sonic.
TAKE THIS! Surely enough, this is the result.
It's nothing strange to me by now.
No way! He couldn't even touch it This won't work without the X-Tornado! Let's hurry back! But how? Hi! Chris! (Sam, Fastest Man Alive) You in trouble? Uncle! I'll send you back home at top speed! Hang on tight! E-43's chasing capability is excellent.
It's better than that of a missile.
You can't throw it off! Uh oh You gotta be kidding me! Eggman-sama! E-43 should have been set with a self-destruct device.
Yes, you're right! Click! What a horrible sound! Sonic really is amazing! It's no use.
How about THIS? Unclecan't you drive faster? I'm just getting started SUPER-TEACHER-MAN! Stuart-Sensei! Hey Chris! Are you alright? Stuart? I'm Chris' mentor Stuart! We've seen each other once before.
Ah, you're that guy I forget things very fast, but I can recall them very fast as well.
You were Chris' uncle, you are Please just call me, "Love Express" Hey! This isn't a time for greetings I need to drive the X-Tornado.
Ahh, you're right! Don't hesitate! NoI.
Hurry up! We're off! They've come again! It's too narrow, the mirror is useless! We're finished! TANAKA! (Ninja Butler of Awesomeness) That's the X-Tornado! Sonic! The X-Tornado! Got it! Fire, fire! Shoot him down! Sonic! If we fight here, it'll damage the city! Sonic, we should lure Eggman out to the sea! Ok, leave it to me! Damn it! Come after me, you fool! Damn you Sonic! You dare to underestimate me that much!? Hurry and chase them! I'll capture that arrogant hedgehog! It's just like him to be provoked so easily.
It's really a pain.
Didn't the army arrive here? It's coming, it's coming! Main cannon, prepare to fire! FIRE! That'll finish you, Sonic! The energy loop was damaged I can't sustain it anymore! What's wrong? It means the plane won't fly for much longer! Ehh? No way! Now we'll hit it for sure! Get ready to fire the main cannon! Starting to check all the numerical values of the main cannon No abnormalities! Beginning the process to launch the main cannon! Energy charging, prepare to countdown! We're really too busy.
Since only 3 people are driving such a big airship Cut it out! So then, we can only go flying for a few more minutes? That seems to be the case.
Ok! Lets fly at the bridge at top-speed! That'll be to much for it! If there's a chance, we have to try it.
Has the Energy charge been completed? Not yet.
Ah, the X-Tornado! Huh!? What does he plan to do? Everyone, hang on tight! Main cannon, FIRE! The Energy hasn't charged enough He's coming! The ship is out of service! Nothing can help us now! Damn you Sonic, I'll remember this! We did it, Sonic! Sonic is the greatest! But Eggman won't give up so easily.
Even when his base was ruined, he still built that thing.
He'll come back again! Yeahand the battlefield will be enlarged little by little.
Where has Eggman gone? That's amazing, Sonic! Sonic, you finally got a passport! With this, you can go to any country freely! Alright! Lets take a vacation right away! At that time, there was some Chaos emerald reaction in the southern sea.
Could it be the 4th Chaos Emerald? Sonic, in this case, we'll take an adventure and challenge the Ocean floor! Next timeon Sonic X Shoot for the Sunken Ship in the South Sea Don't Miss it!