Sonic X (2003) s01e16 Episode Script

Depths of Danger

After being defeated by Sonic last week Eggman should have sunk into the sea.
But how could he disappear? We couldn't find him Can't find him Can't find him! You couldn't find him? It's presumed that he should have hid under the sea.
That Eggman won't keep hiding like this! Find him! Sir! There have been so many tasks to do recentlyI've had no time for resting at all.
I really want to take a holiday at the seaside.
You fool! Keep silent! Otherwise, we'll be discovered by the Navy.
We'll have to sit here quietly until they leave.
Damn it! Lets go back to repairing the warship! Roger! It'll be tough this time Then, lets go over that again.
Which fork and knife should you use first? Can you remember that? Leave it to me! This one.
Right! Everyone remembers it well.
What a good crowd of kids! Oh, everyone is here! Chuck, what's up? From now on, I'm giving you some important documents.
Read them carefully.
Documents? What's this? They're a social security card, and a passport.
Tails has both a special flight status and a pilot's license and a few other things.
All of these belong to me? Tails, you really ARE amazing.
Flying without a license could be punished severely.
It's only with that license that you can fly the skies freely in this country.
Chuck-san What's this license for cheese? Ahh, a pet certificate to testify that a pet is owned by the honored citizen, Cream.
Pet!? That's horrible! Cheese isn't a pet.
He's one of my important friends! You've upset me.
Don't say things like that Geez, you've gotta start over with a clean plate.
Alright, I get it, I get it.
What's this!? What? Which? What's wrong? There weren't any cuter pictures? It was probably a picture taken by a reporter or someone Why did they use this picture? Couldn't they have taken it with better timing? I can't accept this! Hey guys! You're looking happy.
Oh, Sonic, just in time.
Here, this is for you, Sonic.
HmmWhat's this? It's called a passport.
With this, you can go abroad! HmmGoing abroad I've been to nearly every place around here.
This sounds interesting.
We're leaving! We're gonna go.
Okay, OkayHave a nice trip! I'm off, Grandpa.
Yeah, take care of yourself! X-Tornado, Launch! Have a nice trip! Take Care! Tanaka, you should also head to the Seaside.
Make sure Chris doesn't get in any danger.
Leave him to me! Amy-san, where are we going to go later? Welllets seeHow about this place? The Grand Blue-Sapphire Sea.
The OceanThe white stone walls Footprints in the sand How romantic! Amy, you hearing me? Look below us.
The beautiful sea is incredible! No, No We can't be satisfied with just any old Ocean A picture of grand blue has been put in my heart! But now we ARE flying above that Grand Blue Sapphire Sea! ItIt's really beautiful! Looks great.
Alright, it's decided! We're going to land here! Hurry and find a place to land.
Hurry up! AhhYeah, yeah.
Chris! What's wrong? The Chaos Emerald The Emerald is shining? WhWhat's wrong? This is the same as what happened at the Diamond Stadium! In this case The 4th Chaos Emerald is somewhere around here! The 4th Chaos Emerald! Everyone, hang on tight.
I'm landing.
We're here, we're here.
So then Anyway, lets go to the seaside first.
Isn't that Sonic? Sonic? You're kidding.
It sure is Sonic! Hey, please sign my autograph! What the!? Here they come again! Lets run! No matter where we go, we're still noticeable.
Being stared at like this, we shouldn't dare to stride at all.
We'll have to keep low.
That'll be really boring.
In that case, I'd rather pretend to be a doll Because you guys are the stars, I can't do much to help you.
Anyway, lets go change into our swimsuits first.
Strange Where did Sonic-san go? Huh? He couldn't have gone to look for the Chaos Emerald alone, could he? HeySonic! Hey! Where has Sonic gone off too? I'm right here! Ahh, finally found you.
But what are you doing here? I'm thinking about how to get to the bottom of the sea and look for the Chaos Emerald.
In other words, the longer we can dive into the Sea, the better.
Right? Leave it to me! Yay! It's great! Sonic, keep this in your mouth.
Is this really going to work alright? Don't worry! (Good kids won't study this and try it at home.
) With this, you'll be able to breathe in the sea as well.
Then you'll only need to learn how to walk in the sea (You mean I'm not a good kid?) So then Okay, let me try this first.
Go for it, Sonic! Sonic Ahh, he came back.
What are you doing, Crab!? Sonic, there won't be a problem this time! No Problem! (Don't imitate) Where did you find this? Back to it, I can breathe But I can't SEE anything in front of me! Geez! Uwwag! It's so dark and narrow! Chris, hurry up and pull me up! Hurry! I thought I was gonna die Now now, you shouldn't die THAT easily.
I think that I should've used a scuba diving outfit.
It was dangerous to use any other kind of outfit.
I should've done that at the start Including the rent for the diving suits .
and the small boat, how much is it total? All of that is free! At the Government meeting, they passed a bill that'll budget for Sonic so the Government will pay for all that.
But back to thatwhat do you want to do with a small boat? That isUmm.
This Model boat is the same one as in that picture, correct? Ahh, yes it is.
A long time ago It just sunk into the Grand-Blue Sapphire Sea.
Legend says the boat met a typhoon in the age of Exploration.
So then everyone, lets go! Have a nice trip! Good luck! Bon Voyage.
Tails and I will take care of Sonic Thanks.
Give us a little training You should breathe lightly when in the sea.
Okay! So, we're going.
Well, lets go! YYeah.
It's finally repaired.
That was really hard on me.
So tired Sonic, who is very popular among the citizens Is taking a vacation at the Grand Blue Sapphire Sea.
What? A vacation? We're suffering and covered with oil, dirt, and gas and they're gracefully taking a vacation!? How can they! I really envy them! That cursed Sonic! The Chaos Emerald reaction is growing stronger and stronger That's ThisThis is Is this the wreck the manager of the Diving Outfits shop just now mentioned? Could the Chaos Emerald be inside this? Okay, lets enter and look for it! Found it! Sonic isn't hereonly this little brat Why? Well forget about itA Vacation like that wouldn't be very nice anyway.
I'm back! Good work.
Did you send my message to Sonic and the others? Look at this! You seem to be having a good time, Sonic.
What vacation is this? It's all your fault that I suffered so much! Isn't this the message that I just gave Sonic? Why did you show it to me? Did you really tell Sonic and the others? Well, noBecause Sonic and the others weren't there.
Only that little brat was left.
So I had to take it back! Of course, this message will self-destruct! Ahh, I'm sure I set up this gear In this case You damn hedgehog! Hurry and attack! This time, I must teach him a good lesson! It's sparkling! This ship is just like a box full of jewelry.
The reaction of the Chaos Emerald is MUCH stronger.
Maybe the Emerald is among these Yeah.
It must be.
What the? That's The Chaos Emerald! Surely enough, it's here.
Hey! Give it to me you damn crab! It's gone! Can this one really be the 4th Chaos Emerald? It's amazing! I found you, hedgehog! How can you be in such a place? Go, E-57! Everyone, hurry up and escape to the surface! Let me deal with that thing! Got it.
Everyone, hurry up and go.
I can't run well in water! It'll be hard on me to drill through and attack! Very good! Get him, E-57! I love doing things like this.
Nobody got hurt, right? Yeah, we're alright! Young Master! Are you alright? Ahh, Tanaka! Young master, you and the others should hurry aboard! Tanaka, why are you here? Because my duty is to protect the young master.
So when a crisis approaches you, young master wherever it's at, I'll fly to you right away! Hey, don't regard me as a toy! Hurry up and stop it! Sonic, He Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long! Uncle! Today, please call me "High speed big wave"! Hey Sonic guy, catch this one! Lets go! Wait for me! How can such a useless missile hit me? Sonic! Sonic, take this! We did it! Thank you! Ehh You found the wreck on the sea floor!? Yes, but Eggman damaged it and the ship and jewelry are all gone for now.
I see But you saw the wreck for sure? Yeah.
So it's not a false story.
The legend really is true.
Turns out the captain of that ship was the ancestor of the Diving outfit shop's manager.
What a pretty sunset! Finally, it's like a vacation once more.
Today, in the Deep-Blue Sapphire Sea, Dr.
Eggman's robots were found But because of the the Sonic Team's actions I HATE that huy! Knuckles got news of a Chaos Emerald But the ku-no-i-chi, like a riddle, is getting closer to him! Next Timeon Sonic X Knuckles! Clenched Fists of Anger Don't miss it! Ooh, I get a present? What is it? A Sonic X Hi-Spec DVD!? Awwyou shouldn't have! No waityou didn't DAMN YOU ALL! GIMME MY HI-SPEC DVD! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!