Sonic X (2003) s01e17 Episode Script

The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk

I met Hawk 2 months ago I was visiting the southern mainland in order to seek a Chaos Emerald.
Ahhh, Help me! This guy is also a treasure hunterjust like me.
One week ago, Hawk suddenly contacted me.
In his country, he had found what I was seeking.
So I've come to Hawk's hometownthis Oriental city.
Excuse me, but do you know where Mr.
Fan's shop is? I know you! You're Sonic, right? Sonic!? How could I look like Sonic!? I'm Knuckles! I've never heard of you But I do know where Mr.
Fan's shop is.
I'm looking for a man named Hawk.
Something wrong with my face? No, nothing, it's just that you're a stranger I came here because I heard that Hawk works here.
No, nobody called Hawk is here.
That's suspicious Please, my guest, forgive me! Hey! There are always rules to follow in a nation or a shopor a family.
Interesting! So what are these rules? To go somewhere else to look for HIM! Stop! You guys won't be able to beat him.
Leong-san Hey you I have a name! Knuckles the Echidna I'm sorry, Knuckles-san.
I heard that you're looking for Hawk? Would you believe me if I said you could follow me to him? Alright.
That was Knuckles.
We've got a big haul.
Lets hurry and report it to Dr.
Eggman! Yeah! In here? You go ahead first.
Of course.
Well Newbie, There are meals and no freedom here and the meals are mine! You're still the same as before, Hawk.
Knuckles! Long time no see! It's great that you're alright! Yeah, although this is sort of a strange style of welcoming someone.
What, you said that Knuckles is at the oriental city? He's gone there to search for more information about a Chaos Emerald.
Waitmy talented brain in shining again! The plan has changed! Click! Not bad.
Is it a Chaos Emerald, Hawk? It's a red stoneperhaps about as big as this.
A Chaos Emerald.
In order to protect the Master Emerald I'll have to hurry back there as soon as I can.
Angel Island.
I'm not sure how long it's been since I started living there As far back as I can remember, I've been there, guarding the Master Emerald.
I had become used to being alone.
and thenthat moment came So once you finish collecting them, you'll go back to your world? That's what I believe.
I see Those people and I thought it could be valuable.
But this is really unlucky So, where is the Chaos Emerald? After I contacted you, Mr.
Knuckles, I got captured right away, so it should still be where I hid it.
Where? That's the advantage, actually Actually, I'm just a gourmet food lover.
In this city, there are a ton of delicious things.
So many food booths along the streetsand lots of steamed things, right? Right, right! The steamed shrimp, dumplings, and leek buns the crab dumplings, the stuffed buns with the Shark's fin, the radish almond bean curd.
Because the Oriental city is famous for it's foods! It's kept that tradition for about 4000 years! But you shouldn't eat too much! Otherwise, you'll gain alot of weight since there is so much fat in these foods.
At this time, you should be drinking the oolong dark tea The Chinese are really so considerate! THE LEEK BUN! What happened!? Leong-san? Leong-san! Damn you Taxi! Please get going.
Turn right here! We're finally here! This place? This is the old downtown.
Lets get going! I found it at the place my where partners were trading.
My mouth nearly leaped out of my heart No wait, I mean my heart nearly leaped out of my mouth! Just over there.
It's here! Found it! The Chaos Emerald! This is great! Now I can finally repay my obligation to you.
Long time no see, Knuckles! All right, be good and hand me the Chaos Emerald! Stop fooling around! I'll never hand you the Chaos Emerald! Take my Egg-Technique! Help me! You're! Sometimes she's a driversometimes she's a female guard and sometimes she's a sexy dancer! But her true identity is E-91, Ku-no-i-chi! A woman!? You're too naive, Knuckles.
To disguise her identity as Ku-no-i-chi is the ultimate point of the technique! Eggman! Where are you!? E-91, hurry and snatch the Chaos Emerald! Sixth Egg-Technique! Hawk! The Chaos Emerald! What's wrong!? The Chaos Emerald was pressed under it! How dare you attack me from behind! Unforgivable! Seems to be trouble.
I'd better retreat right now! The only thing we can do now is escape! But how do we? Around the area where the underground subway collapsed Some information shows that Eggman's Egg-Fort was seen there.
The Government judged that Dr.
Eggman had something to do with this accident.
For the moment, we can't take any action.
After things calm down, we'll go and dig, Okay? If we keep hesitating, they'll get it again Damn it! Are you alright, Mr.
Knuckles? This is A Shovel Claw! How did it come to this world!? It came from the relic at which Mr.
Knuckles saved me.
So that's it What's wrong with that? Be careful! I remember for sure that it's around here Hawk! Hawk, where did you go!? Knuckles, I have a message from Eggman-sama for you! If you want to save this manjust come to the building site in Oriental City.
You know the one? After this message, there will be Karate! Straight to hell kick! You're really something! How could you live through my kick? Farewell! Mr.
Knuckles You should have brought the Chaos Emerald here, right Knuckles? Throw it to me! Egg-Technique, Kite Flight! Sir! Please return the Chaos Emerald to me.
You must be kidding! It's been so hard for me to get it.
Shoot! Over there! Egg-Technique, Flying Squirrel! Sheesh It's gotten so serious.
I'll have to give up.
Egg-Technique What a pity.
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Return the Chaos Emerald to me! Egg-Technique, Gold tying! Master Emerald Mr.
Knuckles! Accept your defeat! Will you go traveling again? Yeah.
I hope to see you again! See you, buddy! Buddy? Knuckles! This place The servers are the seven Chaos The servers are the seven Chaos? What do you mean? Just nowthat was The servers are the seven Chaos.
Oh shoot! Because of the air battle with Eggman, the X-Tornado was damaged! We fell onto the spacious plainand we can't move at all! At that timewe find a huge building site around that area.
It seems like they're building a reservoir.
But the animals around there look very sad.
It feel strange Just who are those men? Next timeon Sonic X Huge Shoot-out on the Savannah! Don't miss it!