Sonic X (2003) s01e18 Episode Script

The Dam Scam

It's Africa! Though this world is a little different from our world I never imagined a place like this existed! Radar, Radar, Radar! It's here! I found you, Sonic! Get them, Decoe, Bocoe! At once! So now it's time to play! What're you going to do, Sonic? Sonic is rushing this way! Shoot him down! I can't do that in time! What the!? Is it going to fail again!? He did it! Oh shoot! Tails! Alright! It's been repaired.
Well, what'll we do about the wing? Though it can't fly in the air It can still walk on the ground! I see! We'll just move with the Cyclone! Oh, this is trouble Will you need my help? Thank you, but it's alright now.
Is it There aren't any stores nearby and the mobile phone is out of service range.
Sleep tightly if you want I'll wake you up as soon as it's been repaired.
NNo You don't have to worry about me.
Is that so It's different than the city, so I'm a bit bored Are you? You might say that time here passes slowly.
Tails, so you like the city better? Not necessarily.
This is like the world we lived in! It feel comfortable here.
I'm a bit surprised Someday I hope that I can find a place like mine in Station Square and then build my own workshop there.
Oh, I see.
I wish for you to fufill you dream, Tails! Yeah, and Chris, what's your dream? Mine? I've suddenly thought that I'd like to be a zoologist! Though my Grandpa and Dad are both fans of mechanics While I like animals more than I do mechanical stuff.
Not that I mean that you guys are animals! Alright, It's been repaired and it should finally work now.
So, lets go find Sonic! Damn you, Sonic! Waaahhh, Crocodile! What a crowd of rude guys! How could I, with my IQ of 300, just end up as fodder for you? Don't beat your chest! Stop it! Dr.
Eggman-sama We're going to look for Sonic! I'll leave it to you.
E-65, lets go! This isn't like the city, it feels good here.
Back to it, where did Tails and Chris go? Hey! (No, I can't translate this, sorry ;P.
Err Roar?) Are you asking me for a match? You'd be the fastest running animal I've found since I came to this world.
But you still can't beat me! Lets go! That would be the world's first Super-Sonic Cheetah! What's this? What's this project? I don't know what it is.
Hey, when are they gonna finish over there? Hurry up! Farm Season is coming I wish they'd hurry up, finish this, and put down their tools.
Ummwhat is this project? What kind of project is this? You should know it when you see it! This project is a dam.
A dam!? What's a dam? It's a structure which can stop the river and bring the water to the valleys.
Rivers and valleys? There aren't any of those nearby! You're right Why would you choose to build a dam in a place like this? You kids wouldn't understand.
Adults have their own reasons.
But if you build a dam in a place like this how will it affect the animals living here? How should I know? Hey, these guys are interfering with our project! Drive them away! Sorry about this.
What're you doing!? We have no time to waste on you! Come on, lets go.
Everyone, is this okay!? Is it really okay? Tails! Once beforeI was also Blow it to pieces! Stop it! Here I go! Please don't break it! Oh, how cool! Lets follow him and have a look.
Amazing! What is this? Looks like it has great speed! But if I give it some improvements, maybe it'll go even faster! What're you doing? I'm sorry! I'm remodeling it to make it fly faster and I'm changing the color Hmm, Blue isn't too bad.
Your image was my inspiration! Thanks! So then, you've been doing this since this morning.
How can I repay you? Well, since all I know is mechanics, I'm always been bullied by others.
But, when I see you running so fast I want to become as cool as you! Could I do that? What's your name? I'm Miles Prower! But everybody calls me Tails I'm Sonic! Tails I'll leave this machine to you.
Remodel it as you like.
Is that okay? No problem! I was one like them.
I thought I couldn't do anything.
But I changed my mind ever since I met Sonic.
He inspired me to do my best.
And now, the thing I can do is I'm asking you to stop the project! Shut up, kid! I told you, that's impossible.
Go to hell! If you do this, then the animals can't live on! So please stop building the Dam at once! Immediately Tails! If you dare to interfere with our project he'll charge at you! This is a problem.
Lets think of another way, Tails.
What other way is there? Everyone Everyone, listen up! Everyone, did you know that they're building a Dam on the Veld? I hadn't hurt about that Never knew Hey, What's going on!? We don't need any Dams in a place like this! Well, if there is a mudslide we can use the Dam to hold it off! How could there be a mudslide in a veld like this? NoUmm Damn it! I'm sure it's those guys Stop the construction at once! Well, I get it.
But pleaselet us continue with it anyway! We can't pull it down after it's been set up.
Even soThere's no reason you have to keep building it! UhhYeah.
We did it! I was barely able to get this Dam project ready If I give up now, our income will drop to zero.
But Aibo, what are you going to do with this gasoline? You still don't get it? If I set the Jungle on fire, the smoke will cloud up the skies! and then it will start to rain and cause a flood.
and the veld will become like a lake! Those people who insist the veld didn't need a Dam will know they're wrong once they see the flooded lake.
That's all.
Oh I see! I never would've thought of that.
WWhat's this!? Could it be the guardian god of the forest? Please forgive me! You're completely mistaken! We're looking for Sonic, a blue hedgehog Look, Just like that one! Ahh, That's Sonic himself! E-65, smash him! Stop beating your chest! Is that his automated response? Eggman's robot? Hey, Eggman-robot! I'm over here! What's with those guys? I don't know.
Anyway, lets take this chance Right! What a slowpoke! He's no rival for me at all! Where'd he come from!? This is close enough.
Let's settle this quickly.
Aibo You small frys over there Ehh? Have you seen a blue hedgehog nearby? Another strange guy has appeared again.
Did you just call me strange? You just called me, the talented Dr.
Eggman-sama, strange!? Unforgivable! Help me! I'm so aggressive! Anyway, he was like some irritating pest.
Is it there? That robot has disappeared within the Jungle.
I can't see him at all! Damn it How appropriate, Sonic! Eggman! This is my payback for you now! Give him the final blow, E-65! We'll see about that.
Over there! You're running away, Sonic!? You're too soft! Heh! Catch me if you can! E-65, Chase Sonic, come on! There are monsters all over that forest! Calm down! What's going on!? Everyone, we have to leave now.
So we'll say goodbye to you here.
Lets go look for Sonic.
Sonic! Hey, Sonic! Hey! Yo, Chris, Tails.
How are you doing? How are you, Sonic? We were worried about you! I won't get you get away, Sonic! E.
Eggman's robot!? I'll get rid of him! Wait for me here.
Wait! Looks like you forgot something Oh Shit! Although E-65 can project himself unseen with the reflection of natural scenery he can't with anything artificial! Who put so many unnecessary things here!? Damn you, Damn you, Damn you! You dare bother me? I'll crush them all! Take this and this and this and this! Now we won't even get a chanceour project is dead.
I can't fight against him! Lets get out of here! Help us, Eggman! Sonic, Take this! We'll settle this now.
Hey you, TAKE THIS! Ahhhhh, E-65! He did it! Yay! Damn you Sonic, I'll be your opponent! Come and get me, Eggman! Lets go! C'mon! EEggman-sama! A message from Eggman-sama.
Prepare your ears to listen.
Next time I won't forgive you, Sonic! Alright, this mecha will now.
Automaticly begin to tap-dance! I don't know how to dance! I'm leaving Oh, I feel terrible.
I'm arresting you for destroying the balance of the ecology.
Yes, sir.
Another problem solved! Now that I think about it Didn't Eggman also help prevent the Dam from being built? You're right! Ehh, Mom got lost? This is bad! Lets hurry and have everyone spread out to look for her! After coming to this old castle to shoot Mom disappeared all of a sudden! We had just said "goodnight" to each other! It's really strange! There must be something wrong with this castle.
At that time, there then comes a horrible attack that we can't even believe! Just what are these monsters!? Next TimeOn Sonic X The Ghost of King Boom Boo in the Old Castle Don't miss it!