Sonic X (2003) s01e19 Episode Script

Sonic's Scream Test

Ep 19 - The Ghost of King Boom Boo in the Old Castle Um, is this okay? Sheesh Well, if you want us to shoot, please understand that this is difficult.
Take note of your facial expressions.
Don't think your face just automatically shows the meaning.
You too.
Now we're going to test things out, so take it a step beyond a dress rehearsal.
Maybe you could go over the top just a bit Ella? Who're you supposed to be? Ella, will you be in the shoot? Yes, because nobody else in the village around here was willing to be an extra.
Am I fitting? We're almost ready How come!? Please take me with you! I don't want to be left here alone! Wait! Ashier! Wait! Cut! OK! Chris' mother is so amazing! So Chris, do you like it here? Yeah! Oh, where are your friends? I thought they said they wanted to come here.
Hello! Oh my! They did a good job! Were they a present the SFX team gave you? Doesn't she know anything about us? My mother is like that On another note, Where are Cream and the rest of them? Dunno.
What's that? Stop! That's it.
An animal? That's not critical.
We can fix that in the Digital Effects department.
That so? Then please.
Okay! So lets tape the next part! Lets stay here and watch.
Begin the Rehearsal! DearDearWait, don't leave! Darling, Please! What's this!? It's in the way! Wait, it'd be better to back up.
What happened? That was Wait, Don't go, Darling! Just as I thoughtIt's no use.
Formal, begin! Ready, Action! I'm sorry, there's some noise! Cut! I'm really tense! Strangeeverything's normal.
What's wrong? Ahh, It's alright.
So then, Begin the next take! I'm sorry, there's some noise! Cut! You did it again! We're quitting for today.
Mama, Thank you! Chris, Can't you sleep? Yeah, I just wanted to say "Good night" to you.
Chris! Good night, Chris.
Good night, Mama.
See you tomorrow.
Try your best tomorrow, Mama.
Thanks, Chris.
What's wrong with the sound? Weirdwhere are the others? Amy and the others have all gone to Ella's room.
Sonic too? No, I don't know where Sonic is.
Where could he be? Sonic Around here? Sounds like a boy Chris? You are Chris! Don't hide from me, Come out now! That's strangedid I make a mistake? I must be tired The Moon? and the Sun? What's it mean? Lindsey-San! Hey! Lindsey! Lindsey! Where are you!? Mama! Madam, where are you!? Chris' MamaWhere are you!? Chris' mama? What? What's wrong? What, what's that sound? It came through the walls! Madam, is that you Madam? I'll go look for someone! Amy!? What's the matter, Amy? Hurry up and help! Ella, Cream, Cheese! What happened? Ella and them were caught and dragged into the walls by a strange monster! Are there monsters here? Damn it! Wwhat is that? Damn, my punch couldn't hit them at all! Tails! Shoot! Sonic! Chris! What's this? The stone tablet in the courtyard Maybe it's somehow related to these guys! Sonic! Return Sonic to me! SonicSonicSonic EveryoneAll of them Sonic We mobilized our staff and searched for them all night but we couldn't find anything! Just as I thought What's "Just as you thought"? Was there ever a case like this? Yeah.
That's it.
Someone pulled it out.
Maybe he's right.
There's something written on it! Appears under the moon, Disappears under the sun.
What's that mean? What? Wind is blowing from the stone tablet.
Maybe there's something under it.
Stairs? Just as I thought, there IS something under it.
Sonic should be in there! Lets go.
It's dangerous! We don't know what's in it.
You think it won't work? N.
No, welleveryone went with the cops AAmy! Sheesh.
Are you afraid? Of course I am.
are you scared, Amy? Nope! I'd like to live on my own someday in a nice relaxing apartment in Station Square.
Even if it's small, I wouldn't mind.
I want something to call "Amy's kitchen!" Then I could cook.
That sounds nice.
Is it a talisman? Dunno.
Alright! We can use it to get rid of them! Amy, wait for me! This.
is under the castle? Where are those guys? Amythere! Lets go, Amy.
Sonic? What's in here? Where are those guys? That's strangeI'm sure they came in here.
SonicSonic? Amy, Chris, I'm here! Sonic! Be careful you two! My Dear Amy Ehh? What did you say all of a sudden I have a requestwedge the sandglass in the hole on the wall.
I get it.
If I wedge this in, everything will be fine.
Is that it? Amy? Amy, what's wrong? What're you going over there for? Is it here? That's right Amy.
Now insert it in the hole with the moon pattern facing upward! The moon pattern This here? We'd better not, Amy.
It'll be alright.
Sonic told us to.
Stop, Amy! I love you, Amy! Aww jeez Sonic You said it in front of Chris, I feel embarrassed! Who's this guy!? "I love you, Amy" Ehh, you were sounding like Sonic's voice just now!? Yes, that monster used my voice! HOW DARE YOU FOOL WITH A GIRL'S FEELINGS! I'll never forgive you! Amy! Let go of me, Let go! Amy? Amy! Are you alright? I'll let you become King Boom Boo-sama's living offering! You're kidding! Wake up, Amy! Sonic, Help me! Chris! Let me out of here! Amystop! Ahh, that's it! Yes Amy, Now insert it in the hole with the moon pattern facing upward.
The sandglass has a pattern of the moonand the sun.
Appears under the moon, disappears under the sun.
I see! Appears under the moon and disappears under the sun! Are you alright, Amy? Sonic? Sonic! Hey, hey! This isn't the time to do that to me! You all Lets duel! I won't forgive you! What!? The only person who should be complaining IS ME! Mama, Mama! Chris Ahh, Good morning everyone! This isn't the time to say "Good Morning"! Chris! Hurry up and run, Now! Sonic! I got it! Well then, you go first.
See ya! Hurry up, we're almost there.
You're right, but my feet are acheingI can't move.
What's this, you're still here? Sonicwhere is he? Don't worry, I've settled things.
WHAT!? Damn it! Annoying bastard! Chris, hurry up! YOU.
Which side did I put up just now? The moon pattern Is it alright like that? Don't mind.
Was that some kind of film just now? Is it the next big fantasy thing? Hey! Lindsey, It's great to see that you're alright! What happened? You were lucky to be able to escape that guy.
That guy? Did you know about the monsters? Yeah, my grandfather told me about it.
When my grandpa was a child he went into the forest to look for some fabulous sights with his friends Sonic has become strange Because our trip is far too boring.
Now that everyone is bored, there is turmoil on the ship! At this rateSonic will have a breakdown! At that time, Dr.
Eggman suddenly appears again.
That's bad! I never thought they'd use 3 new mecha to attack us! Sonic, don't be careless! Next timeon Sonic X Combat Mission! The Egg-Fort 2! Don't miss it!