Sonic X (2003) s01e20 Episode Script

Cruise Blues

Eggman Sir! Main Engine repairs are completed.
Control Circuit repairs are also completed.
But why did we have to take two weeks? It was because they ignored us, and left to play by themselves.
That's right! We are very essential to this program Not to forget, Eggman Sir is also very essential.
It's good that you understand.
Watch your lines! It's good that you understand.
Next episode it's not as if we'd disappear.
Start the engines! We're off to bully Sonic! Yes, sir! Sub Engine Increasing Output! Initializing ain Engine! Must I open my mouth before you guys do something? It's a rule.
Eh? The fuse had blown! Eggman sir! Is the ener transfer system repaired? Are you doubting my techniques? Terribly sorry.
Eh? Something's wrong! Just like River Imps that drown, and monkeys that fall from trees.
I, the great Eggman, am also prone to screw up once in a while What? Today we will build a new mecha We'll call it, Eggfort II, ok? Fighting for the Chaos Emeralds.
Fighting nonstop heated battles with Eggman on consecutive days.
Our bodies and souls have become exhausted, so what we need is A time to leisurely relax.
Speaking of leisurely, that will be on a ship cruise.
Very well.
Papa has a ship that's free for use.
You should all go to see the icebergs.
Thus, we went on our leisurely cruise.
After the third day since setting off, Until the day we are able to see the icebergs in the north, we still have four days.
FOUR MORE DAYS?!!! We're already halfway through.
Hey, Chris, what did I do wrong? Let me know honestly! I'll change! I'd do anything you say.
Sonic Please! Let's go home! LET ME GO BACK!!!!! On that very night Ah, that's the problem.
Grandpa, are you really thinking seriously? Yeah, but I am thinking Don't I look like I'm feeling great after some booze? Yeah! Pardon me.
Are adults all like that? Is leisure time like this really necessary? It's not like you have to force yourselves to Why can't men simply be graceful and gorgeous? That's right, after all the trouble Chris's dad went through to give us this wonderful cruise as a present.
I am enjoying Really? Ermthough it's a little boring.
We're ok, but Sonic's the problem.
To Sonic, this ship is too narrow and congested for him.
At this rate, he'll crack up.
I think he is already.
Surpassing the speed of sound within the ship.
That's incredible.
He's more difficult to control than Chaos Emeralds.
All right, let's ascertain this.
Sonic, can you hear me? I'm hearing you.
How old are you? Fifteen years Then you should know where you stand.
As the main lead of this program.
All your activities as hero of the world of the Sonic X series depend on you to carry on.
Viewer ratings, and sales figures.
Do you know how many people have expectations of you? As a hero, you ought to have some self-awareness.
After all, you're just stuck within a ship surrounded by sea where you are unable to run around, that's all.
To Sonic, this must be terribly awful.
Your willfulness during the journey is a cause of trouble to everybody.
He's pissed off.
Our hero's gotten pissed off.
Look, he's becoming abnormal.
I'll make a call to Papa.
Sorry guys.
Take your time and have fun.
See you! What's this?! Suddenly so energetic! Can't help it.
If Sonic cracks up at this rate, he'll be pitiful.
That's all.
I'm going first.
He's the real thing.
Oh, Sonic! He really is.
It's incredible.
It's so wonderful to live long.
What's going on? A very good morningto everyone.
Tanaka! What's going on? Who are all these old people? They are all from Silver Star Home.
Master has requested them to be everybody's coach for this trip.
Coach! What are the coaches going to coach us on? On ''Leisurely Relaxation''.
So as to educate all of you young ones about true relaxation, also known as ''leisurely relaxation''.
And they are the ''Professionals'' at Wait a minute.
I asked Dad to come and fetch Sonic N-O! A true warrior needs rest.
Continuously exerting oneself at full strength.
Not only the body, but the soul will tire out.
From a leisurely stance, one brings himself forth in a single attack Ahtruly a lethal blow! Aha moment! Wait! No! Come back! On that day onwards, we were coached on ''Leisurely Relaxation''.
It's good to read a book.
But I also enjoy looking up into the sky, watching it like this.
Especially watching the clouds float past.
That's what I enjoy the most.
Oh, so you are from another world.
Yes, I live in a place called Green Grove.
I see.
How lovely.
I'm so happy.
And what's your name? Yes, I am called "Cream" That's a delicious sounding name.
By the way, where are you from? Yes, I lived in another world.
But something terrible happened and I ended up in this world.
Oh really? Oh, so you are from another world? That's right.
Cream and Cheese, were talking about this from morning till afternoon.
Sonic, on that day.
Attempted a jump for the fifteenth time.
Captain, that was approximately nine point five kilometers.
Ah, today's record was the best.
Awrgh! He doesn't know when to give up! Just when I thought I could have a relaxing chat with Sonic.
Young girl, are you in love with that guy? Oh my, you could tell? One can tell by looking at the face.
Oh dear, I'm so shy.
But it's quite a bother.
He already has Old Granny Kinder.
Who are you talking about? He already has Old Granny Kinder.
Eh, how about this? What is your next move? Young boy.
In every battle, impatience is a taboo.
How is it? Haven't you had such an experience before? That's true, it's not just myself, but I've been putting others in danger.
Gramps! Are you asleep? Such fools they are.
Thinking that they have won by destroying my tower.
But my Mecha Factory still remains intact.
Since when did he leave behind such a factory? We're surprised to know that there is still a factory below.
A Secret Base is called a ''Secret Base'' because it has secrets.
Forget it, since my aesthetics are too profound for the likes of you.
What? Now I'm pissed! Now let's go and teach Sonic a lesson! Eggfort II, Dragon II, prepare to launch! Hold it right there! Yes? Why are you simply giving it names? And why the ''II''? Though ''Dragon'' is not bad.
Alas, so you have a proper name? Of course! Yours is called the ''Bocoe Module'', and you are called ''Decoe Module''.
And there's my Super Egg Final Star Module DX005.
I can't accept this! Since when was there such a thing? Why are our module names ''Decoe'' and ''Bocoe''? And Eggman's Module is Super Egg Final Star Module DX005? Yes! This is WEIRD! TOO WEIRD! It doesn't FIT! Doesn't, doesn't FIT! So spoiled! Do you know how long I pondered on this? You're the one pondering only for yourself.
I got it.
You're such a blabbermouth! Then do others think so much as well? Ace! Jack! King! No! Too usual.
Scissors! Paper! Stone! Were you thinking seriously? Sir Eggman is haphazardly giving names.
Listen as we would, we still don't understand.
We did not even think that Eggman and gang were trying to launch a new terrible machine.
Above that, what kept worrying me was Sonic.
He was about to proceed with some plan.
What happened to X Tornado? Yeah, but this time, you did not bring it along.
What a wonderful mecha it is Just like a human being, it must be feeling lonely.
Because X Tornado is always with Tails.
Ah! X Tornado! You must be feeling lonely.
To have left you alone like that what a jerk I must have been.
Well done! Am Idreaming? What are you saying, Amy? I have always been noticing you.
You just look so splendidly cute, swaying that hammer around.
Ah, but in this small and narrow boat.
I can't get to see your gallant appearance.
The appearance of that beautiful, speed-filled Amy.
Watch me, Sonic.
What?! Amy's gone berserk? That's right! Amy must be stressed-out inside this narrow ship.
What should we do, Grandpa? I think I should ask Dad again.
I think you should.
If something happens, it'll be too late.
Did Sonic really say that? That's right.
Sonic said that I looked most beautiful when swaying the hammer.
Oh, what should I do? That's wonderful.
I've a presentiment.
At this rate, Sonic and I will be SONIC!!! Japanese: Baban-Go English name: Babang Pilot: Decoe Total length: ?M Weight: ?T Special Traits: Merges with bang-module and bababang-module to become Eggfort II Japanese: Bababan-Go English name: Bababang Pilot: Bocoe Total length: ?M Weight: ?T Special Traits: Merges with bang-module and bababang-module to become Eggfort II Alright! Last call! Time's up! Put the pen down! Let me draw one more line.
Alright! I've decided on a good name.
Got it! This is a Man's decision! No complaints! Then, for the third and last time we'd be drawing lots for the best name! Star~ just one more line.
AhThat's cheating! Start! Here! There! Here! There! Here! There! Here! There! There! Here! Here! There! Confirmed! Confirmed! At last! Ah, I wonder! What's the name in B? Long time no see! It's ME! I'm bored today so I came here loaded with lots of bombs! No use hiding away! It won't work! I'd find you straight away! Where are you? Where are you? Are you here? No one? Noone? Ah, I wondered who it could have been.
Isn't it the mischief-maker robot? Did you come here to do wrong again? Too bad.
Nobody's in today.
You came on the wrong day.
What's wrong? Becausebecauseno one's around! I dun wanna be alone! Silly fella.
It's not as if every day is like this.
Butbut It's nothing.
Go wipe your tears.
I won't leave you alone, so it's alright.
So don't worry ReaReally? Of course! I, Ella, am not someone who would lie.
Then, I won't cry.
Hey, Ella-san.
Yes, what? Here, this is for you.
They're drifting glaciers.
Very soon, we'll be able to see the icebergs.
If you don't wear another layer, you'd catch a cold.
Thank you, Grandpa.
By the way, is Amy still angry? Because the young maiden's heart was toyed with.
This time, Sonic's at fault.
Come on down, Sonic.
Don't you want to see me sway my hammer around? Do you think you can stay up there forever? Sorry, Amy! Stop using the hammer! I'll apologize! Then, show me how you're going to apologize! Amy-san is scary Then, show me how you're going to apologize! Amy-san is scary Let's not get involved.
That's right That's a whale! Splendid! There's another one over there! It's really very BIG! Ain't that too big? You could say that.
The shape looks strange, doesn't it? When I wondered why you were not at home, I found you fleas here on a cruise.
Intolerable! Absolutely! I think we deserve better! When I wondered what was going on, you were actually stealing the limelight with that thing you were riding in.
It's amazing you could find us here.
You were not at home, so we searched.
You won't know how long we took to find you! Hey! LET ME TALK! Stop blocking me in front of others! Listen carefully, Sonic.
Today, I will vent ALL my day-to-day accumulated frustration on YO ! Ain't that interesting? I'll accept that challenge! Stop changing the subject! Captain, Iceberg ahead! Halt! Reverse at Full Speed! Stop before the ship knocks into it.
The ship stopped? What's the meaning of this? Mr.
Thorndyke, we have reached the iceberg! It's very beautiful.
This is not the time for saying that! Ok, iceberg or whatever, If it ain't for the sea, I'll be turning the tide.
As if you were that great Sonic.
Now's my turn to impress you.
This Eggfort II has a secret.
And that is Merge Eggfort II, Bang-module! BaBang-module! BaBaBang-module! Scramble Combine Eggfort II! Have you seen it? Yes! What? Too small? I could not see it, so merge again? Then WATCH IT WITH A BIGGER TV! Hah! Stop crapping around and come get me! Sonic! Yeah what? You're not advancing.
NO WAY! Sonic! This is fun! Hitting again and again! Sonic! Sonic! Go for it! Young lad, that's a pretty tough fight.
It's no use running so fast on top of the ice.
Now, just slowly, steadily.
Calm your heart down.
Go step by step, and don't get so anxious.
No wonder.
It must be that the sensation of the ice had traveled up my feet.
Eh? He is looking rather spaced out.
Oh no, no, he seems enlightened.
That old woman said too much.
She'll be the first to receive punishment.
Captain! Messenger Robo What happened? Let me in! What happened? X Tornado! Just who's piloting it? STOP RIGHT THERE, YOU LITTLE BRAT! EElla? Since when was Ella able to pilot X Tornado? Recently I've been teaching her the controls, when I had nothing to do.
H-HERE IT COMES!! Well, what did you do? CHANGE TO X CYCLONE! SET UP! CYCLONE KICK!!!! What's the Ah! Here we go again!!!!!! Can't help it, since you are still young.
Even we were all like that.
When our bodies gradually begin to fail.
In exchange, God has granted us plenty of time for self-reflection.
Reflecting on what we have done in our lives Sonic! Be it good or bad Sonic! Be it good or bad Be it good or bad Preparations are okay.
Shall we go back first? Preparations are okay.
Shall we go back first? Tails! Come down! It's not like we get to cruise everyday.
Let's enjoy it slowly to the fullest.
Even if we have done bad things.
We've been granted the minimum time we must have, to reflect on what we have done.
Sonic's taking part in a race? He's up against the fastest man in the nited States, Sam.
The fastest man who rides a State of the Art racing machine is contesting Sonic.
Everyone in the country is watching fervently.
Sonic, don't lose to this guy! Hey guys, the race that decides who's the Fastest on Earth begins now! Next, on Sonic X! Speed Contest! Sonic VS Sam! Don't miss it!