Sonic X (2003) s01e21 Episode Script

Fast Friends

Ep 21 - Speed Match! Sonic vs Sam! What the!? WHY YOU! Ella! Tanaka! This is my car! Stop! Are you still the "Love Express"? From now on, that name is no longer used Huh, what should we call you now? Manhen's wind! So it was nothing I thought it was one of Eggman's mecha If you'll excuse us.
Really, he never changes What are they doing? What's with the noise? Is something Wrong? Sorry, I have no idea.
What's up with that car? I'm hoping to have a race with Sonic! A race? YouThis Engine is! Correct! It was developed by the science department The Super Rocket Engine SS-3! SONIC! I WILL FIGHT IT OUT WITH YOU USING THIS CAR! Sonicwill you take my Uncle's challenge? I'm not interested.
Ahh, Why you! Wait! Sonic, fight it out with me! Whaa! What? What's up? I don't know what's wrong So then, about the course We'll make the house the starting point We enter the city via the freeway Head across the bridge Travel through the Desert Bypass the Canyons Go back at the Turning point and Finish at the Ball Stadium! The President is waiting with the roll tape at the end.
The President? He will shake hands with the victor! Now more people will be supporting the President.
So he'll win in the next Presidential Election! That sounds just like something the President's General Secretary would think up So he just let you borrow the rocket engine? Yup, that's correct.
It's nothing compared to me Sonic, if you're such a fast guy don't you want to win against the Rocket Engine? Although you may be silent on the outside Your soul burns with a passion that can't be silenced! Ahh, Only my uncle would say that First of all Wouldn't such a fast race around here bother other people? That's not a problem! Station SquareNothe entire nation Everyone now has big expectations for the race Between Sonic vs Manhen! The Sponsor for this race is The Computer corporation, Star-Hill, who put their fair percentage into this event! DadMom It seems like we're the only ones who didn't know about this race! Correct! So then you understand That I MUST have this race against you! I don't wanna.
AHHHHTHIS IS ANNOYING! Vivian! VivianI love you! Yeah, Hello? Sonic doesn't want to attend the race! Think of something! Hello? JeezManhen isn't very good at this Sonic doesn't plan to attend the racethat's terrible WHAT!? SONIC WON'T ATTEND THE RACE!? So that means The President is a liar! Sonic must attend the race now! Less people will support the President and he will lose in the next Election! This is horrible! We must get Sonic to attend the race! By LandSeaand Air We'll send out all the troops to go and get Sonic! NoThat costs too much.
That's right! I'll use that guy.
Checkmate! What? Just wait a minute No! Damn you! You're just a robot at best! Who do you think you are? I can change you any way I wish Stop, Please stop, Eggman-sama! How about no? Eh? Eggman, do me a favor Who are you? I'm an assistant of the preside.
NoYou can just call me a mysterious man.
Eh? What business do you have? If Sonic would race with the fastest member in the Federal forces? Who do you think would win? I feel that the winner would be Sonic.
But Sonic said he doesn't want to have the race! Because he must be afraid! So If you can make him take part in the race I can give you lots of Waffles with Cream! Waffles? You think you can bribe me with I want to eat! It's a good chance to get Sonic! Please, do it for us Eggman-sama! But Can you really be trusted? What? Can you still say that after looking into these eyes!? Such silky eyes Well, I DO have an idea.
It's time to upgrade this robot! NoNO! I don't want that! NOOO! Amazing! This thing can go so fast.
They say it's the newest Rocket Engine You again! Hey boy, where's Sonic? I come to bring a message from Eggman-sama! What? It's not going to explode.
Then what is it? Sonic, you have to go to the race, or I will treat you to THIS! I'm gonna kiss you! No! KISS! KISS! KISS KISS KISS! KISS! Damn it Why send something like this? Your lips may be silent But something burns inside your soul that cannot be silenced! No wayIt'd be better to enter the race! Hey, it sounds pretty good Lets do it! What's wrong with Sonic? All of a sudden he wants to take part in it! Isn't that just like Sonic? On your Mark Ready START! Smart man.
Sonic! Go for it! Good morning everyone! This is the Sonic vs Manhen race We will let you see it live from the air.
Sonic, who just came out of the Start behind Manhen Is now running against him on the Freeway! Captian What? You're just driving an entire rocket instead of a rocket car! It's left the ground.
Wrong! Get a good look I am a man who protects the rules! You're just eccentric.
The next part of the course is Surrounded by several buildings.
Can Manhen's car pass through at this speed? You needn't worry about me! We'll then, I'm going first! AlrightSonic is missing the buildings But I'll fight him and go straight through! Roger! I'm the captain of the highway-patrol and team leader of the S-Team What? There was something like that? Of course! What are you doing!? Sonic! Well, it feels good! Hey, can you do something like that? Of course! Damn it Yeah, you're right! You're so amazing But I can't seecould you step backward a bit? Sorry How's this? Further back Here? Yeah, Thank you very much! Hahaha, That's my routine.
Sonic's been launched off like a bullet Is everything alright? Manhen is so smart Lemme take this down, I'll remember that.
Alright! Go E-45! He's caught up! I'm coming! PushPush! What IS that? Dammit! Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush! I'll Push See ya Pal! Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush! No way, how could that be? Oh, I know! I'll push myself! I Hate it! It was so horrible I told you A real kiss isn't like that! So just forget it.
Morons It's all my fault? Why? How should I know? AhhNoDon'tStop it Oh? It's time for lunch.
You want something to eat, Sonic? No thanks.
I never had any breakfast Sonic! Ella made these pancakes and yogurt for you! Looks tasty, Thank you! I'll go first! That damned bastard! Sonic, I'll wait for you.
They're gonna fight it out in the great canyon! The two have turned back toward the desert! Soon they will reach the Ball Stadium! What is the President doing? The race will be ending soon! Hello? What, the meeting is lasting too long and the President won't make it in time? I get itlet me find a way.
One way may be if I shake hands with the winner of the race! Then more people will support me! and the next the it is my turn in the Presidential Election I will become the President! What're you laughing at? No, it's nothing.
Now, Sonic and Manhen are have crossed the bridge.
and will head toward the Stadium! Sonic Sonic Sorry, I'm afraid I've won this match! Ahh! Manhen's accelerated! Not bad! They reached the finish at the exact same time! The winner isn't certain.
Now we'll analyze the video in action.
Lets watch the big screen.
I see! Sonic already arrived once and did the same thing all over again! Sonic won! Sonic! Knock it off, Amy! Congratuations.
Thank you! Sonic-kun! Lets shake for your victory! What're you doing? Hurry up, shake my hand, and let them take the pictures! Hello? Ahh.
What's wrong with you? FiredMe? .
Because of talking about a deal with Eggman!? My dream of being the president! VIVIAN! Who's Vivian? So everyone, lets go out on a Holiday! We go to a remote Island to spend our holiday in the middle of nature.
But something bad happened! Cheese was swept up in the river to somewhere unknown.
Everyonewe're going out to look for Cheese! Next timeOn Sonic X Summer Vacation, Chao Observation Diary! Don't miss it!