Sonic X (2003) s01e22 Episode Script

Little Chao Lost

Tanaka's hometown? Right.
A village on the hill.
We'll have to transfer busses here It'll take an hour.
Eh, What kind of bus are we going to take? The journey on the way to the destination is also part of the pleasure of camping! I'm tired of sitting all the time.
Yeah, but there's no airport near there.
A little to the right.
Here? Yeah! Well, isn't it good to sometimes take a relaxing walk on the road? The rivers will be beautiful and there are lots of insects and fish to see.
I'm looking forward to it! We can swim in the river, Cheese! The bus to the hotspring Alright.
Urgent report.
Headquarters, please come in.
Right, Bus Number 3 to the hill at one shift per hour.
Over! Everybody, we're gonna be late for the bus.
Hurry up, come here, and line up! Sensei is energetic! Yeah.
Will Sensei here follow us to the camp site? No, he doesn't have the free time.
But I didn't think he had any kind of appointment during this season.
What a lonely young man.
SonicWhat's wrong with him? It's his chance to tour the entire countryside so he said he'd be out for the whole day.
Beautiful! Tanaka, We're here.
I give you a warm welcome.
Have you gone to offer the sacrifice to your ancestors? I prayed sincerely that my ancestors would bless young master and Sonic! Thank you! Say, where are we gonna camp at? I'll show you the way.
Please wait Let me do it! Ok everyone, lets go! Comon, this way! The air is so fresh.
and the sky is beautiful! But this is Tanaka's hometown.
It's great and everybody likes it.
It's really nice, isn't it, Cheese? Hmm, Aren't you Sonic? We've seen your actions on the television.
It's really luck to get to see you! It's true.
No, You're flattering me Just WHAT is this!? I'm sorryI don't really know how to cook.
But back to that, Tanaka-san is incredible! WellI'm not bad.
Then please help us to arrange it nicely.
This should be no problem.
A few weeks have passed since Sonic has made it into the public eye.
I never thought that we'd be able to camp together.
It's not to bad to go on this way.
It got away It rolled up like Sonic! Lets take back this insect here! I don't like that kind of insect specimen.
Yeah That so? Look here, Cream! There's some fish! Yeah, so there are! Wait! Ahh.
it flew away.
Don't go over there! Cheese! Cheese! Wait Cream! Cream, wait.
We'll hurry up and tell Sensei and the rest of them.
He won't come here? There are 2 distributaries not far before this one.
Cheese may flow there.
Cheese Cheese is good at swimming, he won't drowned.
It'll be alright.
Amy's right.
I'm sorry, we should have stayed here.
It's not your fault Frances.
Though the river rushes quickly There are deeper lakes around here.
He may be blocked there.
That must be the case! Then lets go and look for him! Alright, Cheese tracing mission, Begin! Right! I'm tired Why is the country so hot and humid!? Humidity is now at 80% Temperature is 35C We can't figure out weather we're coming to travel, or to cultivate the land.
SHUT UP! Why are you quarreling at a time like this!? Decoethe campstool.
Bocoe, get the fan! Please! Wipe Fan Eggman-sama, give up this vacation already! Lets go back to the Egg-Fort II No, I won't go back until I have a memorable recollection of the countryside! We understand how you feel As of late, we've always been losing to Sonic.
We can't even get a Chaos Emerald! SHUT UP! Don't show me that face and tell me YOU'RE enjoying this trip! It's great! Come to think of it, I found them! Found them! CheeseCheeseCheese Answer if you can hear me! Those guys came here too!? They seem to be looking for something Could it be a Chaos Emerald? WhWHAT!? Please keep quiet! Sonic must be near here.
I'm not running away.
That Chaos Emerald is mine! Where on earth are you? Why must I meet such things!? The human life is so tough.
You smart-alecs.
It's just going to itch a bit Wellyou said UhhBehind you.
It itches! I can't bear it! Damn you Did you hear anything just now? Is it Cheese? No, it was a man's voice.
Then it isn't any of our business.
Cheese, Cheese, where are you!? Cheese is on the opposite side of this, isn't he? Probably.
I can't get through it.
Then we'll get through.
Sensei, please wait for us here! That so? Be careful! Sure.
Come back right away if anything happens! Okay! Alright, not too bad! Woah! Wow! Oh? Sonic! Do you want to try it? Thank you! Oh, it's Sonic! What do you think? Delicious! Alright! We finally reached the exit.
What!? This is This is There are so many Chao! So they're living in this world too Cheese! Mythey're cute! They're not afraid of humans? Probably because it's deserted here and they don't have to keep alert.
This is really a beautiful place! Cheese! Cheese? No.
Cheese? No.
Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! This is great.
I'm so glad.
Cream, don't hug him so quickly.
You're all wet! I'm fine.
Thank goodness that Cheese is alright.
That's great, Cream! Yep.
It's wonderful, Cheese.
What's this? Everyone is very happy.
They must be saying that it's great to meet friends.
Chris, can you understand them? Although I can't understand them, I can feel it.
Thank you! Sure.
That's it.
Sonic Hi Girls! HelloHey! Ahh shoot, I missed.
Go! Nice catch! Here.
They're eating it! In Tails world do the Chao live and eat in a place like this? Yeah.
It's said that Chao can only live at a place where there is clean water.
Butin our world The places where Chao can live are decreasing.
So they put out special protection.
Just like in our world Though this is the first time I've ever seen wild Chao.
This must be a secret place.
We must've lost them Eggman-sama, lets give up and go back! I refuse! It's unforgivable A genius like me isn't meant for this countryside at all.
You're pathetic.
That's because you always stay in a cool air-conditioned room! Decoe, take out the luggage! Understood.
I anticipated thisSo I prepared and brought along the Mecha Choice Selection Machine! I Pull this and Alright! I'll leave it to you now, E-66! Perhaps we should've gone together I think they'll be alright.
But It's a shame I often ran around those hills over there in my childhood.
I can't imagine what Tanaka looked like as a child.
I may know where Cheese ended up He's probably in the remote mountains.
Hey! Hasn't anybody returned yet? Sensei, why did you come back here? There's a cave which I couldn't enter along the way So I just waited outside.
But it's strange What's the problem? Well, I tracked Chris just in case But the electric wave was disrupted, so I lost contact! Waityou mean Eggman! Then, we'll be leaving! Bye-Bye! Cheeseare you lonely? We'll come back here again next year.
I'll bring my basketball here next time! We'll play a team game! Sure! That okay Cheese? What's that!? I found you, little fox! Eggman! Alright, speak up! Where the heck is the Chaos Emerald!? Chaos Emerald? What are you talking about!? It's useless to conceal it! I know you've been walking around to look for something! Huh? He saw us looking for Cheese and misunderstood.
That can't be helped.
We don't know where any Chaos Emerald is! Bah, you're still hiding it? Calm down, Eggman-sama! Here, let me wipe your forehead.
Naughty children must be taught a lesson! Go, E-66! What the heck was that? This mecha is too heavy and the ground and hill are too slippery.
Didn't he think about the landscape? The river's water has been contaminated! This is bad! The Chao's riverhead will be contaminated! Lets hurry back to the fountain quickly! Right.
What a weak mountian E-66 isn't fit for such a muddy hillside.
This island country is different from the mainland.
SHUT UP! Anyhowlets just go where we can keep our legs from slipping.
The inside has been cleaned! Alright, lets restart! Ahh, Eggman-sama Huh? That What are you doing? Sonic!? ErrWellYeah, we've come to take a vacation here! Right? Yup! Right? Exactly! Oh? For a vacation? It's true! For such a vacation It's not too bad to relax in a foreign country! That's right! NOW! He vanished.
I'm here Although I'm not so sure.
It doesn't look like anything good.
Good-bye! Stop us! Sonic SonicEggman's Mecha But.
it's been destroyed Yeah.
Chris and the rest haven't come back, I hope they didn't meet it.
Take this for me.
Okay, bring it this way This'll never end.
But the Chao can't live if the water isn't clean.
Don't give up, lets have everyone work hard together.
That's right! We'll just remove the mud! Sonic! Everybody, please leave the water.
Here I go.
OK! It's good.
SonicThank you! You're all dirty.
Ahh, so much mud I'll have to take a shower.
Sonic, are you alright? Don't worry.
It's so pretty.
How beautiful! Tanaka, did you know about the Chao's place? Yes, because this place is like a backyard to my home.
The Chao are alright Because Sonic cleaned up the water.
That's wonderful.
My father and mother's wedding anniversary is coming soon So dad asks us to hold a huge surprise party! But something bad happened to the jewel being given as a present.
It's reacting with our Chaos Emeralds and it's giving off a strong light! How will we continue the party!? Next timeon Sonic X Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds! Don't miss it!