Sonic X (2003) s01e24 Episode Script

How to Catch a Hedgehog

Sonic! AMY! Will you be able to save her, Sonic? Let go of me! Bastard! Fool! What're you doing you weird giant bird!? Amy, don't move! Sonic! Sonic, catch the ring! OK! I GOT IT! Huh, what's this? It's alright now, Amy.
Sonic Sonic is like the wind and I'm just like a petal being blown around by the wind.
When will Sonic and I Are you listening? What's up? Sheesh! How could you? What's wrong? Sheesh! Shame on you! You're horribleI can't believe you! What're you mad about, Amy? Take a look at Sonic's attitude! What's wrong with Sonic? Why's he acting this way? He seems the same as always No.
he's just showing me up! Just because he's rubbing his ear? You won't understand! He ran away He must be afraid of my punishment! You think so? You bet! I'm worried So anyway, Lets catch up with him using the X-Tornado.
WHY!? My feet won't stop! Sorry.
Do you think you can get away from "Galaxy High Wind'' in this city? Sonic! YouI'll spare you fortoday But only because I'm quick at catching others AND setting them free.
Move it! Wait and see, Sonic! This is ''Galaxy High Wind'' I'm carrying out a special task get out of the way! That's my Uncle! I have a feeling this will be chaos Can't be helped.
Uncle, it's me, Chris! I'm not your uncle, I'm ''Galaxy High Wind''! Hurry up and speak, I'm very busy now.
UmmIt's about Sonic That guy is very fast, but I'll easily catch up with him! No, that's not the problem.
BesidesI don't think you can catch up with him.
Nothing is impossible for Galaxy High Wind! Communication over! Even my uncle has lost his mind I've got you! Hey! It's not over yet! I'm out of gas!? Although I can quickly track someone, I can quickly give up on them as well Being in the street is too dangerous.
He came out.
He's heading for the fields What happened? Sonic He's speeding up again.
Why? Something must've went wrong in Sonic's ears at that time.
and he lost control.
What's the problem? I don't know.
Lets go and talk to my Grandpa, Amy.
I'm sorry I misunderstood and thought that Sonic didn't care for me.
But I'll help you for sure! Eggman-sama! I've got something to show Is that cursed Sonic training now? Eggman-sama needs to do some warm ups and training for his body as well.
You moron! It's very tiring just to use my brain! Come to think of it, he seems unusually speedy.
Do you have any good ideas, Chuck? First we have to catch Sonic.
As for our method Hmm, I've got a good idea! Where are you now, Sonic? This plan is very simple, but effective.
We'll track Sonic with the X-Tornado, and then take the chance to shoot special balloon bombs at Sonic.
Then That's all there is to it.
Now we will begin the Balloon battle! YEAH! I've been waiting for you.
Sonic has been located! Roger! Lure him towards our Battle HQ.
Yes sir! Here we go.
NOW! Ouch! Alright! Sonic! Hey guys Hey Chuckwhere is this flying to!? Was there too much gas? AHHH, Get me down, hurry up! Somebody Help! Help me EnoughEnough! What's that? Do something, Hey! A gift for you! Sonic? We failed Why? Yo.
What's wrong with Sonic? HmmmWe'll have to stop Sonic? How will you? With this.
Don't be so violent! Ok fine, I won't! Amy-san is scary Everyone, you're probably all angry because you're hungry.
Lets have dinner.
Sonic is training energetically Then I want You want? To eat dinner energetically! Delicious Sonic must be hungry.
I'm sure he is.
Tails-san looks funny! Oh yeah! Knuckles will be waiting on the hill to push down the special iron wheel when our target comes.
Sonic will rush at it, and it will catch him! That will be the white mouse battle! YEAH! Right! Then at his time, I'll NOW! We got him, Grandpa! Piece of cake! You must be starving, Sonic.
Thanks! I'm feeling sleepy after dinner.
Don't fall asleep, Sonic! No, wait Perhaps his feet will stop running when he falls asleep.
Fall asleep, Sonic! Do you want me to sing a lullaby to you? No thanks What? Is this some kind of new training machine? I can't let this continue! Right After dessert.
Eggman sama, you're terrible! Grandpa, it feels like he's speeding up.
This is a terrible unconscious reaction He looks like he's full of energy now.
Oh no! It won't hold underthis stress! Chuck, this is bad.
RUN! Looks like he's awake.
Do you have any other ideas, Chuck? Hold on.
My brain chemicals are working quickly I hit an idea! This will be successful for sure! Is that cursed Sonic challenging himself to the limit? This battle is becoming more and more intense! Alright! Yeah! I've got to rest up for tomorrow's fight! Your eyes will rot from that much sleep! Your eyes will rotSheesh Time's up.
The Wild Stranger has arrived! Good work for your quick arrival.
Though I go to bed very early, I also wake up very early So it's no problem.
Good, I'll explain the plan.
Today, we'll use Sonic's competitive ambition.
First, we'll use Galaxy High Wind I'm the Wild Stranger! ErrWild Stranger will wait for Sonic in the valley.
and then will speed up when he arrives.
The course is a straight line When the Wild Stranger goes through the 2nd gate Sonic must go through the 1st gate.
and when Sonic passes through it Everyone, begin the Sticky Battle! YEAH! Does Chuck have something prepared? We'll be reaching the valley soon.
Alright, here he comes! GO! What's wrong Sonic? That's not like you! Dammit! What're you trying to do!? You're just being a punk! Punk? You must bejoking! This is a duel between men! Not bad! They'll be reaching the trap soon! Wild Stranger-san, don't forget which gate number you're supposed to go through! Gate? Which one should I go through? You're supposed to go through the 2nd one! You're the second one, get it? What? I'm only number 2!? Oh Crap! Uncle Why do these problems always come at a critical moment? Chuck, there's just one thing I noticed I've detected some wireless noise.
Yeah, I've recorded some interference as well Can I use your computer to analyze the pattern? I see, the source ofthe interference is coming from the meadow! Tails, lets go! Okay, Amy! We've found it! Wait and seeSonic.
AMY! SONIC! Jeez, I've been so worried about you! Are you listening? Seems like something went in here I'm ticklish! That was a tough jobAmy.
Knuckles makes a deal with Eggman and the final Chaos Emerald appears? What's going on!? Next timeon Sonic X Don't miss it!