Sonic X (2003) s01e25 Episode Script

A Dastardly Deed

Spread out the 1st and 2nd Wings! Launch Standby! X-Tornado, Launch! Take off! Retract the landing gear! Spread out the 3rd and 4th Wings! Please take care.
Perhaps we really will find the last Chaos Emerald Let's hope that it's not found by Dr.
Eggman first.
Lets hope that we can find it soon then you'll be able to go back and see your mother even sooner.
Yeah! Did you get the Chaos Emerald's Reaction? Not yet.
Alright, we gotta find it.
Hey Chris, you'd better also helping us look for it! He's been watching that all night Really? Eggman-sama seems very happy.
So I'll just keep becoming more and more lucky keeping watch on this, The last Chaos Emerald will belong to me! Here! I have decided that we wouldn't use the cards today.
What a weak robot! WE seem to be more effective than HIM.
Nope! E-77 will be bound to find the last Chaos Emerald! Listen to me you guys At the beginning, I also felt that it would just be a failure but this robot has a marvelous power! and that is That is? Fortune! For.
tune? Correct.
This guy is a mecha with some unintelligibly good fortune.
E-77, we're looking forward to your good fortune! Shine, Chaos Emerald! Let's find the last one quickly.
We have to hurry back to our own world or else the Master Emerald may get concerned.
After allit is The controllers arethe seven chaos All the riddles exist in the Chaos emeralds.
However Sonic and his friends have four of them and Eggman has one.
Then, adding mine, there are six.
Even if I find the last one when shall I get to gather all seven together? Sonic and Eggman There is no other means than for me to reconcile with Sonic and Eggman.
Though I don't know if it'll work but it's the only thing I can do.
What the? Are you one of Eggman's robots? But what are you doing here? That's the Egg-Fort 2! Did this one lead me here? That's all for today's class! Chris, lets go have lunch.
ChrisLunch! AhhSorry, I lost my appetite.
We're going then.
Yeah, Sorry.
Chris, you look a little pale.
Will you go with me to the counseling room? No, I'm fine! Listen to me, you go first.
Alright Take it easy.
Okay, Try to speak out what you're feeling at the moment.
I'm a little worried, and I'm feeling some choking inside my chest.
You can't forgive yourself, can you? No.
There are two Chris' at the moment.
One Chris wants Sonic to go back to his world the other Chris doesn't want to part ways with Sonic.
One Chris is blaming the other Chris.
Sensei! What should I do? Put out your hand.
Eat it.
Yeah Is it tasty? Yes.
That sweet candy will finally melt away someday But that sweet feeling it gives will be kept forever.
Growing up is just something like this.
Yes? Teacher, confirm the status! Is anything wrong? Actually No, it's nothing.
You got involved in the Chaos Control that was caused by the seven Chaos Emeralds and so you came to this world.
Right! In that case if Chaos Control appears again, Dr.
Eggman would be sent away from this world.
Please, just wait a moment! Before we do that I want to think of the effects which Chaos Control may cause in this world.
You Forget it! Please continue.
Even Eggman has no way to stop the Chaos emeralds from going out of control.
Right, Rouge? Seems so.
The energy which Chaos control causes could spread to a large area.
So before we get the data in detail we'll have to prevent the Chaos Emeralds from gathering.
That's correct.
I'm home.
Young master, welcome back.
Where are Sonic and the others? They went out looking for the Chaos Emeralds.
The old master went downtown to buy some hardware.
Thanks to that, I can FINALLY clean the floor.
Everybody's gone? That was very common before Sonic and the others ever came here.
Sonic Hey! Knuckles, why are you here? .
For something.
That robot is? I saved him, then he just followed me and came here.
He seems to be one of Eggman's robots.
Maybe he's been abandoned for being useless He doesn't seem to be a bad guy.
Back to it, there's something I need to ask Sonic for some help with Sonic isn't in right now.
Then please send word to him.
I hope that he could end up reconciling with Eggman in order for us to create Chaos Control.
No way! Is this a joke? I'm serious.
Why so suddenly? In order to go back to our world, we have no other choice.
I've got a mission that I must carry out! Soniche must want to go back to his own world pretty badly as well.
Chris, we have our world that we should live in.
We can't just fool around here! Right, if I was Sonic I would also want to go back to my own world.
I get it.
Then I'll tell him.
I'm gonna go look for Eggman! Do you know where he is? Yes, he was found in the Phrista Hill.
See you.
Knuckles Take me with you.
Okay! It'll be faster to go to Phrista Hill by trolley.
The trolley to Phrista is now setting off! Hurry up! Don't worry, I'll protect you.
That guy got lost, right? At the station? We were in to much of a hurry.
That's strange Eggman-sama, there's the enemy! Begin the counterattack! Wait! Eggman-sama! Look carefully Just like thisDr.
If we don't cooperate, we won't go back to our world! Even if we get all the Chaos Emeralds, it's useless.
I hope you understand.
II see now, Knuckles! Why didn't I figure this out before? Now I've finally realized it! I really appreciate this, Knuckles! I do too, Dr.
However, I have a request.
What? Please let me keep the Chaos Emeralds.
Well that's You don't believe me? I thought that if you believe me, then you'd want to cooperate with me.
So then I misunderstood you, Knuckles? Knuckles? No, you were right.
You are great Knuckles, So then I'm counting on you! This is good.
In this case, Sonic and the others can now go back to their world.
Compared to that hateful Sonic and the others Knuckles is an honest guy.
So honest that he's a fool! In this case Before long, all the Chaos Emeralds will belong to me! At this rate Vivian! Why did you get away from me? I'll introduce another good girl to you! Come on, Come on! Vivian? VIVIAN! Then this is our final moment, LETS DANCE! I'm back! What happened? Why are you so late? I'm sorry.
I went over to a friend's house to have some fun.
By the way, how are things with the Chaos Emerald? We didn't find it yet.
Really, I'm so gladAh, no I'm not! What's wrong? The next show will take a break for a week Ohreally We'll find the Chaos Emeralds for sure! Yeah, for sure! So then, lets go for a walk.
Sonic, wait What on earth is wrong with Chris? What the matter? NoSonic, you also want to return to your world soon, right? I'm not sure about that What's your problem? Eh? WellUmm Stuart-Sensei asked me to greet you for him.
I see.
Sonic must want to go back.
It's impossible that he doesn't want to go back.
So Did you bring them? Yes, but I don't know how to tell Sonic and the others.
You're not doing anything wrong.
When it's done, Sonic will greatly appreciate your efforts.
Let's go! All right! The signal seems to be coming from somewhere around here.
Everyone, be careful! You're so reliable! You too! Don't just fly around.
Okay, okay! By the way, we're looking for That's This is Topaz.
President, Eggman's base has been found! Send out that thing! Sir! Inform Area 99 to send out the Hercules Beetle.
Stand by here! Sure.
Oh? What are those two doing here? I'm home! What's wrong? This is bad, Chris Chris? He "I'm taking away the Chaos Emeralds.
" "Please believe me.
I'll get you to return to your world.
" That Chris! He only left this letter.
I don't know where he's gone! So then lets go to look for Chris! Nothat is Sonic wants to return to his own world, right? It's no use! The X-Tornado's Chaos Emerald is also gone! The 2nd Side engine doesn't work! Sonic? Good Morning everyone, I've been waiting I brought it here.
Let me have a look! OOH! It's the Chaos Emeralds! So then I'll also take out my Chaos Emerald You should know what it is without having to see it Because it'd be very dangerous if I opened the cover.
I understand.
Oh, this kid He took the trolley to Phrista Hill not to long ago.
Phrista Hill? Leave these here with me! Believe him.
Eggman-sama! E-77 sent a message.
WHAT!? He got the last Chaos Emerald!? Good work! I'm heading there right nowwait for me! Eggman, is this really true? It really is! E-77 really is my favorite working robot! Is that true? It can't be helped.
In this case, I'll gather the seven This is great Knuckles! Yeah! So we'll go back.
Alright! Decoe Bocoe! Right! Knuckles! What're you doing, Eggman? You idiot.
Do you think that I really want to return? My intent is to build my Eggman Empire WHEREVER I can! That includes this world! That's horrible! You're a liar, Eggman! Egg-Fort 2, Set out! Yes! It's begun to move! Emergency, Emergency! Chris! Where's Chris!? Sonic! Chris and the Chaos Emeralds were left inside! What? Then I'm off! I'll leave it to you, Sonic! Chris! Why? I gave all the Chaos Emeralds to Eggman! Sonic, What is going to happen? If it causes Chaos Control We'll never see each other again, right? Such a thingI definitely don't want that! Suddenly, Sonic's body began to Shine Next timeon Sonic X The Birth of Super Sonic! Don't miss it!