Sonic X (2003) s02e02 Episode Script

A Chaotic Day

It's been a while since I drank Ella's coffee.
You can't find better coffee anywhere in the world.
NowCould you please explain this? That thing, Chaosjust what is it? That's my line! It would seem that Eggman is up to something again.
He I couldn't imagine that he would go after the Master Emerald.
I was too careless.
The Master Emerald The one that Knuckles has been protecting in his world? Yes, that's correct.
The Master Emerald was shattered.
Who are you? The Master Emerald is Can it bedid you do this!? Wait! Damn it! Who was that guy? Has it begun? If the Master Emerald's power disappears this island will fall into the sea.
Chaos shattered the Master Emerald? Big seems to have had an encounter with Chaos too.
Yeah What's wrong with you, Froggy ? Why do you have a tail? Froggy ate our treasure Treasure? The big and beautiful purple stone.
It can't be! A Chaos Emerald? If it is, we'll have to hurry and find Froggy or we'll be in danger.
Why's that? Eggman must be after the Chaos Emeralds as well So he can let Chaos evolve into a fearful monster.
Fire! No effect! What is that thing?! We must gather all the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman does.
Leave it to me! Do you have any idea how to find them? If I keep on running, we'll be bound to find them sometime.
I will search for the shards of the Master Emerald.
Then Big and I are going to search for Froggy.
Yeah, I got it.
Sonic and the others will find it.
Everything will be alright.
But I'm still worried There, there Sonic! That so? Are we going to collect all the chaos emeralds again? We'll have to search for them everywhere.
I'm counting on you Tails.
It seems that I'll be quite useful right now.
Tada! I found it by accident before.
We just need to find the place where it will resonate with ours.
Then we'll surely find the other Chaos Emeralds.
Ok, let's get going! Alright, take off! What happened here? Huh? Knuckles! Eh? The one who is battling against Eggman? That is not important.
Was this done by that monster from earlier? No, something bright fell down from the sky.
What! Really? Yeah The Master Emerald Where am I? Wait, I remember Please! Stop this! Tikal this is for our country's welfare.
It's necessary to posses the seven emeralds.
Aren't you satisfied yet? Attacking other countries, plundering and hurting others I can't stand it any longer.
No one has the right to deprive others of their right of to live.
Father! Are you alright? Yeah.
Well then, Knuckles-san, you should take care of that shard.
Right? Sure, it's for the best.
Please tell me if something else like this occurs.
What in the world is going on? The Chaos Emerald is reacting.
Is that it? Tails! Are you alright? Yeah.
What a powerful torrent! It's reacting.
Is it Here? A Chaos Emerald? Yes! Lets continue our search like this, Sonic.
Not Again! This seems different.
How nice, you dug up that Chaos Emerald for me.
Thank you for your good work! Were you following us? Go ahead and find the remaining Emeralds.
I'll see you then.
Hold it! Damn it! Get off! Damn you! All systems full power! Sonic! Got it! WHY!? The Chaos Emeralds are Show yourself, Chaos! It has evolved again! Oh gosh Stay back Tails! Alright! Sonic! Good.
Let him drown.
A torrent again! What? Alright! We really did it this time! Hey guys! Leave it to me next time.
Damn you You have not yet seen Chaos' true power! I'll remember this, Sonic! Wait right there! Look at this! It's my almighty air fortress the Egg-Carrier! If I only had taken better care of the Chaos Emeralds I'm sorry, Sonic.
Never mind.
Let's go after them! Why is it dark so suddenly? The weather forecast didn't say anything about rain today.
This isn't good.
Sonic You can't run away.
What kind of trick is that? I'm not gonna give up.
Go! So it's Eggman.
That's bad Ouch! Why did I just suddenly fall down? You look hurt.
Are you alright? Very good Tails.
We're making good progress like this! Never think that you've just won.
Prepare the Eggman-cannon! Roger.
The main cannon has finished the energy charge.
Anti-shock, anti-shining, shield-wall ready.
Fire the Eggman-cannon! I've been hit! Sonic! Sonic, Sonic! Sonic! I'm counting on you! Sonic Much better.
AhhWhat should we do? Full speed ahead! I won't be afraid at all, whenever I'm with Sonic.
It seems that I dreamed about an old memory Where am I? Chris's home Oh, you're awake now.
I'm Where is Sonic? He's fine.
Amy contacted us, when she saw you fall down.
That's so exaggerated.
The X-Tornado looks seriously damaged.
But, we won't give up! We must get back what we have lost.
That's right.
But the city is in chaos.
I hope Amy and the others weren't hurt.
Let me have a look.
I want to cook something nutritious for Sonic and Tails, to help them feel better! Yes, I'm beginning to learn how to from Ella-san.
Let's combine our skills to make something good.
I'm very sorry! Cheese can help us out as well.
I'm glad that you didn't get hurt.
Where did this flicky come fromand what's her name? What is she trying to say? I can't understand.
It must not be easy to not have a name.
I know! We'll call her Lily.
She seems to like it.
Nice to meet you, Lily.
Perhaps you've lost your way.
If we only could find your parents Target located.
What is that? Amy! Let go of me! Somebody please help her! Amy! Sonic! Mission accomplished.
Amy! Sonic! This is bad! Amy was captured by Eggman's robot.
And it then brought her to his air fortress, the Egg-Carrier! There, she and the flicky Lily were imprisoned.
Damn! That Eggmanwhat is he up to? Sonic, Tails, hurry up and save Amy! Next timeon Sonic X Amy the Captive Don't miss it!