Sonic X (2003) s02e03 Episode Script

A Robot Rebels

Mission accomplished.
Amy! Sonic! I've got to hurry and collect the Emerald shards.
The most important thing now is to restore the Master Emerald And we've got to find it by ourselves.
X-Tornado, Launch! Tails is forcing himself.
Although, since Sonic is there, I don't think there will be any problems.
I hope they can successfully save Amy-sama.
I'm worried about Amy-san Don't worry.
Amy is strong-willed.
Hey Tails, are you alright? Yep.
I'm fine, Sonic Don't force yourself, Tails.
Just leave it to me.
I must go.
I have to.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not seriously wounded.
I'd rather find the Egg-Carrier first and save Amy.
Let's go, Sonic.
Are you really sure you're alright, Tails? Yeah, I'm fine.
Ahh, Sonic, when did you get out there? It's boring in there.
I'd rather stay out here.
Well, I'm gaining speed, Sonic.
OK! Wait for us Amy.
We're on our way.
Toss! Wait a minute This isn't the time to be fishing.
Don't you want to find Froggy? Yeah but somehow I feel that I should be fishing for something Geez.
X-Tornado Is Tails doing alright? Someone, Let me out! Let me out of here! Geez, why are we here? I just wanted to make some good cooking for Sonic.
Half a year has passed since I started to live alone.
I've made great progress on my cooking.
I wanted us to meet again.
Amy? Wow! You've changed a lot, Amy.
I've been going after you before But this time it's Sonic's turn to go after me.
Hey, Amy, wait Just like that.
I've even prepared what I was going to say but things just turned out like this.
Those days with Sonic were unforgettable.
Wait up, Sonic.
Whenever I'm in a pinch, Sonic will come and save me.
Don't worry, Lily.
Sonic is definitely going to save us.
Sonic, hurry up and help me.
I'm here.
Ahah I'm testing No No It's fine.
Ahah now it's the microphone test It's fine today! You're so noisy.
All E-100 model series members, please listen up.
This long-tailed frog is the target of the first mission.
It's a very important frog.
Now here are your orders.
Each of you try to search for it separately, and then bring it back here once you find it.
There's no time to delay.
Set out at once! This place That's the Hey, Are you listening? Please take everybody away from this place.
I see.
So we can't leave this place It's alright.
There's nothing to worry about.
Are these the seven Emeralds Did you lead me here? Will you believe what I'm saying? The servers are the seven Chaos.
The controller is the one who unifies the Chaos.
Seven chaos the controller.
Could this be the Emerald which can control the seven Chaos? This place I seem to have been here before.
This is the front of the altar.
But who was that who was that girl? Come to think of it, we've got most of the Master Emerald shards.
I'l put it back on the altar first.
There are still some shards missing.
Where's could the rest of them be? Is thatEggman's flying fortress? Is that where the rest of the Master Emerald is? Frog Frog Got the frog! Got the frog! I caught it too! I caught it! I found you Froggy That was amazing, Big! Mission Accomplished! Gamma caught the target too! Everybody caught it.
Ok, gather them all together! Wait! Wait for us! Big, lets go after them.
Okay Mine is the right one.
Nope, it's mine.
Mine is better.
Mine is more beautiful.
Be quiet.
Eggman-sama will check them one by one.
Let me see No, that's not the right one! It's not this one either! No! No! No! No! No! You damn fools! These aren't the one that I want.
Are you blind? No, I'm not! Where is that robot from earlier? Where is Froggy? Big, let's take a look in there.
They all look the same.
This important frog which has Chaos' tail, has also eaten a Chaos Emerald This one! This one is the right one! So it was you, Gamma.
Well done.
I knew you would succeed.
The rest of you are fools! All of you except for Gamma, get out of my sight.
Yes sir.
Gamma seems to care about them.
He looks sad.
Gamma, go get that bird in the prison.
Say Lily, do you know what mind acting upon mind is? If you just keep thinking about him, your thoughts will start to affect his thoughts.
Just like when petals are being blown by the wind.
Sonic Sonic! Amy? I have no idea at all WHERE we are.
Beta Gamma, haven't you found the bird yet? Hurry up and go get it.
Give me the bird.
No! I'll never give Lily to you.
Give me the bird.
No means no.
Why not? It's none of your business.
You tell mewhat do you want to do with her? No information.
You don't even know? But you won't take care of her at all.
Say, please save it if you feel even a little bit of pity.
Does not compute.
Why are you making such efforts for something insignificant? Does not compute.
I see.
Hasn't Eggman told you about your feelings? Lily! My head.
hurts What's wrong? Run.
Why? It is dangerous here.
You're different from Eggman's other mecha.
If you really aren't bad we can become friends the next time we meet.
See you.
Friends I found it, the Egg-carrier! Yo, Knuckles.
Do you need a ride? We've got the frog.
Everything is going well.
Eggman-samait's the X-Tornado! What? What's with these fools? Do they want to be shot down again? Decoe, Bocoe, strike down the little rodents.
Yes sir.
Sonic, Knuckles, are you alright? I'm fine.
Turn back around toward it The next strike is coming.
I've got it.
I'm not afraid.
We can get back what we lost.
Sonic, Knuckles, I'm gonna use my unique new skill.
Don't bite your tongue.
What? What do you mean? Change X-Tornado Battle Suit Version! What? What is that? Alright.
Decoe, Bocoe, let's transform.
Yes sir! Egg carrier formation change! Click.
Incredible! It has another transformation.
Hang on tight! Decoe, Bocoe, transform! Alright! Let's transform to the cross fire-shape.
Hey Tails, don't you remember that there are passengers? Ahh, that's right.
Egg Carrier formation change! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! It doesn't work.
There ARE no other weapons! You moron! Just what are you welcoming? Hurry up and transform to battle mode! Now! We'll rush to the deck! Alright, let's land on the Egg-Carrier.
Oh shoot What's the matter? There's no landing gear in this transformation! WHAT?! Sonic, hurry up and save Amy! But then Eggman's robot suddenly appears and fires at us with a big gun.
Go for it, Sonic! Finish off the robot! Why did you stop him, Amy? What's the reason? Just what's wrong, Amy? Next timeon Sonic X Egg Carrier Battle.
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