Sonic X (2003) s02e06 Episode Script

Flood Fight

Shoot! It went in! Amazing! Chris hasn't come to the school.
If there are any movements, please inform me.
Senseiget the ball! Sensei, would you like to join us? Can I? Of course.
Alright! There Awesome! I've gained a new respect for you, Sensei.
Nah, I've never played basketball before! What's so funny, Helen? You're starting to feel more and more like our real Sensei.
It feels like you'll be staying at this school forever.
Is that so? He's not here.
Where could have he gone? Anyway, I'll just have to wait.
So much has happened since these worlds came together.
It's Knuckles.
Eggman? Yeah.
What happened here? Dunno.
I saw him lying here.
He's still alive! Itit was Chaos! Chaos is still alive? He's gone out of control! Out of control? He won't listen to me at all anymore.
Quickly, tell me! Stop it, Knuckles.
How rude! If something unlucky happens to me, I'll become a ghost to haunt you! He's floating.
Eggman-sama, we're here to save you.
I'm sorry for the trouble! Why are you apologizing to Sonic? We're still in his territory! So we have to be flexible.
Shut up.
This is all Chaos' fault.
Hurry and go back to the ship.
Roger! If what Eggman said is really true that monster, Chaos, is still alive.
We can't let him obtain the seven Chaos Emeralds.
I understand.
Why is this happening again? This is With the seven Emeralds our power will be greatly increased.
This lust is never-ending! Pleasewake up, before it's too late! I don't have time to play with you, child.
Leave her alone.
Go! DON'T! WhWhat the!? Everyonedisappeard.
No Pull yourself together.
No way.
Could it have That can'tYou're kidding! Hey! The servers are the seven chaos.
Chaos is power Power enriched by the heart.
The controller is the one who unifies the chaos.
The seven emeralds can change our conscious thoughts into power.
If this is the Emerald which controls that power Please, stop them! Are you two okay? Did you see it? Yeah.
What did she want to do? Fortunatelythe seventh Chaos Emerald is missing.
Knuckles! Chris! Chris Hold it! That was the seventh Chaos Emerald.
I'm Sorry.
It's all my fault.
The Chaos Emeralds were originally his.
Perhaps it's fate.
Damn that Chaos! There are plenty of fools in this city.
None of them can get away from a street racer like me.
What the? Is it a broken water pipe? Not good.
Run to the top of the buildings Quickly! We're arriving at the scene Where there is much ground-water flooding on the main streets of Station Square.
We don't understand what caused this.
That's What is that? What the heck is it!? Can anybody explain this!? Calm down and continue the report, Scarlet! We can't attack it at all! We can't take any actions without the orders from our superiors.
You'd better make some self-judgments quickly.
I am the Third Commander in Chief of G.
! Don't hesitate.
Hurry up and prepare for the attack! The center of Station Square has nearly become a complete city of water Everyone, please calm down and take refuge.
What's wrong, Cheese? He must be very afraid.
Everything will be fine.
Don't be afraid Cheese.
What are you doing? Hurry up and run.
But the young master and others haven't come back yet! What!? This is all my fault.
Please be quick, Tails.
I understand.
If this has really happened I Calm down.
Please calm down.
Everybody, please calm down.
Everybody, take refuge at the back of that hill.
Who is it? It's an Emergency.
Hurry up and make contact with a pilot.
But I'm currently Can't you hear me? That's an order! It's too noisy.
I can't hear you clearly.
I'll contact you later.
Sensei Isn't there anybody behind you? No.
This is it.
Okay, follow your Sensei.
I, Tanaka must wait until Chris-sama comes back.
I will protect him even at the cost of my life! Let's go.
"Thank you" for saving me.
I seem to remember seeing you from somewhere.
Let's leave that aside.
FirstDo you know Vivian? Good! Kill that monster! We're ready to commence the attack.
You hear me? Roger! Switch to the missiles.
The missiles! SonicPlease come We're ready to launch! Launch! I expected that something like this would happen.
so I've prepared the Egg-Carrier 2.
The world's greatest genius scientist Dr.
Eggman-sama, will be the one with the last laugh! What is that monster? But I'm not going to let this happen! It's Sonic! Oh my! Sonic! Are you okay? Thanks buddy! Sonic, I Don't mind! Chris, his power is much different from before.
You understand me? Okay.
Let's go! Out of the way, Sonic! Eggman! That guy is also here.
We've locked onto the target.
Egg-Carrier 2, energy charge completed.
Okay, Chaos! Since you won't listen to me you are not worth keeping alive! Begin the attack! Damn it.
He's that powerful! Please Tell me.
Just who are you? Tikal.
My heart and will have surpassed space and time to be with him at any time and control his power.
But the evil black heart woke him up once more.
You mean Eggman? The Emerald's power has been drained away! What'd you say? It drew out the Emerald's power with anger and sorrow.
If we don't hurry and seal Chaos in the the Master Emerald the world will be destroyed, just as it was in the past.
Absolutely not.
Although you wanted to control it with sadness this time it can't be the same! Then what should we do? Sonic-san! I found this.
Cheese has been acting a rather strangely.
Sonic! This is my amulet.
I'll just lend it to you.
Sonic will know how to use the Emeralds.
Although I refused to take it, it seems that only you can make it work.
Everybody Hey! I understand.
Just one left.
Sonichere it is.
Chris! Sonic! That's all of them.
Sonic! Sonic! The Emerald's power is back.
So anger and sadness are not the only thoughts which can draw out the power of Chaos Emeralds.
Because this is the power from the heart.
We're all thinking of Sonic and Sonic is thinking of everyone.
That's why this enormous power has come out.
SONIC! Now it's my turn! Please protect our homeSonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! It's time to end this! He's still not beaten yet! His destructive motivation has disappeared.
Perhapsbecause of Super Sonic's power, his anger has calmed.
There are so many Chao! The Chao of this world? That's right! There were many wild Chao in Tanaka's country.
These are the Chao that you were protecting.
Their life continues on in this world.
Enough That much is enough.
Thank you.
Ehh? Where is Eggman? He left just now.
He escapes in such a hurry.
It's over.
I can't fish Things aren't going so well in Station Square after the destruction caused by Chaos.
We must hurry and do something to restore the city.
At that time There is a terrible accident at the G.
For the past 50 years, no one had ever opened this secret data.
But who could have stolen it? This is bad! The world is facing a new crisis! Next timeon Sonic X The Mystery of Project Shadow Don't miss it!