Sonic X (2003) s02e07 Episode Script

Project: Shadow

Run to the top of the buildings Quickly! Ready! That noise is Over there! Wait! That can still be used, bring it here.
Alright, everyone Let's help carry the rescue materials into the dining-room.
Okay! Chris I brought the food here with me! Papa! Here we go.
This is hard work! That's right! You ARE the one carrying the heaviest things.
What?! Are you mocking me? Didn't you find him? You didn't find my child yet? Is it this kid? Mama! Jim! I'm so glad Sonic, thank you! TrulyThank you! It's nothing.
When I was a young boy, the image of the president in my mind was just a super hero who confronts evil in front of the citizens.
Just like Sonic! Next! This is the "Tax Reduction Project for the Disaster Area Residents".
I Never imagined that things would be like this for the real president.
This lost tenement loan will be laid out in the emergency budget.
Sign, sign, everyday.
A special loan and increase in the G.
N budget.
Some super hero this is Of course, the New-model Mecha Production Plan will be a part of this.
Is that it? This is It's a new driver for the Presidential mobile office, who was chosen by the counselors.
His driving technique is well adjusted to deal with any emergency.
Take care of yourself, Chris! I will Mama! I feel so sad since we're going our separate ways.
This is so exaggerated.
Although we are parting it'll only be until we can get our house repaired.
It's just for one or two months.
When you get to your new home, you'll have to call us.
Definitely! Of course! But it'll be kind of lonely.
It's not just you, Chris, but Stewart-Sensei will be leaving as well.
It'll be hard for me to get used to this.
Eh? Where is Sonic? He seems to be very busy.
Although he did ask me to tell Chris "See you later".
I see.
Chris, stop it! The downtown area is not too far from here.
It'll only take a few minutes to get there in the X-Tornado.
Sonic can get there even faster than that.
I know that much.
Well Chris, even if he did move downtown with you Sonic would never calm down and stay in one place anyway.
That's true.
See you! See you, everyone! With these new models we'll be able to compete with Eggman's robots.
Yeah! So Dr.
Eggman won't be able to out-match us anymore! What? They're so ignorant! They obviously just copied things from my mecha.
But will things be okay? We'll be in danger once G.
starts approaching us.
I understand that much! That's why I'm hacking into G.
N's main computer to start an investigation.
Too easy.
Let me see.
So many variants! What's this? What's wrong? Eggman-sama This world I was born in this world! The great talented scientist professor Gerald Robotnik is my grandfather! If this is the world you were originally from.
what about our world? How does that work? It's in the same location within space but this is a completely different world.
We're in a so-called "echo universe".
But then why does G.
N's database have my grandfather's name? I need a Password again DAMN! Ahhstill wrong.
It's no use Maria! Could it be Ma-ri-a? We're in! What's wrong? It's a hacker! He used a password and entered that file which hasn't been opened for the past 50 years.
We've had a hacking intrusion! What? Which file? I found it! Hurry up! Understood! File download, begin! Original file source, Downloading! Hurry up and shut down the main computer! I'm going as fast as I can.
Download Complete! Original source file, done! They almost caught us.
What's this This is .
my grandfather's diary! I finally managed to complete the ultimate lifeform, "Shadow".
The control of his mind has been perfected.
My plans will succeed with "Shadow".
If there is someone who wishes You should leave everything to him if you want to bring destruction to the world.
Ultimate lifeform "Shadow"!? Project Shadow? Don't ask me what it is, Miss Rouge! I don't have any idea.
What do you mean? All the records about this project were destroyed by the President's Government from 50 years ago.
Yet now it's been hacked.
Butone copy clearly wasn't destroyed and was within G.
N's database.
Correct? There were no means to hack in and destroy it Since they couldn't figure out the password.
There was no way of deleting it.
They couldn't even open it.
But Dr.
Eggman succeeded at hacking into it.
That's correct.
So thenWhat is our task? To track down Project Shadow? No, someone else will be taking care of that.
I was hoping that you two could find out Dr.
Eggman's reasons for stealing the data.
Okay! "Intelligence commander" Stop the car here! That was my name for yesterday Today you can call me "Farewell, young headlight"! What should we do? We should sneak into his research facility, don't you think? That's reckless! But sureIt's a good idea.
Well then, we'll need some bait.
Bait to lure out our target.
Ahh, Chris-san.
Good morning! Morning Is something wrong? I'm feeling depressed.
You'll get used to it soon.
That's true.
What's wrong, Chris? It's nothing.
It'll take you a little bit time to get used to a new environment.
It was the same way for me when I was young.
It's a kind of an interesting experience too! Think about it Sonic and the others were stranded here because of Chaos control.
Ever since then, they haven't been able to go back to their world.
But they've still been doing their best while here.
That's right! I nearly forgot.
I should learn from them.
Where are you? I'm so scared Ahh, there is it.
I'm coming to save you now! Are you alright? Yeah.
I'm fine.
It's you! How dare you, Sonic! I wasn't asking you! Why do you come to save me? My mistake.
See ya! Wait a moment What is it? Listen up, I'm not going to say "Thank you for saving me"! You don't have to.
So you can't say "Oh, That's all right".
If you do, I won't forgive you! Get it? Yeah Yeah, I get it.
Well, I'm off! Idiot, idiot! Sonic, you idiot! WellUmm Now that nobody wants it Idiot! I'm sorry! You're the only one who wanted to find this stone! How rude! I told you Now that our opponent is Eggman, we should have the Chaos Emeralds for him.
But are you sure this is the right way? We're almost there.
I'm from the Station Square news.
I'm Scarlet Garcia.
Pleased to meet you.
Ahh, you're I watched the live broadcast of Perfect Chaos! That must have been horrible! YYeah.
Everyone seems to have watched that.
It seems to be very difficult to find someone who didn't.
Ahh, Franklin-kun! How nice of you to come.
Let me introduce you.
Okay! This is Director Franklin-kun.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm Scarlet Garcia.
It's my honor to meet you, Miss Garcia.
You're going to find the secret of Project Shadow? Is it true? Yeah.
Are you interested in it? YesBut The journalist, your father was tracing this subject matter before he died.
To tell you the truth, it's very dangerous.
I understand.
Some people don't want project Shadow to be opened to the public.
Even the Government doesn't know that's there is an organization trying to prevent this from getting out.
In that case But I must know the truth.
You too, right? Both for the sake of being a journalist and for the sake of Scarlet Garcia.
I will pledge my life to protect you.
No matter what happens.
How about it, will you join us? Although this isn't a Chaos Emerald It's heavy! Wait! Give me back the Master Emerald! You won't escape.
Rouge! Rouge! I found one here! A Chaos Emerald! But, now I want this too.
Hey you! She's so greedy I don't know who you are But do you have any idea what you're doing? That's the Master Emerald which can stop the power of the Chaos Emeralds.
It's extremely important! Hey, are you listening to me? No, I'm not.
You bastard! How's that? A woman? Shoot What the? Intruder Alert! Someone has broken in through the 3rd gate and is heading for the northern quadrant of the underground base.
All hands prepare to engage! Standard battle procedure initiated.
Prepare to intercept them on the spot and stop the intruder from entering the security area.
This is not a drill.
I repeat, This is not a drill.
That was too easy.
So lets have a look at the greatest secret weapon which my grandfather invented for G.
Wait for us, Eggman-sama! We want to go as well.
You're both worthless.
Eggman-sama, don't be so cruel! Yes, yes Not good! It's a "Laser Hunter"! Click.
Cut out the petty tricks! You're no match for me at all.
What did you say? Dr.
Eggman has broken into Prison Island.
What are you doing? Let's go! Wait for us! Eggman-sama! Eggman-sama, are you sure it's really here? Of course I am! It's inside there.
This is too easy! SlowlyIt's alright now! Lets take this chance, Eggman-sama! You're not very good at taking the lead.
I never thought it'd be so small.
Enter User-dataenter the password Ma-ri-a Finally, set up the Chaos Emerald.
IIT'S YOU! Eh? Sonic is fighting against G.
N? That'sThat's impossible! The video tape from the Museum has recorded a black shadow.
He simply walked out of the place with a Chaos Emerald and dashed off in the blink of an eye.
Only someone like Sonic can do that.
ButSonic would never do something like that! Next timeon Sonic X Sonic the Fugitive.
Don't miss it!