Sonic X (2003) s02e13 Episode Script

Defective Detectives

Yeah, it truly is wonderful, isn't it? Everybody! This time there have been 5 reported places which have been proven to be parts of the Mystic Ruins.
The creatures within them This bird is apparently called "Flicky".
"Flicky" and Sonic-kun are from the same world, aren't they? Yes, they should be.
Well then Regarding this matter, what will Sonic-kun and Tails-kun think of it? Don't ask questions in circles.
When you found Chris and I I knew what you were worried about.
I apologize.
But Don't misunderstand me.
I really appreciate your consideration.
Chris will understand it too.
To suddenly start living together We're not familiar friends or anything.
It's quite a problem.
If the inhabitants of two different worlds are suddenly going to start living together there are bound to be many different customs and habits.
Hey, are you energetic at night? Don't ask me such strange questions! It's absolutely impossible for us to live together.
Oh myWhat are you thinking about? I'm a bat.
I can keep under cover very well at night.
What kind of person are you? Do you like to scurry in dark nights? Just like a mouse.
There doesn't seem to be any need for the army so far.
Yeah, those G.
N people catch anything that occurs in the streets or Mystic Ruins.
They've planned things out rather well.
Can't we do anything about it? Do you have anything in mind? A good idea that won't cause any panic.
Oh, that's rightIf it's possible, think about it.
Think about what? Living together.
Are you kidding me!? Idiot.
Why not head back? It's quite late.
Lets hurry back.
Dinner is Grandpa It doesn't work, does it? Two species of different worlds.
Can they co-exist peacefully? For the sake of everyone's happiness For that dream, Shadow Chris Damn it! When will Charmy stop muddling around? It's not that simple, Vector.
Just where is this place? Why are we in this place? Can you explain that? Where did we fall to? It may be simple.
Have we traveled through time, or space? Which one is the most likely? I think time is a bit more reasonable.
But there is something strange Strange? Half of the moon has disappeared.
Amazing! Amazing! Absolutely amazing.
Don't be frightened But you will be greatly surprised.
What's so surprising? Thisthisisn't our world! Look at thisthe newspaper of this world.
Charmy The newspaper Charmy! What is it? Anyway, get down off of my nose first! So thenwhere is this place? I don't know.
Is that what you've been fooling around to find out since this morning!? That's a load of crap! So then I'd like you to have a look at this.
Oopswrong spot.
You did that on purpose.
This is Isn't that Sonic!? What.
what Our Sonic is very active.
ARK was fallingRisked his life to save us What's ARK? What was falling down? What's going on in this world? and there's this.
Tada! What's that? UmmThis is the active records of Sonic! Dolby Digital 5.
1 Surround stereo Hi-spec version! Is that what it says? It means that he's not bad in this world.
Wow! A special extra on the Hi-spec version! Knuckles takes everybody on the Angel Island! WHY DO WE WANT TO SEE THAT!? Where did you get those? You can rent them anywhere.
Anyhowlet me check them first.
How did we get here? There may be some clues.
What is it? What do I do with this? Er Damn you! We may have to use a special machine.
Ehh? So that's it! Illegal action.
Using my ability like this Don't you think it's like a thieves behavior? I will return it, Espio.
That's our Espio! He's so swift.
Truly! Goodlets have a look.
The active story of a super hero.
The televisions here are so thin.
Skip the opening and be quick about it.
Well, I'll watch it later.
Knuckles, can you hear me? I'm going to destroy this.
Don't be enveloped in it.
Now it's my turn! Can you hear me? Yeah! I hear you! Chaos CONTROL! Mariais thisenough? I seeit was Chaos Control.
Because of them Surely we'll have to find them.
You mean become involved in this world? Yup, Precisely.
Yo! How is everyone? I'm here at the Angel Island WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO WATCH THIS! Alright, now it's my cue to make a self-introduction.
I'm Vector the Crocodile.
The leader of the Chaotix Detective Agency.
Although I'm big-mouthed and prone to quarrels I am also soft and kind-hearted.
Don't mix me up with a strong simple character you see in films.
I'm clear-minded.
My major task is to analyze evidence.
Yay! I'm Cha I'm Espio the Chameleon.
I'm responsible for the attacks.
What are the merits of an optimistic guy like me? I'm an absolutely calm ninja! Whatever the danger, no task will surpass my ninja skills.
"Live in the darkness.
" "and fight in the darkness.
" This is my way of life.
Hurry up! That's funny, is tyrannizing your style? It's disrespectful of others.
Ehh? I just wanted you to be fast.
So why don't you hurry? Nonot like that.
Espio, it's alright.
Ok, Charmy.
Please say hello to the television audience.
I am Mr.
President A rocket launch has been detected at Eggman's old base.
What is it's target? Make sure of the site of launch The rocket launched from Eggman's base seems to be heading toward the moon.
Why at this hour? Mr.
President What is it this time? Dr.
Eggman is on Television.
I'm Sorry for the events at the ARK which worried you all.
Understand? As an apology I'll repair the moon for you, free of charge.
The moon looks good with it's round shape.
Repair the moon? Although it won't be the same as beforejust the same shape I've introspect-ed.
You can understand that.
Where is he sending this from? What is Eggman doing? Could he really be questioning his ways? I can only pray that was true What? You've identified Eggman's location? Really? I'd like to talk to him.
Contact him at once.
He is at the 95th district by the riverside.
Are you kidding? That's my house! He'd be like that.
The moon which was destroyed by Eggman was now just completely restored by Eggman! It only took 10 minutes.
That's the power of science.
But the other half looks like a Christmas tree.
Sheesh, Why is Sonic always away at these critical moments? What is that? Alright! Let's carry out our duty.
How can you just say that? Can we? Yeah We're not even sure that it's here! It is only possible with the appearance of the Clear-minded and famous, detective Vector! It's just a crocodile with seeing eye glasses.
What are you talking about? He's been watching the Anime channel all morning.
May I ask you a question? Is that some TV program here? "Operative Series.
" When will you stop this, Vector? I'm trying to say what we're looking for.
We came to this world through Chaos Control along with Sonic.
What makes you think so? Have my intuitions ever been wrong so far? Intuition? Don't mix it with other's intuitions.
This is the first intuition of me, Vector! Bingo! As you can see, she was kidnapped by Sonic.
Change the scene and you suddenly know where Sonic is.
Is it just because the program is nearly over? Well you see It's on this map of the rich and famous people's houses.
What is that again? People here like peeping on and admiring those who live a luxurious life.
What do you mean? Sonic gets along well with the rich.
It's unforgivable.
Are you jealous? Just a little WHAT DID YOU SAY CHARMY? Don't you like money best? Well, yes I do.
But it's another story to do something foolish for money.
Lets hurry up and save her.
It's our task to hurry up and put the client at ease.
It's not time to take action yet.
There's alot of security in this house.
We're easy enough to be found here though, aren't we? Wow.
Look, Look! There's someone amazing in there.
So I see.
She's terrible.
I'd better go.
Did she see us? What shall we do? Give up? Come on.
At this time, we should It's my turn to take action.
That's the real ninja, Espio.
He used his technique to run to where there are no trees to cover him.
Sheesh, Enough already Sonic.
He is always away during the day.
Is he? I won't forgive him.
Let me beat him today.
EhWhat the? Was there something there? E.
Espio! I was too careless.
How can such a girl be so fierce and brutal? Espio DAMN YOU! It turned out like this.
What shall we do? We'll have to use brute force.
I'll try my hardest to fight it out! Fight it out.
Great! You repaired the moon by yourself? Do you like it's normal shape? It was nothing special.
If we go back now, there'll be a flaw left.
I don't like that.
Go back? Of course.
Can we really keep living this way? I don't really care.
Do you think everyone is happy? Do you think they'll be happy to live with us everyday? If they continue to blend in our world there will be new conflicts arising.
What makes you think that's absolute? I feel so happy, Sonic.
Have you ever thought about it? You're strange.
I don't know WHAT you're saying you old geezer.
Umm You're! What's this!? You've done enough horrid things.
Enough! What horrid things? Tails' are these your friends? Anyway, who are you people? That's not important at all.
Give her back to us right now! Give her back! HmmGive me back to you? Are they dangerous? I don't know.
Oh, They've lost respect for us so suddenly.
Ok, I'll show you our super weapon, the bee sting! I don't understand what you're talking about! That's fine! What's with that noise? Sonic, there you are! So, you've finally shown up, kidnapper! Kidnapper? What do you mean? It's you! Thanks for your work, Vector-san.
Hey CreamThere's a beautiful woman here.
I've been looking for you for so long, Cream! Mama! Cream! CreamI'm so glad.
It's wonderful, I'm so relieved! Cream's mother.
Vector-san, thank you very much.
Nah, It's my job! Sonic-sama, thank you so much for looking after Cream.
Looking after I What is it, Vector? You really thought I was a kidnapper? Ahh, Sonic-san, What're you doing here!? So Charmy-kun, lets go to our next case.
What are you trying to hide? Just calm down.
What's the meaning of all this? What are you guys talking about? You strange people.
You're the weird one.
Can't I laugh? I didn't just repair the moon.
We'll have plenty of work to do next week! Oww A dark new years morning? Something unexpected happened.
The day is now like night, and it is dark everywhere.
At this ratethere'll be panic everywhere.
At that time, Eggman presents a suggestion to the President.
In which he says he can bring back the sunshine to everyone in need.
Is this really believable? Next timeon Sonic X Eggman Corporation Don't miss it!