Sonic X (2003) s02e14 Episode Script

Sunblock Solution

Happy New Year! Once the sun rises, we'll shoot off all of the streamers together.
Right, Tanaka? Right.
Okay everyone! We'll celebrate when the sun appears at the sea's rim.
Using this No way! Then perhaps if the sun is scared off by all the noise it'll go away and hide again! Something like that can't happen.
It'll be alright, Cream.
The sun will be very happy to see us.
Is that so? Then I'll take one too! There's also one for Sonic He's up there.
If you came here too, it'd be great! You must be joking! You won't talk me into laying in the sun.
My skin would just end being burned.
If you use sun-tan lotion, you'd be alright.
But it wouldn't be able to take do a good job of protecting MY skin.
You're just saying that because you're a thief and you don't like to be seen in the sunlight.
Everyoneit's time! Are you ready, everyone? Wait for my signal, and then we'll all shoot together! Yeah Yeah Okay here it comes, everyone! We know, we know What? The sunlight Is it an eclipse? Why is this happening so suddenly? It's the Egg-Moon! Hurry up and contact the President! Right! What's happening? The Egg Moon has suddenly changed it's orbit pattern and is blocking out the sunshine! What? Was it Eggman again!? HelloEverybody! Eggman Well, Mr.
President, long time no see! Guardhouse, Eggman has intruded.
Itit was a mistake! It's all just a mistake! Wait Lets see what he has to say.
You truly are a very reasonable man, Mr.
Then, what kind of mistake is this? The Egg-moon has suddenly changed it's orbit.
I believe that this is due to a mechanical problem.
So, in order for us to repair the problem, we'll need to travel deep into it's inner surface.
Is that really true? I swear that it is.
Please believe meI've changed my ways! I want to believe you, but I will take responsibility over this duty, Okay? So then, Please Mr.
President Alright, I'll believe you.
Thank you, Mr.
President Thank you, you won't regret this.
Jeez I rarely ever get vacation, and now it's been wasted.
You shouldn't toast in the sun.
It's bad for your skin! To me, this dark world is simply wonderful! I could get used to this very quickly.
It's feels great! Because we celebratedthe sun has disappeared.
No, the sun's only turning black for a little bit.
You should be able to understand that.
About the countermeasures Do you have any way of contacting the Egg-moon? That'll be impossible.
The receiver can't be activated, so there is no way to reach it.
Then how long will this last? This means that it'll take us some time to repair the Egg-moon First, we need to find the reason.
It'll take at least half a yearnoperhaps one full year.
Don't joke around! We can't possibly wait that long! Of course not.
So we must use an alternate method in order to bring back the sunlight in the mean time.
Is there any other way? Indeed.
You'll be surprised to find out how.
Preparations complete! Roger! Everything checks out okay.
Great! Prepare your ears, Decoe, Bocoe! What have you come here for? Listen up, Listen up! Eggman-sama has sent an order for you.
Start the plan! Okay! Was that all? Then what about my task? Ahh, that's right and now this mecha will begin toplay the trichord.
Alright I'll do that That sounds good.
You're very professional So ambitious It's great! I've out-done myself.
After listening to that Messenger-robo is going to attract all kinds of audiences with a performance that good.
We can't lose to him! How do we keep from losing? We'll perform toolets beat him with the Chinese track! That's a good idea! Launch! Stop here! Open the reciever Correct the angle by 30 degrees Because of the sun turning black and all of our sunlight having been affected Eggman has been pushing his strategy to bring the sunlight back to us.
Now you can see the add here! Eggman Corporation Television shopping I have created some special equipment to offer the enough sunlight for every family.
and that is this here.
Behold the "Sunshine Ball"! We'll set up one of these in your home.
Today, as part of our campaign we'll sell it.
with a lease, and assemble it, all for just half-price! I wanted to offer this as a service to you for free .
but I have to charge in order to keep my management going.
I'm terribly sorry.
Don't miss the good chance! Now, just call us, the Eggman Corporation, right away.
See ya! Please send one at once I want to buy it too How many will can you get me? What should we do? I don't know.
If there is no sunlight, it'll be harder to dry our clothes If we have that, it'll be easy.
I agree.
Then lets make the call.
Sonic! Eggman seems to have changed.
Sonic just can't accept that.
He's probably angry that he isn't trying to take over the world.
You think so? But didn't they make peace before? That would never happen.
They've always been rivals.
Is that so? This is the Eggman Corporation.
RightOkay Yes, there's a rebate, Okayright Several people have already called us! But there are still plenty in stock, so don't worry about it.
We've finished installing it Please try it out.
It's very warm.
It feels just like the real sunlight.
Right? You're right.
The Eggman Corporation seems to be doing very well.
Thank you very much.
What? We're just happy that you're satisfied.
We're very glad to do what you wish.
You did good work! Thank you! If you do such good deeds, it makes you feel very happy.
I never knew that.
You're right.
Why can only the rich have the sunlight? Don't the poor need it as well? No, that's not what we meant! The people should be treated equally! All of us should be able to have the sunlight! Then what should the municial administration do Sign a contract with Eggman to set up public establishments in Station Square! I agree.
If only we could take the rebate, of course we'd do it.
I oppose.
How are we supposed to explain that to the people? Order, Order! Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah The Station Square public set up, Alright I've got Thanks.
Eggman-sama From now on you can call me Chairman Okay! Chairman Eggman Chairman, chairman Chairman Eggman! This place is saturated with orders Since more and more people are setting up contracts with us, we need to set up more Reflection Towers.
That's right, Chairman Yes? This is the President.
It's me, Dr.
I need your help to set up more Reflection Towers Would you like to offer any around the globe? That would be my pleasure! That so? I'm thrilled! What are you saying, Dr.
Eggman? You should be the one who's getting my praise and thanks! No, not just minebut everyone else' as well! Really, You think so!? This is truly a blessing! I'm greatful.
It's truly almost heavenly.
You're our no, the hero of the entire earth.
Hero? Just like Sonic? Of course! This means that The lead character of this Anime will soon change to me! Hello, hello Hello, Eggman-san? That Eggmanhe's gone to far.
These stupid things Just cover it a bit more.
Okay! That's right.
What's wrong? Our sunlight suddenly disappeared.
What the? This is annoying What suddenly caused this again? The Eggman Corporation is releasing an urgent report Why did the Sunshine Balls suddenly go out? This has happened because Reflection Tower No.
98 has been knocked down.
We are urgently working to repair it and it'll be ready by nightfall.
What caused it to collapse? We've been searching for the cause.
Could it be Could it bewhat? No, it's nothing.
It couldn't be.
But Sonicwhere did he go off to? Impossible! Are you sure we didn't make a mistake? There's no doubt about it.
Take a look at this picture again.
Why!? I really can't believe that Until nowSonic has always been our partner! But from Sonic's point of view .
he probably doesn't see us as his partner.
What do you mean by that? Sonic only does what he wants to do and sometimes he tends to do some foolish things.
This is just one of those times.
Could it be that he hates to see us get along with Eggman? Don't know.
What should we do, Mr.
President? There'll be mass panic if we public these pictures What is it? We're in a meeting now! Mr.
President, it's bad! More Reflection Towers are being destroyed again! What? Mr.
President, please make a decision.
PPublish it.
It's Sonic The Reflection Towers are being repeatedly destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic NNo way! It's a lie! Sonic-san would never do such a thing! It must be some kind of mistake.
Chris-sama, Old Master! We've got a problem! What's wrong? Send Sonic out! We know he's in there! Send Sonic out! What should we do? This is a big problem.
Why did Sonic do something like this? Sonic must have his reasons.
He simply doesn't like seeing Eggman getting along with us! Shouldn't that really be all? No he must have other reasons What other reasons are there? I don't have any idea either! This is bad! Sheesh! Let me show you my hammer! Don't! Do you want to become the enemy of the entire city? But if this continues They'll understand if I explain it to them.
Let me talk to them.
Grandpa SonicCome on out! Old Master! EveryoneStop it! We've spotted Sonic! What should we do? Please tell us! Protect the Reflection Towers But we're going up against THE Sonic! Why did this kind of thing happen? My son's a Sonic fan, How do I explain this to him? My son's a Sonic fan, How do I explain this to him? Sonic is the bad guy now.
This means that from next week onward This program Dr.
Eggman X, is the new title of the show! Everyone, from next week onward, you can look forward to watching my performance! All of a sudden, the Reflection towers are being destroyed by Sonic and this has really angered several people! But whatever your reason may be, SonicI still believe in you.
Say Sonic, what in the world is wrong? At that time Knuckles and Sonic-kun fight against one another.
If this continues, it'll lead to big trouble.
Next timeon Sonic X We Can See the Light! Don't miss it!