Sonic X (2003) s02e15 Episode Script

Eggman For President

What the? What's wrong!? Send Sonic out We know Sonic is in there.
This is bad.
Sheesh! Let me show you my hammer! Don't! Do you want to become the enemy of the entire city? But if this continues They'll understand if I explain it to them.
Let me talk to them.
Our world lost the sunlight.
The Egg-Moon has blocked off the light between the earth and the sun.
Everybody, stop it! Eggman said that something was wrong with the Egg-Moon.
So he set up reflection towers here on the earth to create a service to supply the sunlight.
Everyone is now greatly appreciating Eggman's efforts.
But now Sonic has started to destroy the Reflection Towers.
Why did this kind of thing happen? Why is this happening? I'm scared! Send out Sonic! Sonic isn't here right now.
He's bound to come back.
Sonic must have his reasons for doing this! Yeah.
He must! Sonic is our friend.
At least for now, but maybe this time he What's wrong with me!? I don't believe in Sonic? Shut up.
These are Sonic's friends.
Capture them! Yeah! All of you people Don't! This way! This is the police.
Everyone dismiss! You people will become our enemy if you dare to try and harm them! Understand? Well done.
We're at a loss to thank you.
We can expel them very fast.
Are you alright, Chris? I'm Sorry, Sonic.
But Here I go! Haha how was that? Mr.
President I'm counting on you.
I'm asking you to please stop Sonic! You're counting on us? Can't you do it? What do you mean? I'm not what I used to be.
In order to be kind to the common people I have given up my ways of force from before.
So you really did? Okay, I understand! Gather the G.
N forces and go on an all out attack to capture Sonic! Sir! Now the common people want to get rid of Sonic! That was unexpected.
Eggman is the greatest! Eggman is our real hero! Everybody Thanks for your support.
Everyone's hero Sonic has now become the bad guy and on the contrary The bad guys have now become the hero! What the heck is going on here? What's wrong? Have you been up so long that you're suffering from a lack of sleep? That's not it! But where did that strange electric wave come from? Follow her.
Right! It's so dark.
Poor thing.
Knuckles-san Knuckles-san, we have a request.
What's up? Knuckles-san, we trust you, so would you please help us? It's all because of Sonic That we You won't hold me back! Watch this! Sonic can only be stopped by someone like you! Please! Stop Sonic by any means! Please! Please, Knuckles I get it.
I'll consider it.
Thank you very much.
Knuckles-san! That's great! Thank you.
Sonic, I won't go easy on you! Chris.
What's the matter, Chris? What? You've been acting strange from the beginning.
Have I? Honestly, I don't understand what Sonic is doing at all.
I'm not sure whether I should believe in Sonic or not.
Sonic must have his reasons for doing this! Yeah.
He must! What should I do? How do I learn to believe in Sonic like you do? You're asking me this all of a sudden You just have to like him.
I have to like him? But every single time that I thought I'd caught Sonic he just ran away and instantly dashed off.
But I still don't care.
I like Sonic anyway and I'll follow Sonic anywhere.
Even to the ends of the earth.
And then, one day Believe in him because I care.
That's right.
I shouldn't think about it too much.
Thank you, Amy.
Sure! I'll try my best! Tails, let's go and look for Sonic.
Okay! The results will come soon! Sonic.
I'll trust in you! He's coming.
Hey, If it isn't Knuckles! What's up? Sonic Hey! Why are you fighting about now? This is what you always do.
Give it up.
You're no match for me at all.
You brat! Are you serious, Knuckles? This time it'll be different from before.
You remember a lot.
No good.
This isn't a Dome.
it's a full sphere.
No good.
This isn't a Dome.
It's a full sphere.
What in the world is that electric wave? Big trouble! We've got to stop those two.
Leave it to me.
You still want to continue? I'll keep going until you stop destroying the reflection towers.
Stop it, both of you! SonicKnucklesThat's enough! Don't interfere! Sonic.
It's not my fault.
He's the one with the problem.
It is too your fault! Because of you Do you know how much trouble you've caused for all the people? Huh Me? Why you little Sonic the Hedgehog This is bad! You are completely surrounded.
Don't do anything foolish.
Just give up! Stop it! Sonic is mine! KnucklesSheesh Hey hey Everyone should stop getting so excited.
You Bastard! Stop it.
What're you doing? Do you really think that Sonic is right? I have no idea ButI believe in Sonic because I care about him! That's not the problem! We need a clear reason! There is one.
It's that! Ever since it appeared, I've not been able to take a good nap.
What kind of a reason is that? But it's acting funny We can't help that! Because of the malfunction, we haven't been able to move it during these past few days.
You can't move it? Isn't it already moving? What? Isn't the earth rotating? If the moon stopped moving, it wouldn't be like that.
You're right! This means that the running orbit of the moon has been changed.
No, there's more to it then that.
Even the earth is still orbiting around the sun This is painful Correct.
So what Eggman is making it do is extremely complicated.
If even we figured that out Eggman, who has an IQ of around 300 would have figured this out.
But he didn't bother to explain that.
Which means that This is all Eggman's doing! It feels good.
It's a great thing to be so popular.
Don't you think so, Eggman-sama? Yes it is.
My efforts were not in vain.
UmmEggman-samawhat efforts are you referring to? Haven't you two figured it out? Do you think this kind of success would happen by accident? You mean it didn't? Of course not! Take a look at those people.
Eggman! Those images are When the sunshine ball shines It takes the opportunity to spread subliminal images telling you to admire Eggman.
Thenwas this all planned by Eggman-sama from the very beginning!? I never knew that! That's not all I also made the Egg-moon block the sun from the very start! Soon my dreams of building the Eggman Empire will come true! Is that what this is? So we're still bad guys after-all.
That's all there is to it.
Why didn't you explain this to us earlier? Did anybody ever ask me? I thought you all knew that! Okay, I get it! This is Topaz I've got something urgent to report to the President.
What's the problem, Mr.
President? I gave you my trust Dr.
Eggman! I'm terribly sorry.
How dare you take advantage of the hearts of the people! You're the one who told them the wrong information and wanted to catch Sonic.
ButThat Issue another order and let me take the position of President.
But I am You're my hostages! What should we do? We weren't able to destroy the emitter that controls the Egg-Moon.
We'll have to destroy the receiver device on the Egg-Moon instead! I'm counting on you, Knuckles! Are you ordering me around again? Well that's If that's the case, then I'll go! I'll leave it to you! Eggman, Eggman, Eggman It's no good! There are too many people.
We can't get in.
Infiltration successful! Now I'll begin the Mission.
It's done.
What do you think? The One-Egg Bill! Not too bad.
The one hundred bill uses Bocoe! The one thousand bill uses Decoe! Why is your bill more valuable than mine!? Hey, Eggman You're being way too cocky.
Is that so!? Come over here if you dare! You You came!? Don't you care the safety of the President? I'm right over here! When did you Mission successful.
That's right Take this! You're good at piloting, Mr.
I've been dreaming about becoming an astronaut ever since I was a child.
It's over there, Knuckles! That one? It's the blessing of the sun.
Lets go on a cruise to see the sunrise! Sounds great! We did well! What's wrong? Don't you think so? Don't you think that a dark world is better? Were we doomed to end up like this? That's the fate of the bad guys.
The base was damaged.
We'll just have to repair it again! Question Number One The sum of angles within a triangle is 360.
Yes or no? No.
Question Two The Turbo-top, when compared S-Pro Engine, has the stronger amount of horsepower.
Yes! Question Three Will my confession of true love ever be accepted? Of course not! You think so? Final Question Eggman-sama You'll get a perfect score if you can answer the next question! Let's do our best! How is it possible that I would get the wrong answer with my IQ of 300? Am I the protagonist of this program? I can't accept that! I am! Get him now! You're under arrest, Eggman! Damn you! It was that final question.
Even a child would know the answer to that one.
Shut up! I'm the protagonist of this Just behave yourself and give up, Eggman.
Sonic Sonic Admiring me? No way! Sonic Sonic Surely enough.
Sonic is the hero.
Right? Amy is very angry.
She was supposed to go on a date with Sonic But Sonic still couldn't understand her.
So then Amy said that she wanted to go out for a drive.
Amy wants to go visit the sea.
But something important is happening to us Say, you twowill you be okay? Next timeon Sonic X Amy, Love's Escape Journey!? Don't miss it!