Sonic X (2003) s02e16 Episode Script

A Date to Forget

Hey wake up! Come on wake up! WAKE UP! Wake up! I'm asking you, please wake up Hurry and wake up! Wake up and be my attendant.
Wake up! Hurry and get up! Alright from now on, I have an important task for you to do.
You'll be my attendant.
So my orders for you must be absolute.
Great, you're a good kid.
Follow me! Over Here follow me, my attendant.
There is alot of tough work waiting for you! Lets go! This is the City Park.
Many citizens have come here to run, now that it's complete.
Thoughts of the hero, Sonic, have brought them here.
Now, because of their envy for his speed running as an activity has been booming in popularity.
Did you decide to start running because of Sonic? Yeah.
Although I don't have much speed I feel very good after I'm done running.
This popularity boom has had great effects in the major competitions where records all over the world are continuously being broken.
In regards to this unique phenomenon SONIC! What is it? Amy-san! Sonic, you can't hide from me.
Show yourself! What's going on, Amy? Sonic, if you don't come out I wonder what will become of Chris? Amy? Please stop it! He's not here What do you think you're doing? Amy-san is acting scary! Are you alright? I'm sorry.
But I'm seriously upset What do you mean? Did something happen between you and Sonic-san? Sonic It seems that I've said something wrong A.
Amy, please just calm down and explain the details to us.
Sonic has Sonic has cheated on me! Just because of that? What do you mean "Just because of that"!? But It's a date.
A date! We set up this appointment beforehand! I even bought brand new shoes and head-wear just for this day! Shoes? It's true.
But Sonic never showed up! He must be busy and doing something What could it be? UmmSomething likeAhh that's right! Fighting against Eggman's mecha! Isn't Eggman still in prison? Oh yeah, that's right.
Stop talking such nonsense.
Well Anyway, could you come from there down first.
Sonic? Sonic! Sonic Yo, Is Sonic here? I've promised him to take him on with my new racing machine! This time, my machine has been greatly renovated with a new transformation system! It can be changed depending on the need and environment.
Isn't that great? It's quite amazing! Uncle Chris, where is Sonic at? We had appointed the race for today.
Young lady, what's wrong? SONIC, YOU IDIOT! So then, Amy I see So it appears that the young lady and I were both cheated by Sonic.
There must be some reason for it You just forgot about me and made an appointment with other people Amy-san Sonic really never sets any limits for himself.
Oh wait, I see I guess I'm a little bit forgettable too.
Uncle! I've decided! Hey Buddy, let's go on a date.
Amy! You can take me anywhere right now! Okay, young lady.
We're Buddies in the same boat, so we might as well get along with each other.
WaitUncle are you sure Don't worry about it.
We'll be back when it's dark.
I leave quickly, but I also come back quickly! Is this really okay? Did Sonic-san really forget that he had an appointment with both of them? It looks like Sonic must have been very busy.
That's terrible! Wait a minute! What are you angry about, Cream? That Sonic can be too complacent sometimes.
Hmmm the wind feels good.
He always keeps running off and leaving me alone.
This engine feels great! I guess that's the result of my new machine.
Someone like you couldn't possibly understand the feeling of not being able to keep up with him.
Oh, here comes a turn.
Let me give you a look at my technique! Are you listening to me? Just stop chasing him.
If you don't think you can keep up with him, just give it up.
If you really can't, you should just forget about it.
Well, it's not just like that.
I fall in love quickly, and out of love quickly.
That's my strength! Why am I even bothering to talk to you about love? What a fool! Where do you want to go? The seaside! At this late hour? A girl who was left behind deserves to go to the seaside! Alright! Princess, I'll take you to the sea-shore.
Feel free to enjoy my perfect driving technique! Sax Er What was your name? Sonic Knight, leave For Love? You can just call me Sam today.
Hey gimme another bowl.
This isn't enough at all.
I want another bowl, too.
Hurry up! Didn't I just give you another one? Can't you reserve yourself just a little bit? In order have the energy to maintain my Super-Excellent brain I require to eat a quantity of 3 times what the average person will.
Do you want to violate human rights? You wanna a piece of us? Ahh, Shut up! I get it! Take it, all of it! You should've just done that from the beginning.
This really is a great place! We can eat as much as we like while we're nice and warm.
It's almost like paradise! Living like this for the rest of our life wouldn't be too bad, Eggman-sama.
Don't worry, I have a plan that is progressing right now! He'll probably be coming here to save us soon.
Sheesh No matter where you run, you can't get away from us! Hurry and catch Sonic Attack! Fire! Once again! And again! Fire! Success! Wait up! Take thatand thatand that Wait up! Wait a minute! I thought we were going to see the sea? It looks like we might be just a bit lost Turn back at once! Don't worry, young lady.
If we keep going forward, we'll reach the seaside.
I want to go back! Get me a map.
Have you been driving through the desert? Well, yeah.
You're still looking for a map? Young lady, you're being way too serious.
I want to go to the seaside! Deserts, pastures, mountains, forestsI'm fed up with all of them.
Oh a leaf is stuck there.
If you're so proud of that car why don't you give it a satellite navigation system? I just like to drive.
It's not very important whether the car can reach the destination or not.
You're the same as Sonic.
Oh! So you're friends with Sonic? No wonder you looked so familiar! Yes! I'm Sonic's girlfriend.
He abandoned his plans with her.
Ouch Ouch Sonic did us a huge favor and helped my grandson.
Your grandson? Grandpa! Wait! Help me! Stephen! Grandpa I'm so relieved.
I'm glad Is that what happened? There are so many things he's done and our family will always support him.
Sonic is our hero! Here's a map.
Oh, and take this with you too.
Say hello to Sonic for me! So much candy! That's a pretty nice gift.
Why aren't you happy? Sonic is the one who should take it.
It's a very common thing for him to be helping others.
He probably has forgotten all about them by now.
The people that he has helped won't forget about it.
Even if he doesn't seem to care he won't leave them alone if they're ever in trouble.
He's actually very caring and it goes without saying that everyone likes Sonic.
He also won't get angry even if he ever is beaten.
But Sonic's heart doesn't belong to anyone.
He won't turn his head toward anyone.
We can't possibly catch up with him.
By the way, Regarding the appointment between Sonic and I I actually made a mistake.
I just remembered.
The race was going to start at dusk.
ThenIt doesn't go against my plans with him? Nope.
Somehow, I feel relieved to know that Sonic didn't cheat me and avoid the race.
Sorry about that.
I guess I was the one who got cheated.
He must be off somewhere practicing for the race.
You're happy now, so that's wonderful.
I'm often hear people say "I want to run alongside Sonic, but I can't possibly keep up with him!" and this and that and always the same excuse.
I feel the same way about it.
I've only begun! Take this! Here I come, Kid! WaahhhStop it! That's it! Over there! Attack! Sheesh! Thanks to your interference, I won't be able to keep my appointment! You stupid fool! You're already too late, Sonic.
Right now, there's a mecha already on it's way to free Eggman-sama! Oww Another mecha? I think I understand.
Sonic likes to runand I wouldn't be able to keep up with him all the time.
Here you go.
Do you feel that way too? Me? Well, I'd be happy if I could run as fast as him.
It's a pity that I can only rely on a machine.
The car could never keep up with Sonic anyway.
I suppose so.
Are you still going to trying? Well, that's my dream.
I guess it's mine to.
I'll pursue it.
The target of that mecha is the city where Eggman is being held in prison.
I knew it must have been Eggman's mecha! If it manages to enter it, it'll wreck the whole city.
Sam! Young lady We're not super-heroes like Sonic.
But we still need to do some training! Okay let's catch up with it! MODE CHANGE! This is the true form of my new Super-Machine! No way! We can't catch it! Let's take a shortcut.
Here it comes.
We only get one chance, be careful! You can count on me! Why you Success! Nice fight! Young lady, can you feel the sensation of the wind blowing at us? So THISis what Sonic must always see! Quit looking at me with that kind of face My work has been screwed up again! That's the first time in my life that I've ever gone that fast.
That was still a rather slow speed.
It would be even more amazing if you went at Sonic's speed.
I'd like to try it.
It won't be easy for an outsider.
You should do some good training first.
After allwe're not super-heroes.
But, I'll try my best! No matter what, I'm not going to give up.
Victory will go to he who is able to hold out the longest.
Amysorry I'm late! Sonic! I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
What? This is the right time.
Let's fight it out today.
That's fine by me.
Alrighthere I go.
Ready, Go! Those guys.
I CAN'T STAND MEN! I wonder what dinner will be? Oh, are you hungry yet, Cheese? The ordinary electric appliance that you can see everywhere have suddenly begun to move and attack people! It's likely because Eggman made and inserted some Micro-chip in them.
SonicKnuckles Hurry and do something to stop him! A large number of the electrical appliances that had been thrown away now have the streets in great panic.
Damn it! What in the world should we do? Next timeon Sonic X Huge Home Electronics Panic! Don't miss it!