Sonic X (2003) s02e18 Episode Script

The Sewer Search

Eggman-sama, you're going way too fast! Wah.
What are you doing? GAH, that's not right! Why are you going so fast, can't you take it a bit easier? Don't you guys get it? I have plans for my revenge against Sonicby using this! Woah! That's Just wait and see, Sonic! Eggman-sama, sorry for the wait.
Why didn't you just use this method at the start? Shut up! We had to wait for the right timing.
Just you wait, Sonic I'll show you my electrical appliance robots! Sonic! What the heck are these things? Sonic, what do you think of the fight with my electrical appliance robots? This should be the last time I have to see you! After all, These scrap electrical appliances are all alive.
Knuckles, we can't go on like this! That's my line! How's this? Comon, Comon! How's that? Hahaha It's finally come to an end.
Yep! What's wrong? Why is there water? This can't be! Somebody must've repaired it.
All of our work is in vain.
Damn it We were so close to success! That's okay.
We'll just have to catch Sonic.
Then what shall we do, Eggman-sama? Alright.
We'll dismiss.
Ah, Hey! Wait up, Eggman-sama! Don't leave me here alone! That Eggman has managed to escape from prison What must be done to destroy the order of the world? However we do it, we MUST capture him again! You sent a call for us? Topaz! Is this supposed to be about some kind of secret assignment? Miss Rouge! Have we been able to locate Eggman? The information bureau is trying their best to search for him.
That Eggmanwhere could he be? Regarding Eggman, you should have a better understanding of him than our spy would.
What about my payment? We will do our best to get you a huge sapphire! A huge sapphire? I wonder what that will lead people to think? Sheesh I pray for your success! Where do you think Eggman has ran off too? I don't know, but he must be hiding somewhere and planning to do something bad! Has Sonic said anything about Eggman? Yeah, he did.
What? I asked him where he thought Eggman might be hiding I don't really care.
That's the way he is.
Chris-san! Cream, Cheese, Emerl! We decided to take a walk, so we ended up coming to Chris' school.
Emerl is capable of memorizing and using another's skills very quickly.
Amazing! Stewart-Sensei! This is a strange tree Perhaps Eggman is hiding within it.
Lets get down slowly We've been discovered! Run! Hold it! Stewart-Sensei! This is bad! Stewart-Sensei? What are you doing over here? Bird watching! I want to see too! I can see it! Give it to me next.
Ah? WHAT!? Eggman is buying a used book Really? Let me see.
You're right! Alright, we should all capture Eggman! Yeah! No, no no no no! Eggman could be way too dangerous! I will call the police about getting Eggman.
Everyone should hurry back home.
Leave this case to the police, okay? OKAY? I think we get the point.
Alright, I've got it.
Bye! Chris-san, wait for me! In a bit I'll start to trail after Eggman and follow him to his secret base.
HEY TAXI! Why are you all here!? I thought I told you to go home? Well, well Start driving, Sensei! Sheesh! Sonic! Sonic! Chris hasn't come back from school yet.
and Cream, Cheese, and Emerl haven't come back either.
I'll leave it to you.
Eggman's taxi is stopping.
He came out! Where did Eggman disappear too? Could we find a trail to follow after him? Stuart-sensei? Eggman is underground! Where? Down there! Incredible! Danny, what's wrong? A lizard came in here! Where? There.
Danny, you're a boy! You're not supposed to be afraid of a lizard.
You're not afraid, Helen? I've held things like that before.
Don't lie to me.
Helen has petted a grasp worm before.
Isn't that just a little bit strange? What's strange about it!? Stop that.
You're making them laugh by quarreling like that! I'm done playing with you! Is it tasty? Well, yeah.
The President seems to be very unhappy He's thinking too much.
Eggman's secret base will be discovered sooner or later.
I suppose so.
That wind that just blew by was Sonic, wasn't it? I wonder what he's doing? I'll ask him the next time.
Sonic! You seem busy, what are you doing? I'm looking for someone.
Who? Chris, Cream, Cheese and Emerl.
Let me know if you manage to find Eggman.
He seemed a bit strange.
You're right.
Eggman! What are you going to do with used books? They'll be for useful for my next plan.
What plan? This world Forget it.
There's no need for me to explain it to you people.
Eggman-sama! What is it, Decoe, Bocoe? Actually We found a ton of strange things here.
It must be his bag! Could you be a government spy? No! Well, he does look a bit suspicious.
Stuart-sensei, a spy? that's pretty strange.
A real spy would be much cooler.
They're righthe doesn't seem to be the type.
He's probably not a spy.
Well then, We're go back to begin my next battle plan! See ya! What's with that relaxed look? He looks like a spy to me.
I'm a teacher! He is our class' former substitute teacher.
That's right! When did Eggman say his next battle plan is going to begin? How are we supposed to know something like that!? All he ever does is give us tasks to follow! Bocoe Decoe What you just said makes me want to cry.
They seem to be rather stressed out.
Come to think of it, how are we going to escape? Helen, let me borrow this.
Now, lets hurry and get out of here.
Could it be that Stewart-Sensei really IS a spy? You've gotta be kidding.
We can't get past this.
No It's time for us to make an experiment.
If we mix ingredient A with Ingredient B Get back.
The door opened! This gate can be opened after you input he password.
Alright! Eggman? So did the password unlock it? No, that's too simple.
It might be a trap! A trap? Yeah.
This is getting too dangerous.
We may need to consider another way to get out of here.
Sensei We'll think of something.
Well, if we can make contact with Sonic Cream, Is that? He's that naughty message bringer.
Helen, listen to me Got it.
Chris, Ella's apple pie is really the best! Apple pie Ella has the gift for making great apple pie! Apple pie! Sounds delicious! If you want to eat some, go to Chris' house! If you let them know what happened to us, you can have some.
I'll bring a message to them! Apple pie! If we can make contact with Ella, Sonic will come for us! That was a good idea.
It'll work out fine.
Apple pie apple pie Chris' home Hey you, where are you going? I'm going to Chris' house to eat some of Ella's apple pie! What? Could Chris be down there? Oh, Right Hey, Could you bring a message to Topaz and Rouge? No way! Ella's strawberry cake is the best.
Strawberry cake!? Can I eat it if I do? Of course.
The vanilla tastes good, but the chocolate is my favorite.
I like them both.
I have a message for you from Sonic.
The sewer! The sewer? It's no use doing that.
There must be some other way.
That's right! Eggman! You could help me test my new weaponthe X-Spider! Wait! Lets capture him.
Sonic! Damn you, Sonic! Not just yet! Sonic! Sonic! Screw kick! Thanks! Emerl? I'll just attack you with these! I'm going to fight too! The gate has been smashed! What!? Everyone, hurry up and escape! You too Cream! Sonic, next time I'll fight it out with you! Goodbye! Click It's broken!? YOU'RE KIDDING ME! I'm home Welcome back, young master.
Why are you so late? We thought something must have happened to you.
Delicious! Sheesh From this episode onward, there are no more preview subs The HK set didn't have any at all to work with.
But look, Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting! But not necessarily with fists as fast as lightning Next timeon Sonic X Sonic Battle - Face Off!! Don't miss it!