Sonic X (2003) s02e19 Episode Script

Prize Fights

These are for you.
Thank you Cream.
Emerl! Wow, there are so many! Thank you, Emerl.
I'm very happy.
I want that, too.
Sheesh! What's with you? Shut up! Emerl, take this.
Here you go.
Emerl must be very happy.
Look, he's showing you how happy he is! Emerl, I'm glad to see that you're so happy.
Let's stay together! Amy-sama! Please Stop it! It ran away! Tanaka, why did you stop me!? Amy-sama's hammer would have broken down the door.
It ran away Even a mosquito ran from me.
In my life, everyone is always running from me.
Sonic broke off the date we had planned.
Now now, Eat some refreshments and cheer yourself up, Amy.
Amy-sama Everyone's life is going to be full of happy moments, and sad ones.
As soon as you get one thing, you tend to lose another.
Sonic is always going off somewhere.
My love affair with him is like trying to catch the clouds, or the wind.
When am I ever going to get ahold of him? You guys, go into the city and buy the following.
Go to the city? Wow, thats alot, Eggman-sama! Can't you call for them to deliver it here? You fool! If that would work, I wouldn't be asking you to do it! Hurry up and get going! Okay! Up til now, he has done many evil things and now Dr.
Eggman just recently escaped from prison a few days ago.
According to the relevant Government officials he seems to be planning some new evil forces project.
So now the President has called upon Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge for a the sake of defeating Eggman's project.
He'll use these 3 as the very core of his battle strategy.
Today we are planning to interview those who are on the President's inspection team about the details of this event.
Well, it seems that to confront Eggman, Sonic and the other two will need to work as a team.
But Sonic and the others don't look very energetic at all Stop it! What in the world is going on here? Well I don't want to do it.
If it's not an actual fight, I won't be able to pull it off.
An actual fight? Without a high-class prize, there's no way I can do it.
A high-class prize? That's right.
Something like Diamonds, or jewels I see.
Then that settles it.
Why don't you compete in the form of a Tournament? The prize will bea Chaos Emerald! What? You want us to duke it out for a Chaos Emerald? I don't like that.
Oh, are you saying that you're not confident that you can win? What do you mean!? Don't touch me! Quit picking on me.
You've disappointed me.
You're not going to attend the competition? So it seems.
I'm very disappointed in you, Knuckles-kun.
You're not a real man.
You've just become a coward.
I thought you were a brave and powerful warrior But it looks like you're really just a coward.
You don't have to hesitate.
Just admit to us that you're not confident about it.
How about fighting like a man, Knuckles-kun? If you're REALLY not confident, you can forget about it.
Ah Enough! Okay, I get it! Now that you've said all this, I have to enter it! It's just a fighting tournament! There's no way I'll lose! That's just talk.
It's a shame that he gives in so quickly.
He's still the same as always.
Just as crazy as ever.
Go for it! Do we still have a Chaos Emerald? Yeah.
News Flash! Just now, the President has declared that there will be a Chaos Emerald Competition! Mr.
Presidentplease inform the public of the date and rules.
Here you go.
Within 3 days, The Chaos Emerald Competition will be held within a special stadium! We'll be accepting challengers right away! That right! Even those of you who are in-front of the TV or are currently at work.
All of you should please come and join the Chaos Emerald Competition! The one who could end up with a Chaos Emeraldis you! Our recruitment hot-line has been opened.
Please dial the number you see.
Time for the commercials! The winner of this eventis going to be me! Just as I thought, nobody is going to join.
Who would dial the number after seeing a commercial like that? So then, should everyone here join the Tournament? But after just now seeing Knuckles' commercial I'm sure that almost nobody else is going to join.
Yes? Okay! Please wait there Young master, it's from the your father.
From Papa? Yes? Ehhyou've join the tournament!? Papa Grandpa and I Ella, Tanaka, Amy, and Tails have also been signed up for it.
Even me!? Papajust a He hung up.
We're supposed to meet him there.
EverybodyI will now show you the teams for the competition.
The number of challengers is increasing But there are still some spots left.
Please give us a call right away! Begin the commercials! It'll be alright.
We have an audience of over 20,000 people.
Ouch! My delicate fingers.
Now that I think of it, why haven't Decoe and Bocoe come back yet!? Now I'll have to look for them! Hey, Messenger Robo! Over here.
There you are.
What do you want, Eggman-sama? Go out and look for them right now! Aye Aye Sir! DecoeBocoe And now The world's first Chaos Emerald Competition is going to begin! The prize for the winner is of courseA Chaos Emerald! Oh, so these are the teams.
Who do you think will win? The event is located in this special stadium.
The competitors have no time limit for their fights.
The match will be determined one one opponent cries out and gives up, or runs out of the ring.
Are you serious about this? This has always been my childhood dream.
The Announcer, who is the famous supervisor of Diamond Stadium, Emer Johnson, has now come out on the ring! The Chaos Emerald Competition is now about to begin.
In the red cornerwe have the President! NextIn the blue cornerBlack Knight! Mr.
President, please don't do it! No, I must! Now, begin the competition! The President The President has rushed to attack the Black Knight as soon as the competition bell rang! He now is attacking Black Knight with his punch! However, the Black Knight's armor hasn't been affected at all! On the other side, Black Knight has begun to counterattack! Mr.
President! Black Knight has won the first round! The President has given up.
Why'd you do that? That was just in-case something was about to happen to you, Mr.
Jeez! I wanted to win the fight! Now we'll start Round 2 of the first lineup! Danny Lets go! Now, will he give a strong response? No! What's wrong, Chris? I don't want to fight with you! What are you saying!? The competition can't go on if you don't do this! But we're friends! Francis and Helen, please do something to persuade Chris! Now Danny! Wow Chris caught Danny from behind and has him pinned down! That was mean, Chris! You're too naive, Danny.
Chris Thorndyke has won Round 2.
I can't believe this! Well done, Chris! I suppose.
Oh? Grandpayou're all dress-up Now I'm ready to have an intense fight with the young people! Sheesh, Grandpa! OwwOww Grandpa.
pull yourself together.
Chuck Thorndyke-san has regrettably had to retreat due to a broken waist.
So his opponent has won without fighting.
It looks like E-77 is still as lucky as ever.
Seriously Well then, It's our turn to go out into the ring.
Yeah, now it's our turn.
Decoe I won't go easy on you! Same here.
The escaped criminals have been found in the arena Be obedient and give yourselves up! OH SHOOT! RUN! Halt! Up next, it's the heavy-weight devision fight! Ella Stop it! Quit running and stay still! This is terrible! Wait up! No! Wait up, you Oh my! Ella is down! This is Big's best chance! That surprised me Big has ran out of the Ring he's given up.
Hawk Alright, here I go! Fried rice.
Fried rice.
BBQ pork.
BBQ pork.
Hawk, who is from the Oriental City has begun using his unique technique! But Tails is able to block the attack.
Hawk is now going to try to stomp on Tails! Tails sets himself up to in a defensive posistion Looks like you're mine.
Caught you! Oh Shoot! Hey, you Tails managed to turn it around and win! Not too bad! I guess I'm becoming a bit more powerful.
It's my Turn! Bokkun why do I have to fight against YOU? But I justyou're so mean! Stop that.
Everyone is going to think that I'm some kind of bad girl It's not true! Amy Rose is a cute and lovely girl who likes flowers.
You sure about that? What did you say? No, I didn't say anything! Idiot! Amy rose wins with flying colors! I'll pick some beautiful flowers for you.
Please keep supporting me in the future! At this point, the first lineup is finished! We'll let the winners take a break for now.
Here you go! Where in the world did Decoe, Bocoe and Messenger Robo go off too!? I never thought that you'd use a tactic like that, Chris.
I hate the fact that everybody thinks I'm always a good child.
Why? Because, I'm not really that kind of kid! I'm really the kind of kid who is just childish and selfish.
Don't you think? Don't you? I think that's just fine.
Now, we will bring out the 2nd lineup! First up, it's the winners from the first round Black Knight against Knuckles! Alright, come here! Too easy for you? Then here I come! Please! Let me win! Let you win!? I'm begging you! Gerome I want this for the humanitarian funds! Show me mercy! How can IHow can I possible let you cheat like that!? Black Knight has gone out of the ring.
Knuckles wins! Chris Danny.
You should do your best for all of us! Sure! The next player has chosen an impressive way to enter the arena! Papa! Chris Now, Chris If you want to win this tournament you're going to have to defeat your papa! It's like the Lion taking it's cub to the hunting valley.
Give up! My son is too weak.
Stewart-Sensei Please show your skills! Wait a Uncle, don't! Don't get in the way of a man's victory or defeat, Chris! It's not that The bell didn't ring yet! I'm fast at both Striking, and retreating.
Stewart-Sensei has won due to foul play.
Since the Recruit for the 4th round is still down, E-77 has won without having to fight.
Tanaka Come on! For me? It suits you well.
I'm so happy! How did he Well played, wasn't it? Tanaka has overwhelmingly won the girl's heart.
Is that really okay? Yes, you'll understand it when you grow up soon.
But now it's my turn! Ella Emerl, try your best! But, please try not to hurt Ella-san! Did I say something wrong? Cream's order has confused him.
Oh, is that it? Then, what should we do? I can give up if you like! Would you? Sure! I have to prepare dinner anyway.
Thank you very much! Tails This'll be easy if my opponent is you, Tails.
Really? They're incredible! This match has become a real heart-stopper! Well it looks like you're not too bad after all.
Watch this.
Rouge has won by taking advantage of her own charm.
Tails has been confused.
The winner of this high-class prize will most definitely be me.
Now, we've finally reached the last round of the 2nd lineup! The two opponents will wait for the bell in the ring.
I have a bad feeling about this Why .
is the fight between Sonic and I!? Sonic What's going on? I can't possibly .
fight with you, my beloved Something like that is Say, Chrisplease try to talk some sense into Amy.
Me? He's doing the same thing that I am.
He's also hesitating! Chris, I'm asking you! At this point, there's nothing I could say to Amy that would work! Isn't that Sonic? Now's my chance! Sonic, I Don't come over here, Amy! Click.
Amy! Sonic! Sonicyou've finally noticed me! Oh shoot! You won't escape! Sonic! Sheesh, Sonic is still shy I guess that's it.
What a surprise! After being the victorious protector, Sonic has left the ring! Who is the winner going to be? Next timeon Sonic X Sonic Battle - Finale!! Don't miss it!