Sonic X (2003) s02e23 Episode Script

The Beginning of the End

Now people all over the world are becoming as egotistical as Sonic.
They're trying to live their life freely and this so called "Freedom Movement" is now prevailing.
In other news, Perhaps Sonic's influence is also responsible for causing records to continuously be broken all over the world.
The number of world records broken this year is also a world record! Alright! A new record! That's amazing, Chris! YeahBut it's not just me.
Danny and Francis also broke their own records.
Sonic's influence is amazing.
Even so, Sonic is still the original one.
Listen, Sonic has been terrible lately.
Ever since I started to work he hasn't cared about me at all.
There should be a limit to his attitude.
Don't you agree? YeahI see But Hmm? I'm envious of Sonic.
If I weren't just a kid I'd love to try out Sonic's life style.
I really envy Sonic's Freedom! The volcano has been put out and all of the ashes were cleaned up.
After our public service ends here we can leave and enjoy our freedom! I never knew that we could be so happy living like this.
Is that what freedom is? I'm home, Decoe, Bocoe.
Welcome back, Chris-sama.
The Master and Madame have also come back.
Really? They've eagerly been waiting for you.
Thanks! Come to think of ithe still is just a kid after all.
The intimacy between father and son is something wonderful.
I wonder if it'll be the same way when Tanaka-san and Topaz-san finally get married? Here, it's finished.
Eggman-sama, is this even edible? It's bad for my stomach, isn't it? Oh, knock it off.
I've never actually cooked a single day of my life.
Ask Decoe and Bocoe to come back here! If this continuesboth of us will end up lacking our nutrition.
Quit being so fussy! I'm not going to complain about seriously trying to do my own work.
This is my Freedom.
You're adapting to this quite wellMasterMadame.
If Ella is praising us, then it must be true! Well, Yeah Due to the influence of the Freedom Movement many of my employees have often been skipping work.
So instead I decided to just let the entire company take a month's vacation.
That was a good suggestion, Father.
It's been an entire year since we've all had dinner together.
My new play has started as well We're also "freedom" lovers! I bought T-shirt for everyone.
You can try them on later.
You people are so easily influenced.
Old Master.
You're wanted on the phone.
What are you saying!? I see then Tonight? I'll be waiting for them.
That's allMr.
Because of the influence of all this "Freedom" there have been many new racer groups on this highway.
But you're still the only one who can satisfy me.
A Sonic Boom! I've been yearning and hoping for a race like that for the past 10 years.
I miss it so much.
I am the leader of the S-Team Freeway patrol If you're not confident that you can beat me here just stop your car now! What's he saying? That fool! Look out ahead of you! He didn't listen Sonic! Long time no see, Leader! I'm not a Leader but I'm simply an irresponsible guy on the Freeway.
It must be destiny that we've met here again.
Let's fight it out, Sonic! Umm.
What should I do? You haven't changed at all.
I'm quick at both self-reflection, and being forgetful.
GO! He's started pouring on the speed.
I have to write about my dream for the future.
How do I speak about something like that My dream Oh yeah! This is the world renowned earth physicist, Dr.
You may call me Chako.
The dream of the future My dream for the future is to be with friends with Sonic forever.
Maybe that's a bit too childish What was that? Sonic! I'm Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog.
That wouldn't be possible.
You're saying that time is dying? That's nonsense! No, it's possible.
This world, and Sonic's world used to be one in the same.
But for some unknown reasonsit split off into two worlds and became two different realities.
Apparently, the rate of time within the two worlds became completely different.
However, the two worlds have been gradually fusing together again and so have the different rates of time.
Well then, What is going to happen? If we let things continue as they have been the two rates of time will interfere with one another and then they'll finally come to a stop.
This would be the death of time.
However, it's different from the death of our bodies as we imagine it.
Please don't misunderstand this.
The Doctor calls it the "Time Suspension Phenomenon".
Time Suspension what? I see If time comes to a stop there will be neither a past, nor a future.
It's not like the death of a body.
No way, this sounds like some kind of weird story The breaking of repeated world records and the success of the Freedom Movement are all signs of evidence that point to the Time Suspension.
We'd like to know whether it would be possible for you to split the worlds again.
You want us to create Chaos Control again!? This means that things world would go back to the way it was before you or Sonic ever arrived here.
did you just say? Chris! Chris, listen to us You're lying.
Such a thing Why did you say something like that? For me to have to part with Sonic I just wanted to be with Sonic.
Because Sonic is hereI can also do things like that.
Because of Sonic I want to stay with Sonic You're lying! Why does Sonic have to leave!? You're lying! It's not a lie.
ListenChris All good things must someday come to an end.
That moment is now here.
You're lying! Father I seeIt must be Eggman.
The guy must do something evil to cause this! That's right, Father! Think about what Chris said This is a shamethough it is somewhat possible.
Okay, Chris Think about what your grandfather has said to you, Chris.
There's still time.
I don't want to hear it! No! Chris! What do we do, Chuck? I do understand how he's feeling.
I also wanted you to stay with us.
I'm becoming older and I don't know how many years I may have left.
If we didn't do anything, time will just stop like this and we won't need to worry about it.
Perhaps I would be able to conduct all kinds of studies with you all the time.
Perhaps I would be able to conduct all kinds of studies with you all the time.
But on the other hand Living for so long without any kind of future is it even possible? I was thinking about such things just now.
Nothing can last eternally Just like the vase.
We still should be living for this belief, shouldn't we? I was happy to be with you, Tails.
Eggman did this! It's all Eggman's fault! Young Master! I've been looking for you two.
Why are you in such a panic at this time? I have something I need to request of you guys.
Please take me to look for Eggman! Saying such things would could arouse some public anger.
What going on? So that's it.
I understand your problem But we still don't have any idea where Eggman is located at all.
I see Everyone must be worried about you.
Let's take you back.
I'll go off to look for Eggman by myself! We're a bit confused by what you're saying.
But, If we don't hurry, Sonic and I will What should we do to solve this complicated problem? Perhaps we could call upon that guy! Chris-sama, give us just one moment.
Decoe! Bocoe! Call him out! Once he is called, Bokkun will always respond at once! What's this? It's just the two traitors.
Messenger Robo Please take me to see Eggman! I would never do something like that! I'm too hungry to even fly Seems like you're having a hard time.
It's all your fault because you guys left! Thanks to you, I can't even get any food or oil to restore my strength.
There is plenty of food here.
You can have some.
We've got oil as well! That's great! Then, I will tell you.
I'm terribly sorry, Master.
I'm sorry for what happened.
I, Tanaka, never thought that this would happen.
Don't worry about it.
It wasn't your fault.
As his parents, we weren't mature enough.
But seeing our child like that Darling, isn't there something we can do? I'll make contact with the President right away and ask him to send out G.
N and the police to search for Chris.
Please do so! Stop worrying, you two.
Do you have any other ideas, father? He may have gone to try to find Eggman.
What did you say!? He's your child! Don't you believe in Chris? Chris went out to search for the truth even if just shows him a cruel reality.
That Eggman That Eggman! Decoe, Bocoe! You both betrayed me! What are doing back here now? Eggman! Oh, you two really are something! Are you sending this child to me as a hostage? So you ARE still the underlings of Dr.
Eggman! That's not it.
I asked them to bring me here.
What? Please tell me what kind of tricks are you playing this time!? Me? Is Sonic really such a bother? I I just wanted to stay with Sonic! Now I see That's correct, Chris! This is the latest battle plan developed by me, the evil genius scientist Dr.
Eggman-sama, in order for me to take control of the world and build the Eggman Empire! You were smart enough to see through it! I won't forgive you, Eggman! Restore the flow of time of the world right now! What can a kid like you make me do? It's not like you're going to die if you have to part with Sonic.
What!? Don't do it! No matter There's nothing he could do anyway.
Whenever something happens, he'll just blame it on everyone else.
That's Enough, Please learn to control yourself! This time it has nothing to do with me! What a pity! You liedYou lied! EverybodyThey're all lying to me! It wasn't a lie.
You liar! When will you see that you're acting like a stupid fool!? You would often interfere with my plans, along with Sonic.
I though you had a lot of backbone! It looks like I was wrong You leave everything up to others, and then blame them for every mistake that's made! You're VERY wrong if you think that you can always live like that! So you'll be satisfied ruining things for others just so you can stay with Sonic forever? But if you can't get your way you're just going to let yourself sink into self-pity, won't you? Don't you understand that's wrong!? Just go home.
Don't ever come back to my place again.
Chris-sama! Don't follow him! Let him calm down.
It's a lie Just a lie! Father.
Is Chris really going to be alright? I should give a call to the President! Quit being so fussy! Young Master! Chris! I'm home.
Thank goodness you're alright! Chris! I'm sorry, Mama, Papa.
No, we're just thankful that you're alright.
Your skin feels cold.
Madame, I will go to boil hot soup for him now.
I'm counting on you, Ella.
Sure, Master! Chris, you must be tired.
Have a seat on the sofa.
Then, I'll begin the preparations at once.
We'll need to get the Chaos Emeralds.
The government seems to be going all out to look for them The problem is re-producing Chaos Control.
We'll be able to manage it, Chuck.
It looks like you'll be staying here for the time being.
Have a good night sleep.
I've got it, Papa.
Good night.
Is he going to be okay? Sonic.
Chris? I must be missing him Next timeon Sonic X Morning of Farewells Don't miss it!