Sonic X (2003) s02e24 Episode Script

Running Out of Time

We're here at the Presidential Mansion where the President will soon be giving us an announcement.
Good morning, citizens.
I'm afraid I have some sad news for you all.
Several months have passed since our world and Sonic's world merged together.
Butit's regrettable that the worlds must be separated once again.
Yo, Chris.
Hi, Sonic Good morning.
How are you feeling? Pretty good.
It's a beautiful morning, Chris.
Our two different worlds are unable to co-exist.
Those who brought us their courage and inspired us They are the true heroes that we should be proud of.
How can we possibly thank them enough? Time has finally stoppedisn't it wonderful? Now I can stay young and beautiful.
But it feels rather dull to go though the same day over and over again.
It must be Nothing new and interesting can happen.
Well that's true.
I have to head off to school.
Thanks for the food.
Please be careful! Be careful It's no use.
We must be doing something wrong.
I give you my thanks on behalf of the entire country Sonic Wherever you go, we will never forget you! Jeez He said that our world will become a dangerous place without Sonic.
Ahh Dammit Why didn't he state the theory on the powerfully negative effects they've had? What's up? We have located Eggman's base of operations.
He's currently working on some strange device.
What should we do? Ehh? Jeez You people should stay there and continue to spy on him.
Contact me if there are any new signs of movement.
Look here That Eggman is not going to give up this chance.
He must be planning to attack us.
Ahh Dammit We can't just leave this to the State Our nation's security should be left up to me.
Ahh Dammit All this chaos in our world was brought on by Dr.
Eggman, I'll eliminate him! How lonely Is there no other way than for us than to separate the worlds? There's no other way.
But I still feel lonely I had hoped that I could stay with Sonic.
I had thought that I would be able to stay with Sonic forever.
Let me know! I'll change! I'll do anything for you! Sonic From that day onwardwe should have been together forever Commence the Attack! WHAT THE!? Why do they know that we were hidden here!? Was it him!? Can I reallyCan I? Eggman Mystic Ruins' base isn't too far from here.
He's hiding like a child.
Just who's order was this!? Mr.
President, you're now under our control.
These men again What's happening in there? Where's the President now? Yo! I see you're not doing to well, Eggman.
Although they sent such things flying units to outnumber us once my preparations are ready, I'll be able to launch an all out attack back at those stupid fools.
You should hurry up and escape from this place Eggman.
Where do you think we should go? Can't we fight? Sheesh Well, I'll show you! There's nothing wrong with us escaping Eggman-sama If our fort is destroyed It'll be a waste.
We can't stay here anymore! Well, we're never going to give in as long as we're still alive! Just leave them to me while you escape from here.
We don't need your help! Don't act so superior, Eggman! Okay, okay We need your help, Please help us! OK! This is Directorplease respond Yeah, This is Topaz.
and now someone has gone to help Eggman, who is being surrounded and attacked.
It appears to be Sonic! Ahh, Dammit! Because of that bastard Sonic his influence created the Freedom Movement, and the people of the nation are now acting lazy! Ahh, Dammit We'll turn the attack against Sonic too and get rid of him and Eggman at the same time! SHOVEL CLAW! SheeshSo it's you once again, you rude Echidna.
This is Topaz What happened, Rouge? This is Rouge I met up with the Echidna.
He dug in from underground.
The President was captured and put under house arrest Do what you can to save him.
Be careful.
Really, you're far too worried.
Prepare to combine! Click.
COMBINE! Right! This is my newest huge fort, the Grand-Egg fleet! It's just all of your previous creations combined.
You ripped yourself off.
Be quiet! This was the best thing to use to attack them.
Begin the Counterattack! Aye Aye, Sir! Sorry for the wait, Mr.
Miss Rouge! Mr.
President I'm sorry.
Thanks for your help.
We're not finished yet, Sonic! OopsI almost forgot.
Here! This is! Mr.
President The suspect has been arrested within the military office.
Bring him in.
SonicEggman Without themwe would all be better off without bastards like them! Ahh Dammit They're all monsters! Mr.
President Do you really agree that Sonic should have to leave? What? If it wasn't for Eggman accidently activating Chaos Control we never would have come here in the first place.
But that wasn't just because of Eggman.
For the most part, it was his fault But there were many other factors as well.
Everything that has happened was more than just one person's fault.
But I don't think that our two worlds can live together.
We just have to believe this fact.
If that's so Everyone here was responsible for that.
Using this If we use this, the machine can be finished! Lets hurry up and complete it, Tails! Yeah! Lets go, Chuck.
What a guy, that Eggman It has come at last the time for everyone to part.
The time to say goodbye to Sonic We should get going too, Darling.
You're right.
It's not good for us to worry and stay here.
Hey, Sonic Sonic, do you really want to go back to your own world? Not really.
I'm still myself wherever I am.
It's all the same.
Sonic Goodbye.
Take care of yourself.
Everyone, please don't forget us.
Everything is ready, Tails! Yeah.
Start! Oh no, it's not powered up enough! What should we do? We can't do it without a Chaos emerald? If we can't find enough Chaos Emeralds the machine won't start up.
ThenSonic and the others can all stay here! I have a Chaos Emerald! You did it, It's a Chaos Emerald! Okay, Tails! Lets Charge it up.
Start! Oh no, Everyone didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to them.
You're kidding.
It disappeared Will we be able to go back? Once the gate disappears We can't insure that everyone will make it back there.
I'm not going to give up! Tails? You were the one who taught me to never give up, weren't you Chuck? That's right.
It's him! What was that about? I say my goodbyes fast, just like I first said hello fast.
Sonic It feels like it was yesterday since we first met each other.
Shit I wanted to win! He just came and disappeared? He's must be shy.
Do you think this'll work? Lets start it up and see.
This is! Ark It's coming from Ark! What incredible power! This should do it.
You did it, Tails.
Chuck? Take care of yourself, Tails.
You too Chuck.
The things you taught me, Chuck, I'll never forget them.
This is a keep-sake between friends.
It's from all of us.
Thank you very much.
I'm so happy! We'll be good friends forever.
Don't cry, Ella.
It'll make me want to cry as well.
I will take good care of this for you, Amy.
Okay? Take care, Amy.
Yeah, you take care of yourself too, Ella.
Thank you for your care.
Thank you too, Tanaka.
It was my pleasure to meet and serve you.
Amy-sama, Please take care.
Amy, heretake this.
"How to make Ella's apple pie.
" to Amy Rose.
Thank you for your help Ella.
Amy I'll have to say goodbye to Sonic just like everyone else.
I'll have to say "Thank you.
Goodbye, Sonic!" So the affair has finally come to an end.
But coming back to itjust who the heck ARE you really? That's a se-c-ret Quickly Everyone The gate may not be able to sustain itself for very long.
Get in before the gate closes! Thanks for your care.
Goodbye, Everyone! Take care! Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Cream.
Goodbye Amy.
Goodbye Tails.
I rarely give things to others So you better be thankful.
See you.
We're the only two left, Sonic.
Let's go.
Okay! Sonic Go for it, Chris.
Give him a good final goodbye.
Go for it, Chris.
Sonic Chris.
Take care of yourself.
No I want to sayI appreciated all your help.
No Thank you Goodbye.
No No.
NO! Chris? No! You won't take Sonic away.
There's no way I'll ever let you! EveryoneI'll just have to make you understand! Sonicwhat place do you want to go to? Next timeon Sonic X Chris' Long Journey Don't miss it!