Sonic X (2003) s02e25 Episode Script

Friends 'Til the End

Then, we'll be leaving now.
Please be kind to Ella and Tanaka for us.
I'm sorry, Chris.
Be a good boy and wait for us.
If I'm a good boywill you come back? Of course we will! See you.
I love youChris.
I love you tooChris.
"If I'm a good kidPapa and Mama will come back at once.
" Young master Your Father and Mother sent you a present! I believed thembut I never realized that they wouldn't come back.
Chuck Thank you for your help Ella! Amy Thanks for your care.
Everyone, Goodbye! Take care! Goodbye.
Goodbye, Cream Goodbye, Amy Goodbye, Tails We're the only ones left, Sonic.
Let's go.
Okay! Sonic Go for it, Chris.
Give him a good final goodbye.
Go for it, Chris.
Sonic Chris Take care of yourself.
I want to sayI appreciated all your help.
No Thank you.
Goodbye! No No My dream for the future My dream for the future is to have Sonic stay with us forever! Perhaps that's a bit too childish NO! Chris? What's going on? Sonic! Chris! Chris Sonic! That Chris must be determined.
Where's the young master? We can't find anything in a dark place like this.
It'd be better to wait at places where Chris-kun would possibly go.
I'm afraid he will eventually reach a dead-end.
But nowBecause of this, Sonic can't go back to his own world.
I'm out of ideas.
What should we do now? Chris Where should we go? Anywhere is okay.
I can't go back.
Whereto some remote place? Mama Where did the bike go? Didn't you throw it out after we bought you a new one? Oh, that's right! Say, Where are we going? Whatever place Chris wants to go.
Alright! Reallywhere are we going? Anywhere is okay with me.
I can't decide.
Why not? I can't answer that yet.
Sonic, is there any place you want to go to? I've already been to most places that I'd want to see.
Is that so? You're right.
Sonic has always been outside.
So then Chriswhere do you want to go? Sonicyou don't mind? Mind what? No, it's nothing.
We now bring you an Urgent Report According to the latest news Thorndyke, the CEO Nelson Thorndyke's oldest son, Christopher-kun is missing.
A thorough search has been begun.
Chris Hurry and come back home! Chris! Papa and Mama, what were they thinking!? Sheesh! They're just worried about you.
That's not it This is the only time when they've been so nervous.
They are too selfish.
And they must be looking for someone aside from me Papa's helicopters! Chris You give up? No! Okay! Wait here just a minute.
Just now I saw Please take us! Will it really be no problem to let you off at a place like this? Yeah, Thank you.
Let's go.
Hey, Sonic's worldwhat's it like? There are lots of things Lots of folks Lots of friends Friends? Yes.
There are good guys and bad guys and they each lead their own lives.
Just as in this world.
Is there a moon? Yep.
Sonic have you been here before? Let me think Have you forgotten already? Sonic, you're always traveling everywhere in this world.
That's right.
But I'll never forget the most important places.
Really? Yes, of course.
You can always trust me from now on, Chris.
What is everyone doing? They're probably looking for us.
Butthey can't manage that.
Papa and Mamathey don't know our whereabouts.
Let's go.
Chris! Heyare you alright? This is nothing to me.
I can deal with it myself.
It's great! You haven't found him yet? Okay! Spread out the search Inform the General and send the police! Oh right Didn't you install the new search system in the G.
N robots last month? Transmit it I don't care how much it costs! Oh yeah To welcome Chris when he comes back We should prepare a meal and presents! Darling Call the supermarket.
After I buy these toys We'll throw him a party.
Chris, Hurry and come back to us! Don't you get what's happened? Dad Hang up the phone.
Hang it up! I made a mistake with you.
You cling to your work and leave your home alone.
I never stopped you Because I myself was devoted to my research.
But I've realized it now.
You can create a success life and increase the amount of material wealth for your child.
Howeverthere are some things that are more important than money.
Father But Dad Chris is missing! You should be able to find where he is without using your money and power.
You people should stay with your child.
In the real world, you two are the only ones who can truly be his parents.
Chris Linsey.
A Villa? I had been here with Papa and Mama once before.
A long time agowhen I was a young child It's not going to work.
It has been out of use for several years.
They just locked it up like this.
It hasn't even been lubricated.
Oops, I broke it.
Sonic I collected some firewood.
Are you alright? Sonic Let me give you a hand.
No I can manage with this myself.
Is that so? Why don't you get angry, Sonic? You can never go home because of me.
Sonic Are you holding something back? It is you, isn't it? Sonic, why did you come with me? Don't you want to go home? Are you OK with that? You're not fair! So if I say "don't go home" Sonic, are you going to stay with me forever? If that's what you want.
Because you saved my life.
Since I saved your life since you owe me a debt of gratitude, do you do whatever I want? Chris It means you had kept acting merely out of a sense of duty until now? A pool!? Wa.
ter? Was that it, Sonic? All this wasn't act of friendship? Chris Friendship is freedom.
Freedom? The one who makes you decide isn't me It is none other than you.
Only you yourself.
Friendship is freedom.
So, you can freely make up your own mind.
Well If Sonic says that my mind is free Then Sonic has already made up Sonic's own mind.
Otherwise, it is not really a free friendship.
Sonictruly Which world do you want to stay in? At last, you finally asked me that.
I don't really care where.
I have this.
I can go everywhere, and that will keep me feeling free.
Butthis isn't your place, Sonic.
You couldn't run today.
I am to blame for it Because I can't keep up with you.
I knew it, it is me, I tried to bind you.
It is me! I took Sonic's freedom and am destroying our friendship.
I can'tI can'tbecome like Sonic.
Chris! If Sonic is gone if I will be alone I won't be able to do anything.
I don't think so.
You know that time you went out at midnight and jumped into that pool to save me? I could never do that.
Sonic You know what, Chris? The moon is the same in this world, and in the other world.
It was a long time ago You, myself, and Chris when he was very young.
It was only during the summer but we would spend our time here as a family.
Darling Chris! Chris! Memories of the Wind