Sonic X (2003) s03e01 Episode Script

The Cosmic Call

He's there It's futile to resist, give me the Chaos Emeralds Now ! Chaos Control! Anyway, my chances to win against him were mean if I had fought him all alone.
I'm sending this message to all my troops Seek the Chaos Emerald which was dispersed in Space and bring them to me It is a High-priority mission ! Now let's begin phase 2 of our strategy I command to the front line to attack choosen planets as we planned and take their Planet Egg ! A Messenger from Meteoric Shower Tails-san, do you see anything ? No, still nothing, We will have a better vision when it will be darker We might see a shower of shooting star through it is rarely happening it will very very romantic to see all those meteorites in the sky.
I heard from the news that there will have many thousands of shooting star falling in a few seconds, just like a fireworks.
I propose you to play a game the one who can count the more stars will win Why Sonic is not with us, it is really a pity, that would have been so Romantic Since we are talking about him, I'm wondering where he can be right now ? Living some nice adventures, surely, like he's using to like Amy, why don't you make a wish for you and Sonic when you will see the shooting stars ? Yes, that's a nice idea What are you talking about ? If you can spell your wish 3 times before the choosen star has disappeared you wish will be granted.
Everyone's knowing this.
yes I remembered Chris taught this to us ah right ? I think Chris's world has surprisingly habits I wonder what Chris and others are doing right now on Earth It's beginning ! There's one Watch this, it's splendid ! Wow there's so much ! they are coming from everywhere ! Look at this one, this one is strange I'm not sure it really is a shooting star, this is going to crash nearby Look, there's someone on the ground A girl ? looks like she's alive We will take her to your home Cream you're the one who is living the nearest, he have to heal her fast I'm going ahead to tell mom She's coming from outerspace, but what happened ? Ah you're finally awake Eggman We have found you by hasard lying almost dead on the beach, in a very bad condition.
I don't know who were able to make you in a such state but I didn't want anyone to find you dead near my home I hope you will like this chivalrous behavior wich pushed me to save you, my toughest enemy.
Yes, it is an act of kindness and humanity to look after the enemy Yes that's right through it's surprising from Eggman would you like to explain us why you are in such a shape ? No, Sorry I don't have time Oops Sorry, excuse me but I really have to go Sonic Thanks Eggman You don't have a very good manner to leave us this fast yes you should have invite us in a restaurant for example to thank us yeah next time we will see you half dead it won't be the same we will let you alone and we won't look at you yes we won't, we will even finish you That's all what you deserve Cosmo run away ! She's awakening Be carefull, don't push yourself you don't need to hurry, you've just falled from the sky then you need sometime to recover That's true but from wich planet are you coming from and where is it ? Don't push her Allright but Can you just tell us your name ? I am er .
Sorry You don't want to tell us what your name is ? Not that, I must not tell to anyone yet Why ? I have to find someone named Sonic, I learned he's living in this planet and I came to see him, I have too see him immediately about something very important It's true Sonic is living on this planet bu he's hard to find It's unlucky I would love to know why you are so much interested in Sonic ? Do you mean ? Yes I will give you this advice immediately before you have any wrong ideas, I am the official Sonic's girlfriend, then don't approach him too much closely otherwise I will Stop Amy calm down, it's not the time to become angry You are very lucky we are Sonic's best friends friends ? My name is Miles Prower, but friends call me Tails.
My name is Cream and I'm enchanted to meet you and my name is Amy Rose the sweet promised of Sonic when he will decided Unfortunately for her, he's not in a hurry about this I'm wondering how we can help you Obviously, you can stay with us, Sonic will come here someday Ah but it will be too late Is that so much urgent ? Then it is really annoying What's this ? I don't know and I don't like it Oh Wait you should not wake up yet Metarex I wonder what this mechanic monster is doing here My orders is to destroy, destruction is beginning What the hell he's doing ? He is destroying the forest ! Oh you over there, it's enough ! Knuckles ! Tails do you know where this monster is coming from ? No, I'm Sorry I've no idea Tails, Cover me Please ! I will try to stop this monster Well, we will have to fight, can you handle this ? Yes oh, it's awful, the poor forest But who have send this robot for doing that ? And I don't really like the fact this stranger got into the X Tornado with Tails Lately it was looking like she's knowing this robot, i wonder who this girl is.
Our attacks have no effects on him Unfortunately, standard attacks are unuseful against a Metarex shielding.
It seems you are knowing them, Can you tell me a bit more ? Yes if you want, Those unpity creatures are destroying planets and kill their inhabitants.
Sonic-san Sonic Are you alright ? Yeah, oh Then it's him, the famous Sonic This time, I'm your opponent ! Wait a sec, I may be better by changing the variable about time.
yeah it's better.
I found it.
That was not that hard finally.
Thanks to my theory and my materials, I think I can go to Sonic's World now I worked on this since the last 6 years, but I don't regret it Sonic Sonic Got it My kicks are totally useless He really have a phenomenal shielding What's wrong ? Nothing ! Let's Go ! So this is the fabulous Sonic, the hero who can control the Chaos Emeralds Sonic is acting strange, I don't know what's happening, but he's usually faster than that It does not have even one damage, They absolutely can't beat a such thing.
Listen, Use the Chaos Emeralds, I will distract him while you finish him off.
Sorry, the Chaos Emeralds have been spread across the universe.
What did you say? Something bothersome happened before I came here I hide them across the universe.
Then I ran away Then you're saying, that on this planet the Chaos Emeralds is Nothing! Do you know what you've just done!? Knuckles, this isn't the time to talk about that.
Sonic Knuckles-san Watch out ! For the reign of order and peace in space No ! What is this thing ? Planet Egg Planet Egg ? He has imprisoned it in a Crystal The star and the planet wich lose their Planet Egg are deprived from their life energy and then are dying.
My collection have been enriched I can leave Wait! Sonic! Sonic, Knuckles I won't let you leave No I can't follow him, this plane is not designed to go outer space Ah, Are you fine ? Ah what yes I'm allright You scared me We have no other choice left than joining the others Tails, Can you open this please ? What ? Yes, it was opened lately and you closed it after Ah, I'm agree but If i'm opening this there will have strong air and it won't be nice.
oh Please ! oh Okay, if this is what you want, is this okay like this ? It looks like you have wounds from a recent battle, who have been able to hurt you in a such state ? Sonic, are you alright? Don't worry it's not really serious Hi everyone, my name is Cosmo, and I heard you are Sonic Yes It's wonderful to be able to meet the only one hero able to control the Chaos Emeralds Then I'm begging you, please, you must save the universe from an imminent danger What?! This is strange Sonic! Knuckles! The Master Emerald, it's shining ! What did you say? I beg you to pardon me to leave without telling you all.
This experience was not something safe without any risks and I know you would have stop me to try it That's why I decided to act without your feelings But, don't worry I'm promising I will come back someday My beloved Father and Mother, Granfather, Danny, France and you, Helen.
Christopher Thorndyke Sonic Chris ! I did it, I'm in the Sonic World Sonic!