Sonic X (2003) s03e02 Episode Script

Cosmic Crisis

I beg you to forgive me to leave without telling anyone This experiment isn't without any danger.
I know that you'd have prevented me from it.
That's why I decided to act without waiting for your opinion But don't worry, I swear to go back home, one day, My beloved Father and Mother, grandfather, Danny, France and you, Helen.
Christopher Thorndyke.
Sonic Chris! I did it, I'm in the Sonic World Sonic! The Space Ship Blue Typhoon What happened? I don't understand.
It looks like my body has shrinks.
Chris welcome back.
Tails How are you ? How did you managed to come here ? Everyone What a surprise Wait and I will tell you.
Umm, who is he? My best friend.
Sonic How are you, Chris ? Yeah, fine and you ? I finally reached your world and I did all by myself I knew that you could do it Sonic, You didn't change at all nor none of you all You are all like before It seems you didn't change too But explain me.
Why are you wearing these big clothes? But They were at my size What's wrong ?! Please Sonic, wake up ! It's not serious.
He has only fainted Yeah, I felt he wasn't as usual ! But None of you know what's happened ? Definitely it is the day of patients and casualties This terrible devastator robot you've just seen is a Metarex Many Planets of Space have already been the victims of those devil robots their goal is to impose their control on all the universe using violence to unify everything under their domination many planets of the Galaxy have already fallen under their power since a few years They seize the Planet Egg and lock up it in a crystal and they add them to their collection I do not have any idea of what they seek by doing that But I know that many planets already disappeared And all the planets which undergo this fate initially see disappearing all traces of life before dying in their turn Could that occur here? I understand perfectly your explanations, but who are you actually? Who me ? Yeah, Moreover, isn't it you who brought this Metarex here in the same time as you ? Oh no surely not Far or less, I have nothing to do with such heartless robots ! I can swear you that I am not on their side I'm trusting no one Knuckles And that's why, I wanted to see Sonic the fabulous Hero who can control the great power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds He will be able to oppose them All the population of my planet were killed by these Metarex I don't want anyone to know the terrible ordeals I passed through It is really horrible all what Cosmo told us Yes and we must admit that you arrive just in time it is comforting that you are here in any case, it is fantastic to have developed your machine in 6 months only and all alone Ah But What are you saying ? in 6 months of time, it is totally normal that you did not change if it can please you, we should say that you did not change either In our world it ran out 6 years actually and I am 18 years old, right now WHAT ?! Yeah 18 years Did you hear that Amy, He's 18 ! He's little for his age It's what I've just told you, I had grown but I shrinked suddenly It surely happened something unexpected during the teleportation I guess If you made a mistake we must correct it quick Don't worry about this, it's a bit late now But I will surely find a solution Chris you are speaking like Sonic Sonic ?! He has left Through there, yes He dared to disappear whereas we were taking care of him It's unbelievable, as soon as he's feeling better he absolutely needs to leave He's unable to remain quiet one moment he hasn't changed at all If I understand There is no more wind it has stopped Chris's appeared there, everyone's seen him I would like to understand why ? What are you doing here ? Ah, you again ? Yeah it's me, is it true Chaos Emeralds are unavailable ? Yes Sonic told me He has spread them at the bottom of Space Admit that it's weird, first there is this Metarex which has attacked us Next, Chris has appeared Hey ! where are you ? Wonderful ! yes, I recognize you well there You come to get information by playing the beautiful one and you disappear when that please you ! I hate this ! I won't speak to you anymore ! There, look at that Chris, I did it from my memories You will see I am sure that it suits you well Thank you very much thanks Would that actually fit me ? There's a nice sky today I'm wondering, Cosmo-san Would you live here with me and Cheese? yes I'll protect this planet I will protect it with my life, the Metarex can't destroy this planet I don't want to see anymore violence Cosmo-san Sonic-san will protect us, we'll be ok But, he doesn't have the Chaos Emeralds We'll find them again Sonic-san? Sorry I was responsible for loosing the Chaos Emeralds I'll get them back Chaos Control! I fainted after that Sonic, you underestimated your lastest enemy My bad, but it's the first time my super form got beaten Sonic-san Lots of my race traveled through space to battle the metarex To try and destroy them The Metarex killed everyone who tried to resist It's for those innocent lives, who were lost, Please avenge them Don't worry We'll collect Chaos Emeralds then destroy the Metarex and save planet All Right? I'll come with you, we'll find the Chaos Emeralds together Amazing, I'll search for them as well We'll use my spaceship Count me in I'll create lots of useful gadgets Ok, lets go, into space! But we must build a spaceship, I'll make a plan That's not necessary Amazing! I build this battle ship to suppress Eggman I call it The Blue Typhoon If it's in danger, it has a backstage compartment for retreating It's powerful engine, allows it to go into space only only what ? I intended to use one of the Chaos Emeralds to provide him energy but we do not have any one ever today I know what can be useful to us Ah no tell me it is not true ! She's never there when we need her, this girl What ?! Master Emerald have disappeared ! It's Done ! Everything looks Perfect ! With that, We will have enough power to achieve a fly through Space Stop! What are you doing! Yo Knuckles we're using your Master Emerald for this Who said I whould agree? We're flying into space For what reason? We must find Chaos Emeralds in hopes to beat the Metarex We need your Master Emerald and Knuckles-san please come with us You'll have lots of fun! What's so fun about that! Return the Master Emerald you hear me! Knuckles your so nasty! The universe is in danger Your so selfish! You won't keep the Master Emerald to yourself No, stop stop! Help me Sonic! You should never refuse anything from Amy, Knuckles After this, it will be enough to correctly transmit the energy to the whole ship Chris I'm sorry to bring you in this mission whereas you've just arrived But No, don't make me your excuses on the contrary, I'm really happy to go with you and this time I know I can be helpful I can handle computer much better than before and it will help me to take part to research and experiments It reminds me Chuck when I see you working with me Anyway, since we are both working on this ship I propose to you to put on it all the possible weapons up to make granddad jealous, if he's finally learning all of this yes, Good idea They must not reach space Put an end to the building of this ship Tails said he will handle the water by directly going to pump it He well specified us to charge only the food Yes ? Then we won't wait for long since Tails and Chris are working at full speed Cosmo-san Can we ask you if you're willing to help us ? Ah yes sure I will take this Be careful it's heavy It's nothing, I'm fine Cosmo-san Ah I'm Sorry But this is nothing I hope you're not hurt ? No I'm fine Oh No, What's this ? I don't like this For the safeguard of the order and peace I will eliminate the unconscious ones who try to resist Shoot missed correction 20.
28 on the right I feel like he will resist to classic attacks Yeah I know Improvising a little will be enough You won't disturb the order and the tranquility I won't let you leave this planet Did you see it ? It's a Metarex It looks like he's after our ship It's worrying, Can you make the check point ? The Shell, instruments, and the various circuits are almost finished It rests some detail to regulate in the electronic circuits but we could do this one time on the air let's go then ok Ah yes You are already ready ? We will soon turn on the ship for quickly taking off Knuckles must be warned And we are sorry to push you Yes and I hate that Cream go immediately tell to Knuckles to come to the spaceship Cosmo, you come along with me We're continuing to transport food on board Then we will already take off ? We should say that Tails and Chris changed their plans They will start the engine and take off immediately afterwards you missed, You're too slow What are you waiting ? Watch out Knuckles ! I switches on It's not simple missiles which will be able to destroy us That's what I were telling you We need you to the ship immediately Tails wants to take off when we will all be there Already ?! Go on Knuckles, I'm taking care of him ! here, Everything's there We will arrange all food in the reserve I do not know how you can handle yourself when you're alone All the circuits are working We will see whether the commands answer the orders Let's go ! Connection established with the source of energy The server are the 7 chaos Chaos is Power, Power enriched by the Heart The Controller is the one that unifies the Chaos Let's go ! The engine functions normally Mom, are you agree if I stay sometimes with Tails and the others? You want to live a new adventure ? Yes you can go my darling but please be very careful I swear I'll do Hurry up, Tails! I increase the power, all seems to function Yes all right It will not take off ! I won't let it damage this beautiful spaceship Powerful Master Emerald give me the needed power, Please ! The level goes up regularly Sonic we will use the main cannon, get yourself ready Master Emerald power connected to the Main cannon Set up of the energy ring Maximum pressurization Sonic, spin start! Okay There Be careful everyone, hang on ! Removing safety lock, target Metarex Sonic Drive, Fire! Sonic Sonic! It's done, I got Sonic Land on the bridge, well done.
Sonic Driver stored Energy back in the main engine additional wings open Blue Typhoon lift off! Come to the bridge When I think that we're going to space That will be fabulous to look at our planet from there What's this stuff ? But since when I have it in my spines ? Oh Unhappy new It looks like Sonic found the mini microphone emitter We placed it in his head when we found him unconscious and took care of him then We waited enough like that, Are you all ready to take off ? We're ready Engines Start Crimson Egg, lift off! I'm prohibiting you to say that, it's my line, do you understand ?